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The transcript describes a man named Al Qaeda who claimed to have captured the weight of the beast's weight, but the partner refuses to pray and is uncertain about their status. The conversation touches on the importance of praying for the Prophet Muhammad sallahu and finding a solution to one's challenges to change behavior. The holy spirit is seen as a way to pursue a vision and to avoid attached to things.

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So I want a camera from Atala he about our character Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was a happy woman who Allah,

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taking just one oath is usually enough to capture the attention of a listener.

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What then if that oath was taken by Allah subhanaw taala what then if those oaths which he took were 11 consecutive ones, and this is exactly what appears in one of the chapters of the Quran surah two ships, where Allah subhanaw taala takes 11 oaths one after the other in order to capture our attention to the weight of what he is about to then say, Read with me if the oats he said and count them was Shamcey What do haha by the sun and its brightness while Comrie either Delia and by the moon. When it follows one had either agenda and by the day when it displays it when they either Yakutia and by the night when it covers it. That's number one. Number five

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was some UML by now, huh? And by the sky, that's number six, and by the one who constructed it, that's number seven.

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Well, oddly were mailed to her and by the earth, and He who spread it, that's a nine.

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One f c one or somewhere her and by the soul, and ye who proportioned it there's your 11 consecutive Oh, then Allah said for Allah Maha Futura or taqwa and then he showed the soul what is right and what is wrong for it? And then here comes the outcome Joab will assume the answer of the oath of Allah you have captured our attention. What do you want to say to us after these 11 oath?

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Call the F Lucha Monza, kaha RocketHub. Man, the sir he has succeeded, who purifies it, and he has failed? Who corrupts it

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11 consecutive oats.

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Just to tell us that success is in meeting Allah subhanho wa Taala with a pure soul and devastation and loss is to do the opposite. That I do. Do we want any greater emphasis than that? I don't remember

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a week passing in my life in the last couple of years. Without someone coming to me with a question saying, I feel that I have lost the essence of Islam. I'm losing the joy of iman. The purity of my soul is going How do I restore these values? How do I feel the religion? The methods are so many? And I must admit that much of the answer is about tailoring it to the person who is asking the question, but nevertheless, there are constants. There are certain fixed elements of that answer that will never change in every answer to this type of question. And one of those fixed constants is what is Salah.

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Do you see the same way that the medics they draw links between illnesses and medicine and scientists they draw links between observation and discoveries. Similarly, the Quran has also made an unmistakably strong link between two matters Teskey to nurse the purification of the soul, and sila.

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Allah subhanaw taala said for example, and listen to the link or the Alpha men who are the mecca of smart OBE for Salah successful are those who purify themselves and mentions the name of his Lord and praise. Look at the link.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala he said in to the Allah. Shona Abang milho Ubu AKA, you can only warn those who fear the Lord in the unseen and they keep up the prayer. And then he said woman tells that guy and whoever purifies himself, he does so for his own benefit, Salah purification of the soul, purification of the soul, the Quran makes that link obviously clear. And our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he did the exact same thing.

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He would say

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data record for either so later when federal data you burn he said you burn with sins. Then you pray so that would fit you to the dome prayer and it washes it and then he said some metadata record at home for either so later

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then you burn you burn he said it twice each time. Then when you pray your noon Salah it washes it so metadata record owner for either side need to win.

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Then you burn you burn. And then when you pray your assets Allah, it washes it, your afternoon prayer.

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Something like that, that you own, that you own

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For either so later when Mercury but

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then you burn you burn he said that when you pray your Maghrib sunset prayer, it washes it away. And then he said it one last time you burn data in order to have at home. Then when you pray your final Aisha night prayer, it washes it away. And then he said the format and then you fall asleep

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fairly I looked up Aleykum che had that perspective on then you fall asleep that evening, and no sin is written against you till you wake up the very next morning. Allahu Akbar, this is Salah. And this is it's affecting purifying the life of a person. Brothers and sisters as harsh as it may sound. And as and politically correct, it may be, but I'd say with full confidence and zero hesitation that he who claims to be a Muslim acknowledges Allah as his maker and his proven leader. And he claims to have an interest in being saved on the Day of Judgment, yet he neglects his or her prayer. You are an evil person.

