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Episode Notes

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into further discussions on the battle of Uhud and analyses the after effects of the fleeing of Quraysh post the attack by the Muslims on them.

The most prized possessions in any war are good weapons, good armour, animals, tents and much more. When the Muslims saw these left behind by the Quraysh, they instantly began accumulating the ghaneema. But it did not occur in line with the rulings of the Fiqh. Consequently, they didn’t even get their share and also made a disaster that we shall learn about in the minutes ahead.They were devoid of the booty or the victory of the battle.

The only person who inflicted a genuine military loss on the Muslims was Khalid ibn Waleed at the time and even as he was leaving the battlefield, he was constantly thinking of ways to achieve a victory. At last, he sensed an opportunity in the wake of the collection of the ghaneema by the Muslims without an armour and hence, he returned with an entourage and counter attacked the Muslims.

One of the most tragic events during the course of these events was the death of Husayn ibn Jabir who was the father of Hudhayfa or ‘Yaman’. Hudhayfa embraced Islam before the Prophet ﷺ migrated and was known as ‘the keeper of secrets’. Why was he nicknamed so? Listen intently to discover valuable facts and information. Hudhayfa and Yaman were rewarded with the reward of Badr without fighting in Badr.

So when in the battle of Uhud, a group of Muslims on listening to the false whispers of shaytan and also the fact of being unable to recognize Yaman began killing him. Hudhayfa saw this act and yelled profusely to stop doing so but his pleas fell on deaf ears. The Prophet ﷺ paid him the Diya of a 100 camels for his father from the baytul maal. Hudhayfa distributed the acquired money to the poor and remained good henceforth.


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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad in while he was mbh mine a mulberry. So last week we had discussed the initial victory of the Muslims and Allah subhana wa tada References This in the Koran and by the way inshallah, maybe not next Wednesday but two Wednesdays from now we will go over the verses about sort of insert other emiliana boyhood, just as we went over sorted and found about whether we're going to go over all the verses about or hood and Allah subhana wa tada in these verses, Allah subhana wa tada says, What a hudud

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waterflood widecombe Allahu Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala fulfilled his promise on you finally can remember the verse right now. So it's Milan half is, what? doklady? Na sobre como la whoa?

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No, that's not it?

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No, no, no, no, no, no, no, we did it many months ago. In any case, it'll come to me. So let's run through the promise them that as I promised you, I helped you write that, as I promised you, I helped you. That allows the wizard had promised them head data for shooting

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outside to avoid metal rock, metal bone. This is the verse had data for sheltam. Then when you yourselves, lost your him, you kind of became lazy. And you began arguing amongst yourselves. And you saw that what you loved. So Allah says, when you were pure and sincere to me, I gave you what I had promised you. But when you your cells faltered, and you your cells fell back and you yourselves became greedy for something, then Allah says.

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This is when the disaster basically struck. And in the books of Syrah, we learn the details of what happened. And as I said, one of the problems of this what we're going to face all of today and a little bit of next Wednesday, one of the problems of piecing together is that we don't have a detailed picture, all we have is one story of Messiah, one story of Hamza one story of this one story of that, and then we don't have a generic picture of the battle, and therefore, reconstructing or herd, in my humble experience with the Sierra is the most difficult task of the whole Sierra, in my humble experience with the Sierra, trying to understand exactly what happened in Ohio, because

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what is one of the most decisive battles, and it was a somewhat of a disaster, and it was very chaotic. So to this day, in my humble opinion, there's a lot of questions about offered that maybe we'll never know. Because as I said, put yourselves in the shoes of the victors put yourselves in the shoes of those who

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were alive at the end of what, how much would they say what would they say? They would only say one or two incidents here and there. And then human beings, they don't like to dwell on bad memories, they want to mention good memories more. And so we don't know too much about awkward In any case, one of the things that we know. And of course, the primary cause of the change of tide, was the fact that when the moose raccoon fled, the Sahaba felt complacent enough to let go of their arms to put them away and start collecting all of the war booty. And we can imagine we don't have the details, we can imagine what would be left behind. Most important and the most prized possessions are good

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weapons. Good weapons are hard to come by. And generally speaking, they are imported from other lands, and anything that is imported is very expensive. The Arabs were not the best of Iran Smith's, they were not the best of weapon makers, the Arabs exported back then not oil, but they exported tan leather. They exported other goods from the desert, they exported dates, but they would import weapons. So weapons are very expensive and they lasted a generation they lasted a long time, maybe even to the next generation will be inherited. So weapons is the number one thing tense as well. Animals if they wish to conflict and left a camel, a camel is worth a lot of money. So when they saw

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this aneema when they saw this war booty and the machine had fled. So they discarded their arms, and they began collecting to go back to camp and collect again. And we need to understand that the rules of honeymoon had not yet been fully finalized. No doubt, some of the rules had come at better. Some of them had come but at better than only a few of the Sahaba compared to were over one half of them were less than one half. And even at better, only some of the rules are revealed. And so the Sahaba were not aware that technically speaking, every single person is going to get the same story.

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Share of the honeymoon, the whole honeymoon is basically collected, and then everybody gets a share of the honeymoon. So and this is, this is the tiny bit that you don't

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get from the if a warrior kills another warrior in Islamic fifth, then he will get the possessions of that warrior immediately, right. But if the battle if the enemy flees, and the thing is left behind that which is left behind, no one person will take, it doesn't matter if you snatch it, this is a major sin to snatch it and cut it. This is this is basically stealing from the from the war booty, that type of aneema is left, or you collect it and you give it in one pile. And then that pile is distributed equally, well not quite equally, those who have a horse or animal and they own it, we'll get more. But the point is that's not relevant to you know, how much you collected with

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your hands. So the sad part really is that those who were eager for this war booty, somehow they didn't get their share, because they thought this would be our share, right? And they cause the disaster that they cost. So being greedy for elements of this dunya. They neither god this dunya because that share was not theirs, even if you collected as much as you could, that's not your property that's not yours to keep, it has to go back to the pile, and it'll be distributed evenly. They neither got this, nor Of course, did they get the better reward. And that is the victory of the battle. And this is the reality, there's a symbolism here. This is the reality of those who prefer

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the dunya over anything else, they neither get this nor that. And this is a huge symbolic issue of the Battle of or in any case. So when the archers saw the Muslims collecting the booty and coming back to camp. Now what this means by the way, this we have to draw from the influences, the orange are nowhere to be seen how long they've gone. So what this means is we're not talking about two, three minutes we're talking about at least a good 20 minutes have gone by 30 minutes have gone by there is a feeling of complacency. No, there's a feeling that callus is over. We've won, and the archers are waiting, waiting, waiting, and nobody sends them a message. And they're seeing all of

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the other Muslims collect the aneema. And this is worshiping God to them, right? That they're waiting and waiting and waiting, and no messenger comes. Because for the processes perspective, the battles not over yet. That's the whole point. He understood, it's too early to call it a victory, we need to wait we need to be patient. So from his perspective, they need to stay there. And he has told them they need to remain until the command comes. So from the perspective of the archers, they feel now neglected that the other Muslims and they're at the top of this massive Hill, they can see all the way to the end. And they see all of these tents, and all of these weapons and all of these

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animals, and they see all of this food, whatever else they had. And they are collecting all of this honeymoons. And so they began disputing amongst themselves, as you know, and this is what a lover refers to that was that as actual phenomena. This is one of the things that happened, a number of differences happened between the Muslims.

