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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi divulges details on the happenings of the 9th year of Hijrah which is also called the ‘ Year of Delegations’. It is not as if delegations did not happen prior to this, but this year was special as the number had reached large numbers.

What comprises a delegation? It is when a tribe sends a representative to negotiate with the Prophet ﷺ on their eagerness to embrace Islam or not.

There are 15 delegations of interest and are discussed elaborately. Some of the delegations discussed in this lecture are:

  • Abdul Qais – the Christian tribe who lived close to modern day Bahrain.
  • Banu Sa’d ibn Bakr the tribe of Haleema RA.
  • Banu Amr ibn Sa’sa – the tribe that was responsible for the well of Bir Maoona
  • Tamim ad Dari – a christian from a northern tribe.

There is also an interesting miracle that transpired when the tribe of Muzayana came to embrace Islam and the Prophet ﷺ asked Umar RA to refill their food supplies. What was this miracle? Listen intently as Shaykh Yasir answers.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala seda Mohammedan. While earlier he was ibH mine I'm about. So now we move on after many weeks, I think we spent five episodes and because of the delay of Hajj, actually two months on the Battle of two book. So now we move on actually to the next series of incidents. And we are now in the ninth year of the hedger in the middle of the 90 of the hedge era. And this is the and by the way, we're coming to the end. So hello, there's not that much left. Now, it is even possible. We only have a few months left

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of our series. And this year, the ninth year, is actually called Ahmed will food the year of delegations. And the topic of delegations is one that is typically discussed at this juncture. So we're going to follow what is customary and talk about the delegations but there's one a number of issues when it comes to delegations. First and foremost, the delegations didn't just occur in the ninth year after the Battle of to book rather, the delegations actually began probably around the Battle of 50 of the digital, and they lasted to the very last month of the life of the Prophet system. So and there were plenty of delegations in his house given his Sham molossia. Besides taco

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cart, and then was able to walk at all of these books, they give so many delegations, some scholars have attempted to gather all of them together in a theater as well try to gather all of them together. And of course, later scholars build from what others have done, so whatever they finish, we can begin and then move on. So these days, we have Mashallah subotica, la, special dissertations and research done. And there's a very famous author of busaba vahi, a very good alum, Indian alum, actually, well known in the world who passed away around a decade ago, he actually wrote many books, one of them was the delegations that visited the process of 250 page book, which is the standard

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reference, it is a complete encyclopedia. So these delegations didn't just occur in the ninth year, they began in the fifth and they continued until his death solomani, who was seldom, and therefore, to pause every time and talk about a delegation would have been very repetitive. So that is why a lot of scholars are they just lump them all over here. Another issue comes that most of these delegations, really, we don't know much about them, we just have a detail or two, and therefore it becomes very tedious. And that is why no

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average Book One has to average them, if not average, no Standard Book of Tafseer lists these delegations because it was simply get too boring. The delegation of this tribe that occasion that tribe, then how is the average Muslim going to benefit? So what happens is that here is where the zero is simply a zero talks, even such as my own will simply gloss over the bulk of those delegations because frankly, it is a little bit obscure, a little bit. We don't even know these tribes in our era, we've never heard of them. And it's not that relevant to us. So what happens is, and this is what I will do, we illustrate maybe 10% of the delegations give you 10, maybe 15

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examples in today and the next lesson, and inshallah Tada, the goal is to illustrate be symptomatic. This is some of the examples of the delegations that happen and what was the result of those delegations. Now, why is the ninth year called the delegation year honorable food when the delegations began in the fifth year for one simple reason, and that is that it was in the ninth year that the frequency of delegations pinnick pinnacled reached the height. Yes, delegations began in the fifth year. What is the delegation we all know, a tribe sends a representative, a tribe sends two or three people it says, negotiate with the process of them. delegations doesn't mean they're

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embracing Islam. delegations means some negotiation. Yes, they might embrace Islam. Definitely. Okay. So that's one category of delegations, but others might hesitate, and then eventually embrace Islam, whereas some are willingly coming to embrace Islam. A third group of delegations are actually hypocrites, that they're not actually embracing. And they're just pretending to embrace and we discover this at the depth of the process, that all of these tribes just left Islam, that it was just hypocrisy. They weren't really Muslim. Then there were those categories of people that openly said, we're not going to be Muslim, but hey, let's have a peace treaty. We're not going to attack

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you either. Right. So those are another type of delegation. So all of these delegates, you, by the way, also had another extreme and that is delegations of threatened delegations of, you know, I don't want to accept you, such as most of them. Al Qaeda is one of them.

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gets mozila mother liar. He met the Prophet says him in his lifetime he visited Medina, and he was the head of the delegation of his tribe from your mama. He's the one who attempted to negotiate. You have half the earth, I'll take the other half, right? This is he is one of the delegation. So not every delegation is the same, everyone is different. But in the ninth year of the hedgerows, the sheer quantity of delegations became so much that it is called animal food, the year of delegations because after the conquest of Makkah, and especially after the success of the walk now, it appeared to be a success. Because the Muslims came back on vanquished, the Romans didn't appear, the ortofon

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did not appear. So who's technically the winner, while the other side doesn't show up? You win. The default is you win. So the success of your book, and especially the conquest of Makkah, and after the conquest of grenade, it sealed the fate for the rest of the Arabs. Why? Because if there was any capital of the Arabian Peninsula, it was Makkah. And if there was any primary tribe, it was the whorish. So with MK conquered and the array subjugated the rest of the Arabs have nothing to they don't have a rallying force. There's no leadership, each of the smaller tribes knows that we cannot put on a bulk they try to under the leadership of the whorish in Azov and other tribes, right, they

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try to the hora should have been the only tribe they would possibly have united under, and that didn't work even as up. So with the conquest of Makkah, and the conquest of her name, and the Battle of to book, it's a done deal that the other tribes have to figure out, either embrace Islam willingly or unwillingly, or declare a lot war, which is what maceda Melaka. Zap did, right? Or have some type of Treaty, that I'm not going to be a Muslim. But let's have a peace treaty. And by the way, at this stage, you are allowed to be a pagan in the Arabian Peninsula. It was allowed in the early stages 678 year, okay, is this have a peace treaty, of course, after the ninth year, as we're

