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The discussion delves into the struggles of "less ago in my life" and the importance of men and women in achieving their goals. The three layered thinking mindset is required for success, and men and women need to be mindful of their words and actions. The importance of having a clear mindset and positive expectations is key to achieving success, and the segment also touches on Frank's statement about his actions and consequences.

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Last week we covered a few headings.

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We were introducing the topic of enjoy your Salah.

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And we spoke about why it was important that we chose this particular topic in the build up and the coming to the month of Ramadan.

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We spoke about how the topic of her shoe or the lack thereof was an international complaint.

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The struggle with her shoe or in Salah is something that spans borders is cross continent is cross cultural. Everyone at some point in his or her life has struggled with

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the battle with Sure.

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We mentioned the complaint of a Sahabi by the name of Athena and even though I've been asked, who complained to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam of Shavon, who was essentially standing between him and his Koshiba and his recitation of Quran

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we mentioned then the statement of Hadith of dunya. Man, if you remember, who said that there will come a time when you will enter a masjid and not a single person will be praying in Houma.

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And then we gave a definition of the word horseshoe from an Arabic day to day usage perspective. And if you follow what Lulu was sukoon, if you remember, and then we gave a definition and Islamic definition, a working definition of the word kosher that we wanted you to remember. Who was the imam who gave us the definition? Do you remember his name?

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Yeah, ignore Rajyavardhan. Very good.

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And then we went on to ask the question, what is in it for you? So should we succeed in attaining Ko? Sure, and we pray with her Sure. What is in it for you? What can you expect as a reward? And then we ask the other question, which is what are the consequences of allowing your your life to pass by without praying in the state of Ohio?

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And then we went on to speak about examples of people from our past who prayed in the state of Ohio just to humanize the discussion.

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And this was really where we left it off.

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I think we concluded as well by speaking about the layers of wushu if you remember, and we said that a lot of people

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assume that the topic of Osho is just about keeping your mind focused on Salah.

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So that when you are praying your mind doesn't drift left and right. And for them, this is the be all and end all of for sure, such that if you attain it, you are a Harsha. And we said that's not true. That's just entry level for sure. It's a noble battle. Don't get me wrong, that struggle that you and I have and we are in Sona to keep your mind fixed on the prayer. But this is not the epitome of for sure. This is the beginning of course you are your first layer.

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Then what was the second layer we added on top of that, a stage higher what was it?

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The the, the understanding of the dimensions of Salah, understanding the introductory dua understanding al Fatiha understanding the DUA, the vicar, the bearing the prostration that brings your culture to yet a higher level.

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In this week, we are going to introduce yet a third and a fourth layer needed before you come into salah. These are mindsets.

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These are frames of mind that we want you to be in the moment you say Allahu Akbar. And the next week if Allah gives us life, until then we're going to mention a fifth and a sixth layer. Then in a week after that, we will enter the Salah and even then we're not going to begin the Salah, we will speak about other and we will speak about will do then we will begin with Allahu Akbar, and what you are to expect in Salah and as I said to you last week, we don't want to see this as a lecture series. We want to see this as a holistic training program, a solid rehabilitating program.

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So what is the third layer?

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The third type of thinking mindset frame of mind that is required from you and i The moment we say Allahu Akbar. This is just before you begin your Salah, we've spoken about keeping your mind focused on the salah. We've spoken about understanding the so that we're going to do this all throughout our series inshallah. Now the third layer

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is a very special one

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it's a particular mindset you need to know that before you begin your Salah and this will help enormously in bringing about who should focus attentiveness humility in sada what is

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out there.

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It is a type of sentiment that you are all familiar with.

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And it's something you work with perhaps on a daily basis.

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It's not something you're unfamiliar with, or something that is out of touch or out of hand. It's something you feel inside of you when you meet a friend,

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whom you're attached to the moment you are reunited with a beloved one.

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This is the feeling of Raja

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the feeling of hope.

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And this is as YBNL Kalyan calls it one of the three pillars of Eman

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to have hope in Allah Jalla Jalla algo and it is so sad I find it really a miserable reality that so many people have been missing out on this for so many years worth of solar 10 years 20 years and he does not come into Salah feeling a sense of Raja hope you are expecting the best from Allah the moment you say Allahu Akbar and you begin your Salah. Have you felt that before?