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I say the official within us actual phenomena. A number of Yani debates happen between the Muslims, and this is one of them, that the the archers began debating amongst themselves. And we only have one or two phrases recorded. But again, we can use our imagination and be a bit more realistic that it wasn't just one conversation, that the archers are now having a constant back and forth. Come on. It's our turn. Let's go. Another group says no, no, we can't go now. And of course, Abdullah bin Abdullah bin jubair. He says that Have you forgotten what the prophecies that I'm told you that quantum mechanics Stay where you are, until my command comes to you by a law, I will not move my

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place until the command comes to me, I will not move my place until the command comes to me. And again, we can imagine the books don't mention, but we can imagine this type of bickering must have gone on for quite a while because nobody just changes their mind in a millisecond. Right, you go back and forth you have you see how many people follow your position as human nature. If you're all alone, helaas you stick with the GMR. But if you get more and more people you feel confident. And so we can imagine that from the 50. Perhaps in the beginning, only one or two are basically raising the banner to go in and participate slowly but surely, perhaps over 40 minutes, perhaps over an hour. We

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don't know how long, but it cannot be immediate. It's not something that happened in a millisecond after a period of time. Eventually, 40 of the people are now saying Come on. Let's go Enough is enough. Now 40 is basically you know, 80%, right? 40 out of 50 is 80%. That's a huge majority. And therefore, they descended on their horses and their some of our systems on them did it. They descend it down and they left only 10 people on the mountain. And of course this is the fourth so this is the opportunity that holiday really saw. So what does this mean? This means that Holly who lead even as he is fleeing

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Even as he's fleeing, he is not running for dear life. He's fleeing, but cautiously, and he's looking behind to see what he can do. And this shows us the military genius that he had, that the only the only person who ever inflicted a genuine loss on the Muslims was hard to defend. And Allah subhanho wa Taala chose him to basically converted and joined the ranks of Muslims. Otherwise, in the, you know, McCain and the Medina period, excuse me, the only person who inflicted a military loss in the military defeat upon the Muslims is Khalid Abdullah Walid, and this shows us he really is a military genius. And we know Khalid has a stellar career ahead of him. We know we know this,

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that he is the one who carved out basically most of the Muslim Empire, that one conquest after another, this was harder than what he and he is showing, even as a young man, he's in his early 20s. Now he's showing, and this is his first real battle, the Battle of war, but he wasn't participating in battle above that he was not there. This is his first real battle. And we see now the military genius, some people they have it, Allah blesses certain people with talents, Khalid had that talent. And so you can imagine he's looking back, he seen, what can I do? What can I do, and as soon as he sees the 40, people go down, immediately, his brain goes into, you know, action, he knows exactly

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what needs to be done. And this means as well that he would have realized that the area we showed you in the map last Wednesday, that area is now empty. And as I said, Now, here's where we get two analyses, the first of which you will find in many books, and that is that hardly nobody went behind the mountain ahead. But as I said, this honestly does not make any academic sense, it is an impossible position to hold if you actually see the mountain of water, and then to go all the way around it by car will take you 45 minutes by car. So can you imagine by horse, and by and many of them didn't have horses, they're on there, they're walking, it's really impossible to imagine, six,

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seven hours are going to go by, that's a bit too much, because by then even the Muslims would have packed up and gone, if nothing happens for that long, right? So realistically, then, it wasn't that hard one from all the way behind. We showed you the ropes last Wednesday, rather, when he saw from the distance what is happening, he launched a frontal assault, but obviously he didn't charge he basically carved his way in from the right hand side, basically, we can imagine like a U turn, right, going a little bit out. So nobody sees him. And this is what shapes a theorem. And also he demonstrated for us that the most realistic course of events was that there is a valley, as I showed

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you in the map last Wednesday that it kind of goes underneath the land, obviously. So if you enter into this, this not a valley already, we tried last time to talk about this waterway, empty waterway, right the channel that it fills up in the time of rain. If you're in this, then people cannot see you at ground level. Because you're obviously underneath, right? So this is your Sophie Romans interpretation, which makes more sense that this is how Khalid managed to get together a group. And then he entered this ditch and he walked with his people. And how many did he have? We have no idea. But again, we estimate we think we try to analyze the situation. And a rough estimate

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that makes sense is probably around 100 or maximum 150, it couldn't really be more than that, or else the damage would have been much more, right. It couldn't have been less than that, or else he wouldn't have been able to inflict that much damage. So we have a good quantity of people that have come in now. Again, I hope you remember the the map. So the problem here is that when hard is when a lead is coming back from behind the mountain. In effect he is

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having work or if you like cutting the Muslim army into half, right? Because he's basically walking in and on his right side will be the camp of the Prophet system. And on his left side will be the Muslims who are collected aneema. Right. So in reality, what he's done is he's effectively cut off the strength of the Muslims that they had utilized when they were fighting in one gemba in one vicinity. Right. I hope you remember the map because I didn't ask for it this time around. But again, just think of it when we think of the mountain you come back in. We said that the process was camped right in the corner and three areas are protecting him right now this protection turns

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against them because they're blocked off. And that's why the Prophet system understood the danger of an attack from this site. This protection which was their protection turns against the Muslims because now harder than what it is coming with his sudden entourage is sudden group and they have nowhere to flee because they're effectively cut off. Similarly, the Muslims in front are dispersed. They're not in one group. They're cut off from their main supplies. We also can infer that many of them had abandoned their armor

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Many of them didn't even have their weapons because again, they're now collecting aneema, they were piling up things. And when you're piling up minima, you're not going to have a sword in one hand or under again, these are not mentioned. But we extrapolate, we use our common sense that they would have taken their armor off, they would have put their weapons back in their tents. Now they're going back and they're collecting aneema, an hour has gone by hour and a half has gone by, and they're feeling very complacent Colossus all over. But an hour and a half is not enough time, an hour and a half is just enough time for Holly to see what's happening and come back around. And he attacks

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them. As we said, from behind Jabba aroma, and the first person to see cognitive elite. In fact, it was none other than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the first person to monitor what is going on is the Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them. And this shows us that, in fact, and again, we're surmising this, that in fact, he felt uneasy at this situation, that he is being extra cautious, whereas the Sahaba, were being complacent. And it was in his nature, to obviously take every precaution. And while the Sahaba basically thought Hamas was over, now, the prophet system is monitoring as carefully as possible. And he was the first person to see the flank coming in,

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surprise attack coming in. And

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it is human instinct that when you see an enemy coming, you turn around and flee. It's also very dangerous for the Prophet system to give his own location away, because he knows he is the center of target, he is the one that they're targeting. And therefore, we can imagine if any one of us had been in a similar situation, we would have immediately fled, surreptitiously and quietly, not drawing attention to ourselves. But this is not any one of us. This is our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and therefore he did what we would only expect him to do, which is the bravest thing imaginable. And that is he stood up and at the top of his lungs, he started shouting for the

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Muslims, that all Muslims behind you, he said, Who is he speaking to now he's speaking to those who are in the battlefield. And he's yelling, as loud as he can, that Be careful there, they're attacking from behind you, right? That take your head or take your precautions, they're coming from behind. And so by yelling out, he's effectively given his own coordinates away. Because everybody knows, you know, the voice of the process. I mean, who else is going to be commanding them all Muslims, everybody recognizes his voice. So by shouting at the top of his lungs, he's done. Something that is really extremely brave, and that is to give away his own coordinates. But had he

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not given this warning, probably the massacre would have been doubled or tripled than it was right that at least by giving this warning, some people could take precautions and take up their arms and put on their armor. And this is what Allah subhana wa Taala mentions in the Koran. And again, we're going to talk about all of these verses in detail in a future. Maybe next ones, here are the ones that after that, when Allah subhana wa tada says, is the straight hoonah volatile hoonah hadyn work Rasulullah drew coffee Oh, come right. We'll call remember, when you were basically fleeing on onto the mountains. Right, it was redone.