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going to come to in two, three weeks, that's when the announcement came that we cannot have pagans in the Arabian Peninsula. So like the Toba came down, so the BA came down. And Allah xojo says that after four months, you're going to have to leave, you can't be around the holy vicinity. And then historically speaking, all of the Arabs embraced Islam and paganism was eliminated from Arabia, the point being in this year, because of the changes of the political landscape, the surrounding tribes, the Arabian Peninsula, had to embrace Islam, or at least negotiate and that is why it is called valuable food. And, therefore, we're gonna discuss in today's lecture, and in next week's lecture,

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probably around 15 or so, or 10, or 15 of these delegations, some of them are obviously more important than others. Some of them are just interesting episodes, and we'll mention them. And I will personally gloss over any incident that doesn't have even some significance in terms of us to benefit from, to mention the tribal names, and then these came, what does that got to do with us at this level? Yes, indeed, this is an advanced euro class, but it is not that advanced that we need to list and there are lists that are available to us. And if I want if we wanted to, we could list 120 tries, but what is that going to gain? Uh, so we will begin with one of the earliest delegations,

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and that is delegation of Abdullah case.

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The tribe of Abdullah is the tribal Abdullah case was a tribe that lived in the area that was called Bahrain. And by the way, Bahrain back then was not just the island. Bahrain was also what we now call the mom and the heroine and all of that all of this was called Bahrain. So the island being Bahrain, actually, when the Sierra talks about Bahrain, it's not talking about the island. He's talking about the land, close to the island. And that's what we now call the eastern provinces of Arabia. So there was the tribe here by Bill hice. Many of these tribes were Christian, and some of them were, were pagan. So there's a mixture, and the tribe of abdulfatah sent two delegations, the

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first them in the fifth year of the hedgerow. And this is considered to be perhaps the first delegation to ever come. And then they sent a second delegation in the year of wolf wood and the year of delegations. And it is said that and why is this significant for us? It is said that the tribe of Abdullah case was the first tribe outside of ages to accept Islam voluntarily. They actually embraced Islam without any army coming to them without having been invaded. And therefore this is a great matter of pride for this tribe, that they embraced Islam. And what is especially significant for us is that in the fifth year of the Hydra, a tribe literally bordering the Persian

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Empire, knows the details of Islam, and no messenger has come to them, meaning no messenger from the process of no ambassador.

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Sooner has come, no Sahabi has come. But they've heard of Islam. And the message has reached them. And they're interested and they sent a delegation, a group of converts, the whole tribe has not converted, they will convert in the ninth year of the hedgerow. Now in the fifth year, a small group that converted to Islam arrived in Medina, and it is mentioned in the books of Urbanus, how can the Sierra and whatnot that the process that was once giving the hotel and he predicted that soon a delegation will come to you? So this is a prediction to the Sahaba basically, today, tomorrow, a delegation will come, they are the best people from the east, because that is Eastern Province, from

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the Medina that's east. They are the best people in the world from the east. And they would have been because at the time, there are no Muslims eastward of them. So they are the best people in the world from the east. So in a day or two, hotdog was in the marketplace, and he saw a group of delegates arrive. So he jumped up to happiness, he went to embrace them and rejoice and he said, Give glad tidings, I give you the good news, the process that I'm said such and such You are the best people from the east to come. And all of them rushed to me to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, except for the youngest man amongst them. And his nickname was a shed a banal place and this

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is a famous hobby. And the Hadith I'm about to narrow to is a famous Hadith.

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And therefore it fits in to the delegation. And his name is not Alicia Giada chaged means the one with the wound or with the one with the fracture. So he had a wound in his head. His name is probably Abdullah in our for something we don't know his name, but his he was called a judge from the tribe of pious Alicia Gibney in a place. As for Elijah, he stayed behind the rest of the delegates rushed forward. He stayed behind, cleansed himself, took a bath, wore some good garments, put on perfume, and then went to meet the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So in other words, he's taking the time to prepare himself whereas the rest of their excited Can you imagine new

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Muslims are rushing to see the process in other shows? You have no choice. He takes his time. And he then comes and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in faecal of his latane you hit boom Allahu wa rasuluh Yeah, I shared you have two characteristics. Allah and His Messenger love them. He said, What is that? So he said, I'll he'll move well, I'll he'll move on or not. And this is a famous Hadith in many books of Hadith. And that's why the Hadith is famous. Many people who read the Hadith are not aware when it took place. It took place in the delegations and the fifth year. So what does it mean? And hell means you can control your temper.

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A Hill means you have forbearance. While not means you don't act hastily, you think things through, and then you act so you're calm and collected, and him and and that are kind of similar and that you need to both to either write that if you're cool tempered, then you're not acting in haste. So a helmet and art are two characteristics that Allah loves and the messenger loves. So a judge said, these two characteristics, have I developed them? Or did Allah implant them in me? It's a very intelligent man.

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Look at the question. These two characteristics did I manage to hone them and fine tune them? Or did Allah jobelan Allahu Allah Allah azza wa jal implanted them in me. So the problem is that no Allah implanted them in you. And this shows us that at some level, and we'll look at anybody who has children knows this, right? Your teddy bear is the same. One of them is quick tempered, one of them is calm. not much you can do about it, right? One of them is this one of them is that and you know, this even says their babies, the parents know what I'm talking about. Right? It's beyond your control a lot. And there's an element you can control there's an lm beyond your control. So the

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element that you cannot control the processes that Allah gave it to you by algebra, these are crystal tangible Kamala and Emma Allah implanted them in you. So look at his response and what an intelligent man and hamdulillah hilarie Jabulani Allah All Praise be to Allah who has implanted me characteristics that he loves, right? So very intelligent man. And you can tell that this man is going to go far and that's what Alicia juvenile cases are very famous Sahabi because of this, then they said O Messenger of Allah jasola law between us and you is the tribe of madora. So the tribe of Mulder occupied a land in between Bahrain and Medina, and mobile is a pagan tribe, and they are

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fighting us so we can only come to you in the sacred month I showed them and this shows us some of the wisdoms of sacred months where the whole land is in peace and you're not allowed to fight. So we can only come to an assured home which means after we come back, we will not be able to come for at least one year. So Yasuda law, tell us something that will cause us to

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entra agenda, and we can teach our people when we go back. So this is a very intelligent tribe. They're asking the right questions, and they're very eager to learn from the prophet SAW Selim. Now this hadith is motif of Hannibal Hylian Muslim, this hadith is a very famous Hadith of the question of Alicia geminal. Pio, sorry, of the the the tribe of the base tribe, the blue side, sorry, the face tribe here. What was the question? And what was the response to the process of this hadith is Bukhari and Muslim is a very famous Hadith and it has a lot of theological implications that this class does not talk about. Actually, when we might talk about this. Maybe even in the Tuesday I play

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the class next week, we'll actually maybe talk about this particular narration. So the process of them responded with his body and Muslim, I command you to have a man in a law. And do you know what is a man in a law that you say the Shahada and you pray the prayers, and you fast Ramadan, and you pays the cuts? And he stopped there? He didn't go to the Hajj. Why did he not mention the Hajj?

