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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi divulges details on the battle of Uhud as the series continues and numerous interesting facts come to the fore.

The Prophet ﷺ was surrounded by 9 people that included Sa'd ibn Abi Waqqas and Talha ibn Ubaydullah . there were two muhajiroun and seven ansar. Qataada ibn An Nouman Al Awsi was an Ansar and Shaykh yasir narrates his story for us to fully fathom the happenings in the Battle of Uhud simultaneously displaying the undying love , admiration and respect that all had for our beloved Prophet ﷺ.

The next incident that is shared is the incident of the death of Musab ibn Umair who bore a striking resemblance to the Prophet ﷺ in physical attributes. To top it all, he was wearing a cloak gifted to him by the Prophet ﷺ and this further aggravated the confusion when it was announced that our beloved Prophet ﷺ had been killed in the battle. The sahaba were still searching for the Prophet ﷺ when Ka'b ibn Malik RA finally discovered him.

When Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was found, two arrows were seen piercing his helmet. Abu Ubayda and Abu Bakr RA sought to dislodge the arrows themselves and at the end, Abu Ubayda was given the coveted job which left him without a  few teeth as he pulled the arrows out.

The story of Ubay ibn Khalaf, the filthy evil mushrik and his vow to kill the Prophet ﷺ is next up for discussion. Nothing of the sort happened and only the opposite took the form of reality. Allah’s wrath unfolded on him by leaps and bounds which clearly makes it evident that Allah becomes even angrier on those who kill the Prophet.

When the Prophet ﷺ returned home, his wounds were washed by Fatima RA and the wounds were severe . so she had to burn the date palm leaves and apply its paste on the wounds in order for the bleeding to cease. The other women of the household such as Aisha RA and Umme Saleem RA attended to the requests for water, food canisters etc in the Battle of Uhud.


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