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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of support for workers and the need for wake-up. They emphasize the need for everyone to be true to Islam and not let anyone convince them to do so. They also touch on topics such as social media and the importance of learning to be patient. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a social media campaign.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. I'm going to talk completely different Milady word should have the Rockman. Don't forget what's today and what happened on Monday.

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Last Saturday, the people in Gaza and tab were like you and me.

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Having fun, enjoy their weekend, probably had plans. I'm sure they did. And suddenly, Monday morning at 4:17am life completely changed.

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The videos, we are seeing the picture that's coming. I have still a word to describe. hamdulillah Monday morning, I'm leaving with a group of Shijo to visit the area. And we had a meeting this morning. That's why you see me a little bit emotional with the stomach relief and they shared things with us. You know what they kept telling us? Prepare yourself to what you're going to be seeing.

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And what we want from you is actually not only support the people, but support the workers on the ground.

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They said every organization some people had not slept for five days, pulling bodies from under.

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They prepared us for maybe probably there that's maybe there will be clean water.

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Take with you sanitizers just in case there isn't and there's a lot of details we had more than one hour of a meeting that's literally moved me and this is why I was like I don't know if I really want to speak about that because we need as an ummah and definitely as Muslims living in the West, learn two things. And I'm starting already to hear it many of the she you covered it on Friday Juma now we are the Muslims live in the West, where Allah subhanaw taala gave us everything.

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And exactly what should have the Rahman said, The complaint is non ending. The list is too long.

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There's two questions we have to ask ourselves why we are asking, why did this happen?

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And this is the question not only from the youth,

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to the extent and may Allah forgive me, but I'm going to share it with you. Because we need to wake up. Don't you tell me Allah is merciful?

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How did this happen?

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Don't you told me Allah loves us? How did this happen?

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That's one. And the second one is, and this is to everybody in this room, what you're going to do about it?

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In fact, what did you do since Monday?

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What did you do internally? Is your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala? Did it change? Are you closer to Allah? Did you say your OBEDIA can handle exactly what she had Rahman said? It was not me.

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Could it be me? Could it be you? Could it be you? Could it be your relative? Could it be your children? Alhamdulillah? The answer is of course, yes. But it wasn't not because I am special or you are special. Because he Subhana al Hakim for wisdom, decided it's not my time yet.

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And it's not your time yet.

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What did you do about it?

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Just watch the TV. Watch and then just post on your social media and a little bit of dua, is that it?

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That it? That's it? Can we do more?

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Yes. And the most important thing why does Allah subhanho wa Taala make us see disasters?

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It Azula Zita till Abu Zubaydah Raja till Aldo, Allah, we're all l Insano. Mala.

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One the earth will shake violently.

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And it will bring things out as all the heavy things under and the human being will say what's wrong with you? What's wrong with you Earth? Did you say this when you saw that building fell completely?

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Did that reminded you of the Day of Judgment? That's exactly what's going to happen.

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So the question, are you ready?

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Are you ready to do that? Are you ready to meet Allah? subhanaw taala. Did we change to the youth in this room? Is your Salah butter

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to the mothers in this room? Are you focusing on your children to become a better Muslim more for the brothers

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here and the sisters are we still focusing on this dunya let's be have more let me work more the rat race that we all go from morning to evening and I know that because I'm an as it was mentioned OBGYN so I know what does it mean to work very hard and the looting of collecting more and more and more

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LM yet needed Latina Amanu and Tasha Kulu boom the decree la woman is in a minute.

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When are your corner Okay Latino Otto Kitab Amin Patanjali human or more Picasa toolbar or Kathy Roman home fast icon hasn't timed come in yet brothers hasn't time coming in yet. Sisters that's the verse and solitude Hadid and Amelia needed ladina Armano hasn't time came in yet for the believers for their hearts to surrender to Allah.

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And don't be like the people before you. Allah gave them the book. Paula had a human Emad time went on and on. I'll change tomorrow. I'll do this when I'm 40 I will obey Allah when I'm 60 by Allah it human entered.

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They took the time as if I'm living forever. Percocet, Kuru boom, their hearts hardened. And the majority of them are fast. Publicly this obey Allah wrongdoers, let us not be these people. These are messages from Allah. Everything happened by the will of Allah. The for 16 He didn't give the order yet. Subhana. But for 17 He told her go and shake.