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It's the fifth year of the hijra. It's the fifth year of the history. There is no highs right now. So he mentioned the four pillars of Islam. Now, just quickly, why is this a theological Hadith? Because he said, Do you know what is he man? Then he gave them the Pillars of

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So what is the relationship between Islam and a man? Because he said, Well, health has remained a man Do you know what is a man? Then he defined Eamon with the same definition that is found for the definition of Islam in the hadith of gibreel. Correct. When God said, What is Islam he gives the list. Now, the tribe is asking what is eemaan? And he gives the same list. And he says, this is a man. But the list is the list of Islam. So that's the theological question. Now is not the time this is a Syrah class. But this is why the Hadith is very deeply discussed that what is a man then? And what is Islam? And what is the relationship between the two of them? And then they mentioned that

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they were a tribe that lives in cold weather. And so they is it allowed for them to drink the shut up the Hummer? And so the process of said no, Alan has messaged your heart forbidden and he mentioned every single type of shop that they have. So in our times, it would be whiskey and rum and spirits. So he literally listed the types of shop that they had. And this shows us the knowledge that he had of their culture that these are you know, a Dubai will help me with he literally listed one by one, he goes Allah has forbidden this and this and this and this, all of them that they would drink. So that was the primary message that the process of them sent back with them. And it is said

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that they were the first group to build a Masjid outside of the ages. And they were the first group to have Juma outside of Medina. So they built a Masjid on the other side of the Arabian Peninsula in their region. And I have heard I'm not positive about this that the location of the masjid is still operating in the masjid I'm not sure about this, but this is something that I have heard and I have not been able to verify

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this is the first delegation the second delegation will talk about this did a delegation of both sides even bucket by new side even backer and where's our note taker who's not here today? Who can tell me who has been who sided Debian backer

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this tribe you should No

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no, you're going the wrong direction. Bono sided been backer you should know this tribe.

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Give us you if I give you any hint. It's too obvious.

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It's too obvious.

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La La. They are not from those that are from the ages. They are from the ages.

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They are close to Makkah.

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Halima Sadie Sadie.

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Sadie is not from nudged hijas ages haleema A Sadiq Baba could have been sad,

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right? Halima Sadie. She is from the tribe of Banu sad. Okay, so this is the tribe that

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was around Makkah, they were around thought if To be honest, and they would come down to Mecca in the summer months to get the children as you we studied how many years ago three and a half years ago Mashallah devata Cola, and so, they would take care of the operation the children and this is the tribe of sad urban bucket and

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the the tribe have been outside of in bucket It is one of the sub tribes of housing and housing participated in her name. So housing is the large tribe

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kurush under that there's many small tribes. Sadly, the bucket is one of the smaller tribes. And this smaller tribe Halima is from that smaller tribe. Now,

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the delegate, the delegate that was sent at the time was not a Muslim, so that the tribe was meant to negotiate a treaty. So this was not a tribe that's embracing Islam. This was a tribe that we just want to negotiate a treaty and this took place before.

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So one of the most important delegations we're not going to talk about this Wednesday is next Wednesday, and that is the delegation of the tribe of thought if which is the thief, right? The thief is the big enemy still, remember? They haven't one right her name happened and that went back so that they will talk about next week they're gonna come. So before that, if this tribe one of the tribes of housing comes and negotiates a peace treaty, right, so they send one of their elders, and his name is Lima, inside of a Lima, a bin Salah, and Lima, Eben Salah. Now the tribe of how was in who can remind me how was an assaultive, where the two tribes of her native who remember what was

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the difference between how was it until

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the main difference?

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This was just two months ago.

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34 residents of thought thought if housing were the Bedouins like that, and that's why how do you miss ideas from the better ones because the residents are not going to go take care of the kids is the veteran so how was it a tough day for like distant cousins they go back to the same person. One of them his descendants are better ones the other one their residents have so they are Bedouins and when your bedrooms what does that mean in terms of your manners?

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Very rough, None.

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None. So this is why we need to understand the Hadith of the Imam is a hadith That tickles people all the time, because it's a very blunt had the very harsh it. So this nudge the sorry, this not necessarily this has any chieftain comes in. And he was a crude man, extremely hairy and gruff and tough. And he actually had two ponytails, you know, the Bedouins in those days, the men would have ponytails, the better ones. And still, until recently, if you look at pictures of the Saudi Bedouins of 100 years ago, 70 years ago, you still find them with ponytails. I think now it's almost gone. Maybe it's still around, but the men would have ponytails only the Bedouins. So the Imam comes in

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and he has to like a Rasta. Mashallah, is that got the two hanging this way? And he brings his camel all the way to the door of the masjid. And he parks his camel he sits his camel down right at the door you can see it. Then he barges in and he says where is the son of abdomen?

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And so the president said I am here. Now pause here Subhan Allah, do we see the wisdom or some of the wisdoms of why Allah chose the Prophet systems lineage to be the most prestigious lineage? This is a Bedouin, ignorant, uncouth, never literate, yet he knows.

