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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the upcoming cemetery in Dallas, which is being built by the Muslim community in order to insure the peace and security of the community. They highlight the success of their campaign to encourage members to join a regular Facebook group to receive a reward for signing up for a regular Facebook group. The speaker also mentions a new cemetery in the future.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, who Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Sula, one of the most exciting projects that I'm really, really happy to see is the entire Dallas Muslim community coming together in order to build a cemetery in Farmersville, that Hamdulillah, As you're all aware of so many massages, and so many Eman, so many communities have come together. And this really demonstrates the oneness of the room, we have one Lord, we have one cabler, we have one book, we have one prophet, and the purpose of life and death is the same. And death unites us all. So Al Hamdulillah, Al Hamdulillah, all of the Muslims of Dallas have come together in order to help build

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a cemetery that will insha Allah with data be available to any Muslim at a very discounted rate. And that's the whole goal is that we are helping everybody, everybody and I Subhanallah was there a few months ago, we were doing our first groundbreaking ceremony and there was a festive mood, everybody was happy. And I said Subhanallah This is the only time most likely we're visiting the cemetery in a state of happiness, we are in a very merry mood today. And we should be here we are hamdulillah laughing and joking and we should be but let us be real. The next time we come here in all likelihood, it will be for a reason that is not going to bring us laughter and merriment. And in

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fact, statistically speaking, there are people standing on top of the earth right here. And now that will be beneath this very earth at a certain point in time, perhaps even me, it is very likely that each and every one of us is going to be there, you know, for reasons that are not going to be reasons of happiness. But when that happens, do your brothers and sisters when that happens, realize that we have the opportunity to please our Lord, by helping our fellow Muslims across this entire city at a time of stress at a time of grief at a table anxiety that we can take care of something for them so that there's one less burden and that is by investing in sadaqa Giardia project

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investing in a project that will help each and every Muslim Can you imagine the ease and comfort that we'll be able to provide when we facilitate the opening of this cemetery. Now when Hamdulillah you know every single Masjid is stepping up to the plate and epic has volunteered to raise a good amount of money. And all the other massages are also raising their funds. So from our side, what we have decided to do is to split up the cost that we have pledged into 150 people and we're saying that we are launching a campaign we've entire we've we've titled it 46 for 3646 for 36. We want 150 people to sign up for $46 a month less than $50 a month for 36 months for pretty much all of us that

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is less than our cable bill that is less than our, you know subscriptions to so many things our telephones that we're doing. My point is that $46 is something that is very reasonable for many of us to give. And so we're asking 150 members from our own epic community because we want to win the race with all of their their massages, we're in a healthy competition. This is a good competition. Allah says in the Quran for Starbuck hello hi rato sabko that when the race so epic wants to win the race with regards to all the other misogyny and we want to fulfill our pledges and we want to show that the Dallas community that had handled all of the communities are good, but we still think that

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Epic is a little bit special and hamdulillah for that. So we're asking 150 of you to step up to the plate and to join 46 For 36 you will see the details in sha Allah Allah at the bottom of this message and you can also check our website as well. So please for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah to either sign up sign on and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will reward you when this cemetery is going to be used by the entire Muslim community. May Allah bless us with more so that we can continue to give others more Jazak Mala who had Saramonic MURAMATSU barakato