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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Manuela Hama bad. Welcome to another episode of our weekly q&a And we have a number of questions today I'll try to be a little bit faster than usual. We've gotten some emails stating that sometimes they spent too long answering the question, and that's a valid point. So inshallah first question today, Sister Shama emails, location unknown, and she says that, what is the reality of solitude? This beer, is there something called solder to the spear? I've heard some controversy over this or can you shed some light about this question? So the question is about selected the spear

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what is selected the spear solid This is a specific prayer that has been narrated in a hadith reported in a number of books of Buddha woods and Timothy and the Masoretic about Hakim, and other books of Hadith, in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is reported to have said to his uncle, Al Abbas ibn Abdullah Battaglia, that, Oh, my uncle, or Abbas Should I not give to you shenana give you something of benefit should or not do something that will help you, I will tell you 10 things if you do them 10 things, if you do them, that Allah shall forgive all of your sins, the first of them, and the last of them, the ancient of them, and the newest of them, the intention of

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of them, and the unintentional of them, the large of them in the small of them, the secret of them, and the hidden of them, that you pray for Raka arts, and in every single raka you began with the Fatiha and then a surah. And once you finish the Surah, then before you go into the recorder, you Say Subhan, Allah, He will hamdu Lillahi wa la ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar 15 times, and then you go into court, and then you say, after the spearhead the same thing 10 times, then when you stand up, then you say it also 10 times, then when you go into such the, then you say it's also 10 times, then when you sit between the two sides, as you say, 10 times, then when you go to the second says

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that you say it 10 times, and then when you stand up before you begin the fight to how you say it 10 times as well. And that will be 75 times then you repeat the cycle, every single record, that will be 75 times for every single America you do that for for rocker out. And then the Hadith allegedly says, if you're able to do this prayer once a day, then do so if not, then at least every week, do so if not, then at least every month do so if not at least once every year do so and if not then at least once in your lifetime do so now. This hadith is a very interesting discussion, and many treatises have been written just about this hadith it is fair to say that this hadith has been one

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of the most controversial one. Obviously there are many of this nature, but one of the most hotly contested and debated with regards to his authenticity throughout Islamic history. And believe it or not, we have the entire spectrum it is one of the few Hadith that our scholars have differed over so much generally speaking, once called is due for over Hadith. It's basically one shade between here or there is a diary for is it hasn't this hadith has proven to be so contentious for reasons beyond the scope of our lecture but just for your information, say we have had scholars through the entire spectrum of this hadith, there are some that have even made this hadith sahih the lady which is

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basically one of the highest levels, and there are those like a SUTI who have said it is Hassan it is a good Hadith and there are those like Ali Al Medina and like Imam Muhammad and like even Jose Emma they have said it is brief and there are those that have said it his life then and there are even those that Josie For example, He says it is a fabricated Hadith. So we have from fabricated all the way to authentic and all the shades in the middle. We have had scholars talk about this hadith. The reasons are, again, beyond the scope of our q&a here because it deals with the technicalities of how the sciences suffice to state that the issue comes that this hadith does not have a single

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authentic chain, rather it has a multitude of weak chains. So the question then comes to the scholar of Friday when he looks at these weak chains, do they aid one another? Do they support one another to the level of acceptability Hassan and then there is also a

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Philosophy out there, which is a very minor philosophy. It's a very small group of scholars who said that if there's a lot of you know, even Hassan, they might even get to say, hey, the lady, which is not the mainstream position, but it is out there. And so those scholars even said it has been boosted to that level. You should know that most of the early scholars of Hadith considered this narration to be not authentic. And that's something that is very important because, generally speaking, one finds the giants of the field in Hadith. Imam Muhammad and the earliest called is Alia Medina who is the Teacher mount hottie that these are the main the big names, and we know for a fact

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that all of those early scholars, they consider this hadith to be not authentic. Also, by the way, the Hadith simply sounds strange, to be honest, those who are experts in Hadith those who immerse their lives in Hadith, and they collect and they narrate Hadith, simply reading this hadith, something seems off about it. They don't seem to be the wordings of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and something seems to be you know, not correct about this. Nonetheless, that is an opinion there are opinions that consider this hadith to be authentic and realty is also Yani, a scholar in our times, share Carl Barney who is known to be somebody who could spent an entire lifetime

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specializing in the sciences he has contributed immensely, you know, friend and foe alike acknowledge that shareholders Barney has really done a lot of service to the Sunnah and the Hadith books and he has considered this Hadith also to be authentic along with many of his students. And so we have this healthy controversy in this regard. Therefore, this these are issues that we should not to make something that is very clear cut over we should not say it is haram or wrong. We should not say it is rather you're asking me my opinion personally, and I say that I follow hear what Mr. Imam Muhammad said Imam Hamber was asked about this hadith as reported in the famous book called Mahonia,