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And he knows the man who's claiming to be a prophet is his grandson, the son, right? And this no doubt has an impact on their embracing of Islam as well. That look if I'm going to embrace Islam, let it be from somebody whose lineage we can admire because from them lineage is everything. Right? So Abdulmutallab is so famous that even a chieftain Bedouin, you know, from another tribe admires him, goes, where's the son of Abdullah? That's how he knows. And that's where if you go back to the Battle of her name, what was the process of saying, and then and then we'll find it and and maybe you look at it, I am the true prophet, and I'm the grandson of optimal butter, because at that time,

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that's the rallying call needed. So he says, you come, which one of you is the motive? So the problem said, that is, I am the son and I've been without him and he called himself I am the son of optimal but it now in Arabic Gibbon can mean son and grandson I am the son or the grandson of Alvin with butter. So the man comes up to me standing all over the harbor sitting and he says until Mohammed, look at his gruffness. Right. You are Muhammad Ali mentioned by name, you are Mohammed sallallahu sallam, and the President said no, no, Mohammed. Yes, I am. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the man says, I will ask you

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and I'm going to be very tough with you. So don't get angry at me. So at least he had enough to make this excuse. Okay, I will ask you in the Scirocco family shutdown I'm gonna be very strict with you. So make sure you don't get angry at me. So the problem said Selma Badenoch, ask whatever you want. Go ahead, ask, you know, throw it at me. What can you ask me? So, the man said, the man said said that your messenger, your envoy came to us. And he told us that Allah has sent you.

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So the President said he has spoken the truth. In other words, he's saying my messenger is speaking the truth. When he says I'm the Messenger of Allah. He has spoken the truth. So the better one says I like this.

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melodrama right? The better one says, formaldehyde aka summer who created the summer? Allah who created the earth, Allah, who created the zhiban Allah who put everything here, Allah. So then the mom says, so I asked you by the one who created the heavens, and the one who created the earth, and the one who created the mountains and the one who placed everything here, I asked you by Allah, are you swearing that Allah has sent you to us? This is not his building the melodrama is such a simple question. But he's trying to get the, the you know, the the the suspense here and also from this simple mind. He is feeling that if you're swearing By Allah, then you're not going to be lying here.

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Right? So the processor said, I swear by Allah, I am sent by a lot. So the mom says that, and your messenger Also, your envoy also said that Muslims have to pray or we have to pray five times a day. So I asked you by the one who has sent you did Allah commands you to tell us to pray five times a day? I don't trust the messenger did Allah tell you tell you to tell us to pray five times a day? So the process of them said yes. And then the series of questions goes on. Your messenger said that we're supposed to pay zakat did Allah I asked you by the one who sent you that Allah asked you to do this. And he said yes. And then fasting and then Hajj, this time Hajj is mentioned, because this is

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the 90 of the hedgerow. And by now the command for Hajj had been revealed, as we will mention in two three weeks, and so abubaker went for Hajj next month. So we're going to talk about this soon. So now hedge is revealed. Now, according to some narrations, this is the same man or the same Bedouin, who's had it we always hear about that. He said, Do I have to pray anything more than the fourth five prayers? And the President said no, unless you want to. So then he said, Do I have to pay one bit more Zakat? No, unless you want to do have to fast one day outside of our robot No, unless you want to. So he finishes the whole Hadith. Then he says, I swear by the one who has sent you with the

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truth that I shall follow this what you have told me and not increase one bit, or decrease. Not not as either either. I'm not going to do one bit more than this bare minimum skeleton and nothing less. And then just as melodramatically, as he came in, he barged out and he went back, right. And so this is one of the processes have said that, if he is true, then he shall enter Jannah meaning this is the bare minimum of Islam. You do the five pillars and you avoid the major sins then call us you have done your job. And it is said that when Lehman returned back to his people, he was the one who began preaching to his people and even his half mentions in the book so Sarah mentioned that he was

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so respected by his community that the same day that he returned, the entire tribe eventually embraced Islam. And the same day les mom destroyed the idol of the the the people have the the idol that they worship and event has happened. I think he mentioned this from one of the top your own. No delegates, no envoy was more of a blessing for his community than demand was that even though he was one envoy, and he willingly himself embraced Islam, somehow the whole tribe embraced Islam because of him. And no doubt. In my humble opinion. This also goes back to the fact that our processing has some relationship with them as well that Halima is from them, and that there is some type of Baraka

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no doubt that Eliza had pushed in this tribe because of this relationship through Halima a Sadie. Also, there's an interesting miracle narrated by another delegation, and that is the tribe of mosaica that the tribe mo Xena came in now this tribe, there's a difference when did it come fifth or sixth or seventh here, but we're going back 50 or maybe even as hawks not even as happily walk this as fifth year and the entire tribe came to embrace Islam. So the whole tribe came of 400 people to embrace Islam and they studied with the process and then they wanted to return back. And so the process of them said to Ramadan, kebab, that Jamar go give them the food they need to go back to

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their to go back to their lands. So he has to provide provide food for 400 people for to last them a few weeks. So Omar says Yara Salalah I only have one bag of dates at home. That's not going to be sufficient for these 400 people to go back to they're not I only have one bag of dates. So the process of them said again, yeah, Omar, go and provide food for them. So I'm gonna I'm gonna have Bob said, I will do that. So he went back to his home. And lo and behold, his entire room was full of dates to the ceiling.

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When he put his trust in Eliza kahless I will do that whatever you say. So I will do that. So he went back

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The entire it's the even in his house says, like a camel in the room, like the whole room was full of dates. So when he saw this, he's called the troll tribe, all 400 of them came and they fill their sacks because that's how they did it, they had a sack and they would just fill it. And then, you know, they would literally eat a few dates a day, by the way, this is how they will travel handle that they would have dates and a few other things. And that was their, their their their traveling. thing. So every one of the 400 came, and the last one who exited said when I exited I look back and I saw the pile is just as it was when we had begun taking our provision. So this is an interesting

00:30:38--> 00:30:55

narration simply because of the miracle that took place with a tribe of Musina not all tribes and so positively some of the tribes had some negative issues as well, even though they embraced Islam, and of them is the tribe of the new asset had been hoceima the tribe with a new asset, even Hosea.

