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I sit on my deck and what I have to lay out a card to everybody welcome to today's live session with Jeff satis name sponsored by deception study of chez THON, which is an online course by shell side through a motive institute that is currently open and actually will be closing tomorrow inshallah tada July 1. And so welcome everybody we're gonna warm up as we usually do on Facebook, type in your salaams and where you're from, we normally have people from all over the world and this is actually a great time now dry lake was set out to LA welcome tonight Have you ever shared and everybody else will be joining us inshallah tada for this powerful session on what shavon does not want you to know

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what shavon does not want you to not What does JSON not want us to know? What were you shaved on? What bothers shape on what handicaps shape on what is a weakness of shape on that he doesn't want us to know the theme of this course why they can sit down and fill our car to say they

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were y'all where y'all watching from where you're watching from normally we have everybody from Australia to the UK to everything in between Nigeria usually represents India, of course, Malaysia, and

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a lot of the US Of course in Canada as well. But we'd love to see what cities you're logging in from Samia says London UK here. Why didn't we set out to LA welcome welcome.

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This session will be a session with Chef cytosine, discussing what shade bond does not want us to know fate bond does not want us to know. How is your summer looking? My summer is looking hot. Maryland is really hot right now and hadn't done enough hunting. And the beautiful thing about Maryland is we get all four seasons properly, properly as the same UK so it's it's a blessing kinda even the heat is a blessing for you experience winter and all that. So it's going well, it's going well have done no random questions that has nothing to do with the seminar with things opening up as they are, what city are you most looking forward to traveling to?

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That is a hard question to answer that is a lie. That's a really hard question to answer. There's so many cities that I want to go to. I don't know why but you know, just the top of my mind.

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KL, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. It's far but I just I always enjoy going there. So I'm looking forward to that.

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Toronto, I hit Toronto a lot. I haven't been to Toronto in a while. This is the time to go to Toronto, actually the summertime for about eight, nine months out of the year. I'm not trying to go anywhere near Canada because it's just too cold. too cold for me.

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Yeah, but a lot of cities that you know, I enjoy I enjoy visiting different cities. So it's hard to pick one place. It's been so long since I've you know traveled that it's hard to pick one city. Okay, sounds good, fair enough. Fair enough. Quality very much as i said he wants to give the impression that he is powerful that he will mislead us. But in one particular part, in one particular interaction with Allah, his panel of data, we learned this in the Quran that even he himself because he's standing in front of a law, he cannot tell a lie, that he actually admits that there is one problem in his plan. So sort of the hedge out versus 39 and 40, verse 39, he's his

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usual self. He makes these big threats, he tries to come off as being really intimidating. He says, caught out a BB of weight and he says, My Lord, because you have put me an error. And we talked about how the ship bond actually blames Allah for his own sins and SubhanAllah. There's some people who do this as well. They they blame Allah for their own decisions. And this is something we get into in the seminar. I don't want to get into that. But that's a whole nother topic on its own. But we'll get into that in the seminar. But he says for Bheema, he says, Don't be Bhima avoid telling my lord by the error that you have put me in and he's speaking to Allah. He says that was a year and I

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let him come out he says, I will surely make attractive for them that which is upon the earth, meaning here that he will make the dunya the worldly life see very attractive to us. Where we will forget about Allah who will forget about the purpose of our life, or forget about Venus to Allah will forget about worship to control us. If this he upon is able to have any power over us. It is when we relinquish power to the share pod. And so for example, in sorta nahal Allah Subhana Allah tells us clearly in the muscle Bhanu only an only hit

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authority in the muscle Don who Island Medina yet alone only in NEMA or is known as an article of exclusivity, meaning only only and only his soul bond his authority. His control is only over those who take him as a willing those who take him as an ally, when Latina home behemoths recon and those who associate partners with Allah through him, meaning those who choose to obey the Shia pawn over Allah who is parallel to Allah. So, this is Allah is telling us look, these are the only people this is the only way this Shere Khan has any type of ability, a type of control over us is when we relinquish power to the she upon

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also certain hedger verse number 42. Allah has power to Allah says, tells us about the sheer fun in a birdie laser, La La hills. So on average is, is is making decisions about you know, someone's guilt and innocence and they're looking at evidences and so on, so forth. And so it's not an easy task, to weigh the arguments and so on and so forth. You know, making a judgment between two people or multiple parties or two parties. It's not an easy test and the process enemy saying, Allah is with the judge, Allah will support this judge Allah is with them, as long as they are not unjust, as long as their intention is to worship Allah to be in obedience to Allah to not want to, you know, be