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And you were not caring about anybody. You weren't looking about anybody. War rasuluh euro confy Huracan. And your profit system was calling you from your back from your behind, right at the back, he was calling you to come, right. And so Allah xojo describes vividly the reality of the situation that when some of the Sahaba saw the surprise attack, they started fleeing, which is the human instinct to do which is what I said that any other leader would have done that. And so Allah describes the Sahaba as running away, and the Prophet system calling to the Sahaba, to take precautions to come back to fight. And as can be expected, such a surprise attack. It led to total

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chaos in the ranks of the Muslims. The Muslims were taken totally by surprise. And some of them had not even regrouped. Some of them were basically in small pockets for four or 510, maybe even one or two. And as the Quran mentions many of them, many of them because they were unarmed because they didn't have even groups, they simply turn their backs and fled. Just like the ladies of course, had fled an hour or two hours ago. Now probably on the same mountain tops. Now the Muslims are fleeing. And again, there's symbolism here that this is what happens when you disobey Allah subhana wa tada and the messenger. Now

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other Muslims, who are closer to the rank of Hollywood each other basically closer to the camp of the of the of the, the base of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. It appears that shavon did a trick or a tactic on them and shavon wanted to cause chaos between the most

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Muslims who are now going to face one another.

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So you have the Muslim base, the camp, and then you have the Muslims in the battlefield. How did what is in the middle, so what's gonna happen the two Muslims or armies or you know groups are going to be facing one another and in the chaos. Some Muslims were killed at the sores of other Muslims. And we have narrations that shavon was the one who instigated this confusion that he would trick some of the groups by basically saying that careful, the enemy is right there. And the enemy right, there was none other than another Muslim group coming in. And in the chaos in the confusion, perhaps we can also imagine, and again, we're assuming that many of them were wearing helmets, let's say,

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right. And so they couldn't recognize who the person was. And unfortunately, we had some tragic deaths here. And the most tragic of these deaths was, who can tell me?

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Why did you pray for the father of God? And his name is anybody who knows this deserves a price. His name? This is a very obscure fact not many people know, of course, they call him a man but that's not his name. Are they familiar man? That Are you getting confused with that's that's Humberto. vasila melodica his father is the law. He

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is the father. His father was Hussein Ibn jabber Hussain, a Punjabi, who said, and he was not from the unsought. He was from the tribe. He was the Ibis, he was from tribe of Albus abbacy. And in the days of Jackie Leah, he had committed a murder. And his own people basically disowned him he had to flee from his own people. And he formed an alliance with one of the tribes of Medina who were to become the unsought. So he formed an alliance with them he became their molar their belief is a better word. And so when he formed an alliance with them, his people then started calling him Yemeni, you are the one who's formed the alliance with the people of Yemen they called the people of

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Medina, Yemeni, right. And so they called him Yemen. And so his nickname became Yemen. Then he married one of the ladies of Medina. We don't call them unsalted this time, because there's no Islam. And eventually, when the process of them began preaching in Mecca, he was of the earliest convert cmin. He's of the earliest converts, and he accepts Islam, and then today embraces Islam before the process of emigrate, so therefore becomes a Muslim, before the Prophet system emigrates. And of course for Deva is famous because he is Sahaba says, He is the keeper of secrets, the process of them chose him for a very noble task, and that is to tell him all of the names of the hypocrites

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that Allah had told him, right. So our Deva was known as saw, he was said, the keeper of secrets, the one whom the Prophet says that I'm told all of the names of the munafo own too. And you know, the story of Omar that he came in he begged her therefore to tell him, am I munafo or not? And her they said that he did not mention you, but I'm not going to talk to anybody else after you. And it is said that perhaps he did this because he knew that the Profit System had made room out of the 10 National Mashallah, so there's no secret he's divulging if he tells her about you are going to Agenda because he's already been told he's going to Agenda right because otherwise how can you tell

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a secret so he didn't tell him what a secret he told or what I should have known already, which is your one of the eyeshadow mubasher In any case, so his father was preceded in Java as we said, and

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what had happened in the Battle of bud by the way so when the when the process of emigrated to Medina, it is said that Hussein asked him or messenger of Allah and my own anxiety or a muhajir because he's neither from Makkah nor from Medina. He's actually not from either of these two cities. So what am I and so the process would have said, You are both an unsightly and Mr. Haji because he had emigrated from another land to Medina and he's also living in Medina. Right. So the process we gave him an honor, you are an unsavoury and then Mahajan, so he gets the honor of being both of them. This is what do you do today for this is your man we're talking about? And in the Battle of

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famous story two places. Well, I mentioned this about the budget that her Dave and his father Yeah, man. Now it's unclear where were they were they going away from Makkah or the exiting Medina? It's unclear the reports don't mention, but the Quraysh caught them on their way to the Battle of better the college caught them on the way to the Battle of the budget. And the Quraysh knew that Yemen is not Ansari, he is not from Medina. And he's not obviously so they didn't, they didn't have that animosity towards him. But they said, Where are you going? Are you going to fight with Mohammed so and so? And so the both of them said, No, no, we're not going to have a sword to the throat would

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expect them to say they're allowed to No, no, we're not. So they said no, you have to promise by a law that you are not going to fight against us. You're not going to fight against us. And so there's a sword there. I mean, there's no alternative. So they promised that they're not going to fight so the college left them. They

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make their way to the process of them. And they tell them the story. And the process of them says go fulfill your promise go back to Medina has a very important story here. Right? Go fulfill your promise, you made a promise, you cannot fight with us go back to Medina. And so how they fare and yeah, man,

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they got the reward of brother without actually being in brother. So again, another blessing right there. Nia was there they got to budget, but they weren't allowed to fight because of the promise. And this also shows us by the way, when you have a specific promise, even with an enemy,

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and you have made a specific promise to them, then in this case, it is not allowed to break your promise in this matter, because we are not allowed to break our promises. And this is very relevant to modern political issues. But that's a tangent I've been into before. So what was I heard a friend, his father, what else do we need to monitor therefore, before we move on? So yes, so

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by this age, he's now very elderly, he's losing his eyesight. He's one of the two people, there was only two people that at the Battle of Orford, they were so old. The profitsystem said, go and stay in the city don't fight with us. So are they fight is one of those we can imagine how feeble and old, he's so old, that they are exempt from fighting. So they fight and this other man from the unsought they were sitting basically, with the women and children. And obviously what happens their manhood gets, the better of them, their image gets the better of them. And they started rebuking each other and themselves. Like how could we do this? What is the point? And today first says, How

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long do we have left to live? A day? An hour? I mean, we're so old now. How long do we have left to live? And his companion says, You are right. Let us go. And perhaps Allah will end our lives with the Shahada, which is what we want, right? Yeah, man, did I say whatever? Sorry? Yeah, man, humans, the elderly person or humans, the old person. So yeah, man, sorry, I your vitamins are a man and another of the unsought they're both elderly. And they both decide to make their way to Ohio, after they have been basically exempt from coming to earth. There's one problem, by the time they come this is one Khalid is not attacking. So they come at a chaotic time. And they join the battle at a

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time of chaos. And this was one shaytaan cries out that all Muslims behind you.