00:30:57--> 00:31:48

And they were 10 in number 10 people and they came loudly inside of the masjid. And they said O Messenger of Allah, we testify to the Shahada, and we are Muslims. And we would like you to know that we have come to you, without you sending anybody for us. And we have accepted Islam without any of you having to fight us. And so we are not like the other Arabs and we have had to travel in the darkness and in the cold in order to come to you so they kept on bragging about what they had done. And Allah azza wa jal revealed regarding this tribe, here, manana alayka and assalamo hola mundo la Islamic Bali La La comme un Hadouken lil Imani in quantum saw the thing. They think they have done

00:31:48--> 00:32:25

you a favor by embracing Islam. So this is this tribe here and that is the bundle. So Devin Hussain, this is this tribe. They think they're boasting to you that oh, we are we are such good Muslims. You know, you didn't have to fight as we came to you. You didn't have to send we are the ones we had to travel through the darkness and through the cold that we're doing that so they're boasting about themselves. We're not like the other Arabs and allies are jealous saying they think they're doing you a favor. No, Allah has done them a favor. Now this shows us they were Muslims. So this is a tribe Islam is a man is weakened their hearts, but they're still Muslims. So they come and they

00:32:25--> 00:32:34

embrace Islam, and they think they've done a big deal. And Allah says if you are truly Muslims, you should be thankful that Allah has chosen you to be a Muslim.

00:32:35--> 00:33:19

Another interesting tribe, which also turned out, well, at least the Muslim, the tribe, we're going to mention not was not even a Muslim tribe. And that is the tribe of Boko Haram it had been saw and I have mentioned this tribe before but I will not quiz you because it is a little bit advanced. This is the tribe that was responsible for the massacre of the well of Marana This is that tribe? The well a bit and Mona This is better, my honor. This is that trip. The Bahamas, even Sasa and in fact, one of the main instigators are made even to fail and we mentioned his name before physically came to Medina as a part of the delegates. But he had no intention of embracing Islam. And all of the

00:33:19--> 00:33:30

details of this are mentioned in Urbanus, how can others that have been to fail said to his henchmen by the name of our buddy Ben ice out of a Debian face that

00:33:32--> 00:34:10

let us get rid of this man. So this is an assassination attempt. And this is taking place most likely in the eighth or the ninth year, we don't know exactly when this is taking place. It could be before the Battle of to book it is my instinct. It is before the Battle of to book but we don't know. And this is one of the problems of the delegations. Obviously, we don't have a calendar yet running. We don't know. When did this happen? I personally find it impossible to visualize an assassination attempt when the mokka has been conquered, and most likely This is taking place before the conquest of Makkah. Because once Mecca is conquered, call us there's just nothing that it's a

00:34:10--> 00:34:16

hopeless battle. So it seems to be this is taking place maybe seventh year or early eighth year of the hedgerow that

00:34:17--> 00:34:30

the tribe have been around but even saucer comes and they have this attempt at what does it mean to fish and I've been able to find was one of the main instigators whose name has come up before that he says two are bad that

00:34:31--> 00:35:00

come let us get rid of this man assassinate him. I will distract him with a series of questions and when I give you the signal, you pull out your dagger and stab him most likely would have been a poisoned dagger or something because usually as dagger will not kill you, most likely is poison. Those days, as you know we've seen in the theater before. They have been poisoned attempts as well against the process of them, including the sheep, that they know who they are and all of this so they had poison and they knew how to use it and also an admirable

00:35:00--> 00:35:16

So how was he killed? So they knew how to put now the zero books don't mention this, but it is again my assumption, this is the point that just one poison and then the deed will be done. So out of bad agrees that yes, let us go do this. So when they came in to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:35:18--> 00:35:38

Ahmed have been to fail said that give us a private ceremony, maybe not ceremony, but the private audience, just us. And the President said no, not to private audience until and unless you embrace Islam. So, conversation when he's tried again, we went to private audience. And when he realized it's not going to happen, so then

00:35:39--> 00:36:17

when he realized it's not going to happen, he gave him the secret signal, whatever it was, it's not mentioned, whatever it was to give this an okay, it's we're not going to get the private audience, let's just do the deed and flee from the scene. He gave him the signal and our body did not do anything. So the conversation continues, he gives him the signal again, about didn't do anything, again continues the third time when a robot doesn't do anything. So he realizes it's not going to happen. So to conclude, the the back and forth. So he says I give you three options. Look at his arrogance, he's talking to the process, I give you three options. Number one, if you want, you take

00:36:17--> 00:36:41

charge of the people of the cities, and I will take charge of the Bedouins meaning we'll split leadership, you will take mastery of the mucca Medina what not all take charge of whatever is in between, because he was a better one he's used to the veteran lifestyle. So he said we can split it. If you don't do this. Then the second option, you make me the leader after you

00:36:42--> 00:37:26

and if you're a fuse the both of these than the third option, and that is 1000 male camels and 1000 female camels against you meaning an army against you from my side. So look at the arrogance of this man I believe in to fight that he's basically telling him either you share your power with me, or I'm going to fight you and I have the bigger army. And so the Prophet says and refuse to accept any of these conditions obviously. And then he said that Allah azza wa jal will stop you. Oh, Allah, Allah hummock Fini, Ahmed have been to fail, Allah, I put you in charge of being sufficient for me against Ahmed ibn to fail. This is a drug by the way that we should memorize. Allahu MK Fini, Shara

00:37:26--> 00:38:07

furlan or alimak Fini Fulani. Allah, you are sufficient for me. A la caffee there's a lot of MK Fini right. Oh Allah you are caffee Allah MK Fini, Allah you are a sufficient protector you're enough of a resource against me against so and so. So whenever we're in trouble and there's a particular person or an enemy or something like this, we should make this to our that Allahu McSweeney Shara, who allama, finisher of Allah, Allah MK Fini, and you can even mention the name. Let's just like the process of said, he realized this man is evil. So he said, Oh Allah, I put you in charge, you're enough for me against, I'm able to fail over a lot, take care of him and guide his people. So panelo

00:38:07--> 00:38:43

you make dua against a person, but you make dua for the community. And this is the prophetic methodology that yes, this man is evil. It doesn't mean his whole tribe is evil. So Allah take care of him, but guide his guide his people to Islam. So they exited from the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. And, and it became furious with our but that was the problem with you, you're considered to be the most powerful warrior. That's why I chose you out of all of the people, and yet you didn't obey what I'm telling you to kill, kill, kill. And he says, Don't get angry at me listen to my story, that

00:38:45--> 00:38:56

when when I entered and upon the process, and it was my need to do as you intended, but when I entered and upon him, I could only see you and not him.