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I swear by the one who owns my life.

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If you had any idea of what it was, that you my brother, my sister had neglected if you are that person, you would not be able to enjoy another meal.

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You would not be able to fall asleep this evening. You have neglected Salah, the rope of Allah which He has extended to you from him, you have cast aside your your only lifeline in life. You've cast aside the act of worship which was mentioned in the Quran in over 100 different places. And in every one of those 100.

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There is either a description of the bounties that Allah has prepared for those who pray, or there is a description of the trauma which awaits those who neglected the first of those 100 ayat speaking about salah they begin as early as Surah Baqarah the beginning of our most have today and if in our meme, then you can Kitab la vie who the limo team a Latina, Yuki Munna, Salah those who established a prayer

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and then the last of those 100 I had that speak about sunnah is all the way in Surah to encounter in the Outliner can co author for suddenly Neeraj become one what her so pray to your Lord, Allah said and sacrifice, pray to your Lord and sacrifice and in between the first and the 100th. There are 10s of

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speaking about so I know I asked you,

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my brother,

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my sister, who is unsure about giving the Salah, the lifelong commitment that it demands.

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Honestly speaking, how do you accept to put yourself in the middle of this fierce crossfire of scholarly discussion and debate about your status as a person who does not pray? Some of those scholars deem you as a non Muslim, not to be buried or washed with the Muslims when they pass away.

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non Muslim, whilst the most lacks opinion towards you as a person who does not pray, is that you are a facet meaning or rebellious singer, the worst of the facade? Do you honestly feel comfortable sitting right in the middle of this type of discussion? Had your grandfather or your great grandfather been resurrected? And he was told that there's going to be people from your progeny who would claim to be Muslims, but then they will refuse to pray. I guarantee he would never believe in such a thing. He would consider it impossible.

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And subhanAllah we find ourselves needing to almost literally drag our loved ones, our children, our siblings to pray as they slouch and the stack and they linger.

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Why? That's because they hadn't tasted its sweetness. They haven't felt it. You see you invite someone to their favorite restaurant. They will arrive before you do. Why? Because they've experienced the joy of what they serve.

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If that person however is unsure about the restaurant, he's unsure of their menu, he will hesitate to accept the invitation and he may not even show up.

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Similarly, if you taste it will sign out offers the real snack that is not the salah that we have made it the real signer that is we would become addicts frustration will be the greatest source of comfort and relief in existence.

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I want to share with you here are a few examples of those before us who experienced this ecstasy with sila,

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Hatem and Osama the great worshipper from the city of Belk from Hadassah, his friends once asked him came to Sinai Lee, describe to us how you pray. He said the following listen to this a call mobile armory, I carry out the obligations, what I'm shooting at and I walked to the mosque in fear of Allah, whatever the call will be Niyati and I set for my prayer a clear intention, what will be will be lava, and I begin my prayer with tech beer in all of Allah. What Accra ob 13 was a bit difficult and I resubmit Quran in a slow, calm, measured way with contemplation. We're accountable for sure I and I bow with submissiveness well as Judy,

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and I prostrate with humility. We're actually so little shahadi be tomorrow, and I sit correctly from my Tashahhud

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what will suddenly be sooner, and then I end my prayer according to the Sunnah. What was slim or herbal is largely in Allah He has xojo then I hand over my prayer to Allah in the end with sincerity. And then what is the conclusion? So conclusion he said, What RG Juana and FCB Hoshi? A half now Yoko Bellamy and then I worry after this in apprehension at the thought of Allah subhanaw taala not accepting this prayer from me.