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And when they turned around there was he a man standing right there. And so a group of them not recognizing a man because he was not in the Bible in the morning. He wasn't there, a group of them not recognizing your man, they surrounded him. And they began using their swords, and who they feel recognizes his father because obviously a father recognizes his son, the son recognizes his father, as we know, you recognize your children and vice versa simply by the back of their heads or by any one limb or some This is the way that a lot greater you recognize, right? So he recognizes his father from the distance. And he began screaming that the lb lb This is my father, this is my father

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stop from doing this. But they're not going to hear the dint of the battle, the emotions, the fear, everything is just the battle and they struck him and they basically killed him. It was a sad and tragic story. And at the end of the battle when it was all over, they came and asked forgiveness and or they said, yo la hola como el Hamra haven surah Yousuf, same thing, you know, through La La Warhammer, la me. And the Prophet says and and paid him the blood money for his father from the beta and man, that this is our fault. The Muslim even though it's not his fault, the brother but it's responsibility of the Muslim oma. So he paid him the blood money which is 100 camels, which is a lot

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of money. And her they took this money and he distributed it to the IRA.

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All of it. And this obviously made him Yeah, and he obviously the way who he was and as one of the Sahaba said that they for forever lived in good after that incident. That that incident was what boosted his ranks or Masada hate, he always lived in good up until the end of his life and the process of then rewarded him by making him Saha was the one who took the secrets of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now, as we said, it's a very chaotic situation and all we can do is to mention specific incidents that happened. And of course, the saddest incident of or one of the saddest incidents of boyhood is dead death of Hamza bin Abdulmutallab, the death of Hamza bin

00:29:36--> 00:30:00

Abdulmutallab, the uncle of the prophets of the laquanda, he was sitting them and also a very close friend, and someone who had defended the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in Mecca. If you remember his conversion story, do you remember his conversion story that he actually converted Hemi yet and he converted out of family pride. He didn't convert out of actual EMA and in the beginning he

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

converted because a Buddha had had insulted his nephew. Right? And he got so angry that somebody could insult his family that just on the spur, he said, Did you insult him? Well, and Allah Dini and he didn't even realize as the rabbi go, he didn't even realize what he's saying. But once he blurts it out, he's not going to take it back. Right. And then after that his Eman became stronger and stronger until he'd become, say, the Shahada. he'd become, say the Shahada. And the story is, of course known to all of us, but there's no harm in repeating it again, because after all, really, these are the stories that any increase our demand, they make us understand how the sacrifices that

00:30:37--> 00:30:51

our room went through the sacrifices of our profits a little less than himself. We know that of course, Hamza was killed by washi. And who was wishy washy was the slave of debate even motoring

00:30:53--> 00:31:32

debate even more time now, debatable multi multi modality. We talked a lot a lot about multiple modality. We talked about what a noble person he was right? But father and son can be different. Javaid eventually accepts Islam. So we said, well, the Allahu anhu. But at the time, he's not a Muslim. So Jubail, even Motrin. Now his father moved to him we mentioned he was the most noble of the whole or I should oppose the process and after a vote on it, so I will type and multimillion ID are the two noble non Muslims, right? There's only two that are genuinely good non Muslims in a politically good sense, not good in a theological sense good in a political sense. So multiman I

00:31:32--> 00:32:18

will call him and his son is debate now multiroom dies before whether Muslim doesn't see brother Muslim is the one that processing them says locomotor him Hi, Yan. Great. So Michael them and if they had a neck that o'clock to them, that's motorin if Muslim had been alive, one word, and all of these are given to him. Right? That's more time. This is his son. So in the Battle of butter motor EMS, brother, Jabez uncle is killed. Okay, what time his younger brother jubair his Uncle Joe variable motor, two bears uncle is killed. And his name was primer, primer urban ID so multiple time I have an idea he had been killed by Hamza so Hamza was the one who killed primer. So Jubail in his

00:32:19--> 00:33:08

homies in his basically family pride, and that's what they're there are they are used to that family issue. He killed my uncle Hamas. He's gonna die for that. So Juba tells his slave washy, that look, if you kill Hamza, then you will get your freedom. And so it's a double if you like, revenge. First revenge is you kill the uncle of the Prophet system, just like my uncle was killed. And the second the same person, you kill the person who killed my uncle. You see the point here, there's two. There's two motivations here, right? Just like I lost my uncle, the profitsystem is gonna lose his uncle. There's that that's motivation. And then of course, there's a direct motivation. He killed my

00:33:08--> 00:33:51

uncle, he's gonna also die. So there's a double motivation for killing Hamza, and why she himself narrates his story. And in fact, we have history preserved in the first person, because it is narrated that two of the tablet own. They visited one of the cities of Iraq war where she had become an old man. And they visited the city and they said, Let us go to why she the one who killed Hamza and asked him how he killed Hamza. And so the two of them, their names are mentioned in the books, but we have not come across them. So there's no point confusing you, the two of them. They entered it upon Hamza, sorry, why she excuse me, they entered upon why she and why she had grown almost

00:33:51--> 00:34:37

blind. And it is said that he looked at the feet of one of them and immediately said, Are you so and so the son of so and so? And he said, Yes, I am. So he said I played with your feet when you were a baby in Makkah. I played with you as a baby in my community. I played with you as a baby and maca. sociality. The Arabs had a science by the way of feet reading, you know this or, you know this. They had a science of feet reading. And this is they would tell NASA, they would tell genealogy by looking at the feet. They will tell genealogy. We're looking at the feet. And there are stories in the theater about this as well. Oussama and zayde were lying down under one blanket, right? Osama

00:34:37--> 00:34:46

bin Zayed was Sam and they were lying under one blanket. And Oussama was dark skinned and Zaid was light skinned why was the sama dark skinned because his mother is

00:34:48--> 00:34:48

his mother is who

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

mubaraka his mother is Abyssinian slave and as he is an Arab and Oussama came to the US

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

Like his mother, and you know how people are they started speaking in there was a rumor going on, you know, when Osama was born, and Osama and Zaid were lying under a blanket, this is inside body, and one of these feet readers came. And they're covered up. So he said, these feet are from these feet. Osama is the son of this person. But he just he doesn't know who they are. And Isha says the Prophet system was so happy to hear this, that, you know, this type of rumor will be finished now, right? Even though he doesn't need to do but the people need to hear this right. Again, I'm going to my tangents. Let's get back to it. So he looks at the feet of this person. He goes, verily, I played

00:35:40--> 00:36:26

with your feet, meaning I played with you when you were a baby, right? So what do you want from me? And so he says, We have come to listen to how you killed Hamza. So he said, I will tell you exactly word for word as I told the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So he tells them the entire story. And he says that I was a slave in Makkah, and I had no desire to fight or kill. I have no desire to get involved in the war. However, my master jubi promised me my freedom if I killed Hamza and so I took my best Javelin my best spear and I want into the battle and will la he I had no desire to do any one harm, except for Hamza in order to get my freedom. I have no hatred against him. So he's

00:36:26--> 00:37:09

making an excuse. I'm not I didn't want to participate. It's nothing something that I have. I just wanted to be a free man. Right then we understand that type of emotion that he simply wanted to be a free man. So he said I began following Hamza wherever he is going, I'm following Hamza to see what he is doing. And I kept on hiding from him to to go behind him until finally he said that when Hamza killed someone so when he mentioned one of the Quran so Hamza, by the way, had killed the whole list, even Hamza had killed a long list. So when Hamza killed so and so he chopped him off. As soon as he lowered the sword. He's what she's saying. I stepped out from behind the bush. So he's