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Libyan Kodama, the hammer, the mother her book that it will Kodama said that as for the sighted this be, then Imam Ahmed said that now you're Giovanni, I don't like to do it. So he was asked, why not? And so he replied that he moved his hands like this and he said, There is nothing authentic about it. Okay. There's nothing authentic narrative about it. And Imam Muhammad therefore considers Hadith to be weak. And so he does not consider this Salah to be Mr. hab or something that should be done. And then even Kodama, the famous scholar of the humble he might have in fact, he is the giant of the humbly tradition he has written a number of books and Modi is considered to be one of the primary

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references and Encyclopedia of the madhhab even even Kodama den says, however, so he narrates him, I might miss it, I don't like it and I'd rather not do it. Then he says, However, if a person prays it further, but there is no problem for in nanofiller Well, phorbol ala la you started also huddle Hadith aefi When it comes to Nephele, Salah when it comes to these supererogatory prayers, we do not condition that there will be something authentic or we can act upon a weak Hadith in this regard. So even Kodama makes a very good point even if the hadith is not authentic, so what in the end of the day it is a Salah you were standing facing the Qibla with will do you're bowing your head to Allah

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subhana wa Tada in the end of the day, all of these that you are saying are of God Subhan Allah at hamdulillah Allahu Allahu Akbar, in the end of the day is for regard nothing. So don't make such a major issue or controversy. And do not call this ever to be a Buddha. In my opinion, this is a complete blatant disregard of the reality of what a bid is. It cannot be a bid up because you are following what you think is a sunnah even if it is a Hadith, it is allowed by many scholars. In fact, it is the majority opinion that you may practice a weak Hadith as long as the general rubric of what you are doing is something that is allowed. So while I personally do not pray Salah to

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disappear, and I've never prayed that I to test your hand, as of yet is because I consider these Hadith to be not authentic. I personally would not do that simply because I find the wordings to be something bizarre. That just doesn't seem to be something that the prophets of the CENTUM said nonetheless, as even Kodama says, even if it is weak, if somebody chooses to opt in and do this, practice this hadith in the end of the day, honestly, what's the big deal is forecast so no meaning for Acharya and boy sunnah here. I mean, you know not for the prayer, and you are doing everything legit. And you are saying I've got within the sada and you think that you are following either an

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authentic hadith if you follow her at value, you follow some of the other scholars or salute and others or even if you think like Mr. Muhammad said

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that, okay, the hadith of life, you might be following the position that it is permissible to act upon a life Hadith. So therefore, whoever chooses to do this, they have precedents and they have scholarship, and they have a basis and a legitimate paradigm. And no one should criticize that person. And whoever says, You know what, something seems a bit off about this. And I'd rather stick with what I'm more comfortable doing? Well, that person has also done something good, and they have remained clear of an area or a matter that might be a great, and if they don't press a lot at the spear, make sure that they do something else. Because again, I conclude on this point before I move

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to the next quote, next question. All too often. Some of our brothers are very harsh or strict about an action of worship that they think is wrong, and maybe they're right, sometimes they might be wrong, and they don't provide a substitute. And so what they end up doing is an innocent Muslim might have wanted to pray some some prayer that he thinks is good like this one, and some brother comes Oh, this is how long would this has been out this is wrong, and then no substitute is provided. So you end up you know, basically not

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helping the spirituality of this person, you end up just coming in destroying something good that they wanted to do. So my humble suggestion is that if you feel that this Salah is not something that should be performed, okay, no problem. Praise Allah to Doha pray any extra nephila And anytime, pray DADGAD Salah once in a while, so my point is that, make sure you don't be amongst those people who all they do is they destroy and they refute, and they make things harsh, and they don't provide a substitute. Be careful that we have that healthy balance. I personally do not pray, selected the spear, but you know, try to pray other sort of what regularly as well that inshallah can have that

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that portion of your life, because really, it is important that we understand that there is a need to be spiritual, there is a need to do these rituals. And when you shut off doors, make sure that you allow other doors as well. So in the end, Allah knows best I personally don't do it, however, whoever wants to do it, there is precedent in doing that. Allah subhana, Allah to Allah knows best.

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The second question that we have, so very difficult questions. Subhan Allah brother, I leave from Vancouver, he mentioned that he knows of a couple that was happily married for a few years. And a few years have gone by since the marriage, then the husband discovers that his wife had some type of an Islamic relationship, you know, with another person before marriage, you get the point what I'm trying to say here, now the husband is devastated and heartbroken. He doesn't know if he can continue. And he's asking that is the marriage valid, knowing that she had a previous relationship, and then the Nikka has performed? And now what advice you know, would give him? So this is a very

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difficult, emotional question. At the same time, we have to be very clear here. As for the validity of the Nika as for the concept that the Nikka was correct or incorrect, dear brother, please don't go there at all. There is no question that the Nikka was valid. Whatever sins were done at a previous point in one's life, it doesn't affect the validity of the NiCad Annika contract has its own conditions. And as long as those conditions were met, which inshallah they were because you were saying, You were married for many years, I'm assuming that again, everything was made them out of the the witnesses, everything was done there. So, if there was a haram relationship in the past,

