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Why was Ta’if chosen to be the place for migration after it became almost impossible to live in Mecca after having been withdrawn of any protection from Abu Lahab? What happened in Ta’if when our Prophet ﷺ reached there along with Zayd Ibn Harithah RA? Answers to these questions and more in this episode of the Seerah by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi. 

Dua is the weapon of the believer. As long as we have dua, we will find a way out of our problems. Dua grants what nothing else grants. The only thing that changed Qadr is the dua that the Prophet ﷺ said when he was completely dejected having no support in Mecca and also facing rejection in the city of Ta’if. The incident of Ta’if is a complete bag of wisdom which we can derive from, in sha Allah. 

Mut’im ibn Adi is the chief of the Banu Nawfal and his protection given to the Prophet ﷺ when he sought to enter Mecca after visiting Ta’if. He was a pagan and remained so till his death. What was the wisdom behind his remaining a pagan in spite of being a supporter of the Prophet ﷺ?

The Prophet ﷺ remained under Mut’im’s protection for 1.5 or 2 years. But he realizes the difficulty and the delicateness of the situation. And the Prophet ﷺ kept looking for another way until Allah finally allowed him to do Hijra.

A point to contemplate upon is this – The Prophet ﷺ is all alone outside of Mecca. He has had 2 rejections. So he could have tried another city; migrated to Abyssinia where Najashi would definitely have accepted him; but he still wanted to live in Mecca, the land of persecution. Why?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi answers this question in the most befitting manner possible.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. He was early he was sorry he woman was.

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In our last week's Sierra, we had talked about the fact that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi, wasallam, had suffered one of the most emotional distresses. In fact, it was the most traumatic grief in his life, the two debts of his uncle Abu Dhabi, and then his wife, Khadija, the external and the internal support of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. We also mentioned that initially, a Buddha have gave him protection. For a few days or a few weeks, I would have gave him protection. And then I will Jehan and others basically tricked him to make him understand that the Prophet system did not respect Abdulmutallab, the way that Abu lahab thought he should respect him,

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and that he assumed that about that other motive would be going to the fire of hell. And so Abu lahab withdrew his protection, I would have withdrew his protection. And he took back the promise that he had given the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and therefore, when all of these circumstances combined, life in Makkah became almost impossible, because there was nobody to really protect the Prophet sallallahu it he was selling them. So when life became this difficult, this is when the Prophet system began thinking about leaving the city of Mecca. Notice for the last 10 years, he has not once thought of leaving Mecca, for the last 10 years, he has remained a part of

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Mecca. No matter all of the opposition, he didn't think of leaving only one politically, it became almost impossible to remain in Mecca. This is when he began thinking of another city. And the first city that he taught thought of was the city of five. What this shows us is that the base ruling, or the general rule is that every person remains in the society that he feels a part of, even if it is an evil society, even if it is a Islamophobic society, even that a society that has issues and problems. One remains a part of the society that one belongs to as the Prophet so seldom did. In fact, we have examples of other profits as well, no Holly has salam, how long did he remain in his

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people, 950 years, for 950 years, he remained a part of his nation, he didn't just give up throw in the towel, he stayed there, battling it out, at least verbally. And for us here, there is a huge lesson. For us here, there is a huge lesson that even if life gets difficult, even if people put barriers between us and our religion, still, we have a responsibility and an obligation in our own communities, in the places that we find most compatibility with in terms of political alliances, in terms of our mission, our living, and people like myself and many others who have been born and raised here. And there is no other culture that we feel more at home in than in this culture. And

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when we look at the seal of the process, and we gain this fact that a person remains in his society and culture for as long as it is feasible, there was once upon a time some scholars who were talking about all the time hit July and leaving and this and that by and now those voices have kind of sort of muted out because they've understood the reality of the situation. They've looked beyond and they've seen the situation and, and in other many other lands, and they're like, what, where are we going to move to, but even forget other lands and situations from the Sierra, we have when did the process of digital Yes, he did his job. But when, when life became impossible to live in Makkah, as

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long as it was possible, he remained so the first thing that he thinks of is the city of thought if let me go and try my luck, a thought of what is going to happen in thought if we thought if What's so special about thought if it was the natural choice for the Prophet system coming from Mecca, for many reasons, first and foremost, the largest city that is closest to Makkah, the closest city that is a large city is thought and thought and Mecca word Twin Cities, Dorf, and Mecca had a love hate relationship. At times, there was a lot of peace and and treaties and a times there was rivalry between them because they were so close. There was rivalry because they were so close they couldn't

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afford too much animosity. And so there was rivalry and also peace treaties between them. And Allah subhana wa tada references life in the Quran, when he quotes and what he did and saying, we'll call Lola lucilla huddle or an O Allah Raja minakari attaining agreement that why wasn't this Koran revealed to you

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A great man from one of the two major cities, one of the two major cities, ie Makkah or tarrif. And it will lead said this out of jealousy. And Woody, this is the father of Khalid Khalid. Al Walid said this out of jealousy that why wasn't the Quran given to me, or to somebody in the city of thought if, and he called it the two major cities thrive also was the perfect choice, because the people have thought if and the people of Mecca knew each other, very intimately because they were so close. Unlike if he had gone to a strange city, they would not have known him, they would not have known his people, that people have thought if he knew the people of Makkah family, by family,

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because they're so close together. And because there's such strong relationships between the two, in fact, so much so one of the chieftains of thought from the process that I want to talk with, he was in fact married to one of the distant onset of the Prophet system. So there's even a blood relationship, one of the distant, not the immediate art of optimal bonobos, rather one of the distant ants of the kurush. She is married to this chieftain, so there's even a blood relationship. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam decided in the month of show while basically the same month that Khadija dies a few weeks after Abu Talib dies. And so a few weeks after everybody dies,

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what this means is that the whole fiasco with Abu lahab only lasted maximum 20 days, maximum, a Buddha gave him protection, 20 days, 30 days at max, and then he withdrew it. So as soon as the protection is withdrawn, literally it's as if a person is in an illegal alien, we will call him he doesn't have any visa status, he doesn't have any protection, anything could happen at any time, nobody's going to protect him. And so the profitsystem decides to leave and try a secret attempt. He doesn't publicize this secret attempt, because if you publicize it, anything could have happened. Anyone could have stopped him. So he along would say they've been had we talked about they'd

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previously is quote unquote adopted son, he along with a they've been had etha ventured on foot, so as not to arouse any suspicion. They didn't even take a camel or a horse thought it was walking distance two days or so. But they could have used an animal because thought if for those of you have been there, it's a resort city, it's in the mountains is high up. In our times, it takes an hour and a half by car going winding up the mountains, an hour and a half by car. It's very precarious roads winding up the mountains to walk up there is a day and a half or two days, an amount would have been very beneficial. But the prophet system did not want to arouse any suspicion. And this all shows us

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the tactics and the planning of the process that I'm trusting in a lot doesn't mean you act foolishly. Trusting in a lot doesn't mean you act in a manner that will bring suspicion. He has the greatest trust in a law. But why arouse people's suspicion, trusting and alarm means you plot your plan to the perfect crossing the T's and dotting the eyes, everything is done perfectly. And then in your heart, you realize it's up to Allah. And so he leaves quietly just as if he's going for a stroll in the town, him and Zaid, there's nothing to arouse suspicion. Why? Because if they knew they might harm him right then and there. And also by leaving the city, basically, he is literally

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and metaphorically turning his back to any last ties that he has to the crash. At such a precarious situation. It's a gray area to Limbo because Abu lahab has withdrawn protection, right. So he's living in a gray area. For him to take a move any move is a sign that he has basically accepted the status. And he has cut off all ties from the kurush. And that's exactly what this symbolic movement, this symbolic movement. And so he and they they've been had it leave towards the city of LA and we have a beautiful narration from Arusha. rhodiola one who reported and Sahil Bahati that our issue or the law one has said that all messenger of Allah was there any day that was more difficult for you

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than the day of offered. So I share does not know of the Mk concealer. She was not cognizant of the Mk concealer from her life that she has experienced with the process of them. She can only think of the Battle of offer this being the worst. And the Battle of offer. The processor is almost about to lose his life. Two or three wounds come to him. We'll come we'll get to that in a few months. So he remembers the battle that offered as being very traumatic. So she asks him was there any day more traumatic than are heard? And our issues are the process of immediately says yes, immediately says yes, there was indeed your people have hurt me a lot.