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unjust towards anyone. And then the profits of the bison themselves for the job, that if this person becomes if this kadhi becomes unjust, meaning they're now willingly it's not that they're there, they're there, you know, they don't know that they're being unjust, they are knowingly and willingly when they become unjust, then what happens the hell I know that Allah leaves this, the Allah leaves this person, Wallasey Maharshi, upon, and that she upon begins to accompany this body, when this coffee becomes unjust. And once again, this is his decision, or her decision to be unjust, they're now leaving Allah, Allah will leave this person. And now who begins to accompany this, Bobby? Well,

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it is the she upon as the Prophet, so why send them tells us and it's not just and there's something that those of you are listening from, from Pakistan, and those of you who are from that area, you know, South Asia, those of you speak Urdu, there's something my grandmother would say, without, don't worry, I'm gonna say it early, but I'll translate it. She would say egg Jude co Giovanni Kalia has orangewood vulnerable, which means to hide one lie, you have to tell 1000 lies. And that is the process of this you have been he'll, he'll he'll he'll he'll justify that will first lie to us. Because he knows that now where he's going to, when it comes to protecting that lie, he'll convince

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us again, you know what, just say this to get out of it. And then we have to protect that lie and protect that lie and further and lie and lie and lie and lie more protect us to lead us down that path. And remember that the beginning of this process, we were the ones who made that decision to either tell that lie or not. So this is how this ship bond takes control over us. In reality, a person who knows and understands how the ship bond works, a person who knows how the ship on tries to deceive people he knows about the footsteps or she knows about the footsteps of the ship on a person who armed themselves with the knowledge of how to defeat the ship, which is what this seminar

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is for. And for me, this is a I love teaching the seminar because I love to myself review all of this material because even people who know we can forget mind ourselves of this information. You know, one of the things that I'll end with here inshallah, to Allah is, you know, being afraid of, of the ship on that, you know, the ship on Yes, as I said earlier, he has many ways of deceiving us. He has many methods that he uses. And we actually go over all of the message methods in this seminar. And we talked about how he tailors the method based off of who we are, that he attacks everyone differently, depending on what's going on in their life and the problems that they're

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dealing with or, or some challenges that they have, he'll attack them based off of that, and it can become overwhelming and a person may become afraid of the ship on because they're like there's just too much going on. And the reality is that we should not be afraid of this ship on it goes back to learning the knowledge of how to defeat the ship on and trusting in Allah who's penalty Allah that if we are sincere with Allah and we're sincerely seeking this knowledge that Allah has kind of Allah will protect us. And we have the example beautiful example of our model the Allah right. Who the prophets I send them told us is that

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amazing thing I don't think people really realize how amazing this is that the shield fund was actually afraid of Irma rhodiola. Once again, like I like I said, I don't think people realize how amazing of a statement that is of the prophets that always send them telling us telling the companions telling your model the line, that the Shia thought is actually afraid of their own model, the 11. And you know, it's not one narration there are multiple narrations. There's a narration in Timothy, there's a few narrations in Timothy, there's an original hidden behati multiple narration where the premises Adam said at different occasions of how the chiffon is afraid of our model, the

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Allied tire course. And he mentioned that he himself when he teaches the course he benefits every single time that's taught. And that's why one of the best features of innovative online courses is that it's actually lifetime access. And so you can watch all of the material this week, and then you can come back to it next year. And then you can come back to it the year after. And then you could be reflecting on one issue from the course four years from now and want to just go and brush up on one particular module or one particular lesson. And you can do that because it's lifetime access. And every time the course is ever relaunched, and Shipside, those live Q and A's, and the bonus

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sessions, and all of that type of stuff, you will always have that populate into your portal every single time because it has lifetime access. So that is a a wonderful, wonderful gift, an opportunity for you to get, but it is closing tomorrow. So make sure you go on to automotive online. And check it out in Charlotte and let other people know as well it is the course is called deception, a study of share thought with chefs at this day, Chef side. So

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we're not we're not going to be how to

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make a thought for us. But the notion that he feared omitted and hubbub and the notion that as you mentioned that Allah Subhana data says that the plot of shade line is weak, should be hope inducing. And I think that's one of the great lessons of this course is that a person becomes hopeful, recognizing and learning that one of the tricks of sheer thought is to make people feel hopeless. And that is a session that you already actually addressed in the preparation in the last for this course and see if anybody would like to actually hear that from chef side, you can go onto our YouTube channel, you'll be able to find that lecture. But I i think that that's one of the main

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things that a person walks out of that course with, do you agree? Or is there something else that you think is even more major end goal of this of this seminar? Joe logged out? I'm very glad you mentioned that because even this notion of it helps you wish for less panic that better i mean is the notion of defeat shape line is very, very attractive.