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But compare that against my prayer annuals. Look at the joy they had in Salah and how engaged their minds were. What about mo Abra have a handle on one of the famous seven recitals of the Quran. He was not too fond of leading people in Salah.

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And once however, he was compelled to lead he was put forward to lead in prayer. And so he turned to the congregation before the salah began. And he said to them is still stand in line, as the Imam would say to the people before they begin prayer stand in line, keep in line is still the moment he said that he fell down to the ground. And he was unconscious till the very next day. When he finally began to gather himself and he woke up they said what happened?

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He said as I instructed you to stand in line, I imagined Allah subhanaw taala saying to me, Oh My servant, have you ever kept straight for me for even one moment in your life so that you should instruct other people to keep straight? So you passed out?

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The the consciousness, the awareness, the joy of a signer, the interactivity.

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What about Abdullah Hibben Zubayr when he would engage in his prayer birds would actually Descend onto him. Due to the length of his bowing and his frustration, they would think he's a stump of wood, or block of stone or something.

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And then when he would enter into his home, silence would usually descend upon his household out of like, oh and respect to Abdullah It was so bad.

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But the moment he would stop praying, they would resume their talk and they're socializing and the chit chat would continue. Because they knew that the moment Abdullah he begins his prayer with Allahu Akbar. He's disconnected from this life.

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He's established a completely separate connection with the most Hi Allah subhanaw taala this is this is Salah.

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What about the Amara? Are the Allahu Akbar the closest companion to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam coming second place only to Abu Bakr when he was fatally stabbed by Ebola. During the ACL, solder immersible Madani el Medina,

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his side opened up, he fell unconscious, they gave him milk and came out the side he fell unconscious. So Abdullah him no adverse and a group of the inside of the companions, they carried the Khalifa on that may Allah be pleased with him to his home, and he remained unconscious from Asia the night till February. One man said we have to wake him up. And then another person said, You will not be able to wake him up through anything other than dimensioning of Salah.

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So one man said to him, leader of the believers, it's time to pray. And at once he woke up, he passed his hands over his eyes. And he said, None

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now have nothing is no minimum and darkest. Yes, there is no Islam in the life of a person who does not pray. Those were his first words. And shortly after his Salah he would die.

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This was this was their This was their life with Syrah.

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It was a meeting that settled the aches of their heart. It was a pleasure that they simply could not function without it was a source of inner relief that they could not replace with anything else. And so they wanted to pray a lot.

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They wanted to prolong those moments with that node whom they love so much. You see brothers and sisters.

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How much Sinag gives to you? depends entirely on how much you give to find out

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how much your sunnah plays a role in purifying you depends on your effort to purify your prayer, from distraction from laziness, from half heartedness from delayed, how much aside that transforms your life and your afterlife depends on how much you invest in transforming your signer. Don't blame anyone but yourself. For this is why

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we say to those people who argue and they say, you know, I read in the Quran that sada apparently prevents and guards a person from immorality and sin. Yaki I've been praying for years, I don't see it protecting me against into the same habits. For years, nothing has changed. But I pray five times a day, what's going on, hasn't changed me. See, there's only one of two options here. Either the book of Allah has told the lie. I stuck through it Allah and seeing that that is not an option. It must be the second option. You have not carried out the type of prayer

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that transforms the human being and guides him from sin, it must be that either we blame the book of Allah and its promise or either we blame ourselves not praying correctly. That's why we haven't seen its fruit. And a person can comprehend and understand how a disbeliever who denies Allah rejects is that doesn't break. It's understandable. The baffling one for me is the one who claims to believe in Allah, the home of the Hereafter. And then he fills with respect to the five prayers. That's the mind boggling one. Does he not realize just how nude of every form of support he shall be on that day without sada? How far away he is from wisdom? Does he not realize that life itself is not worth