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where people have irritated me a lot. And the worst irritation that I got was on the day of he called the day of acaba. Acaba is where the stoning took place. This was outside of life. The day of acaba, the worst was the day of Africa, meaning the incident of thought if, on that day, I presented myself to Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah Kula, we'll get to these names in a while. And he phrased it in a very beautiful manner, because he doesn't want to issue sympathy. So he phrases it in a very simple manner. And they didn't respond the way that I wanted them to. That's all he said. He didn't want our issues pity, he doesn't have to go into the sordid details, that's for others to tell us

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the process of himself, left to generic. They didn't respond to me the way that I wanted. And so I found myself in grief and sadness. That's how he described it. I found myself in grief and sadness. And I didn't notice where I was, until I reached out an authority and authority was a place around seven, eight kilometres outside of the city of botf. Now, this, this is what he himself narrated about the incident of thought if we have more narrations from other people in this, we learned so many things, first and foremost, even though it was worse physically, in terms of the physical pain, almost death is reached, by if was worse, psychologically, the psychological trauma was worse. And

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we all know that a psychological trauma is more painful than a physical one, a trauma that hurts the soul, the heart is more difficult than a physical one. And so the Prophet system said that, yes, it was worse than

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also notice what he said. And this is a great point of benefit here. He said, I didn't notice where I was until I reached out an authority.

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We in our times would call this being in a state of shock.

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A trauma has happened to him, we know what happens, he was stoned. He was stoned by the riffraff the reference of the city. No doubt, this is going to be very painful, physically and emotionally. And he doesn't even understand where he is because he's basically in a state of what we would call shock, right? So to be in a state of shock in and of itself, nothing wrong with that, the process and said for them assurance, I had no idea where I was, until I noticed I'm in permanent medicine, which is miles outside of the city. Therefore, when something traumatic happens, it's natural for us to react in this manner that we don't know what is happening. But we recover our which we get over

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it, like the processor got over it. And another benefit, we already mentioned this, the processor did not tell us too many details, because he doesn't want us to feel pity for him. These details are left for others to narrate to us and we're it not for the fact that I asked him and prodded him, he wouldn't have said the worst day that ever happened to me was like he wouldn't have said this. A Muslim is not somebody who whines a Muslim doesn't whine for sympathy. A Muslim doesn't victimize oh how poor we are. And this is an attitude, especially in the American Muslim community, we need to get over it. The Muslim is not a victimizer, always putting the victim card out. It's not of the

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characteristics of having a PSA for yourself. Beerus the process of suffered worse than us. And he didn't grovel for the sympathy even of those who looked up to him and respected him, much less those who oppose him. So we need to learn our lesson from here as well. Our ISS comes from Allah, not from groveling in front of others. And so just because I asked him, he opened up a little bit and he said, yes, this was the worst day had his wife not asked and he would never have opened up and even said this is half provides us many more details. And the story is well known to this one of the most famous stories of the theater, we hear it when we are children. And it is a very well known and

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authenticated story that the Prophet system WALKED TO TALK which would take at least a day and a half or two days. And he presented himself to the leaders of thought if and there were three brothers, AB de Lille and Miss Ruth and Habib, the sons of armor. Their father ama had been the chieftain when their father died. They made a strange treaty amongst themselves. And they said, we're not going to have any type of fighting. All of us shall rule simultaneously. All three brothers, we will have a shooter if you like amongst us, and we will be the chieftains of the tribe have. Of course the tribe I forgot to mention, if was the tribal thief. maca is the tribe of Quraysh

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coloration. So teeth were the ones that are always in rivalry, voracious, active. So the leaders of the teeth are these three brothers all together. So and one of them, as we said, had married a distant aunt of the Prophet system. So there's also a blood relation there. So the Prophet system sets up a meeting tells them that he's in the town he needs to talk to them, and so he presents himself

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To the three of them, and he presents the message of Islam and asks them to convert to this message. But all three of them rejected and they rejected in the utmost sarcastic manner. One of them said

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that, if Allah has sent you as a prophet, I might as well tear down the curtains of the cabinet, meaning in animosity and remorse, if Allah has chosen you, I might as well tear down the curtains of the cabinet's mockery. The second one said, Oh, to be law, the second one said, has a law not found anyone better than you, as a law not found anyone better than you. And the third one said, I cannot speak to you. Because if you really are a prophet, then you're too holy for me. And if you're a liar, then you are too beneath my dignity that I respond to.

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So all three of them mocked him with the utmost mockery. And the profitsystem stood up to leave, and said very well, if you have rejected my message, then at least do not tell the duration of my visit. Notice here even to the end, the prophet system is tying his camel, there's a plan, don't go and tell them I have come or else it will make life even more difficult. And it appears that they gave him this request and that the porridge did not hear about this immediately. So they gave him this and this shows us as well, that very well okay, if you're going to reject me in this manner, the least that I asked you is, do not tell the kurush once again, it's a matter of sensibility plotting,

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it's a matter of having a vision and a plan. And if this is our Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam having such a plan, making sure that he didn't just Okay, I'm gonna put my trust in Allah, putting your trust in a lot comes after you have a plan. After you have a vision, you do what you can, and then you put your trust in Allah. And so he asked them Do not tell the others of my of my visit. Now, according to the more authentic reports.

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He didn't just leave thought if right then and there. Rather, he stayed there for around a week. He stayed there for around the week, trying to give the leaders rejected him. Maybe some of the individuals would accept him. So he preached there for a week and we have authentic reports of some of the later Muslims recalling from barf, later converts. Recalling I remember the Prophet says that I'm preaching in life in the soup, and the player in the marketplace. And nobody responded to his call I nobody converted to Islam. And in one such incident, when somebody might appear to have converted, this is what sparked the mob.

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way that many of us know the story is that right after this, he walked out of the city, what appears to be the case in his house as he stayed in thought if for many days, and then another report basically stayed around six or seven days. So even after the leaders rejected him, he stayed in the city, approaching the layman, right. And this is again, a sign of wisdom, you approach those with power, with money with status, you approach the politicians, the nobleman, but you don't ignore the masses, right. And we have said this many times before, that, indeed, to reject the lowly people is an Islamic, but the concentration always begins with the people on top with the people who have the

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clout. It's human nature, that when somebody's rich, and famous converts, when somebody who's a powerful person converts, the masses follow. It's human nature. So we as Muslims, as well, we look to those who are indeed, the ones who are looked up to, and we give more emphasis to them. It is not an Islamic to give more emphasis to them. It is an Islamic to ignore the common folk, if they come to you, I was at Orlando Dharma that will become an Islamic, but to emphasize the leadership, this is Islamic completely. And that's what the process was it the first step go to the leaders they rejected, go to the masters, and he stayed there. And then from what we gather, and again, there's

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only the reason why we have so few reports is the only Muslim that was with him was aid. And they of course dies in the bottle of water. They did not live after the process to tell us the stories, he might have told somebody a little bit. And so we have little bit of pieces here and there. We don't have the full story. What we can glean is that there was a potential of some people converting, obviously the Dow was going to I mean, it's it's inevitable. You preach the truth, somebody's going to come. So there was a potential of some people converting, and that was when the leaders of thought if panicked.