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But for sisters, some of the sisters we've pulled, you know, that notion might not be the most exciting notion to go into battle against a thought or defeat a thought or what have you. But sisters, it's also important that you recognize what the chef just mentioned that it is, it is a course that's designed to bring you closer to Allah Subhana data. That's that's one of the objectives of the course, it's not necessarily that every day you're going out thinking about shape bond, you know, shavon is planning to do, he's planning to ambush me outside of my apartment or my house or whatever. That's not necessarily yet but at the same time that you become cognizant of his

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traps, so that you are able to walk

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in a more swiftly way without tripping without falling in your your own journey to Allah subhanho data that you'll be protected. And so that's the ad here show. One more thing that also, you know, spiritually getting closer to a lot, you also get to know yourself better through this seminar, because, you know, we talked about how you know, the Shabbat influences us, not us as in just human beings or, you know, children, them, yeah, there's a general way, but we need to understand how the ship on may influence influence us as an individual. And really to understand that you have to understand yourself. So one of the things another thing I've heard people say and and that was one

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of my goals as well is that people, you know, take time to get to know themselves, their strengths and their weaknesses as well. Because that is how the sheer fun may attend them. And it's not supposed to be the scary thing. You know, it's not, you know, this, like I said, this culture of like Halloween and horror movies and ghosts and goals and all that kind of stuff. Like that's not what we're going that's not what, that's not what we're trying to do here. And so the way we introduced the notion of the ship fun is from a spiritual point of view, that this she upon affects our spirituality, meaning the Shia thought affects our relationship with Allah. So the chiffon

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doesn't want us to worship Allah, the shaitaan doesn't want us to obey Allah. The shift button wants us to do things that are displeasing to Allah is peddling to Allah. So that is where the that is the role of the shepherd. So in that sense, we want to have the we want to have the knowledge

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We want to be cognizant and vigilant against the sheer thought. So once again, the way we approach it is from a spiritual point of view that the main threat to us from the Shia bond is a spiritual threat. The scheltens threat is a sponsor again, the main threat from the shield bond is a spiritual threat. It is about our tech boy he attacks our tech war, he attacks our our piety, that is the real danger of the Shia been. And that is the way to approach the topic of the of the Shia, Allah to Allah, violent battle. Do you think a 12 year old would enjoy this class, Shiva Massoud asks, I think a 12 year old very much would enjoy the seminar, I generally tend to say like 14 and above.

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But in my experience, I would say possibly 93% of the material in this seminar is totally fine for a 12 year old Angela, not only is it fine, I think it'll be very beneficial inshallah, and beneficial, especially because a lot of the questions that children have regarding the shift button, they will be answered in this seminar. So it's like if you want to know how to talk to your if you know, the previous question, how do I talk to my child about this? You have been attend this seminar with them. Insha Allah, Allah, that'll get this discussion started? And that'll answer many of the, you know, hopefully, all of the questions that they have regarding this Yep. And so if you want to

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educate your kids, on one know that because a person will say, No, I don't, that's not part of my lifestyle, I'm not going to do it. And there's many ways that she had one may take this person who is pious and try to mislead them, one of them is getting them involved in argumentation getting them involved in, in personal problems and problems. And, you know, for me living in America living in North America, and I know, you know, I've heard this, and I've taught this seminar and other countries as well. And so I've heard that this happens in other countries as well. But, you know, a good

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the proof of that, you know, a good example of that is if you look at many of the massages that are out there, you know, in different communities, that, you know, one of the problems that many misdeeds face is fighting, you know, is arguing and fighting and disagreement in the masjid. And so if you think about that, from the perspective of the Shia pawn, it's, it's very obvious, it's very clear. And that makes complete sense because the Shia button won't go to the mesh didn't tell people to stop praying, they're in the mission, they are there to pray, they're gonna they're, you know, beat the ship and says, don't pray. That's not gonna work. So how does this happen, distract the

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people from prayer, we'll get them involved in listed politics, get them involved in arguments in the mission, get them involved in a power struggle, in the masjid, in disagreement and differences of opinion and this and that, so that the people who are there to worship will instead take their time that same time and they'll spend it you know, arguing and debating and getting involved in that kind of stuff, you know, personal issues and personal problems that will take away their attention. So, absolutely. This is one of the tactics of the Shere Khan and to know more about that, definitely check out this seminar inshallah.

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Melinda on Mei Mei says, Can you please extend the end day on the seminar to Friday, maybe we can't extend the end date it's ending tomorrow at midnight, but for anybody who need some particular accommodation, please make sure to email [email protected] or go on to the page itself and you can speak directly with one of the customer service team and inshallah tada you'll be able to be accommodated so go to the UN also happy that I get to see you, inshallah, Allah during the seminar in our live, live session, so don't forget to sign up inshallah tada and I will see you there is a Kamala Harris