Ramadan 2022 – Reconnecting with Revelation #26

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Geeta Boone

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Jelena who Isla de Gama call me.

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Oh, yeah, he when he got on

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AsSalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, my brothers and sisters, we all would like to be servants of Allah in a way that's pleasing to the Almighty. We'd like Allah to be pleased with us. So Allah Almighty wants to be pleased with us to, he asks us to make a little effort in that direction. If you make a little effort in that direction, and you pick up wherever you've gone wrong, correct yourself regretted, seek the forgiveness of Allah, you become closer and closer to Allah. And then he describes his worshipers. He says, These are my worshipers, the worshipers that really deserve my mercy, those who deserve my mercy, they are the ones known as the worshipers of

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the Most Merciful. So the reminder benefits us many times we listen to something, we listen to the same message with different words, we listen to the same message with a third set of words, all of that is a reminder. And the Quran tells us where they keep for in vichara 10 found more meaning and remind, keep reminding for indeed the reminding benefits those who truly believe. So, this is a reminder as well, again, from Allah Almighty to say, You know what my worship is the worshipers of the Most Merciful. He mentioned the quality of mercy because that is what they will achieve

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the following people, this is also in Surah tool for con, where first number 63 Allah Almighty tells us

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why don't Rukmani Levine I am Shona I'll be Hona the true worshipers of the Most Merciful of those whom when they walk on Earth, they walk with humility.

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Imagine walking on Earth, would actually result in you earning the Mercy of Allah if you did it correctly. What is it? Humility, humbleness, no arrogance, no pride, you just be a helpful slave, you be a beautiful person, you be as best as you can you work you walk with humbleness, this is speaking about how to walk, the first quality that Allah makes mention of that he loves and that the people who deserve his mercy are those who don't have pride, arrogance, when they walk, they walk with humbleness and humility. Now, obviously, when you're driving, or you're flying, or you're, you're moving from point A to point B, it would be included in this because the term walk is used.

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But it means those whom when they tread the earth with any conveyance, whether you're on your horseback or whatever else, it may be no arrogance.

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Allah will have mercy on you, when you humble yourself, you've now recognized you're just one of the rest. Yes, you are favored by the Almighty in so many ways. But that favoring of the Almighty for you must never make you feel for a moment that others are inferior, or I need to belittle them because that's where we fail. Then Allah Almighty says, We're either taught by Homolka Halona, or Lou Salem. The first thing is, your actions how you walked, how you moved from point A to point B, how you interacted with people during yourself being transported or moving your own self. But the second thing is now that you open your mouth, and others open their mouths, what you say is a is of

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importance, it will result in you earning the Mercy of Allah. And he would love the way you react to those who are ignorant when you react in the correct way. So he says, When the ignorant, addressed them in an ignorant manner, people are telling you something that is really absurd. He says, the true worshipers of the Most Merciful who deserve my mercy are those who just say peace and they walk away. They just say peace and they walk away which means they say a statement that will not inflame what has happened. They extinguish and they excuse and they just depart, or they leave with a good word.

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So ask yourself, Are you a person who says a good word and then leaves if that's the case, good news to you? Because Allah, the second quality he makes mention of is about turning away from those who try to provoke you. That's the word. They try to provoke you. They're trying to say things that will make you react in a negative way. Don't be provoked, just say Salaam and walk away.

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So this is Allah Almighty telling us that D

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These are some of the qualities, the qualities of those who will earn the Mercy of Allah Almighty.

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He says they are the ones who spend the nights in prayer.

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They spend the nights in prostration and bowing to the Almighty, when all the others are gone. When everyone else is asleep, what do you do? Some use that opportunity to engage in prohibited stuff to engage in immoral behavior. Everyone's Asleep. Here comes my phone and what I do on it

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is immoral. May Allah protect us? If you want the mercy of the Most Merciful and you want his love? You need to ask yourself, can I not use this opportunity to plug in with Allah to reconnect with Allah by prostrating and bowing in voluntary prayer for him? Allah says, well, Lavinia, be tuna lira be him. So Jordan Akiyama, and they prostrate and they stand in prayer for the sake of Allah Almighty. So that is an amazing quality that we should always be thinking about. And then we pray to the Almighty. If we want the Mercy of Allah, imagine, when you call out to Allah saying, oh, Allah,

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divert from us,

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protect us from the punishment of hellfire, that it is very painful, it is the torment of hellfire, protect us from it. When you say that constantly, do you really think the Almighty will not grant it to you?

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Actually, in these verses of Surah Al Furqan, he says, He will grant you from his mercy. You're asking him something serious, something genuine, something you're concerned about. He says, He will grant you from his mercy.

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Another amazing quality we must develop, especially during the beautiful days of Ramadan, the Days of Giving. Allah Almighty teaches us that those whom when they give, they neither give away everything, nor do they hold back as Mises. But they know how to strike a balance you give, don't give away in necessity, but give away that which is over and above your need. And don't be so miserly that you're holding back and counting the coins and the notes and counting the bank balances. When you know you've got a lot Give, give before before you're giving will not benefit you no matter how much is given after you die, it benefits someone else.

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So that's another quality, the quality of giving in order to earn the mercy of the Almighty, those who protect themselves from association of partners with Allah, those who protect themselves from association of partners with Allah, no shake involved, every act of worship is only and solely done for Allah Almighty, those who do not commit murder. How can you expect the Mercy of Allah and the love of Allah, when you've murdered someone, when you have actually

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taken someone's life away, when you have actually taken someone's right away, you will need to make peace with them. And it's difficult to make peace with a person you've already made it. So you have to make peace with their families. And you have to seek forgiveness of Allah, and you have to continue and you will be at their mercy on the Day of Judgment. When they get back to you and they get back at you. May Allah Almighty protect us.

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Then he says, those who protect themselves from immorality, from adultery from fornication, may Allah protect us all. And he knows that at times, people may fall. So immediately after that, he says, well, there is an exception. For those who have sought forgiveness and mended their ways and not repeated their sins. The Almighty says for them, there is forgiveness and there is a multiplication of reward, because they have given up their ways and habits solely and only for the pleasure of the Most Merciful. Here is our mercy, he says.

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So that is Allah Almighty telling us thereafter, Allah speaks about false witness. And he says,

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the true believers who want the love of Allah who want to achieve the Mercy of Allah, who are the worshipers of the Most Merciful, they don't bear false witness. They do not bear false witness or make false accusations. They protect themselves, and they even turn away from that which is futile and unnecessary. And they are the ones whom when they're reminded of good things, they don't get hurt. They're not upset. They're thankful. They're thankful. In fact, it makes them prostrate to Allah, in gratitude to say, Oh Allah, You sent us a beautiful reminder. We thank you for it. And they are the ones who pray for their children and their offspring. They are the ones who say

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Allah make us leaders of the believers. And Allah says those are the ones whom we will show mercy to. Those are our true worshipers. Those have connected and reconnected with us. May Allah Almighty grant us from His goodness and open our doors and make us from those who have truly connected not just with Revelation, but ultimately with the owner of Revelation, Allah Almighty Akula Kohli hada or SallAllahu wasallam or Baraka, Allah and Amina Muhammad kita Boone

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who Isla de Gama Bella Coulee Dam

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Yeah, he won he got all on