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that has nothing to do with the validity of the NIC guy. So please don't let us on whisper to you and make something you know, different in this regard than ICA is valid. Now, the question a number of questions are arise the one of the questions that arises is that in hindsight, in hindsight, should a partner who has had an unjust law MC relationship and of course you understand what I mean here and to be explicit, because it is a sensitive question. I mean, that a person has actually engaged in Zina and done something that is completely beyond their major sin. Obviously, as for minor sins, these are not things that should be told to anybody and who amongst us has not committed

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minor sins of flirtation or whatnot, this is something that you know, it is something that not to justify it, but again, this is human nature, that things happen of this of this nature and to make this a major issue, to have feelings for somebody or whatnot, then you this is something we should ignore completely. However, in this case, there was an actual physical relationship with another person. And now the husband discovers this so many years later, that in the past, you know, his wife had had this type of relationship. So, the question now, in hindsight, should she have told her husband to be before the marriage or the other way around? Suppose it was the husband who had had on

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Relationship with a lady and now he is proposing to a sister the sister is pious she's been you know, mashallah protecting herself for marriage, but he has fallen short should he confess his sins should he go tell her or again both ways gender is irrelevant by the way to your brothers and sisters gender, in this case is irrelevant. The sin is the sin, the sin of the man the sin of the woman, it is exactly the same the sin of Zina is equally reprehensible upon a man and upon a woman in this particular case, the question I'm getting has it that the female, you know, had a relationship, but in reality, it doesn't matter which gender had a relationship should either of

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these partners have confessed to the other and the response might shock you, but in reality, we say, if there has been genuine repentance, then no, you should not tell the person necessarily it is not a requirement, but you may choose to do so you may opt to do so, the prerogative is up to you as the individual that if you feel that it is in your best interest to to to inform your partner to be you may gently hint at it without being explicit, and then see if your partner wants to take that and press you further. So for example, if such a situation arises, you may say that look, I want to be very clear here that I have done things in the past that I regret. And I ask Allah's forgiveness for

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and you can be honest and say and I would rather not say them explicitly, leave it at that. Now your partner to be says, I want to know, tell me, it's up to you, you can say I don't want to tell you and you know, it's up to you now whether you want to propose or not. Or you can confess and say okay, if you're insisting I want to tell you, but with the caveat that I've repented to Allah subhanho wa taala. So the general rule dear Muslim, or Muslim, when you've committed a sin, and you've repented from that sin, you cover it up, you don't go tell other people about it, you don't go and expose the sin to other people, it's a private sin between you and Allah, you did something

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wrong, you regret it, repent to Allah, there are certain timings where it might be beneficial to say something to somebody, and that's your own situation, you know, so she did not necessarily do anything wrong by not telling you of her past if she had completely repented. So whether she should have said it or not. It's up to her and she did not do something wrong by by necessarily by covering it up. But she could have told you and it's a two way street, you know, the man would have also said to his wife to be if he had done something of this nature, it is up to them. Now,

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another point before I move on, is that I've said this, a lot of times when I give lectures to younger audiences, college age, you know, young men and women or even teenagers these days, and I've said to them, you know, you guys need to think long and hard about playing around about these types of relationships, because they will come back to haunt you. It's not easy, getting married with baggage behind you. It's not easy. It will scar you every single haram relationship that you have every single relationship that crosses the red line. And again, there are things like to have feeling for somebody, this is completely highlight, if you don't act upon it, you have a crush, we

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call the drought. You know, you imagine I wish I could marry this person. I mean, this is human nature, if you didn't have this, maybe something's wrong with you, that's completely valid, that's innocent, you don't have to act upon it. You don't have to tell anybody about it. You know, to go a little bit more than this and do minor sins, you know, this is not good and healthy. And you know, may Allah forgive if anything like that has happened, but definitely, to cross the red line and to actually engage in in our area to be law, you are scoring yourself, and you will have repercussions in your own life. And I say this to every young man and young woman and everybody out there, that

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this is not a light matter that you are going to potentially harm the relationship that is going to be for the father of your child with the father of your children, or the mother of your children, your life partner is going to be harmed because of what you did as a 2021 year old, 22 year old. So it's not trivial. And save and protect yourself for your partner, it will be better for you, and it will be better for your partner as well. And the love and the joy and the happiness that comes when two people have protected themselves for each other and the happiness that they discover and the joys and the intimacy and the love that happens between two people that have discovered each other's

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love and not been with other partners. That is a totally separate level. And that is the Islamic goal. That is the Islamic point of view. So my honest advice to all young men and women is that it's not just a question of some tents, some fun, some, you know, few weeks or even some hours that we will have just fun and that's it. No, it is a lifelong repercussion. And we see this in this question here. Subhanallah we have here a couple that

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But apparently everything is going fine. Everything is fine, you know, happy marriage, the wording used in the question is that we had a happy marriage. And then this discovery is made, and now everything comes shattering down, save yourself the hassle of being put in such an awkward situation and don't do that. So that's another piece of advice here. Now, the the other advice the the brother says that, what should he do now, like he feels as if his whole world is shattered now because obviously he feels betrayed. Now.