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Now that you have began your prayer,

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you realized that you've come into a place of security Rajat says to you, I am confident that security will be given to me.

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To enter your Salah means you've come into a space of forgiveness of sins. Raja means you're confident that Allah will give you that forgiveness by the time you finish your Salah

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to say Allahu Akbar and begin your Salah, it means you've come to a space of ohana Mercy of Allah Hadrian, Nigella Yoho, to have Raja it means you're confident Allah is going to give you his Rama. You begin your Salah, and your mind says to you, Allah Who will give me

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Allah who will endow me, Allah who will forgive me,

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Allah who will repair me, Allah will fix my problems, he'll heal my pains, he'll answer my dua, he's going to draw me near to him.

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You come into your heart, your Salah, and your heart is open, when your hands are spread forth, and you believe that he's not going to allow you to finish your Salah till he fills your hands with his knee and his bounty. And he will not allow you to walk away with a branch without leaves.

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Have you felt this?

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This one mindset really is enough to transform the sign out to come in with excitement, hope you're going to be given you're not going to be let down.

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How do we go about fostering this? How do we develop it? If you feel it's lacking? What can you do to bring it about such that you come into Salah with a huge level of anticipation, excitement hope, a man who's poor who's walking to wealth a man who's ill who's walking to health, a person who's unmarried Allah who will give them the answer to a person who is weak Allah will give them strength deplorable Eman. Allah who will replace them with stronger Iman if you don't feel that

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type of Raja anticipation from Allah ho good expectations. How do you bring it about

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one of the quickest

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and easiest and most efficient ways of developing it if it is lacking in your life? It is simply to know Allah Jana gelato.

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The more you know of him,

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the more hope you will have him

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the more you realize who he is through his words.

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And through the descriptions of the Prophet Muhammad Salah sell through the universal signs he's put around you, the more you will come into Salah with hope, desire, a yearning, and expectation excitement, things will go my way and I will be fixed and I will be forgiven. knowing Allah.

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So take a tour of some of the texts that speaks to you of Allah Jalla Judah and why he is deserving of Raja hope.

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Allah subhanaw taala said speaking about Himself.

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Well Allah who you redo a year to balcom, Allah wants to turn to you in forgiveness

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while you read Oh Lizzy Anya Tabea wanna share how are you and me you know male and female, but those who have deviated they want you to deviate with them a great deviation.

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You worried Allah Who are you have fever uncom Allah who wants to lighten your burden.

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While holy called Insano by Eva and man by his nature was created week Subhanallah Have you thought about coming into Salah with this mentality?

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I'm about to stand before a Lord who wants to forgive me. He told me that. He wants to lighten my burden. And he wants to make things easy for

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Me So remove from your mind that image that some people have of the Lord, a monster who's out to get them or monster who's setting up traps to harm them. That is not the Lord we worship.

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Our Lord we worship is he who said about himself, Maya Fabula who will be either become in Shackleton, too, why would Allah want to punish you if you are grateful? And you are believers? Why would I? Why would I want to punish you? What is in it for me? subhanho wa Taala to punish you. My kingdom doesn't grow

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and your sins Don't harm me. Why would I want to punish you so coming to Salah with this hope you're meeting a Lord who has every good you aspire for? And he will give you every good you aspire for? Look at the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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which Bukhari and Muslim the rate on your authority of Abu Huraira he said Lamb of Allah who would have thought when Allah completed creation,

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chatter the fee kita when he wrote in a book, Allah Jalla Jalla Lu, who wrote in a book, whereas the book for whom are in the hotel, Kala Roshi, and that book is placed on top of the throne

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Subhanallah on top of the throne, meaning above all of creation at the very top.

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There is a book

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and in that book, there is a sentence. What does it say?

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In Naramata de

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la lala, but Robbie, injera naughty Rolla that Robbie, My Mercy has prevailed over my egg. Lila in Allah, this is home. My Mercy has prevailed over my anger. Allah said what 100 He was the

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collusion. My Mercy encompasses all things coming into salah. Therefore with that type of anticipation is huge.

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It's exciting. It's no longer a chore. It's something you need. And you stand before a caring Lord whom you now know. Not only has everything you need, but wants to give you everything you want and everything you need.