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That was when they panicked, and they sent the mob against the Prophet system. They gathered together the riffraff, the Europeans, they gather together, you know, the people who have nothing better to do and they told them, they told these

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people to go and stone, this man out of the city, kick him out of the city so that he stops doing this preaching. And so here is one the story that we are all familiar with that they came and they pelted him with stones. And they they've been had it for the love of data and tried his best to protect him. He himself was injured from head to toe. But how much can you protect when the both are running, and this was when the Prophet system bled, and his sandals were soaked with blood, and there is no protection from the entire mob that is pelting them, until finally they let him out of the city. And that was one as he's walking out of the city. He said, I didn't realize until I'm in

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Cardinal Manasa, this is this period is talking about, I didn't understand where I was, I don't have too many memories until I met Cardinal monazite. So for seven, eight miles or kilometres, he is in what we would call a state of shock. And obviously what else would happen in this state, right, and he doesn't understand where he is until he reaches vitamin menosan. And that is where we learn of the famous story as well, that the Prophet says Adam, he saw some shelter, he saw some shade, he sat under a tree that was next to a garden, a garden wall, it was a wall that was the garden. And he did not know that this garden belonged to roots, but in a behavior that was a distant, basically his

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father's second cousin. And pause here. Many of the kurush had gardens outside of thought if because thought if is a very beautiful city thought it has luscious trees, the climate of thought is almost

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unheard of. in Arabia, only two or three places have a climate like thought if and the greenery of thought if and to this day, is a desert is a desert resort. In the middle of the desert, there is a resort in the middle of the mountains, it's lush, it's green, different trees and shrubs grow there, because the climate is very different. And there's plenty of water because rain falls copiously on the mountaintops, and the soil is different. So you'll have different fruits and vegetation in thought if in fact, if you have, for example, grapes, and you have other foods that you don't have in the city of Makkah, or yesterday or other places, so many of the people of the kurush had small

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little plots of land, there's some resort, if you like and of them was rutabaga and his brother, the sons of Sheba, and he was where the process and I'm sat down. And he said that famous draw, which is mentioned in the spirit of EBIT neshap. And this, as one of the scholars of our time says that it doesn't need to have any, it's not the wordings of it, you know from the wordings that this comes from the heart of a prophet. Because the fact of the matter is, this law does not have any side even as half narrates it. It's not in Bahasa Muslim is half narrated, and there's some missing links in it. But the do is simply so perfect. And so moving, that as one of our modern scholars said, it

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doesn't need and it's not the content is authentic enough to tell us that this comes from the heart of a prophet and this is one that we should all ponder over and even memorize a llama in a Sri Lanka blog for Kuwaiti overlord to you I complain of my weakness and strength I don't have strength my weakness well how whiny alumnus and my helplessness and loneliness before men owe a lot to you. I complain of my weakness and my loneliness before men. Under our hammer Rahim in one terrible Mustafa hin will interrupt be You are the Most Merciful of all those who have mercy. And you are the lord of those who are humble. And you are my Lord. Eli montecchi Looney to whom do you leave me with Oh

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Allah Who else can I go to other than you elaborating yet a harmony to somebody who's a stranger who is going to treat me harshly? I'm in a Caribbean Melaka who agree or to a close relative who you have given power over me I wound up Who are you going to leave me with a stranger like these people have thought if who will treat me so harshly or a close relative who you have given ultimate power over me ylim takanohana is a fella who barely as long as you're not angry with me, then I don't care. You're an fi attacker. OSA truly except for the fact that you're protection from tribulation, your ease and comfort. This is more easy for me later another fear ticket Oh sorry. Your ease is

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easier for me. Alone in the room will be magic. Oh Allah I seek refuge in your face and let the asrock navorro matte was soldered highly mo dounia when Akira your face that is the source of all of the light of that releases.

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That gets rid of the darkness. And because of which all of the affairs of this world and the next are rightly guided, onion Zilla be horrible. Oh yeah. hayleigh De Soto, I seek refuge in your face, that your anger comes down upon me, or your wrath envelopes me that color routes by Hector tarball. It is your right to criticize until you are content, you have the right to criticize until you are content while I hold water or water ellerbeck. And there is no power or change except with you and through you. And this is really one of the gems of the Sierra that deserves its own long commentary. And we'll summarize some bits of it here that this do I think about it from beginning to end, that

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the Prophet system is saying that Oh Allah, to you, I complain of my weakness, and my lowliness before men to you, I complain. And this shows us that there is a legitimate concept of complaining to Allah. We do not complain to men. We complain to Allah and this is a part of Article eight. And we have this in the Quran. Who is complaining to Allah in the Quran?

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Who is complaining to learn the Quran? Yeah, COVID is Sarah jacoba has sent him in a school bus to his knee, you know, law. I am complaining of all of my grief and sorrow to Allah when his children come and they try to irritate him, they try to ridicule them for how long are you going to remember use of, and he tells them I'm not wanting any sympathy from you. All of this that I'm saying I'm complaining to Allah, complaints to Allah are of two types. The first type is haram and even a type of gopher and that is to reject the decree of a law and to reject the wisdom of Allah. And this type of complaint is manifested in Why?

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Why are you doing this, Oh Allah, or this should not happen. I don't deserve this. This type of complaint is not just a sin it is good for and we have a belief as the prime example of this, you did this or not me.

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Or BB metal wait any You're the one who led me go astray. This type of complaint is the opposite of this is the essence of tawheed and that is you complain to Allah seeking refuge in a law from a law turning to Allah for Allah sympathy.

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This is the essence of tawheed and this is Chautauqua Illa Allah not at Ronnie law, which is a different thing. Shaquan ILA law, which is a complaining to a lot to get a laws mercy. And here is the exact example of this is your coop and our profits are set up that Oh Allah I complained to you of my weakness. Look at me. I'm complaining to you, meaning I'm wanting your sympathy. This is the meaning of complaint. The English word complaint might not do justice here. The meaning of shekou here is Yeah, Allah Look at me Help me please. This is what the Shaquan means, right, not yellow, why are you doing this? That type of Shaka is never allowed. So the process of saying, Oh Allah, I

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am complaining to you of my lowly status and my and my desperation and my loneliness before men, you are the one who's the Most Merciful. And you are the Lord of the lowly and the weak. And you are my Lord. Who else are you leading me to Allah? This is the complaint. Who else? Are you leaving me to? I only have you. There is nobody else are you going to give me to a stranger? Who will treat me like this? Or are you going to give me to a relative whom you have given full power over me? Oh, a lot. As long as you are not angry with me. I don't care. Everything is fine. But and this is how perfect is the complaint here, right? But your ease is easier for me.

00:29:04--> 00:29:45

The attacker Oh, sorry. Your ease is easier for me. As long as you're not angry, I'm happy. But if you send me your ears, this is easier for me to bear, or lie seek refuge in your face, that you are ever angry at me or your wrath ever descends upon me. And indeed you have the right to criticize to punish you have the right to do as you please. I am your servant. I am in your control. You may do as you please until you are content. And indeed la how La La La quwata illa Deke, there is no power or change except with you and through you. Notice here there is an element of Allah I'm worried Are you angry at me?

