Yasir Qadhi – My Journey to Islamic Knowledge

In a bare it all lecture, Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi shares his innermost feelings and emotions while shedding light on his inspirational and motivational journey of acquiring knowledge, learning and comprehending the Arabic language and specializing in Hadith studies. He also delves into a conversation that acquaints us with his high aspirations with regards to his worship to Allah SWT, while forming the crux of all motivations.

He also shares and discusses the innumerable challenges, predicaments and factors that tried to deviate him from this path and make him put an end to his undying quest to perfect the worship of Allah. The pearls of wisdom that are meted out to us from his experiences in treading on the path of sacred knowledge of Islam are exemplary and provide us with food for thought on how we as Muslims ought to conduct our lives .

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