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First thing that we need to do is that nobody can make this decision other than you. It's a very difficult decision. And really, you have to think long and hard. I ask and advise you to pray, it's the horror. And then to ask your immediate, you know, those who know about this, or if nobody else knows, by the way, then don't tell anybody because you're, your partner has done a sin that nobody knows that it's not your job to go and expose that sin to anybody else. Anybody else. If you feel you must, you know, get advice from one or two people whom you very much trust, try to be generic, even if they will understand, say, what would you do if you found out that your spouse don't say I

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found out because there is no need to expose the sins of anybody else. Now she is your wife, there is an extra layer of protection due upon you that there's no need to go to anybody else. So my advice is you don't even tell anybody else. But if you must get advice, then speak generically and don't speak specifically. And we all understand when you speak generically the person will understand but you have not done specifically mentioned your wife by by name, but praise the hara and do is to Shara as I've said in many, many lectures, now in the end of the day, dear brother, or your sister if it's another way around, because again, it's a two way street here.

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Nobody can force you to remain or to leave. This is a general rule. Marriage is not like a binding contract on either party, even you know, a man or a woman for any reason, if there's a legitimate reason they may work to dissolve the marriage, you know, no doubt for a manatee is easier in Islamic health. But even lady can dissolve the marriage if she really wants to, she's not satisfied completely. And she really, you know, for whatever reason, and in this case, she would have a legitimate reason as well that if she felt betrayed or whatnot, that her husband had done this, and she had, you know, protected herself, she would have a legitimate case to say, look, I don't I feel

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uncomfortable, etc. And that's her prerogative. So nobody can force a person to remain in a marriage, they they don't want to at the same time. At the same time, you yourself have said from your own email, you were saying that it was a happy marriage until this discovery was made. Now I don't know the details, but I'm assuming that the discovery happened by accident by per chance that something must have come up. And you know, whatever it came out, it wasn't something that, you know, that was persistent right now, obviously, it goes without saying, by the way, it goes without saying that if either partner discovers that the other their partner is currently engaged in these types of

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things, or they have contact with a previous partner, and they're still texting and you know, doing indecent messages and or even more than this, that is a whole different issue. And I'm not discussing that issue at all that issue without a doubt, it is much more problematic. And the default in that case might be a divorce, the default might actually be a divorce, and that meaning that you should think primarily of divorce and then see why you should not divorce by confronting you're confronting your partner and just being honest, saying, Look, I've discovered this and that so that we're not even discussing, according to your email, it appears to me this is a past

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incident, it happened eight, nine years ago, now you've been married like six, seven years, right? It happened way before the marriage before she knew before anything, and she was involved with somebody. And now that person has nothing to do in her life. And you've discovered this, by whatever reason, however, it was discovered, it was discovered. Now, as I said, Nobody can force you to remain at the same time. Dear brother, you yourself have said that the marriage was good and happy. And if it is pretty clear to you that your wife has repented, your wife has moved on, then there is no doubt that the better thing for you is also to accept that repentance if Allah is going to

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forgive her Inshallah, which you will if you if she's renting, then why can't you and find it in your heart to move on and to forgive and to forget, and to cover up? That is really the better thing to do. And I'm asking you a blunt question to your brother in Islam, that are you 100% innocent before you accuse anybody, have you done nothing in your life that you regret. Imagine if your wife or anybody held you to a mistake that you did 10 years ago, imagine it for the rest of your life. Every time something happened, you walked into the doors of a employment or whatnot, and they said oh, remember that mistake you did when you were

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You know, 1819, how would you feel you're going to say, I know I made a mistake, I'm sorry, I moved on. Well, like you would like to be forgiven for a mistake. Also forgive others that are again, underlying this bold, italicize it for those that are genuinely repentant. A past mistake, again, we are not talking about a persistent current mistake, that is something else altogether. We're talking about something that happened long time ago. And clearly, it looks like to me that, you know, she has moved on, she has repented, she has turned over a new leaf. And if she has demonstrated that she is repentant, and she is no longer, you know, you know, like this, then why go back and bring this

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up, you as well forgive. And also, let me also tell you something, dear brother in Islam, that this incident that you've discovered, in reality, it could be something that is an opportunity to make your marriage very, very strong, and to solidify your marriage. How so? And I know some of you are going to be shocked how so Subhanallah your wife, no doubt, you know, she feels, you know, guilty for what she has done, she feels vulnerable, she feels that she has committed a mistake and she has committed a mistake. Now, what is your good response? If your response is to accept her with her past mistakes, and to give her another chance, what you are doing is that you are accepting her with

00:26:30--> 00:27:04

her past mistake. And you're validating you're making her feel that she has another chance and she knows she has that chance and she's inshallah not going to mess up in shallow data. You are empowering her. You're telling her you know what, you know, I'm not perfect, you're not perfect. You know, you had a mistake, and I'm sure I have some mistakes as well. Let's make this work together. What you're doing is that you will believe it or not increase the love that she has for you the respect that she has for you. And she will insha Allah Tala. Inshallah, I don't know either of you, I'm just assuming this is human psychology, every decent person will feel this way that if you give

