Nouman Ali Khan – Importance of Youth in Our Communities

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delves into the topic of the youth and how when we talk about youth, we talk about the problem segment of our society.

Youth has become synonymous with the problem and it seems like they are the weakest link in our community. But Allah highlights the youth and makes us realize that they are not our weakness. young people are our strength. And they will find their strength in the Word of Allah. When a young generation goes back to the book of Allah, the world changes. The map of the world changes.

There are ‘ulama, scholars, that have spent their entire life worshiping Allah, studying Hadith, Fiqh, Usool, Aqeedah, Tafsir, etc., and have lived a life of learning and teaching. these are some of the most noble-dignified-symbols of Iman in the community, the elders. The older scholars of this Ummah are a treasure of this Ummah. Yet, the scholars of this Ummah, for fourteen centuries are learning about a bunch of young men who knew nothing, except there’s one God. These scholars wrote books, and articles, and papers, and reflections, on the lives of these not knowledgeable, not scholarly, no ijazah in any tajweed category of young men. Pause for a moment and understand the profundity of this! Knowledge is not something that is exclusive to the elders. It is the Iman in the heart of a Muslim that counts.

We paint an extreme picture that the Quran itself doesn’t paint. And our youth suffer because of this misconception. They feel that becoming serious about Islam means that we must let go of our existing life devoid of friends, a personality and much more. But the youth needs to realize that Islam is a beautiful religion that brings color and joy to our life.

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