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And you've all seen it. It's amazing. That's the beauty of this day and age of social media and of the internet because we saw it and up till today. There was a very moving video. I don't know if it how many of you have seen it. And this is for the sisters and the brothers. This older woman refused to come out from under the rubbles unless they give her her scarf.

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You go and look it up. What what is this?

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Well, that happened to me and knew

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that that's yummy. You're clean? That's Eman, that's faith. That's depending on Allah subhanaw taala don't say why Allah allowed it. Say Allah, what do you want me to learn? What should I react? What should I do? And hamdulillah the response of the Muslim community all over the world is overwhelming, but it's still very short. One of the things we learned this morning is it is not about this week or next week. These cities were destroyed. Even the buildings that are not destroyed will be inhabitable. They cannot live in it anymore. It needs all to be build. Keep the momentum. Keep the DUA don't forget them. La ilaha illa Intel Halima ravine La Ilaha illa Allah subhana La

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Ilaha illa Allah Subhana corabi la vida Agra Antara boosa Mala T or a bulldog or a boudoir shoot Kareem This is the dua of Kerber Roswaal Sr, to surround us to say it when he and he taught us when he or the people around him were in distress, your DUA, you're turning back to Allah, your donations, that's for sure. But the most important thing, and and Hamdulillah I remember this the day on Monday, I was actually in the hospital

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when I saw this, and I said to Allah subhanaw taala what I'm going to do, I am actually in the call room, and I can't leave. And I just and I normally don't do a lot of this unless and I just picked up my phone, and I just sent a message

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Subhanallah I got a comment from Turkey. This is why I'm saying this to everybody. And I don't even know the name. I don't know if it's a man or a woman beyond and not young. And the person said, desire Kyla who hire for thinking of us. That's what they need. You all can do it. Let us not live this Saturday and Sunday like every day and go out for brunch tomorrow and do the same thing and get invited. That's not the time.

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They need us and Allah send it to us to change. be closer to Allah, more dua more donations, the Islamic Relief, they were telling us that in way shorter than what their plan, go online, you will find many venues to do that. I put mine on Instagram.

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I don't want to go more on this but that's a good introduction to what I was asked to speak and I can do two more because I have a flight I have to catch

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patient. What is sublime? What is patient? The least the least virtue, us living in the West, especially living in comfort. Living in the Time of everything happens with a press of a button is patient. We get upset very quickly. We start complaining very quickly. What is patient Sobor in the Arabic language is actually from a plant cactus. It's a Sabir.

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That's where it comes from. And cactus has thorns, it's hard, very difficult to catch it. That's why patient is very difficult. And it's bitter when you first if you tried ever, it's very bitter. But then it becomes very sweet.

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And I hope you all got the point.

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The point is, it's difficult, it's very hard, it's bitter. But then at the end, everything in this deen and everybody in this room knows that one good deed TimesTen except being patient in my office sabe Runa at your home directory hisab Wehrli. Those who are patient will be rewarded and accounted for be ready to hisab imagine the Karim Allah the generous will reward you what he will give me a new

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two examples of cyber for Sahaba and of course I'm gonna cover woman

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the first one this is story. Literally when I read it when I say it when I teach it. It just I just cannot think of it for a moment. How many of you are parents in this room? Show me hands

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Alhamdulillah and the rest may Allah give you more and those of your parents may Allah give you more and bless your children.

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So this is almost so lame. This is a Sahabi she's a she companion.

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She has a son.

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Oh my year 10 years old, nine years old. And he was loved by her Swati salatu sound is a very famous story about the Roswell is AutoSum making a joke. So Oh my dear had a bird.

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And the bird name is a new hire. And the bird died.

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So Oh my It was very sad. You can imagine 10 years old, lose a bird. And Roswell is torturous and joked with him. And he said yeah, oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh, my Martha Illinois. Your triumphs? Yeah, well, me and what's happened to the northern year.

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That same boy got sick

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and died.

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Died in the house. His father was actually out of town.

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So the Mother, listen to me sisters. Give me your heart before your brain.

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His mother.

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She washed him.

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She shrouded him and put him in his own.

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A bottle her came in Oh Salim came in.

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And he said, What happened when

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she said he ate in his in his room. She didn't die. He is in his home.

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And she served him dinner.

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She fulfilled the rights of the wife.

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And then she looked at him and said, What do you say about someone was given a trust to take care of it. And then later on that person who gave the trust wanted the trust back? Is that okay?