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them a chance, if they made a mistake, you give them a chance, they're going to work, double the effort, they're going to work even harder to make sure that they don't disappoint you, it is likely that because of this, your marriage might actually take a turn for the better because your wife now has been empowered by you, you have come to her she was vulnerable. And instead of turning your back, you validated, you embraced you said you know what? We made a mistake, you made a mistake. Let's you know be used of here use of any histogram when he said to his brother's not at the valley communium. Really, what the brothers of use of did to use of is worse than this, you know,

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relationship, they try to murder their brother, they threw their brother into the wild, they sold him into slavery. Can you imagine a seven year old kid and they threw him into the work? Can you imagine that. And yet, when the end of the story happens, what does use of say, the three by a chameleon, there is no sin on you today, Allah she'll forgive you. If use of can forgive his kidnappers that are his brothers, and can forgive those who sold him into slavery. And forgive forgive those who threw him into a well insha Allah meow and you can forgive someone, you know, our partners if they have done something wrong in a past life. It's not even right now. And again, I

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stress I'm not talking about right now if this were right now, it's a whole different scenario. And then different situations applies. But this is something in the past. So my advice to your brother is that nobody can force you to remain. But at the same time, I asked you to be the better person now I ask you to find it in your heart to forgive, to move on with the condition that your partner has repented. And there is no contact with this person. Again, I stress if there has been constant contact and messages and emotional, even if it's emotional support with this person. This is a red flag. And honestly, I don't like to say this. But in such a situation the default would be to

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divorce unless there is extenuating circumstances that she or he can explain. Otherwise, no, the but if it's something that happened long time ago, and there has been complete cut off and she has repented, et cetera, et cetera, then the better thing to do insha Allah to Allah would be to forgive and to turn over a new leaf and to ask Allah's forgiveness for her and to show her that really you are giving her another chance, and the both of you inshallah will work on that. And by the way, again, I stress this question posed to me was a lady that had done the sin. In reality, the same situation is the opposite of the lady had discovered her husband had a friendship in the past that

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crossed the red lines that are in a relationship with a lady the same things that I've said here would apply to her as well in this regard in this regard, the sin of either gender is the same and the feeling of of you know, pain, you know, is the same between the both of them, so they

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have the option and I would recommend both partners. If they're able to forgive something of the past and move on, then they should do that. And Allah subhanaw taala knows best.

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We have a question from Sister Xena. But in America, she says that she was a new convert, and she is the only Muslim in her family. And there is no Muslim relative she is also does not have any immediate she does not have a husband or children yet and she's writing her will. And she is asking she was told that Muslims do not inherit from non Muslims, nor do they inherit to non Muslims. So she is saying My mother has put my name in. In her will my mother has put my name and her will. And so if she passes on, am I allowed to take that money as well? I am writing a will and I don't have any relatives other than my blood relatives and I'm not Muslim, can I leave money to them?

00:30:56--> 00:31:06

The the answer to this question is actually very simple. This is a misunderstanding of Islamic law that unfortunately, sometimes people say it to to new converts.

00:31:08--> 00:31:45

And this is one of the problems of people without knowledge when they just spread things without research without, you know, proper knowledge. And they will say that, Oh, Muslims don't inherit from non Muslims non Muslims don't inherit from Muslims. Now there is an element of truth here, but the way that it is understood and the way that it is said to convert is also false. It shouldn't be said so generically, this misunderstanding comes from a hadith in Sai bodies and authentic hadith that a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the Muslim does NOT inherit from the kaffir. And the Kapha does NOT inherit from the Muslim This is a very clear, very explicit Hadith and it is

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authentic, it is Behati and was known as an explicit Hadith, that little Muslim World Cafe that the Muslim does NOT inherit from the cafe and the kaffir does NOT inherit from the Muslim. What does it mean though that inherit, you see,

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when it comes to inheritance, so hold class that can be given very simplistically, we can divide the money into two broad categories. When a person dies, there is a portion of their inheritance that is dictated by the Shediac of Allah, there is a portion that goes fractions according to the Quran, according to sort of the Nyssa, according to because there's sort of the Nyssa has all of the fractions of inheritance, according to the rules of Islamic Sharia. So for example, according to those rules in the Quran, 1/8 goes to a wife, in certain circumstances, one six goes to a mother, you know, 1/3 goes here, one half goes there. So this is very explicit, every category has a certain

00:32:42--> 00:33:26

fraction. Therefore, if a person dies without any will, in an Islamic land, there is no need for a will in that case, because all of the money will go in accordance with how Allah has dictated the shares of the inheritors to proceed. There is no need to write a will if you're living in a land where you know the laws are going to be in accordance with Islam. And you don't want to make any changes or any modifications that Allah has allowed you to do as we're going to come to in part two of this question. This is the section where the prophets of Allah who I sent them as Hadith applies, the Muslim does NOT inherit from the Kafir. The kafir does NOT inherit from Muslim. So if there is a