00:37:09--> 00:37:53

literally hiding behind the bush, right? I stepped out from behind the bush. His back was to him. me This is really low. I mean, but he's not caring about chivalry right now. He doesn't care about fighting like a man he just wants his freedom. So Hamza is backwards towards him. And he said, I threw my Javelin with the most force that I could. So this is point blank range, you're killing from the back there is simply no way. So he says it came and all this is can you imagine will like can you imagine the force that he must have thrown the javelin with? He said, it came out from behind, and it came into the front and the javelin was literally half in the body now, right? That is force

00:37:54--> 00:38:20

and hence why she says Hamza turned around to try to fight with panelo what a man what a man the javelin is sticking out right. turned around to try to fight me. But before he could raise his sword Yeah, and you're not gonna live this this thing? He simply collapsed right there and died before he could you know, before he could do anything. It is also said by the way that

00:38:21--> 00:38:59

was she aimed to an area that is between his his armor like in the in the in the armor chinks? What are you going to call it like, you know, the place that is not fully covered? You know, the armor is in those days, there were coats, there were rings, right? So why she is an expert, javelin thrower. So he's aiming to see when the armor basically slides here or there or there's a little bit of a hole. And this is not too far fetched either for someone as skilled as washy, that he actually is aiming for an area that Hamza would not even have had any armor and this would make sense the force that it is now coming out one Subhanallah we can say, How else would Hamza have been killed? Nobody

00:38:59--> 00:39:38

could kill him in one on one combat. Nobody could have killed him like a man. How else would he be killed except in this manner, which is not a noble manner. It's not the matter that you do one on one battle with but again, why she doesn't care and he makes an excuse for himself. I had no i didn't care about Hamza at all. I simply wanted my freedom. And also, it is amazing as well that Jubail subpanel, Allah, Allah guided him to Islam eventually as well, that ubaidah been Muslim, Allah subhanaw taala guided him with this nominee becomes a Sahabi and his sins are forgiven. And by the way, debate, he was one of the prisoners that better and Jubail says that the first time a

00:39:38--> 00:39:59

little bit of a man entered my heart was when I heard the prophets of the law while he was setting them recite sudo So remember, where were the prisoners housed in the masjid? So all of the prisoners are in the masjid. So he's tied up to the pillar of the message debate. And you can imagine every day the process of the Sahaba coming to praise Allah. So he says

00:40:00--> 00:40:06

The first time a man entered my heart was when the Prophet says and recite his pseudo tour in Salatin, Missouri.

00:40:07--> 00:40:45

And he got to the verse, um, Holy Roman Heidi Shea in am humble Harlequin. Now again sudo to just like certain najem It's a powerful pseudo it builds up to a crescendo, like, amazing ending, there's a series of like 15 rhetorical questions at the end, just like sort of the Ninja, by the way, as well. It's very powerful. And one of the last one, right, the end of it, um, holy accumulation of all hardhome which basically a lot of saying, Where did you come from? Did you come out of nowhere? Or did you create yourselves? Right? So debatable. multiroom said, that when I heard the process of doing that to our cat called be a nuclear My heart was about to break out of my chest and just fly

00:40:45--> 00:41:05

out. Right? Can you imagine that the law of the prophecies of how would have impacted right, so debatable, Milton said, this was the first time that a man entered my heart. But Allah had willed he's not going to accept Islam now. Not at all. Because he has things to do for the sake of history for the sake of wisdom, Allah knows. So he's not a Muslim yet, but eventually he will accept Islam.

00:41:07--> 00:41:08

Why she, by the way,

00:41:10--> 00:41:54

there's stuff that is generally not mentioned too often in popular lectures, but I feel that there's always wisdom in mentioning what Eliza has allowed our tradition to preserve, why she there's also some dark side as well. And inshallah Allah will forgive him and all of us He is, after all this hobby, and he repented from that sin, why she won the process and conquered Mecca. So why she fled to life. Because he knows I mean, everybody knows how devastated the process on him was his uncle, it's his beloved wife, she knows he's not going to spare me. So why she before the process of comes you Flintstone five. But if, of course, remains non Muslim for another year, and he's in there, then

00:41:54--> 00:42:35

the next year, five also caves in as we're going to come to when we come to. And so five sends a delegation, why she says, I had no idea what to do. I felt the whole world is going to collapse on me. And I decided to go into exile in Syria. Until finally somebody said to me, way, hacker why she won't you Oh, actually, don't you know that if you accept this man's religion, he never kills anybody who accepts his own religion. So he said, I decided to accept Islam. So obviously, I need he's accepting it for a reason that is understandable, but it's not. The reason that let's see Abu Bakr Omar accepted Islam, right. So he said I decided to accept Islam. And so I hid myself the

00:42:36--> 00:43:13

covering that the Bedouins do, you know, the caloptima, the, you know, the covering of the face, right? So I hit myself in my turban, and I made my way to Makkah, and I came into the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I unfolded the turban because he knows he's going to be killed on site. And before anybody could say anything as a shadow Allah, Allah Hi, Lola, or shadow Anika rasulillah. So the process of them says a washy Yun and you are washy. Because a lot of the recognizes who he recognizes who he is. And so he says, Yes, I am washy. So he says, Come and tell me how you killed Hamza. Come and tell me how you killed Hamza. And so what she told him how he

00:43:13--> 00:43:50

killed Hamza, and why she says the process of them cried until his beard became wet. So he is crying now when he hears this detailed story. Here's the man who did this. And then he said to what she hide yourself from me, let me not see your face. Hide yourself from me. Let me not see your face. Because obviously you can imagine the memories that you're going to get the you know the pain you're going to get that you killed my you know, in this manner you killed my uncle. I know this is even in a gentle way. He didn't say get lost you're going simply said hi Joseph for me, so I don't see you. So why she would always end with a punishment. We are seek Allah's refuge. But what a difficult

00:43:50--> 00:44:31

punishment in this world, right? That anytime he sees the process that he has to go behind the pillar, he has to hide behind somebody, he does not he is not allowed to come in front of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And there is another thing that I said not many people like to mention, but it is reported in all of our classical books and there is wisdom in this. And as I said, Allah will forgive him and Charlotte, all of us as well. We were all sinful in our own ways. That what she was known for being involved in drinking till the end of his days. And then what had him punished multiple times. So much so that Omar said that we'll law he I knew that Allah would not

00:44:31--> 00:45:00

leave our two Hamza untouched. Well, I knew that Allah would not leave the one who killed Hamza without some issue. Right some some issue some punishment, something like this. I knew Allah was not going to leave him like this, that he's done something so big, it's not going to be left untouched. And so he was punished multiple times. Now of course, you know, drinking, according to some effect you are basically lashed, you know, 40 times and there's no like, you know, every time you drink you're just

00:45:00--> 00:45:43

We keep on that. So while he was lashed a number of times, until Hamza got me or more got irritated at him. I said, Well, I knew Allah was not going to leave God to do Hamza. However, at the end of his life, he did repent and it is said that when will not it he said he said himself and so when he's describing to these two young men in front of him, he said, when he heard about musallam, al Khattab when you heard about Macedo Malka dab, he said he made a dua to Allah, that Allah allow me to take the life of Musa Lama in substitution for what I did to Hamza, like, this is Mike afara. Right? So he said, suppose I took the same spirit that I killed Hamza with the same spirit. I took