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This is there's a clear element in the draft. After all that's happened to him. His main fear is not why is there blood on his hand. Why is my shoes soaked with my own blood? That's not his main fear. His main fear is

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Have I done something wrong? Are you angry at me? As long as you're not angry, then I'm fine. And you have the right to criticize and punish. Again, because this is in his mind, am I falling short here. So what is causing him distress is not the pain of the body, but the possibility of having done something to earn the displeasure of Allah subhana wa Tada. And so he seeks refuge in a loss, anger or ally, seek refuge in your face from ever being angry at me, or who will be watching that you're ever angry at me that your adapt ever descends upon me, as long as this is not your job. If you're testing me, then I'm not I'm not going to complain, I'm not complaining, except that your

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ease is easier for me than this test. And even in asking for a substitute. There's a beautiful perfection of if this is what you've decreed over law, and you're happy, then Alhamdulillah. However, your alfia is easier for me. Right? And this also shows By the way, there is a misunderstanding among some groups of Islam, that we accept whatever Allah decrees for us. And this hadith shows Well, not quite, not quite. Allah had decreed this for the Profit System, and the process is accepting it but he's saying, Oh Allah, if you give me something easier is better.

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This is permissible, right? When somebody is in it, and this is a common motif of some strands of the soul, wolf of Sufism, that the some strands of the soul wolf will say that the servant has no right to ever complain, whatever the master gives him. He should be content with whatever happens, you're sick, your your, your your loved one is dying your child is it quiet and accept, but we find from the doors that this is not the attitude of the prophets of Allah, or the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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Every person is pained by the trials of Allah. And so we asked a lot to protect us from those trials and to lift those trials up. And so this type of Riba that, that this group has is an incorrect understanding of river river means to be content. To be content means you don't challenge Allah's decree. But it doesn't mean that you don't ask for something better.

00:32:16--> 00:33:01

You don't challenge but you ask for something that is easier for you as our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, also notice that he concludes with while I hold our water Illa big and this as the process of them said is a treasure from the treasures of Jenna can zoom in canoes agenda, and it is a perfect conclusion. Or Allah. Only you can change my situation now how only you can change my situation. And right now I have no power on this earth. Only you can give me that power. Now Hola. Wala quwata illa big. Any change that I want any power that I want, it will come from you also notice as is the common phrase and it's a true phrase that adrar see that whole movement. That door

00:33:01--> 00:33:45

is the weapon of the believer. Here the Prophet sallallahu wasallam has been abandoned by his own people, the whorish he doesn't have a city to go back to right now. How he enters Mecca we'll talk about in a while he has no city to go back to the sister city has made fun of him and rejected him. He is literally alone with no one other than his adopted son. That's all that he has. He does not even have money in his pocket or food in his belly nothing. And so what does he do? He makes da da is the weapon of the believer as long as you have, you will find a way out. As long as you have, you will carve a way out of your problem. The movement is never trapped because the movement always has

00:33:45--> 00:34:07

and do I will grant what nothing else will grant do i is so powerful that as the process of him said the only thing that changes other is to have it even Changes button. And that is another topic altogether. But it is indeed the weapon of the believer. So the process of them says this to are under a tree next to a wall.

00:34:09--> 00:34:52

And little does he know that this wall actually belongs to his distant uncle's router and shaybah in Aruba, Aruba and shaybah ignore Columbia. And they had seen the profitsystem being pelted from the distance. They had seen the blood coming from him. They had seen him sitting down under that tree and they felt pity for their blood relatives. This was their cousins or their second cousins, son. This is a photoshoot for local Archie. They felt pity for the Prophet solo laquanda he was sent them and they also felt a sense of hamidah Hillier In other words, how could they do this to one of our own? How could the thief do this to a quarter sheet and this is how they viewed the world.

00:34:52--> 00:35:00

Everything is based upon tribalism. And so they decided to give him some of the fruits of

00:35:00--> 00:35:45

Their have their orchard and of course the process of accepts gifts. And so they sent their servant whose name was a das and a das was an Iraqi christian i das was an Iraqi Christian and they sent their servant a das with some grapes, a bowl of grapes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And notice here it is as if as soon as he says, Oh Allah, there is no power except from you. right then and there. Some of the most precious and the most energetic fruits come right in front of him as if Allah responds instantaneously. And these foods are not foods that he is accustomed to in maca, right? These are of the most I mean, to this day, grapes are considered of the most, you know,

00:35:45--> 00:36:28

soothing, of the most comforting fruits of the most luscious and Allah subhanho wa Taala just gives it to him right then and there. And so I das comes to him and says, this is a gift from my master. And because he said it's a gift that he can take it had he said South Africa, South Africa is, of course, not allowed for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the Prophet system took it, and he said, Bismillah and he began eating a das was shocked. And he goes, What is this phrase? Bismillah This is not the phrase of the local Arabs Bismillah. And so the Prophet says to them said, this is something that my lord has taught me, and where are you from? Allah does meaning he's saying

00:36:28--> 00:37:14

this is not from the people of this land is not the phrase that said, I am from Nineveh, I am from Nineveh. So the Prophet system smiled, and he said, from the city of Yunus, Eben Mata, Jonas, the son of Matthew Yunus, even matter, I just was shocked. And he said, How did you know Yunus even matter? Of what knowledge Do you have of Jonah universe have been met? Nobody in this whole land has ever heard of us even matter? And the process and have said, How do I not know universe He is my brother, and I am his brother, we are both prophets of Allah. And as soon as he said this, this is a miracle because you won't even matter the Arabs have nothing to do with Jonah, and the will. That is

00:37:14--> 00:37:52

completely a separate branch of religion. And Adonis is the only Christian in this whole land is Allah knows. We don't know any information. But that's, by the way, I looked up as much as we can. We don't have any information, or how did he get ended up as a slave? How did he end up in Arabia? He is the only Christian practicing actual Christian for hundreds of miles around. And here he meets a man. He knows what Nineveh is. And he's just shocked. You know, what Nineveh is? Yes, that's the city of Jonah's unit, you know, who universes Yes, the one of the will. And so I just instantaneously begins kissing the feet of the Prophet says, Adam, as the Christians did to respect

00:37:52--> 00:38:00

their elders and their and their rabbis and their priests, he begins kissing the feet of the prophets of the law while he was setting them. And he believed in him right then and there.

00:38:02--> 00:38:47

This, the two masters are staring and shocked that they send their slave with grapes. And all of a sudden he's kneeling and kissing and touching the Prophet solo, send them and when he comes back, they tell him way, heck, Woe to you, why are you kissing his hands and his feet, and I said, on my master, there is no one on Earth, who is better than he is no one on earth who is better than he is, for he told me things that only a prophet could know. He told me things that only a prophet could know. And they said to him, or does, he has bewitched you from your religion, your religion is better than his religion. And later on, they tried to force us to fight in the Battle of butter,

00:38:47--> 00:39:24

because they, they actually died in the Battle of butter. These two they died in the Battle of butter, and they tried to force us to come with them. And at that said, You want me to fight that man who was sitting under the trees. While law he the mountains could not harm him. And he refused to obey his own masters, which was unheard of You don't deserve it. He refused to obey his own masters and his own masters Mehta their death at the Battle of better and after this, the narration and body continues. And this we now get to Bahati what I told you all the time before this was from in his house, and even his house, as we said, there's a missing chain here, but inshallah it's