00:33:26--> 00:33:52

convert living in a land of Islam, her mother is a non Muslim lady when she passes away, then the one let's say in this case, otherwise, it would have been let's say, one six to one half, she gets the share that Allah has assigned. In this case, that share would not be there. The shares that Allah has assigned in the Quran are between Muslim family members. That's the point here. Okay. So if, as we said,

00:33:53--> 00:34:38

let's say there's two brothers and the father, let's say Okay, so one of the brothers is not a Muslim, one of the brothers is a Muslim, the father is a Muslim. When the father dies, the Shetty I would say that the two brothers share half each if there's no other relatives, this would be very simplistic half each, but the fact that one is a Muslim and one is a non Muslim, Islamic law then says that the non Muslim in this case is not going to take that share that is removed from the, the, the if you'd like to shares of Allah azza wa jal, he's removed from that. Now what's left? If a person wants to give a portion of their inheritance to somebody that is not in the shares of Allah,

00:34:38--> 00:34:59

they have up to 1/3 33.33% up to 1/3 of their wealth. They can give it to somebody who's not in there lists that Allah has assigned. So simple example, that you have a cousin who helped you out when you were young. Okay, let's just say

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

that, you know, that cousin helped finance your education. Okay, and now it Hamdulillah you are wealthy. Now that cousin is elderly, their children are not that well have you say I want to help that cousin his family because he helped me. Now the cousin generally speaking, if you have immediate family and children and brothers and sisters, the cousin is not going to inherit, okay, but you feel a sense that I owe something to that family. So you can say 15% 20% 30% 33.33% 1/3 of my wealth I want to give to that family completely Helen, okay, that 1/3 You may give to Muslim or non Muslim doesn't matter, okay. Therefore, if you have a person in your family that is not a

00:35:42--> 00:36:02

Muslim, and you want to give some money to them, at the time of you know, you're in your will at the time you pass on or vice versa, you may right in your will, you may right up to 1/3 for that person, and the rest will then go to the shares assigned to you by Allah subhanho wa taala, I hope that is clear. So you may write

00:36:03--> 00:36:42

your parents or whoever you want in your will no problem. Now, you are saying that you don't have any Muslim family members. And that at this stage, you know, you're you know, you don't have any children, you don't have a spouse, all of your family is non Muslim, and also, that they might leave things for you. So in this case, the first two are from a number of your councils, including the European Council, including the field Council of North America, including Andrea, in this particular case, even though 1/3 does not apply to you why because we're not living in the land of Islam. So if you wish to write a full will, where you assign, you know, this goes here, this goes there, because

00:36:42--> 00:37:15

you don't have any blood relatives, you know, if you were living in the land of Islam, then your shares would go to their treasury, the Islamic Treasury yield, the shares that Allah had assigned to will go to the Islamic Treasury, and 1/3 would go to the people that you have assigned, okay, but there is no Islamic Treasury over here. So if you want to give some to the masjid you local masjid, give some to charities, that's fine. And if you decide, you know, what, I don't have any blood relatives other than these family members, and I'm gonna leave all of my wealth to them, in the circumstances that we are in, in the western world where we are a minority, we are allowed to

00:37:15--> 00:37:34

increase the 1/3 share, as long as in your case, as you said, you're the only Muslim convert, if you have Muslim family members that will inherit from you, then you cannot supersede the shares that Allah has given and you will not you must give them their share, and then they will also take your share. So, bottom line,

00:37:36--> 00:38:15

you may take whatever your mother has gifted you no problem, because we are not that she is not bound by the Sharia. And she may write in her will that my daughter should get this much and that is yours to take. And you as well may write in your will, however much you want to give to various family members. And you are completely free to choose whoever you wish to do so because once again, the shares that Allah has assigned do not apply in this particular case. So for example, if you have multiple siblings, but for whatever reason, you know, you want to give a few of them and not all of them, you have the right to do so in this case. Why? Because the Shediac does not apply in your

00:38:15--> 00:38:41

case, because the siblings are not following Islam. So you're otherwise if they were all Muslim, then you could not pick and choose and all of them would have a share. If you had no children, so you may therefore take your mother's wealth if she passes on, I'm assuming that your father's already passed on. You only mentioned the mother and you may as well leave your inheritance. However, however much you want, you will leave to your relatives and Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best.

