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Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the controversial idea of dyeing hair for men, which is a way of avoiding confusion and confusion. They also mention the controversial idea of avoiding deception and the use of black hair for men, which is considered a casual look. The speaker suggests that avoiding deception is a way to look attractive for men and avoid confusion.
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Sayed Ahmed from Malaysia writes and he says that he has heard conflicting reports about dyeing the hair for men dyeing the hair for men. What is my opinion about this issue? One

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So dyeing the hair with henna, or with other natural dyes that don't imitate your natural hair color now, the Hadith mentions black and the books of filth mentioned black because the black color of hair was the default color for the Middle East. And so when the books are filled mentioned, Black is the controversy what they mean is the hair that you naturally have so if your hair is already yellow or you know blonde or red or you know whatever it is, then the controversy would come can you use a dye that is matching your original hair color henna, which is reddish in nature, you know that it's not your skin color, you know, not your hair color. So it is certain to dye the hair with henna, or

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with other natural dyes that are clearly not the original color of your hair. Our Prophet says someone regularly dye his beard with henna. And we're also familiar with the fact that you know the Shetty does say that during times of you know, war and confrontation that definitely the army should look powerful and young and whatever that takes dyeing your hair. That's also something that is good. The question though is outside of those situations, is it permissible for a man in particular to dye your hair or your your beard black meaning the color that it originally is if your if your hair color is black and the reason why there's a controversy is because of a famous idea of an

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incident of the Sierra that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam greeted the father of Abu Bakar abraca Ivanova. hoffa, and he said to our kochava, that the he said to hoffa, when he saw Him, His hair was completely white. He said, to the people in the entourage, that take him back and change the white, but avoid black washed enable, so avoid black Now, based on this, which is an authentic Hadeeth. That's where this color is different. Is that avoidance for a particular reason? Or is it unconditional? Is that avoidance obligatory or is it recommended to avoid? Okay, all of these are controversies and again, because this is the short ground. I'll just quickly go over that you have

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three opinions in this regard. The Shaftsbury school was the strictest and if you're from Malaysia, I'm assuming you're following the shark free school. The shark free school said that it is how long for a man to dye his beard or his hair. Black, even if it's outside of any of these don't do that. The majority position which is the Hanafi, the Maliki and the humblest school, they said that it is not how long but it is better to avoid it as mcru you're not sinful. As long as everybody said there's no deception of the deception here really comes that, you know, the scholars give the primary example this is before the ages of IDs and knowing your birthdays and whatnot. When you go

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and proposed, right? You are judged on your outer appearance. And your age is basically derived from your looks. So if you're 60 years old, and you pretend you're 35 Okay, this is a type of deceit and nowadays By the way, it's almost impossible to do because there's IDs and birthdays and whatnot. But my point being back in those days, you know, there was this notion of deception you hide your date, you hide your age by your appearance. Clearly, any deceit in the shediac is not allowed Monica Shanna Faris Amina, whoever deceives us is not of us, whoever cheats us is not of us. Suppose there's no cheating. Suppose you just want to do it for the sake of you know, looking, you're more

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handsome looking younger, you're already married or you're not looking to get married or whatever it might be. So the shafr is that it is how long the height of his Maliki's in Hamburg, he said that it is not Haram, but it's better to avoid this makuu you know, and moku means it's really not some sedative strong mcru. But the majority said it is mcru meaning you are not sinful by Makoto. I'm not meaning to trivialize. I'm simply saying you are not sinful. But they discouraged it. They said it's better not to do and a third opinion said that it is completely permissible MOBA there is not even Carlotta in it. And they based this on the fact that many of the Sahaba and Tabby rune It is

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reported that they would dye their hair black enough time reports in his added mahad ignore him says saw her and it has enabled hussaini rhodiola Juan Houma and now Homer can only be so what it is authentically narrated that the two grandsons of the Prophet sallallahu

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He was sending Hassan and Hussein they would dye their beards with black and side of Nebbiolo, cos would dye his beard with black This is reported in a club on the side them who cost the famous I should I'm sure he would dye his beard with black. So if it was something that the Sahaba thought to be how long they wouldn't go public and everybody seeing and nobody's making Encarta or saying no to them, so inshallah

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Allah knows best but you know it's not it's not out on we're also Sahaba would not have done it but it is you know, maybe it's mcru especially if there's an element of deceit involved in for sure it becomes sinful and how long if there is no deception involved? If you avoid it, it is better and if you do it, it is not sinful, there is no doubt that the one who avoids these things are to piety, it will be more rewarded nonetheless in the end of the day, it is not sinful by the way this is for a man asked for a woman shall have the correct position is that married women for sure if they're if they want to, you know appear beautiful for their husbands this Shetty actually encourages, we want

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women to look beautiful for their husbands. We want them to make up and put on whatever it might be and the hair on whatever so that their husbands you know, find them beautiful and attractive. And so they're the the ruling that we're talking about is for men's beards and whatnot. And even then, as we said, the majority is that it is mcru and Allah azza wa jal knows best inshallah we'll see you all next week. Until then said I'm wanting to lie about a casual

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