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I was mentioned last week by our own chef eSFR the that show that starting today reference all three right now inshallah in a few minutes we're going to start our first segment of the q&a session inshallah. Once again if you had any questions you would send them to

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ask why queue at Epic Masjid ask why queue at Epic So if you have any questions inshallah you can please send them to that link. Just a few announcements number one is that there's a brother of our community but Adi Shakur, his brother, passed away in Pakistan in that in he was in a Rajon, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive him. May Allah subhana wa Tada convert his to yet into Hassan May Allah subhana wa Taala enlightened his grave May Allah subhanho wa Taala

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make the journey of the Accra an easy one for him. And may Allah give the family some of the Jimmy metal but I mean next. We also have an our own community. A very elderly one of our seniors say it's a he'll Dean Barbara I made do I insulted Fajr today for his she found out later on today that he passed away in that era he were in a Dr. John, we also ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive him May Allah subhanho wa Taala elevate his status. May Allah subhanho wa Taala also grant him companionship, that companionship as well so a lot of setting them agenda for those that Allah immunoblot Amin his other Janaza is going to be here at Epic tomorrow after sort of void inshallah

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and and then after that Barry will be in Denton and also our one of our brothers of our community brother Amir Janine. He was here in South Africa today. We found out that last night his mother in law passed away overseas to it not in LA he was in New York June. So all these people who passed away we ask Allah subhana wa that to forgive them. May Allah subhanaw taala enlighten their graves, may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant all of them gender for those that Allah along with the companionship of us allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant on every good that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has ever asked for, and may Allah subhana wa Taala protect them

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all from every evil and harm that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has ever sought protection from I mean, it'll be non immune so inshallah without further ado, inshallah we'll go ahead and start because we can wait for something so now we'll go ahead and start shift yes of all these q&a session right away and show love does everyone love it? Just wait for a few minutes while we set up

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the table

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to Zack,

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and this can be taken away

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we learn hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah He was honored to be here woman while a humble brag. So today is our first open q&a session. And again, as a reminder, there's a email that everybody can email ask why Q at Epic Masjid orgy at 100 I got at least 25 messages but I know it's going to be even more obviously we cannot answer all the questions the goal is to choose the best that is the most beneficial for the entire community. Also, my goal will be inshallah to do at least four or five questions. One of them theological, one of the methodological, one of them legal and one of them miscellaneous or Adobe. So every week we'll be around the same genre. So let

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us begin to Shala the first question and I'm not gonna mention the questioners name or it will always be anonymous, whatever you email me will be anonymous. The first question a brother email me saying, Our Prophet system said in a hadith that Islam began as something strange and you shall return to something strange. So give glad tidings to the strangers this hadith isn't Tirmidhi and it has a has an Hadith and our Prophet system also told us that his Alma will divide into 73 groups. So how do we reconcile the hadith of strangeness and the Hadith of splitting with those a hadith about Muslim unity? This is the first question that we seem to have a little bit of a maybe internal

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tension, where it seems as if one Hadith is predicting, differentiation, one Hadith is saying that people will be strange Muslims will be strange, and so many Hadith are telling us to be united. So with this, we say that if you look at the commentary of this hadith, if you look at what human hedger said us and Annie said, Ashoka and he said, they all mentioned that this hadith of the 73 is actually one of the most misunderstood and misused and abused Hadith. People use it to try to foment factionalism. And that was never the goal of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, our Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam never intended that we go and disunite even more than is already happening.

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So what we need to do is to look at the goal of this hadith and the wording of this hadith, the Hadith of the 73 sects. It is a Hesson it has not so high it is Hesson it's a good hadith is founded Tirmidhi and had been merged and others the most

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authentic hadith by the way, the ones that Behati and Muslim, they don't mention 73 They simply say there shall be a group that will be rightly guided until Judgment Day. So they mentioned some positive thing. And that is why some of our scholars, a small minority have said that this hadith of 73 is actually not authentic. However, insha Allah the majority position, the correct position is that it is authentic. However, if you look at the wording of the Hadith, the Hadith begins, my alma shell disunited, my ummah shall split up into 73. This wording is so important why? Because the Prophet system begins the Hadith by stressing my ummah, then he mentioned it will be divided. So all