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And he said, Yeah, it's not theirs. It's his.

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And she said, Well, Allah took his trust back.

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Only died.

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He was upset.

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He went to Roswaal a salatu. Salam.

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He couldn't believe it. How can she say it this way? How can everything went normal before she tells him the story? So they went told her Swati Salah to a sinner. And he made the famous Doha as some of you probably may know, when the when the husband and the wife have the intimate relationship. There is a Doha in it.

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And she got pregnant that night.

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And Allah replaced her.

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That suburb

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that's patient.

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How many of us can even comprehend the story? That's why I told you comprehend the story.

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Let alone do it.

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let alone do it back to the earthquake. And I saw this video this is a man this is in northern Syria. He had five children.

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And he was saying the story he was out and he said, I have five children as I was coming out. I said your Allah just keep them one of them. Just keep one of them.

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Subhan Allah and it turned to be Allah save to his wife died. Two of the younger died. Three, actually only two so they were asking him and he was of course crying, emotional. But he said I asked for one. He gave me two

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that support that Shuker combined gratefulness. And being patient, as seed normal, has a famous line whenever he said, Whenever I am tested with a calamity, with any test, I remember three things. And I want you all to remember this because every single moment we are tested. What is those? Yeah, so you know what? He said number one, it was not worse. It could be worse. To look at the faith. I know. Allah subhanaw taala will reward me with this. I know. He didn't say why me?

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Here I am. I'm the good Muslim. I do this to Allah, I do this to Allah and this what happened? No, I know, Allah who will reward me and the third thing. It was not in my Deen. That's the calamity when it happens in the religion in my religion. And the last one because I know the speaker behind me also has a plane to catch. No saber on Muhammara which you probably most of you are aware of her name and if not, please go and read. Again for the sake of the time, I'm not going to be able to go into the whole detail you say but, Amara enough. Or Rasul Allah salatu salam looked at her during this is a moment. She was in front of him and sometimes behind him shielding him when things turned

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around. And he looked at her smiling and he already was injured daddy, he salatu salam and says who can do what you do? We are Omaha Mara.

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Meaning men cannot do what you are doing. This woman she lost her son. After the death of a Swati salatu salam. He was killed actually by mu Salem. So they came to her and says Yo Ma Mara, your son died.

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And you know what? To the response.

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It's not what me why me? Here I am I different interest Swati salatu salam, she said for this day, I raised him

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for this day, I raised him

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and Allah subhanho wa Taala and when I will end up with the verse, any time Roswaal ISA to sit down when to through very difficult time and you know how many difficult times he went? If you look at his life, the majority of it was tests and difficulties. And he looked at him repeatedly in the Quran, or what does he say to him first bill was Bill one our sobre la que la villa. First bill camera sabara oral Azmi mineral, so be patient, and your patient will come from Allah, He will make you patient. First we'll come on sabara all has me Mina Rosen also be patient, like the prophets before you practice the patient. Let us all be patient, let us all learn ourselves, teach ourselves

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how to be patient. And the best way again this is your study when you study Teskey is when you study purification of the heart how to become patient. I see it it's a one word two things one is dua Allahu Madani Muna Sabeti your Allah make me from among those who are patient. And number two, don't give yourself everything at once. Because one day, Allah will test me by taking it away. I have to look at my phone and check my email. Now. Wait, I need this coffee in the morning. No, wait, the knifes is like a baby. And this is the famous poem in in Bordeaux, one of suka toughly in Tamil who Shabana Hubbert, Rabbi, we're interesting who you am following me, the NAPS is like a baby

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breastfeeding baby.

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If you keep him or her breastfeeding, they will do it forever. We're in tough time who young follow me if you discipline them and stop breastfeeding they will

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stop breastfeeding May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us among the siberie May Allah Subhana Allah make us among those who are patient. May Allah subhanahu wa taala make us among those who are grateful because they are both together the two wings to go to Allah. May Allah make us among the great for May Allah make us of those who listen to the words of admonition see signs of Allah subhanaw taala and change and get close to him. May Allah bless everyone in this room. May Allah have mercy on all those people who passed away in the earthquake, those who have lost loved ones and those who have long lost everything Subhanak Allahumma will be handy a shadow Allah either how you

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learned as the Hirokawa to bully SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was Hobie Tasneem and cathedra