00:45:43--> 00:46:26

the same spirit that I killed Hamza with, and I went with continuity. Now he is an old man now, right? This is many years later, now that he's talking about this, oh, maybe not. Oh, but he's not the young person that he was in a decade or more has gone in the Battle of maceda. Right. So I went now with holidaylender, Walid and I targeted musala. Like I targeted Hamza, right. And he says, that when I was in front of him, I threw my Javelin. And at the same time, one of the unsolved attacted from the other side with his sword, so Allah knows which of the two actually killed. So both of them basically, simultaneously came upon mo Salem, Al Qaeda. So it says, Allah knows which of the two of

00:46:26--> 00:46:40

us killed him. But he considered this to be his co founder, that because of this, I hope that Allah subhana wa, tada, forgives. And, of course, technically, he did this when he was a non Muslim. So it's not as if that sin will be on his, you know,

00:46:41--> 00:47:10

my was in on the Day of Judgment. But nonetheless, can you imagine the guilty would have felt right? Can you imagine the guilty would have felt and this is what he wanted to do, you know, in return for what he had done. And as I said, May Allah forgive me shall Allah will forgive me is so heavy. And by the way, this leads us to a theological issue. Some people get confused when they hear a Sahabi did this or that, and they do not realize that the Sahaba are human. And they are the best generation, no doubt.

00:47:11--> 00:47:13

But that doesn't make them superhuman.

00:47:14--> 00:47:56

So the Sahaba also have some of the problems that everybody else does, after all, whether or not people who committed Zina in the lifetime of the Prophet system and they were punished, correct, right, whether or not people who, you know, physically fought in the messenger, we know they argued in the masjid, things are happening over money over this or that they are after all humans, but as a generation, they are the best. And we differentiate between pointing out one of these types of sins or issues in order to basically show their humanity versus pointing them out in order to denigrate them. Right. Allah says, In the Quran, rhodiola one who modeled one as a generation. And so every

00:47:56--> 00:48:39

Sahabi, we said, Oh, the Allahu anhu model one, and we say that no matter what sin the Sahaba would do, there is one sin that Allah has protected them from, and that is the sin of lying about a lion is messenger. And that is very true, by the way. So the sin of basically being unfaithful to Allah and His Messenger, they cannot do that. But other issues, which are human issues, the Xena hammer, this is getting angry, fighting, this is human issue, right? And the Sahaba and some of them, they fell into these issues. And it the fact that they fell into it does not diminish from radi Allahu anhu model, right, as a category, they are the Allahu anhu model one. But this doesn't mean that

00:48:39--> 00:49:03

they are superhuman. And so this issue of why she why she should be put into this context. Now we also know by the way, that when, why she was had killed Hamza, we all know what a Hindu did on the battlefield. So by the way, what this shows, and a lot of people don't put this together, Hamza was killed in the victory half of Orford, not in the losing half.

00:49:04--> 00:49:52

Right? Hamza was killed in the first 2030 minutes, basically, right? Or our our giving an exact timeframe. But before Khalid comes in, Hamza was killed in the initial assault, that washi is monitoring from the very beginning. So this is an important point hotter than what it is coming and Hamza has already been mutilated. Right, because before a Hindu runs away, what is Hindu, we all know what she does. And she also accepted Islam so Allah has forgiven her as well. And this is Allah His wisdom he chooses when he wants that as a sign of pure hatred as a sign of inflicting pain upon the Prophet system, because there is no other reason to do this right. as a sign of infill

00:49:52--> 00:49:59

inflicting pain upon the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam she, she basically with her own dagger, she cuts open slits open

00:50:00--> 00:50:08

I have Hamza and takes out his liver and bites it and spits it out. Right? And

00:50:09--> 00:50:20

it's a bit disgusting, she cuts off his fingers, cuts off his fingers. And according to some reports his toes and she built a necklace out of them.

00:50:21--> 00:51:03

She built a necklace out of them. And again all of this is done in order to nothing except to inflict pain upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam there's no other reason to do this. Right? And this is the level of hatred the level of at that time they had. And it is amazing that Allah decided to guide her this we say we say Allah knows best. We say we trust in a lot of judgment, right? Somebody that had so much heft and so much anger, still for wisdom known to him, Allah Samantha decides that after the conquest of Makkah, she will basically embrace Islam, along with abusive and of course, Hindu is the wife of Abu Sophia, right. And so she is like the the queen, she

00:51:03--> 00:51:45

is the prime Lady of college. Right? So she is making that statement, that this is who we are, and this is what we're going to do to you. And when our officers saw the body of Hamza, he cried. And this of course, after all the dividers over after he cried, and he said, Were it not for the fact that Sophia would grieve. Now Sophia and Hamza are full brothers and sisters, not half full, the same parents, Sophia and Hamza are full brother and sister. And so they have even closer bond, where it not for the fact that Sofia's heart would grieve. And the people would then take this as soon as if I were to do this, I would have left his body untouched, I would have left his body untouched,

00:51:45--> 00:52:30

until it dispersed in the beasts of belt in the beasts of Belize, in the belly of the beast and the birds, ie, I want his body to be plucked even more, so that Allah honors him even more, so that Allah will then collect his body from all of these different places as an honor for Hamza, right? So what I'm saying is that we're it not for Sofia's grief, and for the fact that what I'm doing would then become sooner. And this is another issue that he had that he made right then and there, and that if I had done this, it would have become sooner, but I don't want to open that door, I would have left his body untouched. And I would have let it decompose and let the animals come to

00:52:30--> 00:53:19

literally, she thinks she's cut off the fingers. Let him be dispersed in a million places. Then let Allah gather him from all of those million as a kurama as a blessing as a means of honoring Hamza, this is what I would have done, but I didn't want to do that because of these two reasons. And then he says, and he said that and if Allah ever gives me victory over the kurush I shall mutilate 30 of their bodies because of this one. So he said this, said I shall mutilate 34 130 juices I will mutilate for this one. And Allah subhana wa tada revealed later on after that when our hobbiton for our key will be Miss Lima Rukia Tom Bay, water in sobre la hydro disobeyed him, if you're going to

00:53:19--> 00:53:24

take revenge, take revenge, exactly equivalent as what happened to you.

00:53:25--> 00:53:28

But if you are patient and forgive it is better,

00:53:29--> 00:53:53

if you are turn the other cheek, it is better for you for those who forgive for those who are patient. And so, when this ayah came down the Prophet system, he gave a permanent commandment that no dead body should ever be mutilated. So, this shows us that the process of marriage they had an overcorrection this also shows us that

00:53:54--> 00:53:59

mutilation has been forbidden on categorically,

00:54:00--> 00:54:43

on categorically it has been forbidden. So initially, the process of him said I will take revenge, but he never actually did it. Right. It's just it's just a threat, that if I get victory I show mutilate, 30 bodies, then Allah revealed, turn the other cheek forgive it is better. So then the process of them took this from Allah and he said Halas from now on. It is not allowed to mutilate any dead body Muslim or capital doesn't matter. We don't mutilate bodies. This is not of our tradition. So the process of them and the Sahaba never mutilated anybody, even if it's not a Muslim, even as the other shows you give them some type of burial but you do not mutilate dead bodies. And

00:54:44--> 00:54:59

this is the story of Hamza other stories as well that we know is the story of Muslim women are made and Muslim women are made. When was he killed was he killed in the offensive or when hotter than when he came? Most likely

00:55:00--> 00:55:15

Messiah was killed by the forces of harlot. And again, this is one of those issues that we're trying to piece together when things happened, most likely Messiah was killed by the forces of harlot. And he was targeted, because unlike those who were taking booty, he was still carrying the flag.