00:39:24--> 00:39:59

authentic story, no problem there. We go back to the one of Bahati and the process of them said, When I reached Cardinal monazite, ie at this stage now, for a fact to see, I saw something in the heavens, I looked up for either enter this habit and of a lead me, there was a cloud that had given me shelter. If the people rejected him and stoned him. Allah sent a cloud to protect him and shelter him from the sun. And in this cloud, there was Judy and Judy and said to me, that Yeah, Mohammed Salim. Your Lord has heard

00:40:00--> 00:40:31

What your people have said to you and their rejection of you and He has sent me with the melaku G bar. This Hadith is and boy He has sent me with the the the medic or the angel of the mountains to put at your disposal and to do with as you please. Then he heard another voice and he said I am the medical Japan and the medical Javad seldom Allah He said Salaam to him. And then he said yeah, Mohammed so seldom

00:40:34--> 00:41:24

Say what you want. I am at your disposal, in * and atop Bic la chabane if you want I can tell if it's between two large mountains if you want I can squeeze the city in between the two mountains. I am at your disposal. So the prophet SAW said him said Paul, out of June a new regional level mean a slubby him man Yabba de la vida hula usually could be he share the process of said no, no, don't do this. Belle is no don't do this. Rather, I hope that Allah subhanho wa Taala will extract from their progeny from their children, those who will eventually worship him without associating partners with him. So many lessons we can learn from this incident before we move on. First and foremost the

00:41:24--> 00:42:04

trials that our Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam was inflicted with all of this so that Allah could raise his ranks in this world and the next so that Allah azza wa jal could tell us that the comfort of this world is not what we're living for, that the comfort of the ACA will only be given through the sacrifices of this world. And if this is the case with our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then where exactly do we stand? also look at the door of the Prophet system, a drawer that while it is screaming out, it's a man, it's faith in Allah, still, the blame is being placed on himself, Oh Allah, maybe I did something wrong. Did I do something wrong? Oh Allah, as long as I didn't do

00:42:04--> 00:42:53

wrong, then I am not worried. His main concern is the pleasure of Allah and not the suffering of his body. His main worry is that this might be a punishment from Allah, Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from you sending me any punishment. And if it's not a punishment, he's satisfied. But he'd be even more satisfied with some mercy of extra mercy from Allah. And this is the perfection of dough he also notice here, the effects of being firm to your identity, even under stress and grief. Here is the Profit System, the blood has not yet dried on his skin. And thus comes and he shows who he is by simply saying Bismillah he's not hiding his identity by simply following one small soon, that's not

00:42:53--> 00:43:20

even Wajid. Right? By simply remembering a lot before eating. And being proud of this identity. One simple act of Bismillah led to the conversion of a does, obeying Islam always brings about good in this world and the next, not being embarrassed of your religion, being proud and practicing whatever faith Allah has given you practice it and inshallah huhtala even a Bismillah can lead to a conversion.

00:43:21--> 00:43:22

Look as well.

00:43:24--> 00:44:08

How Allah subhana wa tada responded to what has happened, first by sending him someone from Iraq now Iraq is like the furthest land known to the Arabs at the time, right? This is the furthest land known. There is a symbolism here, that Yasuda law, even if your own people, and the people that are closest to your life and Makkah have rejected you know, you're a pseudo law that you are upon the truth, and even a person from the for this world from the farthest corners of this land, even these people will recognize your truth. And a time will come when his people as well the people of Iraq and the people of all of those faraway lands will recognize this. There's a symbolism here that even

00:44:08--> 00:44:48

if the near have rejected you now, the far shall accept you soon. And that's exactly what happened with the Prophet salallahu it he was setting them and see as well how immediately Allah subhana wa tada responded physically and spiritually, physically by sending the fruits and the grapes spiritually by sending gibreel down right then in there, a lot responded to the drama and then immediately giving him food, sheltering him with the clouds. That's another physical thing and then sending gibreel down to command him. What do you want? Here is the medic of the jabaal here is the medic of the angels Do as you please and see as well the response of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

00:44:48--> 00:44:59

wasallam it has barely been a few days since that sarcasm has been ringing in his ears. If you're a prophet, I might as well tear down the walls of the GABA. If you're a prophet, I cannot speak to you if you're telling the truth.

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

You're too big. If you're telling a lie, you're too low hasn't Allah found someone other than you, these words must have been ringing in his ears. And if not, to make matters worse, his blood is still soaking on his skin, the shoes are still wet. And now the angel comes and says, Do as you please Here is the tools, it's at your service and disposal. The Miracle brothers and sisters is not that Allah sent the angel down to be at his service. The miracle is not that the angel says I can crush the two mountains. No, we're lucky. This is not the miracle. The real miracle is that the Prophet system after such a rejection, and after this bleeding, and after this physical and

00:45:40--> 00:46:22

emotional trauma and stress still has the mercy in his heart to say but no, don't do that. That is the real miracle, to save the people of thought, if not even these generation, but perhaps there shall come a generation after them that will worship Allah subhana wa Tada. If this is not via metal and other mean then what is the hammer? Tell me if this is not what Allah Allah who can have him, but you are upon the most noble characteristic, then where is the characteristics? What type of man is this, that after? will lie brothers and sisters, if somebody says one word to me, are you, we don't even want to speak to them. We don't want to look at them. We don't want to say set out to

00:46:22--> 00:47:12

them. If somebody says one mockery, one sarcastic joke, we will remember it for 10 years. Imagine our Prophet system suffering such a severe manner, and it's still fresh, and he still becomes the man and he still becomes who he is that metal in the mean. And he makes that one day the city will be a Muslim city. And indeed, our Prophet Simon himself was the one who barely 10 years after this incident, reconquer thought if, in the Battle of her name after the conquest of Makkah, he was the one who reconquer Paul. And many of the people at that city alive at the time, eventually converted to Islam. And to this day, Paul is now one of the most visited tourist resorts by Muslims in that

00:47:12--> 00:47:49

land. Now tarrif is considered to be a tourist resort. You have all of these fancy hotels and tourist places and whatnot. And anybody who has been to LA if you will see an amazing city, they're amazing city, if Allah had willed, if the province hasn't had will, because the law gave it to the process of Do as you please, if he had willed, there would be no city, but Subhanallah instead of that, and I have been to pot if myself, the very place where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was stoned. That very place has been made into a Masjid where Allah subhanho wa Taala is worshiped. This is what you call Rama. Jelena mean, and this is what you call the dua of the Prophet says that I'm

00:47:49--> 00:48:32

being responded to that all along, maybe their children will accept Islam. And not only did they all accept Islam, but the city is full of massage, and even the place where he was tortured, is now a place where Allah subhanho wa Taala is Worship Day and night, five times a day. See, as well, we already mentioned is that the immediate reaction of the prophet SAW sent him that he is in a state of shock, he doesn't know what's going on. And he only recognizes himself and what is happening when he reaches a corner. And as we said, this is many miles outside of Makkah, and therefore, of outside of life. And therefore when something traumatic happens to withdraw a bit is natural, to feel a

00:48:32--> 00:49:13

sense of shock. It's not true, but you don't let the shock remain forever. You get over it and you move on. And you think rationally you don't act emotionally, the process of did not react emotionally he reacted long term and this as well is a lesson for us that we use our intellect and our wisdom. And if we don't know we turn to those who have knowledge we ask our roadmap and see the long term benefits will lie brothers and sisters things happen daily on a daily basis that make our blood boil. Hey cord blood boil, whether it's national news, whether it's foreign policy, whether it's another thing we do not act emotionally, we don't react emotionally, we react like the Prophet

00:49:13--> 00:49:16

system, which is calm collect and long term.