00:38:57--> 00:39:32

And every time you're giving me the signal, I can only see you. So did you want me to kill you? I didn't have any option that you couldn't see him. And of course, this is not the first time that Allah azza wa jal has protected directly the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what jack Lemmon benei it him said then we'll call to send the fellowship down from LA, you will sudo and also Abuja, Han and others multiple times in the Sierra, that simple, you just cannot see. So the man could not even see where is the processor? So how do you expect me to kill him? I didn't even know where he was. I could only see you when you're giving me the motions go go where I don't see him. Don't see

00:39:32--> 00:39:50

anybody there. And so this shows us again the miracle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then the both of them suffered a very evil demise and this is what is to be expected for those who attempt to assassinate the prophets or set them as for it had been to fail. It is said that on the way back

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

back to his tribe, he stopped at the house of a How shall we put this a service lady let's say right of ill repute. Let us

00:40:00--> 00:40:36

Say, and he spent the night with in that house. And in the middle of the night he became afflicted with some type of disease, and the disease spread throughout his body. And when he realized he's about to die, he says, I'm a doomed to failure will die in such a house, like, How embarrassing is it, that I'm dying here, and with this disease, like the disease of animals, so we can assume something is spreading on his skin out with Ebola or something, and it was fast is happening in one night. So he mounted his horse in the middle of the night, and he fled away in the darkness, never to be seen again, because he didn't want to die.

00:40:37--> 00:40:38

In such a

00:40:40--> 00:40:59

location, let's say he didn't want to die in situ location. So he just literally fled and he lost his body was never found his wherever he is alive, which took care of him. And as for the, the one who actually had the dagger, or the knife, or bad, so Pamela, what an amazing story and a verse of the Quran was revealed about that. And that is, we're going to come to

00:41:01--> 00:41:44

that as for our bad, so he proceeded onwards his companion, he thought he's just spending the night to catch up with me never caught up with him, or bad returns all the way back to to his people. And they say What happened? Where were you? And so he tells them, oh, I have just come from the man, whatever he claims to be a prophet. And he said something very bad about Allah subhana wa tada that I'm not going to repeat over here, but he basically cursed all the stuff. He just he was very bad. In his, no, he was just enough said about this. And so he said something that is not appropriate at all in any sense of the of the of the term. And, lo and behold, the next day, he went out on his

00:41:44--> 00:42:30

camel, and in front of his community, lightning came from the heavens and consumed him and his camels right then and there incinerated The both of them. And it is said that he is the reference and suta rod, verse 1112, and 13 so rotarod verse 1112, and 13 that Allah subhana wa tada says, that what is the arado la Omen Su and Filmora della Hamada, human dooney human while when a law wants to inflict a punishment on the people, nobody can avert that punishment and nobody is a protector who will lead you recoil Barca hoffen wautoma He is the one who shows you the lightning, and it terrifies you and it also makes you rejoice that there might be rain while you choose to have a car

00:42:30--> 00:43:21

and he sends the heavy clouds and rains while you submit Hurrah to be Hamdi he won but I couldn't believe it. And the thunder is praising his praise. And the angels out of their fear are also praising him. While you're a pseudo Sawa for your sleeve will be Hemen Yeshua Oh, whoa, whoa, mujer de una Philae wa shadid Muhammad, and he sends the Thunderbolts, this is the guy, well, your pseudo sawako he sends the Thunderbolts, and the Thunderbolts hit those whom Allah once even as they fight with Allah or argue with a lot because the man was arguing about Allah and Allah subhana wa tada is strict and Severe in punishment. So this is and this is verse 11, to 13 had actually, according to

00:43:21--> 00:43:44

the books of tafsir applies to this man out of bad, who was literally incinerated by lightning in front of his people. After he had said something bad about a lot subhanho wa Taala. So this is one of the delegations, another delegation and with this delegation, we will Charlotte conclude it's a rather long one. And it's interesting one, and it brings up a lot of theological points that I will hint at towards the end

00:43:46--> 00:44:06

is the delegation of tamiment it daddy to me minute Daddy, and to me my daddy was a Christian from up north from one of the Christian tribes and he came as a delegate from his tribe embracing Islam. And his story is narrated by Fatima Binti place, who is one of the

00:44:08--> 00:44:21

Sahaba who had emigrated to both Abyssinia and to Medina, so she's the Sahaba hegira thing. She has both his juris and Fatima bankability, I said and she was mentioning a long story that

00:44:22--> 00:44:27

she was married and she's waiting in the house of somebody finishing right when she heard a voice

00:44:30--> 00:45:00

say from the muscular call from the rescue of Salatu Jamia and this is how the Sahaba would be called outside of the timings of Salah come to the prayer of Salah to Jamia come to the prayer. And so she went to the masjid of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, and she said I was in the woman's row closest to the men. So she's at the front of the women's row. And when the process and finished the prayer, he went on to the member and his face was smiling beaming. He was happy.

00:45:00--> 00:45:44

And he said Let every person stay in your place where you have prayed. Do you know why I have called you here today? They said Alan is messenger know best he said by Allah I did not call you for any more info any any holds by any does I didn't call you for any lecture rather I have called you to hear the story of Timmy a daddy to me minute daddy to me minute daddy was a Christian and he has become a Muslim. This Hadith is a and he has said something that agrees with what I have been telling you about the the job. Okay, so this is the famous Hadith of the Justice just saw the hadith of seeing that the child chained up this is that Hadith. Okay, so we're going to go over it quickly.

00:45:44--> 00:46:06

And then talk about some of the issues surrounding this hadith because it is obviously an issue that raises a lot of questions. So the head it goes as follows now, so the Hadith we're going to go into now it's all about the digital. Why are we talking about it right now in this era? Because the meme is one of the delegates. So the entire story occurs in the ninth year of the digital in the year of delegations. Okay, so

00:46:07--> 00:46:55

Timmy minute daddy is saying the story or sorry, the process is telling the story of Tamim that Tamim said that he sailed in a ship with 30 men of the tribes of Aloha and drew them and they were tossed by the waves of the sea. And they got lost for a month until they crashed onto an island at sunset. And they were in a small boat that came on to the island and they met a beast with a great deal of hair. So much so that you could not distinguish the the face from the back. So it is nothing but a hairy creature. And they became scared and they said What the heck what do you what are you? So he said I am a just saucer and this is the name given to the creature of the jet. I am the just