00:55:16--> 00:55:58

So he was one of the first targets for the contingent of highly rewarded. Now again, we're assuming it's hard. The books don't mention who did it. We just it just says this happened. But the point being if the Muslims were so victorious in the beginning, it's difficult to imagine Musab being killed so brutally. So my hdhomerun Allah knows best Musab is killed in the second half. And that is caught it. And this makes complete sense now, because his story is also very gruesome, and that is that no of course Musab is that young man we know that his father was one of the richest traders of of Makkah, and he was known for being the most spoiled Prince of Makkah, that he would wear a new

00:55:58--> 00:56:35

commies every day or a new garment every few days, that he would buy the most expensive perfumes. His mother was well known to be spoiling him completely. His mother would give the best of garments and thanks to him, and he was tortured by his own mother and father. As you know, he was literally locked up by his own mother and father, his own mother deprived him of food and water when he converted to Islam, the same woman who gave him perfumes and the most expensive garments. Now that he gave up idolatry and worshiped a lot. She locked him up and deprived him of food. He had to break his chains and run away to Medina. He was the first muhajir to Medina remember, right, because he

00:56:35--> 00:57:14

had no house in Makkah, he had no place to live. So the process of them sent him to Medina two years before the hijra, the first muhajir to Medina was Muslim. And his role was dual number one to run away from Mecca. Number two to preach to Medina, if you remember the story, we talked about it right. And because he was intelligent, because he was of a noble class, he knew how to interact with people, he won the hearts and minds of the unsought and at his hands. Allah subhana wa tada guided, every single tribe had Muslims because of him. This is what the books of CRC, every tribe, they were members that converted is at his hand, right. So this is Muslim in Romania. And he was known for

00:57:14--> 00:57:57

being gentle and loving. And because he was young, and now he was penniless, he never got married as well, because he does not have any money at all. And in the Battle of boyhood, as we know, he died a tragic death, of course, it is an honorable death as well. And that is that he was holding the flag. And one of the mistakes came, and again, we are assuming this as hot as force. So he doesn't have Muslims around him to defend him. So his right hand is cut off. And he then holds the flag with his left hand. And now he is completely defenseless, the left hand is cut off, and to remain that is whatever he can, he takes the two stumps and then holds the flag with those stumps. And of course,

00:57:57--> 00:58:32

he's waiting for Shahada. There's nothing left for him to live. There's no defense basically, and he is killed, multiple stabs and worn simultaneously, he is killed. And this is why, as I said, it makes complete sense that this is happening in the counter offensive. Right? This is happening when Khalid is now coming in, most likely, and this is my reconstruction. The first person they're targeting is the flag bear. Because that's the whole point they need to show the symbolism. We're backing up a loss. So the first person they target is a flag bear Musab falls, a tragic death. And Sahib Bahati reports the long Hadith above a lot. Hubbard

00:58:33--> 00:59:15

was also one of those who was tortured and maccha also an early convert like most and he lived a long life and Allah blessed him to be a governor and he lived in a house and with servants. Now he dies no very different than what he was in Medina and Mecca, right. So Allah gave him a long life when he was about to die. kebab gave a moving speech that caused his people and his family to cry that we all immigrated with the prophets of the Lord said I'm seeking the rewards of Allah. And so our reward is with Allah. But some of us left this dunya without taking any of that reward in this world. Their full reward is in the hereafter. of them is most

00:59:16--> 00:59:57

of them is Masada been remade. He was killed on the day of boyhood, and all that he had was the one garment that he was wearing one not even to the one garment that he's wearing. So if we try to cover up his body, if we covered his bottom half, the top half was naked. And if we covered his top half, then the bottom half is naked. And so the profitsystem told us to cover up the top half and then basically maybe his thighs to downwards are left empty. We don't know exactly where but again, when you have one garment like the heroine, let's say so is gonna cover maybe to the thighs or something or maybe to the knees. So we then covered the top half and then we covered the bottom half with

00:59:57--> 00:59:59

basically Hey, or is there not Hey, but you

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Any grass or dried up leaves are something we covered up, you know desert grass, we put it on his feet. And as for the rest of us, he is saying, we moved on in life and Allah blessed us. And now we don't know what Allah is going to do with us, meaning I am dying with such luxury. And my friend Musab died in such poverty. I don't know what my fate is going to be asked for Musab Allah gave him everything in the next he didn't get one thing in this in this dunya. And this is, of course, the tragic Muslim in Romania that, no doubt any he is of those Shahada and that Allah azza wa jal, you know, tested him in Makkah, and Allah blessed him in Medina in the way that he did to be that type

01:00:43--> 01:01:26

of shape. The story of humbled as well is known to already mentioned it and it is well known. Humble is of course, the son of a raw hip now called and fossick. Right. They changed his name from raw hip to fossa, humbler is the one whom when he was in, he said that humbler was just about to kill Abu sufian, that humbler was just striking distance of what was soufiane when a spirit came out of nowhere, and basically killed him on the spot right then and there. And later on after the battle. The Prophet system, as you know, is well known story that, he said, I saw the angels washing the body of Humberto, and the body of the Shahid is not washed. So I saw the angels washing the body of

01:01:26--> 01:01:57

humbler as they took him up. So go ask his wife, because there's only one reason that they're washing them. He must have been gentle. But why is he gentle, what's happening? And then we know the story. Of course, all of you know that he was newly married, and the wife did not want him to leave. And she's begging and pleading. And so basically, on the morning of the battle, she tempts him right then and there, she hugs and begs him. And so he's a young man, he's newly married, so he basically is intimate with her and then he doesn't even have the time to do it. And so right then and there, he throws on his armor and Colossi goes on to the battle without even doing so. So he dies in that

01:01:57--> 01:02:31

state. So he gets a much better bath, Mashallah, he gets the bathroom up there, and the angels give him the whistle on the way up to on the way up to Jen. And we already mentioned the story of the death of your man, the father of data, wherever into the story of the death of your man. While I'm trying to finish up let's just go a little bit more because I want to start with the Profit System next Wednesday. So there's two more stories in Charlotte today and then we're done. The the other story we have is the story of Oz man very interesting story because man was man was of the hypocrites.

01:02:32--> 01:03:18

And he had gone back with Abdullah new way he had not wanted to fight. So he returns back. He's not he's not of the elite of the Sahaba was one. But he's also a warrior. So when he goes back and he goes back home, the Muslim ladies began rebuking him making fun of him. They said, what type of man are you, you leave the men in the battlefield and you come back home to us, Have you no shame. And so he felt such a embarrassment that the ladies are mocking me if I come home, so then he decided to return back. But what's his Nia now is Nia was not for the sake of Allah. So his Nia is basically to prove my manhood. So he returns back to the battle completely armed and it was man was a warrior.