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of these groups without exception are within the fold of Islam. And if they are within the fold of Islam, this means that the rights of the Muslim the happen Muslim shall be given to all of them in terms of responding to the salam and Turner's making dua for them in terms of visiting them when they are sick in terms of praying janazah over them. So the rights of the ummah will be given to all of these groups. We are not talking about those groups that are outside the fold of Islam, when other groups outside the fold of Islam when they contradict the explicit Kenema La Ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, or they contravene something that is known by unanimous opinion everybody

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knows it, and a group says we're not going to accept this and these are the exception. So within the Ummah there will be some division. Also a son Andy says it is a big misunderstanding to say that the majority of the onma will be misguided. They get this from the fraction 72 out of 73. But a son Andy himself says and before even agile, all of these other groups put together are a small percentage of the one correct group, all of the other groups will not be as large as the mainstream ummah. How do we know this? Because our prophecies and predicted that the bulk of the Ummah shall be rightly guided in the almighty Almighty and markoma My Ummah is a blessing from Allah that Allah has shown

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mercy to our prophets, as I mentioned that Gibreel showed him the OMA that will go to heaven, and it blocked the entire horizon. Our Prophet system said hadith is in Behati, would you like it that out of all of the 70 plus one was my Alma will be 1/3 of the people have Janna they said Allahu Akbar 1/3 He said, Would you like it? If the fraction was one half they said Allahu Akbar one half he said, Well Raha I'm optimistic that my Alma shall be two thirds of the people of Jana, one amount of so many OMAS and two thirds. This means that the majority of the Ummah is insha Allah rightly guided not incorrectly guided, it is a mistake to say that the majority is incorrectly guided. In fact, one

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of the hallmarks of Orthodoxy is the mainstream. Our Prophet system said hold on to the mainstream that the blessings of Allah the Hand of Allah is over the Gemma. So the bulk of the Ummah Al Hamdulillah is rightly guided and we know this from the theological beliefs, the bulk of the Ummah, believes in the Quran believes in the Sunnah respects the Sahaba, the hadith of Gibreel the Sikhs are can they believe in them, this is a hamdulillah the majority. As for the disagreements beyond this insha Allah this is not something we should make a big deal over. And as for those who disagree with the six fundamental pillars of iman, so there are groups that don't like the Sahaba there are

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groups that reject cardup, these deviations Do not kick them outside the fold of Islam, they remain Muslim, therefore, they have some connection with us, but not as strong as the connection of those that obviously fulfill all six of the pillars as well how we treat these other groups. It varies from time to time and place to place and situation and situation. At times of weakness, we need to strengthen ourselves by unifying as much as possible, perhaps at times of Iza and power we can be more harsh at those who are deviating but at times of weakness. These are the times where we do not dis unite, we attempt to unite and this is something that our classical scholars including him and

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Tamia, and others have mentioned. So the bottom line, the Hadith of the 73 and the Hadith are being strange at the end of times they are authentic, but we should not use these Hadith to increase division. That's not the intent of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. As for the hadith of strangeness, it has nothing to do with division. It has everything to do with sticking to morality sticking to good love when people have left us love because our profit system said that towards the end of times the one who holds on to the religion will be like the one who's holding on to burning charcoal burning charcoal burning fuel he didn't say that that within the OMA there's gonna be

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Division. He said the Hadith or the strangeness people will not be following Islam. So the one who is

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honest, the one who is praying five times a day, the one who is avoiding the major sins, that person will be strange. And that is true. So it has nothing to do with unity and disunity. And Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best. We'll move on to our second question. And it is methodological. And in fact, four of you asked this question and even now, before the Salah, one of you are some actually five people, and it is one of the most common questions, and inshallah I'll have a long lecture about this, but I need to

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clarify in a few minutes, the question is, I will summarize it. One brother actually email me that chef, I'm born in the Hanafi madhhab. But I don't know what the Hanafi madhhab is just my parents told me I'm Hanafi and I don't have the resources or the knowledge to study the method. What should I do? Should I just follow any share or ask any chef or should I try to stick to the mud? What should I do? So this is a very deep question. It's the question of the methods and inshallah one day will give much longer lectures about the history of the med hub and whatnot. In a nutshell, a mazahub is a human attempt to arrive at the Sharia of Allah subhanho wa taala. It is the attempt by

