Yasir Qadhi – Seerah – 95 The Year of Delegations – Part 2

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi continues to divulge details on the different delegations that were sent as part of their prerogative to make as many as possible people convert to Islam.

A few listed in this lecture are as follows:

  • Wa’il ibn Hujr – He is from the town of Hadramaut, Yemen
  • Delegation of Taif – Urwah ibn Mas’ud, who was the leader of the Taqif tribe in Taif accepted Islam.

The conversion of the pagans of Taqif was a long and arduous process as their belief in idols was unparalleled. How did the impossible then become possible? Listen intently to discover interesting facts.

An interesting issue that happened in Taif is relating to the statement made by the Prophet ﷺ to the people of Taif wherein he told them initially that they need not pay Zakat and do Jihad, only to withdraw the statement and reverse his statement. What made him do this?

  • He believed that the light of Iman would finally make a foray into their hearts even though they were opposing now.
  • The leader has the right to accept aforesaid conditions for new Muslims for a short duration of time but he can at any point in time reverse his decision in order to implement the right rules of Islam.