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living without salah. Don't excuse yourself by saying, I find it hard to enjoy a sauna. And I just I don't feel attached to it. That's why I'm struggling to commit. I honestly would advise that we don't use these labels for ourselves. Because it will create a victim mentality causing us to not take responsibility for our lives. No, the reality of the matter is this. We are the ones who cause ourselves to become attached to things. It's self inflicted. You know whether we're talking about any type of addiction, right from this side of the skeleton outside of the scale, we're talking about tea addicts, or we're talking about chain smokers, we're talking about compulsive gamblers,

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we're talking about the porn addicts, whatever it may be. It is man who nurtures these attachments by virtue of his own doings by repeated visits, constant browsing, perpetual gazing. We do that. Then it takes hold of our hearts, we create habits. So don't argue that Asana is just not happening in my life. I'm not feeling it. No, no, realize we are the creator of habits.

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So on that note,

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train yourself, to miss the salah to to yawn for the staff. Give you an example. Practically speaking, an hour passes by you're at work, you're in school and you an hour passes by, without you prostrating, get up and pray to

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go and get up and pray to units.

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With the passage of time, it may even start waking you up at night to do that. As you feel this urge to glorify Allah subhanho wa Taala the prophets of Allah and He will send them once woke up during the night before Fajr

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and he stared into the sky. And then he recited the verse where Allah said Rob Bernama Kanaka, about Subhana caffeic. Now I've ebonite My Lord, You have not created all of this without purpose. You are above that. So please protect us from the torment of the Fire.

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And then he washed. He prayed and then he went back to sleep.

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He did that a second time. And he did that a third time in one night, all before Salah to fit the dome prayer before he then woke up and did his vision with the Muslims. So this is how the believer feels the one who misses the Salah, yearns for Salah. They say there's too many

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hours between February the dawn prayer and before noon, there's too many hours to pass by without filling it with some sort of sight.

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If you don't feel the urge to pray during that long time, then we may not have experienced the joy of sunnah. The one who loves Saina fills this time with some sort of prayer will how otherwise as you say to yourself, how can I allow all these hours to pass without renewing might not have Iman without fortifying my defenses against Shavon without refreshing my connection with the Quran, I can leave all of those hours unfilled with some sort of Salah why because you love Asana, you miss sunnah.

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And that is a station that can be arrived at but it requires time it requires patience it requires exercise requires training.

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Till such a person feels that the cure to every challenge in his or her life is found in that sada fought out with a family member or friend Premack is rolled out for sada Islamic knowledge is not being achieved. You're working in the Islamic field you're reading trying to memorize you've joined so many causes, you're not really gaining any grounds. solution is found inside out. Finances begin to plummet.

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immediate retreat to Salah an enemy who is on your case threats are made to you you are in a state of fear protection is sought in silent loneliness reaches unbearable levels. You're trying to find work you're trying to find a spouse, you want Allah to provide you with children, you want a vision in your life, you find your answer. In sila Allahu Akbar.

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The relationship between you and your Salah your prayer is almost identical to your phone's relationship with his charger.

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Without that charger, your phone's light dims

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it sounds are silenced, and its function as a phone comes to an end.

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Similarly, without your charger as I believe your sign, your light will dim.

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Your voice of wisdom is silenced. Your sense of security is smashed.

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Your contentment with what Allah has given you is ruined. Your anxiety is unleashed

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your function as a human being comes to an end. The conclusion Dear brothers and sisters,

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if you are finding it difficult to commit to sign,

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arguing that it's boring, it's heavy, realize it is not sila, that you have an issue with no.

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In reality, you are at odds with your version of saga. Because if it was the real center, you will be possessed by passion and a yearning to return to it. an ever growing sense of pressure to become a better Muslim with fewer sins because of that. So it is not the silo that you dislike, don't blame yourself. It is not silo that you dislike. Don't blame the signer. You will hate what you're saying it has become. So make an effort to bring it back and just simply observe how you will change from day to day into a brand new person whom you thought you could never become