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This video is the beginning in the 3 part video relating to the miraculous journey undertaken by our beloved Prophet ﷺ. After the year of sorrow and the trial of Ta'if , when our Prophet ﷺ was at his lowest emotionally, it was only natural the Prophet ﷺ was gifted by a miracle from Allah and that is the incident of al-Isra wal-Mi'raj.

We are acquainted with the initial verses of Surah Isra and we come to realise that it speaks explicitly about the Isra. Why did Isra wal Miraj happen? Who was it for? When did it occur? Where did it happen from? Listen intently to get mesmerised with the answers provided by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi.

As for the Mi'raj in the Qur'an, Allah references it in Surah Najm. The reason for al Isra wal Mi'raj was for the Prophet ﷺ alone. It was a personal gift for him and him alone. We just hear about it as a blessing to the Prophet ﷺ. And the timing is perfect . How so? Find out in this episode of the Seerah. We also get clarifications on the difference between samaa' and jannah. It is truly enlightening to listen to this as well.

We are next acquainted with the occupants of each layer of the physical heavens. What is the reason for this order of arrangement of the Prophets alayhisalaam? What is the symbolism and wisdom behind this?

The Baitul Ma'mur (the frequented house) is discussed about in this video and the only authentic hadith pertaining to this is shared and elaborated.


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