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And then you read that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah subhanaw taala said and among the RDB fairly ordinary, Masha I Allah will be just as my servant expects me to be so let him expect of me whatever he wishes.

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Allah says I will be everything you expect me to be.

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So why not come into Salah with that high expectation of Allah gender gelato, you come into Salah and your expectation is that all of the sins you've committed minor and major public and private.

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Allah will arrange them he will erase them. Why not coming to Salah with the anticipation that I will be given Jana through the salah my heart will finally rest in the Salah.

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Why not come into Salah with the expectation that Yara you will place me in the field of dose Allah Allah the highest Goddess of paradise. And you will make me the neighbor of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in gender. Allah said I will be just as you expected me to be. So expect wherever you want

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when you read these narrations what happens? You know Allah and when you know Allah Almighty what happens you begin to think highly of him and you'll begin to expect the best Salah now is an excitement, something you need.

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And then you read

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the Hadith which Bukhari and Muslim the rate on your authority Baba Herrera that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Allah what is it what is China? In Allah He Miata Rama? Allah's Mercy is divided into 100 pots

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and the lemon Huracan and Wahida and he's only brought down to

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one of those 100 pots of Mercy then the genie will ensue when the HA me what Della?

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And this one part of mercy is shared between mankind and jinn kind and the animals and the creatures

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for Beihai yatta yatta Hoon, through that one bit of mercy, they show affection to one another will be high at our honeymoon and through it they showed mercy to one another with the rewire had to Alpha add that to half your hardware that he has yet to see but who till you see an animal raising its hoof from the ground so that it doesn't trample upon this young one.

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to that level.

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In other words, every dimension of mercy you may see in this world. And what you don't see in this world

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As a part of one part of 100 parts of Allah as Rama

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isn't that amazing?

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Every dimension of mercy that you may see or you do not see because Allah said, Why not Allah, Allah moon, he creates what you don't even know.

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The raw data is shared between doctor and patient when he shows mercy towards him or her, that's from that one part.

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The mercy that is shown from a surgeon, to the person he's about to operate on, it's from that one part

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Subhanallah the mercy of your mother towards you and all mothers of all creatures,

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the mercy of children towards their parents, the mercy of neighbors towards one another, the mercy of righteous governments towards their people,

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the mercy of animals towards one another, the mercy of the dinosaurs all those millions of years ago. The mercy in the oceans, the mercy in the heavens, the mercy of the Prophets and Messengers towards their communities the mercy of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam imagine Subhanallah the mercy of the jinn between them

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all over this and more. All of it is part from one part of 100 parts of Mercy belonging to Allah, Allah and Nigeria. So the question now is where are the other 99 pots? And the Hadith continues and it says what occurred Allah Who designed what is it now Ramadan, Yamaha Mala who we have a brother who Yeoman.

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Allah has reserved the other 99 pots of mercy to express his mercy to the believers on the day of judgment.

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And that is why Abdullah Hebrew, Masha rude, he would say, Leia, Iran Allah Who Yeoman Korea Matthew McPhee, rotten Lancaster, Allah can be Basha, Allah who will forgive people on the Day of Judgment in a way that no human mind could ever imagine.

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So when you read a narration like that, what happens? It causes your modify your knowledge of Allah to grow, when your knowledge of Allah grows, what happens, your hope in Him, mushrooms, compounds, hope, come into Salah with this expectation.

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He will forgive, he will have my drama, he will change my ways. He will repair my broken heart, he will repair my relationships, he will help me he will

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and Allah who will be above my aspirations as well.

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And that is why Subhan Allah and Allah in one of the most breathtaking Hadith, which tells me the inner rights on the authority of Anna's the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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that Allah Jalla Jalla Allah who said and really open up your heart for this type of Hadith as Allah speaks to you and He speaks to me he said yep and Adam Oh son of Adam.

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In Canada out any you are out any refer to Luca America and I'm in Canada.

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Oh son of Adams, so long as you call upon me.

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And you have hopes in me. I will continue to forgive your sins. And I will not mind

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you having to add them Lobelia zu Buka Anna Anna summer for Mr. Furth any refer to laka wala Oh, Daddy, oh son of Adam, if your sins were to reach as high as the heavens, and then you apologize to me and you repent, I will forgive you and I will not mind

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you having to add them.

