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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi culminates the series on the Battle of Uhud commencing with a mention of Safiyyah RA and her witnessing the death of Hamza RA.

The sight of the mutilated body of Hamza RA was so bad that the Prophet ﷺ cried a lot. It was clearly a matter of personal vengeance meted out to Hamza RA at the hands of the Quraysh. Mutilation was henceforth declared forbidden in Islam.The 70 Shaheeds of the Battle were now to be buried and the order was decided by the Prophet ﷺ. those who knew the Qur'an were given precedence and preference over the rest.

Only one prisoner of war was captured by the Muslims whose name was Abu Uzza and he was executed in the battlefield itself because of what he had done. He had betrayed the Prophet ﷺ on a promise he had made during the Battle of Badr and fought against the Muslims. Treachery was something that was unacceptable in Islam and so he met the end he deserved.

The Prophet ﷺ now returned to Madina and he went to the homes of the Shaheed to break of the news of their beloved achieving martyrdom. One such house was of Hamana bint Jahsh who was married Mus'ab ibn Umair RA.more details are shared on the rules of mourning the death of a beloved and one should listen intently to derive benefits.

Next we analyse whether the Battle of Uhud was a victory or a loss. Some pointers are shared:

  • In terms of the aim to annihilate the Muslims, the Quraysh failed badly whereas the Muslims were able to defend Madinah successfully.
  • The Quraysh left the battlefield and not the Muslims.
  • The Muslims had one prisoner of war whereas the Quraysh had none.

Next the Shaykh compares the Battle of Badr with that of Uhud and numerous wisdoms can be sought from this . please listen intently to unravel some of these.We also learn that nobody has a right to interfere with the Qadr of Allah as is evident in the lecture.Victory is not easily attainable and a lot of testing times, struggle , pain and suffering goes into the process as was depicted when even the Prophet ﷺ became injured.

The main lesson that we can imbibe from this battle is that disobedience to the Prophet ﷺ when they turned to the war booty as a lure of this world is what caused them the humiliation and sort of a defeat . sincerity to Allah and His Messenger ﷺ in the time of Badr gave them the honour and prestige of a victory whereas the love of the Dunya was met with a defeat.

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