00:49:17--> 00:50:00

Also brothers and sisters here we see that in this incident, there is a role model for us for every problem that we suffer for every rejection for every Islamophobia, surely what happened to the process is much worse than what can happen to anybody else. And when we see how the Profit System reacted, in this, we find labella Candela configural su de la he was one has an there is a perfect role model in the prophets of Allah Allah he was selling them. So we find that the incident of thought if, although it might not have been what we call a political success, it resulted in many things. It resulted in the conversion of adults and this one conversion problem.

00:50:00--> 00:50:23

If Allah guides one man through you, it is worth many hundreds of camels. It resulted in conversion of our deaths. And it was not the only group who converted on the way back to Makkah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam camped outside of Mecca in a small Grove in a small desert Grove in the Valley of nakhla, which is still present to this day in the valley of Nevada.

00:50:24--> 00:51:10

And as was his habit, he stood up to pray to Him. He stood up to pray to her God, no matter how tired he was, he has not yet taken a bath from the wounds. The wounds are still on his body. The scars have not yet healed. He is still not yet home. He is in Germany for the last 10 days in his house, the whole journey back and forth lasted 10 days, and yet he never once gave up his act of 200. So Pamela, after all that has happened. He never forgets his relationship with Allah subhanahu wa Tada. There is nobody there. It's the middle of the night. It's a cold desert. His blood has not yet dried from his skin and been taken away. And yet he never forgets the Hadoop. Our Profit System

00:51:10--> 00:51:49

never left to hug Jude, even when he was in South Africa, even when he was bleeding, even when he was injured. Even it was freezing cold in the middle of the desert. He never once gave up his head. If that was the case with his the head you look at the fact that most of us can barely make it five times a day followed by law in our conference that we live in. So our Prophet systems stood up for two hedges and he began reading his Koran into hedges and Allah subhana wa Taala told us what happened and how do you not told us we would never have known because what happened is another miracle what happened is a miracle that the eyes of men cannot witness and only Allah subhana wa

00:51:49--> 00:52:34

tada could have told us what happened is what Allah mentions is a little off. What is what it's the Allah subhana wa tada says that with our seven acre with what is the Arabic what sort of nidecker what sort of La Cana for a minute, jenius termeer owner or an when we cause the group of jinn to come pass by you. And they started listening to the Quran? Well, it's sort of not unique enough for a minute Genie, your stem your owner, or an Allah is saying these didn't Jin didn't just come out of nowhere. I had a plan, and I had sent them in that area. In other words, Allah knows where they're going. And Allah had caused their travel plans to go such that they are wandering right next to the

00:52:34--> 00:53:19

Prophet system as you're standing in the middle of the night praying to hydrate Well, it's sort of a leak enough for a mini Genie yesterday Runa or an enema, how about Oh, call on situ, when they were in your presence and they heard this boron? They all said quiet. Listen, if the world of men had rejected him, the world of jinn says quiet Listen, if the world of the people of thought if had mocked him, the world of the jinn stopped dead on its track, and they said stop and listen to answer to Phantom aku dia once you finished your tahajjud so they listen to the whole of the prophets are set up and that the Hajj as we know was not like our 200 it was a real 200 to three hours long,

00:53:19--> 00:54:13

minimal and when they finished they found out only a one low enough homie him wounded in they were transformed not just into Muslims. They became Warner's and scholars and diaries to their own people, not just Muslims, wallow in a coma him not Muslim in moving. They became mini messengers, guiding their people, and they returned all the way back to their people. And they said all we are coalminer in Sameer Nikita urban only remember the Moosa Masada Kalima been a little happy while I was talking jacobina a g Buddha Yola, he was a newbie, they said, or people we have heard of a book that has come after the book of Moosa, and it is calling people to righteousness and guidance, or

00:54:13--> 00:54:58

people respond to the color of Allah and believe in him. And this shows us by the way, that these gin were, in fact, a Jewish gin. They had believed in Moosa and the Torah, and we know that the gins follow the religions of men, there are Jewish gins, they are Hindu gins, Christian gins, Buddhists genes that are Muslim genes, the genes follow the religions of men. So these were Jewish genes. And when they heard the religion or the Koran, they knew that this was from the same being what sent down the Torah. And so they converted and they went to their people calling them to Islam. And therefore there is a huge symbolism here from Allah subhana wa tada and that is that your rasulillah

00:54:58--> 00:54:59

even if all of mankind

00:55:00--> 00:55:05

Right now if you think they have rejected you, the world beyond mankind has accepted you.

00:55:06--> 00:55:50

And that is the world of the jinn. Even if the people of Mecca have rejected you, the people of Iraq from the furthest corner know you're upon the truth, these two conversions are not out of the blue. There is a huge symbolism here, that the furthest corners of this world and beyond this world, and that is the world of the jinn. And this was the first batch of jinn converts to Islam, and there were many other jinn converts as well. And these very people, they went to their people and their people converted to Islam, and they came back to Mecca, while the Prophet system was in Mecca, and they wanted to learn Islam from him. And we know this from the companion even Masood.

00:55:52--> 00:56:38

Even Masood raviolo. Thailand was asked by his student Alcoa, was anybody there. When the Profit System experienced the laylat engine, it is called the later to gin side it is insane Muslim. Did any buddy amongst you witness the little gin? There's two reports. The first one is in Sahih Muslim, and it goes as follows even Massoud said, No, nobody was there. One night, we were with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And then he disappeared. We didn't know where he was. One night, we read the process of them. And then he disappeared. And we started looking for him everywhere feel odd or sharp, in the valleys and in the nooks and crevices. We're looking for him, and we could not find

00:56:38--> 00:57:21

him. And we thought that he had been kidnapped or assassinated. And we spent the worst night of our lives. Can you imagine? The process of just disappears? instantaneously, you heard about him? And you're wondering, you're wondering, and they could not find him until when the morning broke. We saw him coming from the direction of law to head off. So this is in Makkah, because Hello is in Mecca from the direction of light at Hara. So they said hi rasulillah Where were you? We missed you. We couldn't find you for carnac we're Where are you? So the Prophet says that, um, said, Danny attorney died in mineral gin, that one of the callers of the gin came to me. One of the callers of the gin

00:57:21--> 00:58:04

came to me telling me there's a congregation waiting for you. So I went out to meet with them. And I recited Koran to them. He said, Do you want to come with me to see the remnants? They said, of course. So he was rude said he walked with us. And he showed us their campsite. He showed us the fires that they had lit and the after effects, you know, when the people leave, there's always some things left behind. So he showed us the after effects of that, even though of course, the Sahaba were right there, they didn't see it. All of this is happening. And they don't see it because this is the world of the Djinn. This is the version of a Muslim. There's another version, and we'll

00:58:04--> 00:58:45

satirical hacking, which gives slightly different details. And perhaps we can reconcile between them. Or perhaps they're two separate instances that allow them how to say this, whether they're two separate instances or whether it's the same one. And even Massoud is simply giving two slightly different versions. And that is that the Prophet system once while he was in Makkah, he said, Whoever wants to come with me to be with the matter of the Jin Jin can come with me. So even Massoud said I was the only one who went. So in this report, he's saying I went with him. And we started walking until we came to a valley outside of Mecca. And he drew a line in the sand the process of

00:58:45--> 00:59:20

them and he said, sit here and do not move from this spot until I come back, do not cross this line, do not move beyond this spot until I come back. And so the profitsystem continued walking, and he recited or on he started reciting Koran, and black clouds started appearing around him until he disappeared into those black clouds until I could hear him but I could not see him. I could hear him but I could not see him. And there was a

00:59:21--> 00:59:38

a whirling of clouds around him until it just disappeared in front of my eyes. And one group of these clouds remained in the distance but the process of him was gone. I couldn't see him. So basically the group split up some remained and some took the process of them somewhere. And I waited until fudger.