00:46:55--> 00:46:57

saucer. So

00:46:58--> 00:47:00

the the the creature said that

00:47:02--> 00:47:27

the creature said that what is the sorry, the saw the minion said what is the just saw? So what is this? We don't know. So the creature said that Oh, people come to the monastery come to the place where the man is waiting to meet you. I'm just a messenger come. And so when we heard there's a man to me missing, we became even more terrified that what is the man that has this creature has his

00:47:29--> 00:48:00

messenger or something? What is this? we feared it might be another devil but we had no choice. So they went off to this monastery. Then the Hadith says we found the hugest man we had ever seen, like a giant bound strongly in chains, with his hands tied to his neck, and his legs bound from the knees to the ankles with iron shackles. So they see this giant and some Island and he has all of these chains on there. And they said

00:48:01--> 00:48:46

way hack. Who are you any way hack cannot be translated but they are terrified. And this way hack is how they're just expressing their terror? Like who? Who are you? What is this? So he said, you will find out about me. Tell me who are you? So they said we are people from Arabia, who have embarked on a ship. But the sea became wild. And we got lost for one month until the ocean protests to this island of yours. And we took our smaller boats and came to this island looking for food and water. And we were met by this beast. And this beast took us to you after he told us it is the just Sasa. So just also so we came to you. And we are wondering, what are you? Are you a devil? Are you a man?

00:48:46--> 00:49:27

So the man said, Tell me about the date palms of the trees of base. And this is a location telling me about the date palms. So they said what do you know, what do you want to know about the date palms of the trees of base? And he said, I'm asking you whether these trees are fruitful? They said yes, they are fruitful. He said it's only a matter of time they will go barren and dry. He's asked Tell me about the Lake of poverty. Yeah. The lake of poverty authority is another land the Lake of poverty. They said what do you want to know about it? He said Is there still water in the lake? They said yes, there is a lot of water. It's a huge lake. So he said soon it will dry up there will be no

00:49:27--> 00:49:59

water in poverty. Then he said, Tell me about it. No Zohar and I is a spring of Zohar and Zoho is in Syria is in Sham. They said what do you want to know about it? He said, Is there still water in that spring? And do the people grow crops with that water? They said yes, there's plenty of water and the people grow crops with that water. So he said, Tell me about an OB allomi and what he has done. Tell me about the unlettered prophet and what he has done. So to me, him replied

00:50:00--> 00:50:57

He has left from Makkah and settled in yathrib. He's now in Medina. So this entity said, Have the Arabs fought against him? They said, Yes. He said, what was the verdict? What happened? They said, We are told that he prevailed over the Arabs in his vicinity, and they have all shown obedience to Him. So, Islam is now rising. So this entities has has it really happened has it reached this level? They said yes. So this entity said if it is so then it is better for them to show obedience to Him. Now I will tell you about myself. I am the journal. And soon Allah will give me permission to emerge. And I will come traveling in the land, and I will not spare any town. And I will stay in

00:50:57--> 00:51:45

every town for 14 nights, except for maca, and labor except for maca and flavor. They are both forbidden for me. Every time I try to enter one of them, I will be met with an angel with a sword in his hand who will bar my way. And on every road into the cities, there will be angels guarding it. So this is the story of Tamim. The process of then goes on. Fatima says the processor was standing on the member with his staff. And he began hitting the pulpit with the staff. And he said Has he ever had the heat labor have he played but this is labor? Because one of the names of Medina is fiber. This is labor. This is labor. This is labor. Didn't I tell you about this before about the

00:51:45--> 00:52:28

job? And about the fact you will not enter McCann Medina, didn't I tell you this? The people said yes. So the President said this is why I like the story of tamiment a daddy because it proved to you what I am telling you about Makkah and Medina and about the job. But he meaning that the job is in the Mediterranean, the Syrian sea or in the Yemen, Yemen AC which is the Arabian Sea. Then he paused and he said no, rather he is in the East he is in the East he is in the east and he pointed in his with his hands towards the east. Fatima narrates I memorize this hadith from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And I've had it now, this hadith is narrated in Sahih Muslim.

00:52:30--> 00:52:51

And this is why it has caused so many issues because it is in the sight of a Muslim. And the fact of the matter is that this hadith is unique in its narration of a number of things, firstly, they just saw. Secondly, there's no other heavy dimension. There's just also secondly, that the job is alive right now.

00:52:53--> 00:53:15

And that Thirdly, he's chained to some wall in some Island somewhere. So this Hadeeth has caused some controversy. And frankly, nobody has really resolved this with other traditions that seem to suggest that the jar will be born at a future date. And

00:53:17--> 00:53:27

there's not enough this mentioned over there and this is why a very small group of scholars has cast doubts on this Heidi even if it is inside a Muslim

00:53:28--> 00:53:52

because they said it just does not make sense with regards to the other traditions and of the people who did this is a shout out to the new law of Egypt the famous Mufti and also in our times my own chef as well do chef chef or Tommy Bahama salad with me Ramallah tada that they consider this hadith to be problematic. Something is wrong with this, Heidi.

00:53:53--> 00:54:13

And our chef have entertainment would say albumin, who Shea My heart is just something is telling me this Hadeeth is wrong. And he says now of course you don't judge a headache because your heart tells you what's wrong with him. He said, this hadith seems to contradict other Hadees that are more authentic than it for example, the idea that

00:54:15--> 00:54:53

every single person on this world will be dead in 100 years, this hadith in Bukhari and Muslim that the process of one night came, and he told the people do you see this night of yours? Do you see the stars you see this? He said not to single soul alive today, we'll still be alive in 100 years. Meaning is trying to tell them that look, this world is temporary. And honestly we can say the same thing. But we're not going to say not a single soul but to say the majority of souls will not be alive but the process and made no exceptions, that when he spoke not a single soul will be alive after 100 years. So the sheriff says How then can the jail be on an island somewhere? Right. And

00:54:53--> 00:54:59

there are other issues as well. of them is that the Hadeeth mentioned that the jail is actually a short man

00:55:00--> 00:55:41

Stocki whereas this Hadeeth mentions is a giant of them is that other narrations went into that the gel will be born to a couple that was waiting for a child and whatnot and it did happen. Whereas, according to this idea that the child is still alive right now, of them is the state the fact that the child has carefully written that the Muslim and non Muslim and the literate and the illiterate will read and to meme does not mention this at all. Right? of them, the single most obvious characteristic of the digital is his eyes one night, and to meme has nothing about this at all. Right. So based upon all of these things, some minority of scholars have said something doesn't seem