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No attorney Bukhara will have the hotline sumela kita Nila to Cherie Kobe che and it took Robbie her markfield Oh son of Adam, if you come to me on the day of judgment with sins as much as the planet Earth but you come to me having not associated partners with me, I will bring for you the same amount of forgiveness

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like if you read this hadith, what happens your heart is filled with excitement now you're looking forward to solitude phase your your next slide. You're excited or maybe your Pm your night prayer because you're going to stand in a space before a Lord who wants to give you he has what you need. And he's saying to you from generation to generation I want to give you just ask and I will be up to your aspirations and and I will give you more than your aspiration. See, remove there for that image and a lot of us have of Allah, Allah Duygu of a monster a stockfeed allah God forbid a ruthless being who is looking to harm you to torture you, who's searching for your faults, to disgrace you

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and embarrass you. This is not a God to whom we recognize that alone submit to worship.

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Allah subhanaw taala has no vendetta against

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those were not my words. Those were the words of Mr. Bynum you correcting the Arcada the belief of a lot of people towards the Lord. He says, what Roberta Baraka wa la salah, Hassan and Abdi he for you to declare who we are who better

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he said Allah Almighty does not have a vendetta against people. Therefore he feeling compelled to punish them while your attention to him nor does Allah experience any pleasure in punishing people.

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While you see to their liquor fee will kill him is Bilasa nauders punishing people added to the kingdom of Allah he in any way. And then he says Subhanallah heart melting words.

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He said, Well, I will unwrap the whole levy of Allah Allah NFC Heba, Allah your art, whatever la Kaduna, ha Rama be so Strv loca and Allah hula hula folk, Emily who you are focaccia.

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He said, But if it wasn't for man, if it wasn't for man himself, who closes the doors of mercy and goodness on himself by his bad decisions in life, he will find that his load is greater for him than his aspirations and greater than all of his hopes.

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He's saying there is no fault in our Lord jelajah Lago

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he's saying it's the ill decisions that we make that therefore close these doors of mercy and goodness in our face. As for Allah, if you have hope in Him, you give him the worship he deserves. He will be above your aspirations, and he will be above what you hope for.

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So tell me of the salah of a person who comes into it with this type of mindset hope hope, open heart open mind expectation, excitement, he will give me he will grant me he will endow me he will shower me with a clear and goodness he will give me from His bounty my life will change Raja, one of the three pillars of iman Iman

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and that is why Sir Hello, are you one of our predecessors he said that I saw Medicube no dinar in my dream Maliki blue dinar one of our righteous predecessors had just passed away.

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And he was known for his worship and His righteousness and knowledge.

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So So when he says to Malik later Sherry, Mother Kadeem, tobyhanna, Allah Brother nylige

00:22:24--> 00:22:27

What happened when you met Allah Almighty? How did it go?

00:22:28--> 00:22:33

And in the dream Malika Butina said to him or him to other be be Zubin.

00:22:34--> 00:22:39

I came to my Lord carrying huge amounts of sin.

00:22:40--> 00:22:47

firmer haha I knew hostelry vanilla, but they were arranged through my good expectations of Allah I can

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think well of him that ilaha illallah wa ala Yamato hadoo come in Dawa, you know, vana villa. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said none of you should die except in the state. When you're thinking the best about Allah, John Medina think well of him and come into Salah with this mindset.

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Now, naturally, there is a there is a line, although blurry in the eyes of a lot of people, between having Raja hopes in Allah Almighty, and the other side of it, which is being delusional.

00:23:27--> 00:23:44

What is the line which shaytan is invested in blurring so that you cross from the former into the latter? What is the criteria even by him he says that if your so called Raja hoping Allah ends up pushing you to do more good deeds to make you a better Muslim.

00:23:46--> 00:24:06

Then this is Raja This is hope, that is praiseworthy, you can expect goodness from Allah. If however your so called Raja hoping Allah is actually pushing you to become lazy, complacent. You found now justifications for sin because apparently Allah is mercy He will merciful He will forgive

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and it's causing you now to cut corners to find shortcuts.

00:24:13--> 00:24:18

Then this is not hope in Allah. This is horrible. This is delusional thinking.

00:24:19--> 00:24:21

This person is deceiving himself.

00:24:23--> 00:24:27

So a person who thinks good of Allah, He does good in his life.

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So this is layer number what

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layer number three