00:59:40--> 00:59:59

And then I saw the Prophet Islam come back, and when he came back, he said Where is the other group of jinn? So it must really pointed to the clouds in the distance that it's over there. So the Prophet system gave them some bones and some and some animal dung, animal dung, so the droppings of camels and

01:00:00--> 01:00:34

He told them that these bones would be food for them, and the animal dung would be food for their animals. Now, this portion of the Hadith is mentioned in Mohali and Muslim and in many different portions. And that is that the Prophet system said that the jinn basically asked him, Where will we get our food from? Where will we get our food from? So the process of them said, Every bit of bone that my own man eats and mentioned a last name over, every bone shall become flesh for you. So whatever meat that we eat,

01:00:35--> 01:01:20

while we say Bismillah AR, we sacrifice an animal with a Bismillah we eat the meat, but then there is another type of meat in another world beyond our senses, where the Muslim gins can eat of this meat, because you see, the reason why the gyms are asking this is because the shale teen eat that over which your last name has not been mentioned, the shelter and eat of that meat. And so the Shelton eat how raw meat basically. So the Muslim just said, now that we've accepted Islam, where will our food come from? So the process of giving them the counter that from now on any Muslim who eats anything, that food will become food for you. And the animal droppings of the animals that the

01:01:20--> 01:02:03

Muslims have, they will become they will be transformed into the food for your animals. And therefore this shows us by the way, that even the jinns have animals. So there's something called animal genes as well. There's the genes of the animals, there's species that Allah has created to help the jinns in their whatever they they need a lot more than what it is. So, of course, here the symbolism I've already mentioned it and that is if the people of Makkah and thought if rejected Him, then the people of faraway lands and the jinns acknowledges truth. And there's another symbolism here as well. And that is the people of Mecca might be able to prevent some from accepting Islam, if

01:02:03--> 01:02:43

can put up a barrier between you and them. But who is going to prevent you from giving the data to the gins who's going to chain up the gyms and torture them, who is going to tell you to not speak to the gym. So there's the symbolism here, that your power is not going to be contained by the men. Your power in the truth will be spread beyond this, nobody can prevent the spread of the truth. So there's a lot of beautiful symbolism here in the story of adus and the story of the jinn. That really is a perfect timing of this incident happening. And one more very important incident and then inshallah we'll take our q&a, and that is how to the process and re enter Mecca. We already said

01:02:43--> 01:03:19

that by turning his back and walking out he's basically cutting off officially will have has left in a gray area we already explained I will not have has left him in a gray area. What is he going to do now? By walking out of Mecca and disappearing for 10 days he lost the fate is sealed now, this is basically exit knowing no reentry. That's basically a stamp now you have accepted your fate that Abu lahab has given you and he put his trust in a lot and 123 and five turned out to be as well. Nothing. So now he was basically in limbo.

01:03:21--> 01:04:04

His adopted sons he asked him Yasuda law. How are we going to enter Makkah now that you have been expelled from it? In other words, what are we going to do? Now? You're sort of law. Now that you have been expelled? How are we going to re enter Mecca? He said yazeed Allah subhanho wa Taala will make a way out for us. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will help his prophet and make his message Supreme. Now Sundar Sula, who will move on Dena. Oh, Zaid, I don't know what's going to happen. But I know one thing that a law is not going to abandon us that's basically what he's saying. I don't know what's gonna happen. But I know that Allah will help us and Subhana Allah, look at this point.

01:04:04--> 01:04:35

Now, there is no mcca there is no thought if he is literally camped in the middle of the desert. And he says, I know that's his work could there is worth of work who comes into play, I did everything I could now sub to Allah. I didn't make fall short in anything. And the Prophet system then began sending emissaries to two or three allies within barrage that he thought might be sympathetic to his call. The first of these was an ominous even charade

01:04:37--> 01:04:59

and an optimism nishiura sent a message back saying that I'm not in a position to give you protection. What's happening here You understand? Ubuntu, Hashem has rejected him. Abu lahab has rejected him. So he doesn't have the visa. He doesn't have protection, he needs to get protection. If the bundle Hashem have rejected him, there are 15 other subtypes of the Polish

01:05:00--> 01:05:39

Perhaps one of them might accept, obviously not the bottom of zoom who's in charge at the bottom of zoom? Abuja had an invalid, right? So he didn't even send obviously. So of these basically how many subtribes is the chorus have at least 15, maybe 20. So the bundle Hashem is only one, but omega is another, the chumps is another, so the zoom is another. So there is around 15 or 20 sub tribes of the kurush. The process of them first sends it to one of the sub tribes, response comes back, we're in a weak position, we cannot give it to you. He sends it to So hey, they've been ama So hey, they've been ama is the same one who negotiated the Treaty of the day BIA. So he live in Alma, by

01:05:39--> 01:06:02

the way, lochness eventually becomes a Muslim. So he did an AMA eventually becomes a Muslim. And this shows us that the process is not sending it to random people. These are people he knows they sympathize with him, right? Because they eventually accept Islam. These are people he knows they're different than a Buddha had been an unbeliever and Abuja, right. So he sends it to a live animal. So he

01:06:03--> 01:06:46

sends back that I am Ben ami, the blu ray, and DVD blu ray have never given protection for somebody from the blue cap. I don't want to start a precedent. In other words, they both gave flimsy excuses. Both of these are not true excuses, the process of knows what he's doing. And if they wanted to, they could have given him protection. Now, in the fact that they give a flimsy excuse, it shows that their animosity is not the same as the animosity of Abu Jihad and others, right. I mean, when you give it Fellini's flimsy excuse when you're embarrassed, correct, when you're embarrassed when you know you should do something, and so the process of knows exactly where he's sending the emissary.

01:06:46--> 01:07:28

So the both of them come back, basically with a polite rejection, basically. And then he sends it to the third one. And that is multum abinadi. martyrdom, and it will come across his name before and this is basically the last time we're going to come across his name because he dies very shortly after this multimillion ID is the chieftain of the bundle NOFA. Enough, the bundle nofal. Another subtype the bundle nofal, even abdomen AF and he's the only one who died. A pagan in this list of three is the only one who died a non Muslim who is the bundle, who is the multivitamin it multimodality was the main one who broke the What did he break the boycott, he broke the boycott.

01:07:28--> 01:08:01

This is multi, multi, multi, multi, multi, multi, even it is the one who would send camels when they were in that boycott, right? He would send an entire camel. That's like you know, in our times $50,000 is a camel, it's a massive amount of money. And the camel has food and drinks and water and stuff. So he's sending another 10,000 20,000 of good on the camel. This is multimillion it. This is multimodality so motivation ID he is sent a message the process of saying that will you give me your ID your protection, but he knows that he knows the whole story, right? And so, motoring

01:08:02--> 01:08:48

doesn't just send a messenger back to him tells his sons he has four sons. What Tim tells his sons, go arm yourselves, put your armor on, get your weapons, and go and follow the messenger back and come as armed guards guarding the prophets of Allah send them and bring him straight back to me. And so an entourage of the sons of multimillionaires. He went outside of Mecca, all of them dressed to fight. And they came in with the prophets of Sonam. protected and Muslim went to the cabinet to receive Him. And He said to the process of them do throw off I'm waiting for you. Because he knew that the process of always began everything was tough to throw off I'm waiting for you. So the