00:38:43--> 00:38:52

The next question we have brother as far as far or as far I hope I pronounced that correctly, brother as far emails and says that

00:38:54--> 00:39:39

he has been told that eating shrimp and squid is not allowed. And so he is saying, Well, how come some Muslims eat it and some Muslims don't eat it. So this is a very nice, succulent, juicy question. I'm not going to joke about seafood because I see food and I like seafood. But I'm not going to joke about that, even though I just did. When I go answer the question very simplistically, dear brother in Islam, the majority of med hubs allow all types of animals that come from the ocean. And this is something that the Maliki school, the humbly school and the Shafi school is very explicit on that these three methods they say, anything that lives in the ocean permanently, we're

00:39:39--> 00:39:59

not talking about that which is half ocean, half water, anything that is predominantly in the water. By ocean we mean even rivers and lakes, any body of water, any animal that its primary existence is in the water. According to these three main hubs, they are allowed unclean

00:40:00--> 00:40:41

additionally, unless there is a poison in it, that will harm you, unless there's something in it that is going to physically harm you, otherwise every animal from the water is allowed and the beauty of this is that by unanimous consensus all the madhhab say that you do not need to slaughter such an animal, you do not need to, you know, find it alive and then cut it like we have to do to the hunted animals. No, you may find it, you know, dead, you may catch it and simply take it out of the water and it's death is its proper procedure for slaughtering. And so simply by taking the fish out of the water, whoever does so and that's why, even if you're strict, they'll be Ha, you may eat

00:40:41--> 00:41:24

seafood wherever you go, because it doesn't matter who caught it how it was caught, or seafood is the default is that it is hilar. Now, what is the evidence that these scholars say about this issue? What is the evidence that all seafood is halal? So they have a number of evidences primarily There's a famous Hadith and a famous or verse of the Quran certain ma a the verse 96 Allah says in the Quran, or Hadith Alaikum Seidel Buhari water amo Mattia Isla como se Yara that the catch of the ocean Slade, you'll notice the wording used say that you throw a net into the ocean and you take that net out the other side of the barrel. So Allah is saying that the catch of the ocean, all of it

00:41:24--> 00:42:08

is permitted for you. And also even for the one in a haram now, the one in Iran cannot hunt you should know this, that when you do hajj and umrah and you were the Haram you are not allowed to go hunt animals. However Allah allows the ocean traveler if you if you're in a haram and you're in the ocean, right so you're going from India to Hajj let's say right, and you're in the ocean, you're allowed to hunt fish and you're allowed to eat anything that comes from the water. So Allah is ahead Allah consider health amo metallic Melissa Yara, that all of this is permitted for you. So the scholars say when Allah said, say you do the catch of the ocean. This means any animal that lives in

00:42:08--> 00:42:55

the water, it is halal for us. And so this includes shrimps and squids and eels and octopus and all types of animals. It is no exceptions. Now, there is also a hadith of Abu Dhabi Allah and reported in Abu Dawood, that somebody asked the Prophet salallahu Salam about the doing wudu from ocean water, it's salty water, right can you do well do from ocean water, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, who are poor who are poor who Roma, who el hinzu Mater to who that its water is halal to do from and it's dead. Anything that you find dead, it is permitted for you to eat, okay? You don't even have to catch it alive. If you find the dead in the ocean, it is harder for you

00:42:55--> 00:43:37

to eat. So who are the whole Roma who Hello May tattoo who notice he said the dead of the ocean. He did not say the fish of the ocean. He said anything caught in the ocean. And that is why we have experts statements from many of the scholars of Islam, even the great giants Imam Malik, for example said everything that lives in the ocean is edible. Everything without exception that lives in the ocean is edible. Even if you find it floating dead, you know on the top of the water, you may take it no problem because he said the Quran and Sunnah is very explicit on this point. And this is the inshallah Tada the correct position is the position I follow. And it is the one that the evidence is

00:43:37--> 00:43:53

support very clearly. Therefore, according to that position, anything from the ocean that that includes seafood and shrimp and squid and octopus and anything that comes from the ocean lobsters, all of this would be completely permissible. Now, what is the dissenting opinion?

00:43:55--> 00:44:31

The dissenting opinion is the Hanafi school, the Hanafi school and the Hanafi school is not explicit on this point. There are multiple positions even within the Hanafi school. And this is something that many modern Hannity's are not aware of, except if yours you know, the scholars will or are familiar with this, but within the Hanafi school, you have both of these opinions out there. And so for example, Al khazzani, in his famous book, Al Baghdadi or Sana Sana and I spoke about this book in a previous lecture, and I mentioned the story of it's some writing now, which is a very interesting story. Al Cassani. He says that the verse of the Quran that the catch of the ocean is

00:44:31--> 00:44:59

halal, and the Hadith of the prophets of Allah who said them that it's dead is halal. He said that it only applies to Samak or fish. And he has his evidences where he brings it you know, they have their their way of basically restricting. So Alka Sani argues that we should not look at this verse and this hadith as unconditional rather when our prophets Allah, Allah said, I'm saying that it's dead is halal. He means it's fish are headed and when Allah is saying that the cat

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

of the ocean is halal. He means the fish is halal. And everything besides fish, according to Cassani would not be allowed and that is why he and others would say that shrimp and prawns and other by the way shrimps and prawns Is there a difference between the two depends on which you asked which which scientists you ask Can some say prawns is a type of shrimp and some say prawns and shrimps are exactly the same and technically speaking prawns is a category there's over 70 varieties of verb shrimp. Yes, I've done my research. And one of them is basically a type is one category where genus is called prawns point is that Okaasan and others would say only fish is halal and anything else