01:03:19--> 01:03:42

And he fights a very tough and a very brave fighting. So much so that one of the Sahaba comes back to the process. I'm so we understand this is happening the offensive than the first half comes back to the process of mosaid Yasuda, La Paz man is fighting an amazing battle. So like praising him, wherever he goes, he is wreaking havoc. The process I'm saying who have in

01:03:44--> 01:04:27

the coffin, he's gonna be the fire of hell. The Sahabi says, I got a shock like I had never gotten before, like this man who's fighting this battle. If he is going to help what's what's we know what's wrong with something must be wrong here. Right? So he said, I decided to follow him. I decided to follow him like There must be a reason. And so to back to how I began following Guzman, and eventually because man was hit by an arrow. And he began wailing out of pain, until not being able to bear the pain of one arrow, which I'm sure is very painful. May Allah protect us all. But the Sahaba we just saw must have been others what they have done, right? We're not comparing his to

01:04:27--> 01:04:51

us. We are much weaker than all the others, but we're comparing him to the people of his generation, right? We just seen all of these other Sahaba what they're doing. So one arrow comes and hits him somewhere in the limb or something like this. He cannot bear the pain. So what does he do? He takes out his sword, and he turns it upside down. And he puts the handle on the ground. He puts the sharp sight on his stomach, and then he jumps on his own sword

01:04:53--> 01:04:59

because he doesn't want to bear the pain. So he commits suicide because of the pain, right and

01:05:00--> 01:05:27

As we all know, none of this hovers we know stuff. I mean none of them ever did this right? It's ridiculous unmanly is an Islamic whose mind is committing suicide on the battlefield because of an arrow. And so immediately the man came back and informed the profits of the law that he was selling them. What happened and of course the only this affirm their Eman that he predicted was right is going to the fire of hell. And the process of him said in the law that you you do have the Dena Rajan

01:05:28--> 01:06:16

sometimes Allah helps this religion through an evil man was a man helped us but he's an evil man. Because man helpless, he's fighting on our side, but he is an evil man. And two more very small stories. The first story is this, or the second to last story is the story of slay it in an urban fabric and it will slayed him and even sabbat alongside him was one of the very few remaining pagans. Now, this is a bit problematic for me because Urbanus hack says that after the Battle of burger, anybody who was pagan converted to Islam, yet here we find asylum is one of the last pagans. So Allahu Adam, the way you would reconcile this is to say that after the Battle of butter, any who

01:06:16--> 01:06:56

was pagan in Medina, by and large, they converted, but maybe a handful, one or two or three had remained behind. But there was no community of pagans, and there was no public idol being worshipped. Allah knows best. This is the only way to reconcile that we now know that Adam is still not a Muslim, but he's not a Monique. Right, he's not a yahoodi. So this means that there were still a handful of pagans, but perhaps we can interpret it as statement as meaning as being by the time other takes place, there are no idols being worshipped, that idolatry as a system is now gone. And is the only way to reconcile there are still a few people left will cite him as one of them. So

01:06:56--> 01:07:24

we'll say Tim is still a pagan. And on the day of boyhood, he goes in, he sees the city completely dead, because he's not gonna fight he doesn't want to fight with the Muslim sees the whole city dead. So he says, Where is it been while this was there, up and coming leader, and, you know, he is our basically big guy, where inside the bin wife, the woman said, he said, so he said, Where is so and so we're sort of every one of the people that he used to look up to. They're all.

01:07:25--> 01:07:58

So this was when he realized, this is a powerful force. If all of my friends or colleagues or peers or leaders, all of them are fighting at boyhood, surely there must be a reason. And so slayed him accepted Islam on Saturday morning, the 15th of show while the morning of offered, he accepts Islam right then and there. And he takes his armor and sword. And he tells his family who are still pagan apparently at the time, he tells them that if I die, my money will go to the profits or

01:07:59--> 01:08:16

my money will go to law school officer. And he walks to a hood. And the Muslims when they see him, they say he can't get away from us. What are you doing here? So they recognize that he's still a pagan. Get away from here. We're not going to let you fight with us. So saddam said, I have accepted Islam.

01:08:17--> 01:08:21

And so they allowed him to fight. And he died a Shaheed

01:08:22--> 01:08:34

in the Battle of boyhood, and obviously the battle that was taking place early morning. So he accepts Islam after fudger for her time has not yet come in. And so he does not even pray once Allah

01:08:35--> 01:08:40

and the profitsystem said, I made up Khadija drew Casio.

01:08:42--> 01:08:53

He did very little, but his budget is a lot. And Abu hurayrah would test his students by saying who is that Muslim who enter gender without doing one such?

01:08:54--> 01:09:31

course we know the answer. But I wonder what justice students who is that Muslim who entered Jenna without making one Sadat right. And they you know, of course the answer is we'll say them. And of course if somebody says that how can you say that the one who leaves us Allah is not a Muslim, whereas will say them did not pray. We say of course will Satan was never required to pray because the whole time never came in. Right? had the whole time come in, he would have prayed. So the issue of statical Salah doesn't apply to Saddam Hussein him is not leaving the Salah, who said he never had the opportunity to pray he never did. One says that in his life. And yet Allah gave him the

01:09:31--> 01:09:59

Shahada, and Allah guides whom He wills allies, that widget chooses to guide whom He wills and some how to how many of us even have heard of non Muslims who accepted the Shahada on their deathbed. How many of us have heard of people that right at the very end allows the widow knows that they are deserving and they accept Islam right before their death and the final story, and inshallah we will conclude, and I apologize about the length but I wanted to start with the process of them. That's a whole separate issue of what happened with him. The final story

01:10:00--> 01:10:45

That we know, as a very small, very quick story, my idea. My idea is his name. We don't know much about him at all, all that we know, more idea with a cough. It was of the Jewish tribes of Medina. And no idea on the day of what he told his people now, the process them had not approached the booth for help, in his own wisdom, because he knew they're not going to help him. Technically, they're supposed to help, because that was the treaty, the very beginning the Constitution, that if we are attacked externally, we will fight as one correct. In his wisdom, he didn't even bother asking because he knows the answer is going to be a no. Right. And this also shows us tensions are

01:10:45--> 01:11:26

developing. This also shows the situation is getting very sour. And as we know, this is a constant source between the process of in the hood and so he didn't even ask them. Mohali was the one who kept on trying to incite them to go and help. He said, You know that it is our duty to help Mohammed not Rasulullah because he's not a Muslim, to help Mohammed, listen, it's our duty, he took an app from us. And they kept on, you know, belittling him until finally they said, finally, when it's Saturday, what are they going to say? Saturday, all right. So, the very end is like still triangles today is the Sabbath, we cannot do anything, right. So basically, he got irritated when people he

01:11:26--> 01:11:48

said any, you know, last up telecommute, you you have knows may have no may you have no Sabbath, you know, after this and then he took his armor and his sword, just to be faithful to the treaty, not as a Muslim. He felt that this is our obligation and duty, we took a promise that we're going to fight together. And so he took his armor and sword. And he also said

01:11:49--> 01:12:13

to his people that if I die, my property will go to the Prophet system, not to Mohammed he said, not to any of you, because you're not fulfilling your promise. And he fought a brave battle and he died in the Battle of defending the Muslims, not out of Deen, but out of loyalty to a common treaty. And that is why the process and praised him as he praised multi

01:12:14--> 01:12:47

multi million ID but much less praise because he's not Muslim, but he praised him as well. And he said Mohamed el cuchara hood, that Mohamed el is the best of all the Jews. providea is the best of all the Jews, he fulfilled his promise to us. And this shows us as I talked about most of it and others that it is a part of our Islamic etiquette and culture that we praise anybody who deserves praise Muslim or non Muslim, we honor them, we show them dignity, we give them prizes, we invite them to our lectures and conferences, not a problem at all. Unlike some of the more you know,

01:12:48--> 01:13:06

extreme or fundamentalist people amongst us. Nothing wrong with this process that is honoring well it is honoring Muslim and he says mukai ecohydrology. Who would he is the best of all the Jews because he fulfilled his promise and inshallah with this we will stop here and then continue inshallah next Wednesday.