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The speaker describes how people add addiction to various activities, including drugs, alcohol, gambling, and websites like Facebook and WhatsApp. They encourage people to practice their habits and stay committed to their commitments, even if it means losing their ego. The speaker also describes the various ways people can join various club or sports groups.

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Certain people have addictions. Some people are addicted to drugs, some to alcohol, some to gambling, some to you know, maybe just just social websites, some on technology, some on their phones, some on porn, some on cigarettes, some on other things that are answered we'll get addicted to it and they have to have it otherwise that monsters gonna come out certain people have got addicted to laziness the guy addicted to just being relaxed all the time. They've got addicted to late sleeping late wake up in the morning my friend you missing father every morning. You know your first problem is you are late up in the night Why did you get addicted to having you know you wind

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down from work? You come from work, right? You come from work, you come home, you sit in your first few you sit with family fine, you have your Rodia whatever you have, then it's like okay, you know you want to wind down a bit okay, so you got to wash up everything Okay, fine. And then you sit on the sofa by eight o'clock 830 you pick up the remote control anything

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kids have just gone to bed is good. Now it's time for me to flip through the channels. You got yourself into a habit. Your little kid inside you demanded the TV you got into habit into an addiction and you don't even realize it from 830 on that sofa. Partly with your mobile phone in your left hand partly with your right hand with the remote control flicking through the channels and mobile phone via social networking. Bit of the bit of the remote control below the phone the remote control with a foreigner

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half 1011 o'clock I wake up now gotta watch a movie whatever. It could be one o'clock by the time you see you in the sleep late you watch the movie you watched a few movies youtube whatever it was you watched it then you went to sleep late and now you get up at eight nine o'clock. You can't get up for further you complain you can't get it for father Do you know why you got yourself into a habit of that late sleeping so you wake up late and you complain you ain't got no time for the dhikr of Allah you ain't got no time to come and you know do you tell our young are not time for me will you have a good intention? You have a very good intention but he just never gets fulfilled Why?

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Because everything comes in your way it's either going to be Facebook is going to be Twitter one of the two or it's going to be WhatsApp that's in your way always going to be you know time with your wife or time with your friends time with your social life time is something else time with your kids time with your work time with Project time with the magazine time we wrote about and then the little time you've got I'll do tomorrow. I'll do tomorrow. All right. So basically you got yourself in the habit Where is always one thing another you got you join the gym, fine. You join the gym. Now part of your time is going to the gym, you joined the badminton club or a snooker club or something else

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and you play every week religiously. So you got into that as well. These things can never go away from your life. You join maybe gold Some people love gold, silver, love football. Some people love cricket, whatever it is, you got into your sport. So you've got time for sports, you got time for TV, got time for family, you got time for everything else. And when it comes to religious part, you just got drama.

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drama. God has come to Juma from a good Muslim era come to Jamaica. I don't miss my I don't miss my Juma. I don't miss my Juma

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as good Alhamdulillah Juma is that the only time you've got you know why? Because you made it you're happy. You're not your ego inside has got into his default position. default is laziness. default is give me a habit. default is give me what I want. default is give me comfort default is let me be who I want to be. And if you just do that you just wasted yourself.