01:08:48--> 01:09:32

process and did throw off got armed. The guard is doing the walk with Him to guard him. Right. And then when he finishes, everybody's wondering what is going on here. Moto M stands up and he says oh people of Mecca. I have given my protection to Mohammed Salalah. What do you send them? I will Sophie and stood up and said Are you his follower? Or are you giving protection basically still as a pagan? He didn't say as a pagan, but are you a follower? Or are you just giving a protection? So he said no, I'm not a follower. I'm just giving protection. I will say if he answered in that case, we shall accept it. Notice if he had converted to Islam? No. No koresh would have rejected it. And in

01:09:32--> 01:10:00

this there is wisdoms of why certain people did not convert to Islam. And so the Prophet system remained under the protection of Muslim for another year and a half, less than two years as we're going to come to right. But he knows this is a very precarious situation. This is not his immediate tribe. It's not the Bible, Hashem, it's a distant cousin. And he remained in the protection of motoring and he kept on figuring out another way, another

01:10:00--> 01:10:45

way another way until finally Allah subhana wa tada opened for him the door of Medina and he left surreptitiously in the middle of the night as we're gonna come to, and within a month or two after the hedgerow Moto M passed away motorin died. And therefore in the very first encounter, when the Prophet system engaged in the Battle of budget, and 70, plus prisoners of war 73 prisoners of war were taken hostage were taken as p o W's. The prophets have said that one badge of honor, that forever remains until the Day of Judgment low can a Muslim high yen, from Mecca lemon if we have like a net, the output to him? Yeah, if motoring had been alive right now. And he just gave me one

01:10:45--> 01:10:57

word that he wanted all of these net to not use this field because they're just trying to killed us. He wanted all of these people back, I would have returned him to him no questions asked.

01:10:58--> 01:11:42

This is a badge of honor. This is a parade. This is a medal given here. The Prophet system is praising Muslim who died a pagan coffin, which he's praising him in a manner that hardly any Muslim has ever gotten. Right. But he's not praising him religiously. He's praising him politically. And in this will lie so much benefit. Not all non Muslims are the same. You have non Muslims, they might be confident, but they have truth and justice when it comes to political rights, civic duties, they might not believe in the same God as you, but they believe in some type of justice. And this is more than one of them. Right? And there's no problem in honoring them from a worldly sense. The process

01:11:42--> 01:12:22

of didn't go praise janazah The President didn't make dua for him, he drew a line. Look, religion is religion, but there's a civic honor given to him. There is a pride, there's a repaying back of the good that you've given me. And the only way I can repay back is to mention you in a way that until the day of judgment, there will be some respect and some looking up to you with sympathy, even if you're being punished for your beliefs. But there will be some looking up to four and some honor that the process of gave him Look, I just one word I'll give all of these people back to to him. And indeed, Allah subhana wa tada as the process that I'm setting had Ethan Bahati, Allah can help his

01:12:22--> 01:12:59

religion through a cafe, in the law that you either had to deliberately faster or better do. A Catholic version will factor all of these divides are there that Allah helps this religion through people who are evil, multi might have been evil than his religion. But in his other affairs, he was a good man. And he wanted truth and he wanted the tribalism that he believed in was a good type of tribalism. Therefore, brothers and sisters, the fact of the matter is, we need to form relationships with the Muslims of our times, we need to look around who are the Muslims of our times, who are those that are standing up for civil liberties? Who are those that are standing up for freedom? Who

01:12:59--> 01:13:35

are those that are telling the masses out there? Don't be scared of these people. They're not terrorists. They're not evil. We're our our motorhomes. And when we find them, we form allegiance. We form relationships, we praise them, they praise us, but we have the line, we don't praise the religion. Many of these are whatever they might be atheist. They might be they might be anything. Not a problem. Brothers and sisters, not a problem. Here is Muslim. And Muslim is an idol worshipper. Right? In our times, brothers and sisters, I'm going to shock you by saying this. But we're lucky somewhat sometimes some of these groups that want to support our rights, they have a lot

01:13:35--> 01:14:13

of evil that we don't like, for example, many times is the homosexuals many times it's the gay movement, because they have been persecuted. Right? By the other people. They are the ones who are very vocal about types of discrimination. And the fact of the matter is, a lot of times they're supporting the same civil rights that we're supporting. Right. And a lot of Muslims Balkan draw the line, no, no, how can we get there help? How can we do this and that if you can get the help of an idol worshiper, then there is no sin that is worse than idol worshipping, no matter what the other other sins are. You're not approving of their religion, you're not approving of their lifestyle,

01:14:13--> 01:14:52

you're simply coming together on something that is agreed upon by both parties. And the fact of the matter is, their freedoms are our freedoms and our freedoms or their freedoms. This is the fact of the matter, the same freedom that gives others the right to be different from mainstream society. It is also the freedoms that allows us to be free in this country as well. It's a very difficult touchy subject, but it needs to be said, especially in the pressures that we're living in. We are a minority in this land. We are a minority, and unless we form relationships with as many multimillionaires as possible, right, this is called tying your camel talk good isn't alone. Yes,

01:14:52--> 01:15:00

but we need to have a vision and a plan. And in this story, it clearly shows us that if Allah azza wa jal expected

01:15:00--> 01:15:15

His Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, He will send them to get the help of other people. And then he gave him the help. How about us. And one final point here, notice and this is, this panel is so pertinent. The Prophet system is all alone outside of Mecca.

01:15:16--> 01:15:20

He's already got two rejections twice the visa was denied.

01:15:21--> 01:16:00

He could have done something else. What could he have done? Well, he could have tried another third city. Well, if I said, No, go somewhere else, turn your back and try another city. There aren't plenty of good law he wants to. He could have even decided to live his life as a hermit somewhere, you know, mean, you'll eke out an existence find an oasis somewhere, you know and live. He could have even emigrated to the land of Abyssinia where no joshy he knew would have accepted Him. Correct? Right. He knew he would have accepted him. But he still wants to live in the land of persecution. Why? Because in the end of the day, this is his land. This is his people. This is his

01:16:00--> 01:16:44

family. Everything is around that he is familiar with. Despite the pain, despite the suffering, despite the persecution, there is no other place he calls home. Correct. And so he keeps on trying his best to remain there. And he only leaves when literally it becomes a matter of life and death. Isn't there such parallels to us right here. There's nothing how long brothers and sisters Don't let anybody make you feel guilty. There's nothing how long for us to want to remain here. Despite all the persecution despite all what is this is persecution compared with the process. And it's not even use the word well as an insult, right? Despite the minor irritation, right, this is what we'll call

01:16:44--> 01:17:23

it, right? Despite the minor irritation, and there are clerics beyond who say you should feel guilty for wanting to remain here. Right? I don't feel guilty. I'll tell you I have no guilt at all. I think this is my Islamic duty to remain looking at the zero of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Seeing his situation? Well, if he wanted to get back into Mecca one time two times three times he's trying. Right? How about us if something happens to one of our brothers, and he's wants to be deported, not a problem, you go to the courts, you battle it out. Even if you disagree with so many things, in the end of the day, at least for me, this is my land. This is my people. These are

01:17:23--> 01:17:57

my nation. This is the place I feel the most comfortable. And this is the reality that I think the bulk of us here, and especially all those that have been born and raised here and all those who have lived here for more than a decade or two. This is where we feel comfortable being and there's nothing wrong whatsoever. And it's not an Islamic to have a sense of loyalty, a sense of relationship and camaraderie, even with those who are persecuting you. That's exactly what our prophet SAW Allah said them one through inshallah with this, we will not be able to have time for questions Sharla next, next Wednesday inshallah we'll have one question.

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No, no, this is not that's another one. That's another one.

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Charlotte would this will