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great ruler ma by people whose names you have heard Imam Abu Hanifa Imam Shafi Mamadi Imam Al Haddad been the humble and more Imams. There were more than four mega hubs, there were over 40 med hubs at one point in time, these were efforts by great scholars to try to codify the Sharia to try to make it structured to try to put parameters and over time certain med hubs flourished. Other main hubs they dwindled out. And as we all know, currently there are typically four large student Event Hubs but there are smaller med hubs as well. And there's also recently a movement to basically not follow any of the med hubs and go back directly to the Quran and Sunnah. And the reality is that the people

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who want to go back directly to the Quran and Sunnah, it's a good slogan, but in reality, the mud hubs themselves are attempting to go back to the Quran and Sunnah. It's not as if the mud hubs are not going back to the Quran and Sunnah. And what happens when you say, we're not going to follow the mud hubs, we're going to try to go back directly, you actually ended up creating another myth hub as well. So not much is accomplished. So my philosophy is as follows that we need to understand that the vast majority of questions that anybody asks any chef cannot be answered by opening up a book of Hadith and just getting it from there. It doesn't work that way. Rather, what the mud hub does, it

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is a set of parameters. In English we call it a paradigm in Arabic We say assume it is a set of parameters. How do you approach the texts? What do you do when the texts appear to conflict with one another? How do you interpret the same text? This is what the med hub does. You cannot simply open up a book of Hadith and derive Islamic law, even the most basic questions of Islamic law you need some type of systematic framework I will give you simple examples when it comes to doing we'll do doing we'll do a simple example. Must you do will do in the order of the versus thoughts and Majda that Allah says in the Quran Oh, you who believe when it is time to pray, basically stand up, you

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wash your face and your hands and you wipe your head and then you wash your feet. This is in the Quran four things are mentioned. Right? Simple question, what if you accidentally miss up and you do number three, instead of number three? Rule number two, you wash the feet instead of wiping the hands and you flip it around? Is your will do valid or not? Which Hadith Are you going to go to to invalidate or to validate you will not find any. So within the mud hubs, you will find two mud hubs that say Oh, you must follow the same term theme because Allah said it so we must follow it and to madhhab say well, this third theme is sunnah TR T means order this TR T the Sunnah, but it's not

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what if you know if my mother says to me that you know, son, if you can, you know, warm the dinner and make some chai for me? What if I made the chai and warm to dinner? I've done the job. I've done what she asked me. So I've done what Allah said if even if I flip it around, how will you solve this question? There is no easy answer. That's where the mud hub comes in. Another simple question of Hulu. Allah says do we'll do in these four things right? What if you delay and you make some timeframe you're doing will do and your cell phone rings and your feet were not washed? You answer the cell phone. You walk around 20 minutes mashallah Tabata kala talking to somebody, now you come

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back, what do you do? Can you continue from where you left off? This is called Muda. Or Must you go back to the beginning, I challenge you to find any Hadith you will not find it this is where the mazahub comes in. It is a framework it is an assumed it is a paradigm and therefore the default historically for the last 14 and a half centuries, the bulk of the Ummah has followed a systematic way

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Pedology call it a madhhab. It makes life easier. However, in my humble opinion, it is not Rajib. Because wajib is a big term, Wajid means Allah requires you to follow. Why just means it is an obligation. That's a big thing. It is not wajib to follow a madhhab. But it makes sense, it makes life easier. And this is the historical norm that people typically follow a madhhab. As for the movements recently that are attempting to basically reject them at times and go back, as I said, if you understand what is going on, what they have done is essentially create another method other than those four, and there are issues and pros and cons over there. The bottom line. In my humble

