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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into further discussions on the battle of Uhud and analyses the after effects of the fleeing of Quraysh post the attack by the Muslims on them.

The most prized possessions in any war are good weapons, good armour, animals, tents and much more. When the Muslims saw these left behind by the Quraysh, they instantly began accumulating the ghaneema. But it did not occur in line with the rulings of the Fiqh. Consequently, they didn't even get their share and also made a disaster that we shall learn about in the minutes ahead.They were devoid of the booty or the victory of the battle.

The only person who inflicted a genuine military loss on the Muslims was Khalid ibn Waleed at the time and even as he was leaving the battlefield, he was constantly thinking of ways to achieve a victory. At last, he sensed an opportunity in the wake of the collection of the ghaneema by the Muslims without an armour and hence, he returned with an entourage and counter attacked the Muslims.

One of the most tragic events during the course of these events was the death of Husayn ibn Jabir who was the father of Hudhayfa or 'Yaman'. Hudhayfa embraced Islam before the Prophet ﷺ migrated and was known as 'the keeper of secrets'. Why was he nicknamed so? Listen intently to discover valuable facts and information. Hudhayfa and Yaman were rewarded with the reward of Badr without fighting in Badr.

So when in the battle of Uhud, a group of Muslims on listening to the false whispers of shaytan and also the fact of being unable to recognize Yaman began killing him. Hudhayfa saw this act and yelled profusely to stop doing so but his pleas fell on deaf ears. The Prophet ﷺ paid him the Diya of a 100 camels for his father from the baytul maal. Hudhayfa distributed the acquired money to the poor and remained good henceforth.


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