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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now moves on to divulge details on the massacres of Al Raji and Bir Mauna which became the subject of immense grief to our beloved Prophet ﷺ.

The names mentioned above are after the names of the two wells. When the tribe of Hudhayl started planning an attack on Madinah under the leadership of Khalid ibn Sufyan al Hudhani, the Prophet ﷺ decided to attack and execute him. Abdullah ibn Unays al Juhany was assigned for this job and this occurred in Muharram, 4 H.

This tribe got in touch with two other tribes - Udal and Kaara and paid them to make the Muslims believe that they intended to accept Islam and make the Prophet ﷺ provide them with the best, under the guidance of Asim ibn Thabit, teachers were sent to the well of Ar Riji where 100 warriors attacked them. Asim bin Thabit died a Shaheed and Allah took care of his burial. How did this happen? Delve into the lecture and find out.

Khubayb, Zaid and Abdullah ibn Tharik were those who eventually surrendered to the tribes and what transpired with them is a soul wrenching and should be listened to intently so as to comprehend fully the sacrifices that the sahabas made to protect our Prophet ﷺ and consequently our Deen.

The second incident that occurred was the massacre of Bir Mauna which was even worse in terms of magnitude and was the worst massacre one had ever seen. Bir was the major tribe of the Najd and  Abul Bara Amar ibn Malik, the chieftain of Najd came to Madinah and was very impressed with Islam. He asked from the Prophet ﷺ to provide him with teachers so that he could learn more.

Amar ibn Tufail and Haram ibn Milhan are two names that make up this massacre incident and one should fathom the graveness of this treachery displayed on the part of Amar Ibn Tufail. After similar promises made at the time of Al Raji, the Prophet ﷺ provided 70 teachers and when they reached the well of Bir Mauna, they were surrounded and killed except for three - Ka'b ibn Zaid, Amar ibn Umayah and Munzir ibn Muhammad

There are numerous benefits that one can extract from these incidents and one should listen to this lecture to acquaint themselves well with these.


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