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opinion, when it comes to this issue, you have one of two options, and you may choose any one of them, either stick with your madhhab and no problem. And Inshallah, if you come to me and you say what is the Hanafi position? If I don't know it, I will look it up and tell you and that's fine, no problem. Or it is allowed to ask a learned person and get the answer from the learner person without wondering which meth hub is there? Because Allah says in the Quran fest, Allah decree in quantum data and among us the people of knowledge, if you don't know, so, if an issue comes up and you don't know and you ask a chef, and then three days later another issue comes you ask another respected

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chef, no problem that is also allowed, because in the end of the day, even if somebody were to tell you this the Hanafi madhhab, you have no way to ascertain it anyway, you are following a learned authority? The example I give that as inshallah understandable, I am not a medical doctor, right? It is not my area of expertise. Now, what do I do when I have a medical issue? I go to the expert. And how do I know the expert is the expert? Well, the perception, the degrees the credibility, people know. So there is something called PR there is something called credibility, there is something called you know, the certificate education. It's something that is known scholarship is known. So I

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go to the doctor and I say, okay, what are you these are my problems? What is your prescription? Once the doctor prescribes it? Am I in a position to question the doctor, where'd you get that from? What's your evidence? I did not go to medical school. I cannot do that. Now, suppose another doctor who is a more specialist than the first one says, oh, but actually this is my area. You went to a general practitioner. Now you have you what you did as a pulmonologist. I'm a pulmonologist. Now perhaps I may follow the more learned doctor but what is not allowed? Is footwear shopping for the easiest fatwah why the example would be I go to 10 doctors, and I choose the prescription simply

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because it's the cheapest prescription. Who does that nobody. My life is too precious that I don't care if the prescription is $10 or $1. I want to go to the best doctor. That's what I do. So when it comes to the share when it comes to Islam, your Islam was more precious than your life, you may ask a second opinion. If the second share, you feel is more qualified, no problem. But you should not go footwear shopping for the best bargain because your religion is too precious to do that. And you are not qualified to pick and choose based upon ease and convenience. This is what pretty much unanimously our scholars have said do not go and ask 10 scholars to Then simply choose the easiest

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position that does not make sense. Either stick with them. And that's fine and that's healthy. When a situation arises, ask a chef and the chef is qualified and you may follow the chef no problem. Either of these are allowed and Allah azza wa jal knows best. The third question today will have four questions. The third question, Sister emailed and said, what constitutes backbiting and when is backbiting allowed? So backbiting has been defined by the sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam lick Ruka, haka, Bhima Yakata, to mention something about your brother, behind his back office is that he does not like to be mentioned. So this is a factual thing, which you have said is

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factual. You mentioned an awkward and embarrassing issue. You mentioned something that will bring shame to that person, and he doesn't want it to be known. And you mentioned it in front of other people. This is backbiting you should not do that. As for lying. This is even worse as our Prophet system said, and this is slander. Now, when is backbiting allowed Imam and nowhere mentioned six positions. Imam Ashoka and he wrote a treatise for Reba fumiyo Jews who made a huge amount of labor, that raising the doubt about what is and isn't allowed of LIBOR. All of these treaties and tracks are really not comprehensive. They're simply trying to give you examples and illustrations, when can

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you do LIBOR? And I'll give you these some of these examples and exemptions, but realize these are exceptions. The rule is you never do LIBOR. That is the rule. Do not think that every second thing you say will be an exception. Exceptions remain exceptions. What are the exceptions? Number one, all of the fuqaha mentioned the number one accept

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Russian law your head biller who Jehovah sue me not only in Volume One zoom has been done to you, when somebody has taken your hat, when somebody has lied, cheated, stole your money when somebody double crossed you, you have the right to get your health back, you go to the people of authority, you go to the judge, you go to so and so. And you say what do I do? This person did this, I need to help. So you're allowed to mention the faults of a person when your hack has been taken. Number two, some of our scholars mentioned that when you're warning against a generic public evil, so this is a person who His presence is evil that he is bringing he might be for example, selling drugs, for

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example, to the children or whatever you get my point. This is a person he has no sanctity, you need to warn the community. This is a bad person. We don't want him coming to our community because of this. So a general muscle that you want to protect the community, not a private sin, a person's private sins remain between him and Allah azza wa jal, even if you see somebody drinking, it's none of your business to go and tell other people but now suppose he's selling drugs to other people, he's selling drugs to the teenagers and kids. Now this is something else and you need to help prevent that even if it means mentioning what he is doing in public. Another thing as well is that