00:45:39--> 00:46:22

that is not fish including shrimps, including lobsters would be now is it haram? No, no Hanafi scholars says It is haram rather, they say either mcru to Hidemi or mcru 10 z okay because again, the Hanafi is have the categories they will say it's mcru, either strongly or mildly. And if it's strongly mcru, they will say therefore it's it's a bit of a sin to eat if it's slightly mcru There is no sin to eat it but it is better to avoid it. So that's the difference between Makuta anaemia and mcru. tansy and of the evidences that the Hanif is used as well is the verse in the Quran that you held on to your body while you had a limb Wiley he will cover is that that which is filthy, is

00:46:22--> 00:47:01

forbidden, the hadith is forbidden. And they say that shrimp and lobsters are cubbies are filthy that we should not eat them. And the response is who gets to define what is Hadith and what is filthy, and what is not filthy. And the majority of other, you know, civilizations and scholars and meth heads. They don't view these creatures to be filthy at all. So the notion goes, for example, you will find this in some fight was that oh, the shrimp. It is like the insects or the vermin of the ocean. And the response to this is that well, I mean, who said it's that type of like I mean, who is going to make this comparison. In the end of the day when Allah has said the catch of the

00:47:01--> 00:47:12

ocean is halal. And when the professor says anything that's coming from the ocean, even if it's dead is high that then we should stick with that and there is no problem in and by the way, what is also proven in this was that

00:47:13--> 00:47:16

the the Hanafi school says that fish is permitted.

00:47:18--> 00:47:56

And by fish they don't mean the scientific term fish because by unanimous consensus, a whale is permissible to eat We know this because the process in itself eight one, we know this because it's Hadith in Sahih Bukhari that the Sahaba were on the shores of the ocean and a dead whale, you know, they found a dead whale and they cut it up and they ate it. And they brought some meat back to Edina. And the Prophet says and himself ate from that it was a whale. Now technically, a fish is not aware the whale is artificial whale is a mammal, and yet it is allowed to eat and the Hanafis also say this. So, therefore, when when they say fish is allowed the Hanafi say this, the response comes

00:47:56--> 00:48:42

who gets to define a fish and that is why even many modern Hana fees and even some earlier ones as well. They are saying that look, when the when the scholars say fish what they mean is an animal of the ocean. It's not the biological definition of a fish and the data lifter of Egypt, which is the senior most fatwa Council of Egypt, and Egypt has a long tradition of Hanafi scholarship. The dark left of Egypt they gave a fatwa, in which they said that shrimps should be considered a type of fish Samak, they said and they gave the fatwa that it should be allowed even according to the Hanafi madhhab and their Hanafi is in that council as well. However, you should know that the official

00:48:42--> 00:49:30

fatwa of the data room of the urban India which is of course the main the resource of our Indian, Pakistani, Bengali, Brethren of the duben, the school that the doubt room official fatwa is that eating shrimp is mcru 10 z here that it isn't something that should be avoided, but it is not sinful for you. So that's the data room, they will burn fat to the left of Egypt, the Hanafi there say that no problem Samak is included in that as well. And you will find even many modern Hanafi scholars and I have many Hanafy friends move these of the Hanafi madhhab and they have told me that in their opinion, the madhhab does not prohibit Makoto halimi does not make pecota halimi and therefore, they

00:49:30--> 00:49:59

give the fatwa publicly that according to the Hanafi madhhab, you shouldn't be allowed but you should be aware that there are dissenting voices and it is up to you what you want to do but if you ask me, it to me it is crystal clear that there is no evidence to forbid these these items and in fact the Quran and Sunnah is very clear, and it is the vast majority position of the Ummah and also even within the Hanafi school we find many aroma that have that have explicitly allowed this

00:50:00--> 00:50:17

And by the way, another point that demonstrates this is that some of our early Hanafi scholars, they explicitly mentioned the eel. And they said the eel is halal to eat, for example, right? And the eel is not a fish in the sense that it is, you know, the way that it is a fish right so, and you will find this even

00:50:18--> 00:50:20

a doodle matar and

00:50:21--> 00:50:42

Sunnah never to Hawaii and others, that they explicitly mentioned that the fish called el mar Mahi Mahi, which is basically the eel they said that this is allowed. Now why would the eel be allowed and it is not a fish in the technical sense and the world is allowed and it's not efficient, the technical sense, and then other animals that are also the so anyway, that's, you know,

00:50:44--> 00:51:15

internal discussion amongst the Hanafi madhhab is not my my place to tell them what to say what not to say. I will simply state you're asking me the position that I would advise you and I would say it's not a problem. If you eat this and it is the majority position of our scholars and if you choose to follow the position of Dr loom day one that is also fine and permissible and insha Allah to Allah, it is a matter that both positions are in Allah azza wa jal knows best and with that inshallah we come to the conclusion of today's q&a, and I will see your cello Tada next week cinematic Welcome to whiteboard

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