00:55:41--> 00:55:44

right about this tradition. And

00:55:46--> 00:56:30

our own shareholders. I mean, his students were not very happy with this because it isn't such a Muslim. And here's the whole can of worms. Now, by the way, so psi Bahati is a whole different level above Sahih Muslim. And there is no doubt that when a hadith is in Buhari, it has a boost that even Muslim cannot give it. And the fact that Buhari does not have this hadith doesn't mean that it's weak in and of itself, but it does mean that God Himself, you know, did not like it to his standards, right, that we can say that the fact that it's only a Muslim, and there's no doubt that Muslim is one notch, one market and clear notch underneath Bahati. And I've also done some research

00:56:30--> 00:56:32

on this idea by another. Another very

00:56:35--> 00:57:01

interesting thing that does not make sense at all in light of this hadith is the very famous controversy of the person by the name of urbanists Sajjad. ignacia. Now, who is even a saya, that's a whole different topic. Even a Sajjad was a magician, from one of the yahoodi tribes in Medina. And at one point, even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam was unsure whether this was the judge or not

00:57:02--> 00:57:41

at one point, and he went into detail since I'm Muslim as well, that he wants to quiz and test him that if he is that the child then he'll know this. And if he's not the not, then he won't know that you want to quiz and test him and put him in a hot tub until his death and we will call Bob's he would swear that even scientists that like he was certain this man is that the jet so even a site yet, you're doubtful, oma is doubtful, he still did the job. Yet, if the hadith of Fatima is true, then what are you worried about? The job is in some Island far, far away. So why are you even thinking that the job might be in Medina, when you know that the gel is chained up and locked up in

00:57:41--> 00:57:53

some Island faraway. So the point is that this one Hadith really gives us the details that seem to conflict with the entire narrative of the job.

00:57:55--> 00:58:34

And therefore, based on this, a very small group of scholars have said something doesn't make sense about this idea, not because it goes against my mind in your mind, but because it contradicts a whole series of other evidences that are stronger than it. And in fact, I today was doing research on this idea. And I came across a paper by another student of Chicago with a man who's a very famous scholar of Kuwait. His name is Dr. hakam. And we'll play it and he has a website and whatnot. He has an entire research paper about this one Hadith, that he goes, when I heard the chef's a chef come to me that this hadith is weak. I said let me go research it. So he has a whole bath on this and he

00:58:34--> 00:58:39

goes over every single chain and I read through it and it does seem there is

00:58:40--> 00:59:19

some weakness that we can say that you know what, when there is this type of weakness, and the weakness is not like that clear that you can say that it's automatically sorry but when you have an it's not problem which it does have and you have the mutton that is so bizarre and weird. I don't see a problem if we simply say the Hadith does not make sense in light of other Quran and Hadith. Now, I just want to make clear here that look when we say a hadith doesn't make sense. We always have to say in light of other Quran and Hadith, we should never say that it doesn't make sense to me or my understanding or my culture. No, that's irrelevant what my culture is. Hadeeth is not judged

00:59:19--> 00:59:38

based upon my intellect. The Hadith is just based upon other authentic evidences from the Quran and Sunnah. And it appears that the hold on as soon as narrative of the job is very clearly constructed. And this one had the teeth of the job being in some Island somewhere, really just throws a spanner in the entire narrative.

00:59:40--> 01:00:00

And it does make sense that and so this author Dr. hagaman lady says that and he goes through the chain that is mujaddid from a sharpie from Fatima and a shabby was one of the Tabby rune who would take a lot from the storytellers as well. So he says it appears that this is one of those things that may be a shabby according to this guy.

01:00:00--> 01:00:14

Maybe he took it from a story of fable a legend, and later on people mistook it to be a hadith and Allah knows best Allah knows best. But I have to say that I kind of agree with the chef as well in this regard that

01:00:15--> 01:00:52

Allah knows best and not but nonetheless if the Hadith is authentic in the eyes of Allah, if it is true that I believe it, if the process that I've said it, then we believe it. But the question is, did he say it or not? And there seems to be a big question mark on it. And in my humble opinion, this hadith raises more questions than it solves and there are issues with this is not and there are issues with this button. So we say that Allah knows best but like my chef said, Phil other women who say something doesn't seem right about this hadith and Allah knows best inshallah, we are done with today's lecture I will before we have actually as do some questions and I have an announcement on

01:00:52--> 01:00:54

behalf of somebody works.

01:00:59--> 01:01:06

As for MK and Medina and the gel not entering it. We have many narrations

01:01:08--> 01:01:20

from other than this Hadeeth that the job will not enter Mecca and Medina. So this fact is narrated by at least six Sahaba in multiple narrations we have it so that's not a problem.

01:01:27--> 01:01:30

So, the some scholars say that

01:01:32--> 01:01:35

the job will not be able to enter Mecca and Medina when he becomes

01:01:37--> 01:01:47

an urbanist. Yet at this point in time was obviously not did the job because had he been did the job you would have seen all the signs. So when the jobs will be born people will not know his that the job

01:01:48--> 01:02:02

when he's growing up, he will not be known to be that the child. So at that stage, he can enter Makkah and Medina. But as the Jarl he cannot enter my Cambodia so he will become that child one day. And when that happens, he will not be able to enter mactan Medina.

01:02:03--> 01:02:05

Okay, Other questions?

01:02:09--> 01:02:23

There's no narration about that. So it seems to be possible. There's no narration about that. Of course, we know that his death will be in that land in the city of Luke or Lord, we know that his death will be over there. The job.

01:02:25--> 01:02:26

Any other question? Yes, good.

01:02:34--> 01:02:46

So we won't go into the whole issue of the job. By the way, I gave a whole talk about the scientists Day of Judgment. I gave multi, I think five weeks lesson, and we went over all of the stories of the jobs. Did you not attend that? I think you did.

01:02:50--> 01:03:10

We went over all of the ideas of the signs of the day of judgment in the jail. So both of his eyes are problematic. One of them is not straight as crooked The other is looks like a fermented grape. So both of his eyes are horrible to look at. But one of them he can see and the other one is completely blind.