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if somebody comes to you for a personal advice about a person that he wants to do business with, or he's interested in a marriage prospect or any reason where it is a greater good that you mentioned, it is mentioned that phantom of interphase Hadeeth is in Behati she came to the Prophet system and said, O Messenger of Allah, while we have proposed for me and Abuja him propose for me what should I do? The prophets Assam in public Wow, it was not there. Abuja home was not there. The prophecies some said, As for more hours where he has no money, you will not be successful marrying him and ask for Abuja him he beats his wife, you will not be happy, go and marry so and so. So he mentioned

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false about the other people and they were not sitting there. What gives the right to mention false now she's coming for is called istikhara. It's the Shara specific advice I want to know a business partnership, you know full on Zaid amor, I want to enter a business partnership. And I know you had a business partnership, you will say Oh, I have to tell you, you know, I found him to be somebody who double crossed me multiple times, beware, this is not labor, you are now istikhara you're giving me advice to protect me. So this is something that is also allowed in sha Allah to Allah. Now the gray area. And I'll just mention it, the gray area that our scholars have differed over in this

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regard, is that it is very common. And again, not to be too generic or sexist. But this is a little bit more common in our sisters and brothers. We have our faults, and sometimes sisters have certain things as well, that's more prone to them. That the issue of talking about what happened to you with another person. So so and so did something to me, you're hurt. You want to tell somebody else what so and so did you see the point here, right? So something happened to you. It's something dealing with you. We're not talking about brother X and brother y doing something now you mentioning that's 100% of EVA, how about if brother X or Sister x hurt Sister why your sister wife? Now you want to go

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and tell your husband, you want to go and tell other people right is this veba or not? And this is unfortunately the common conversation that takes place in many households and many gatherings of men and women as well. And this is where Allah knows best I would say we need to look very, very carefully. What is the NEA behind mentioning this awkward conversation behind mentioning what happened if the NEA is to name and shame? If the NEA is to humiliate, then it is labor. But if the NEA is to get advice, what should I do? It's very common, for example, that a sister might say, Oh, my husband did this and this, he said this and this and she'll tell her best friend, she'll call up

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say no, my husband came home. He was in a bad mood. He did this and this, and she's basically expressing a frustration. Okay, now, is it a lever? When the sister mentions what her husband did? That's awkward. That's embarrassing. This is a very gray area. And Allah knows best. What I will say is she needs to live in a brother can do the same as well. We need to look very carefully. What is the NIA if the need is to bring about solar to bring about reconciliation. So the reason why the sisters telling her best friend she wants to hear an opinion she wants to hear what should I do? Was I in the right? Was he in the right? If I'm in the right, what can I do to get the situation back if

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I'm in the wrong Should I apologize? So if Renea is to bring solar, then in sha Allah, if she goes to a trustworthy source, it is not LIBOR. But if the NIA is named

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In shame, if the NIA is humiliate, then this would constitute your labor because what's the purpose of telling the faults of another person? Even if that has happened to you? And Allah subhana, which Allah knows best? The final question for today? So the final question will be a wildcard miscellaneous cutting edge or humorous or whatever today is cutting edge. And the final question, somebody said that he was filling out his driver's license form, he got to the question of organ donation and he got stuck. What should I do is organ donation Hallel in Islam. Last year, the fifth Council discussed this in our annual meeting, and we released our fatwa about organ donation and the

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Fed Council North America as you should all know, it is the senior most and eldest body is from the early 1980s. It was formed. And it is a council that deals with modern issues and fatwas, and it is headed by some Esteemed Scholars, including Dr. WAZ msdt. Doctors with it Dr. Jamal by the way, Dr. Justin elder, I'm also one of the junior members on the council. So we discussed this issue of organ donation, and we released a photo about organ donation and we said that there are certain areas that are inshallah very clear halal, other areas that are very clear haram. And as usual, there's a bit of a gray area as for the clear, halal, what is without a doubt acceptable is that a person donates

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an organ to another person, it is not a requirement that the person would be Muslim, you may donate an organ to another person that is needed for the life or the stability of the other person. As long as the first person does not give his life up for the other person. You don't kill yourself for the other person so the person can write in his will when I die, you will give my heart to somebody who needs it, you're gonna give my liver to somebody who needs it. While alive you may donate that which you can live without like your kidney. I don't think there's anything else or maybe half of a liver or whatever the doctors know best. But you know, whatever you can live without, you may give to a

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person who needs it to live a normal life or to live a life but you cannot donate sorry, you cannot give for the sake of money, ie you cannot sell your organs by unanimous consensus. It is haram to sell your organs. It is haram to give blood for a gift you do not give blood to get money. Why? Because our body does not belong to us. It belongs to Allah subhana wa Tada. We cannot sell what we don't own. I don't own my body, Allah owns my body, we can sell what I own, I can sell you my iPhone, I cannot sell you my kidney, I cannot sell you my blood, I cannot sell you my organs. It is haram to buy and sell one's organs. So you may donate your organs

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to another human being, however, to donate to what is called Science, the fifth council said no, because this is a type of mutilation and to simply cut up a body and to open up things and look at this. We, you know, our Prophet solicit them said Hadith isn't a Buddha would breaking the bones of a corpse is as sinful as breaking the bones of a living person. This is a Hadith. And our Prophet says and forbade mutilation, even of the pagan enemies in the Battle of butter. He forbade mutilation, and cutting up the body and taking things out. This is a type of mutilation. So we do not do this to ourselves willingly. We do not do it to our loved ones. We don't do this. And that's

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why as well, autopsies, we try our best not to do them. But if the government requires it requires but we don't willingly just do it for no reason. We want to protect the sanctity of the body, as well, by unanimous consensus of all the field councils of the world's reproductive organs cannot be donated, you cannot donate male or female reproductive organs. This is something that is not allowed to donate as well. The person whose organ is donated, that is the person who must set sign in His will or her will, that I want my organs to be donated now, gray area, what if the person didn't say yes or no? If the person said yes or no, that's binding? What if he was quiet? Then the heirs come

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and say, Oh, our cousin needs his his liver, okay. Our sister needs this and the heirs decide to take an Oregon there's a bit of a gray area. The fifth Council allowed this that if the IRS unanimously agree and they they feel that our brother our father, our mother would willingly give up an Oregon to such and such a person. And if they agreed, then it shallow to either it is allowed to do that. If they unanimously if they don't unanimously, then that's one of those gray areas. And the biggest area that we did not and could not reach a decisive verdict because doctors themselves have not reached a decisive verdict. When does death begin in life and such that you may take the Oregon

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out because I'm not a medical doctor. But from what I understand there is this this small gap of a person who's about to die, that

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Do you need to take the heart or deliver the kidney at a time when technically the heart's still beating, but the brain might be dead for example, right? So you need to take it out and and then you know, do that and you're going to cause the death of this patient. This was a great area because doctors themselves have not quite fine tune this for sure if the patient has died, you may take the organs out if he said You may take them out. But what if the patient is on that line between life and death? Can you take an organ that will cause the death knowing that he is about to die, this is something that doctors themselves are discussing amongst themselves so the fifth council so we need

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to come back and look at this when we have more information that is the only gray area that was there in the major in this regard. And with this shallow data we conclude our q&a today once again, you may send me any questions that ask why queue at Epic Mr. Dot orgy and from tomorrow, inshallah Wednesday will be beginning my weekly head of cotton doodles which is going to be the first series is going to be signs of the end of times, which is a shorter setup and the last a few weeks in sha Allah Allah we're going to start that tomorrow at 9pm My lectures will always be in the evening is Wednesday, and because Russia is so late, it will have to be before Asia once Russia comes down

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inshallah we could do it after Russia but for now for the next two three months until Russia gets down from 9pm until Russia time we'll be having our lecture tomorrow will be the first one basically after Missouri it will be Muslim Wait a while and then start our lecture signs of judgment dangers Aqua local Clara said on why they come rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh?

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What you

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can do Germany he made us money. Oh yes, yes.

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He's my brother.

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You're younger than 40?

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Yes, let me just put this