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AI: Summary © The upcoming national holiday for Muslims is a national holiday for Muslims, where vendors, food, and dresses will include vendors, food, and dresses. The importance of finding a safe place to run away from danger is emphasized, as well as the Sh lit Sharia and finding a false deity. The speakers stress the need to turn away from fear and prioritize the worship of Allah Subhanho wa Taala, plant seeds for good deeds, and not disobey others. The importance of respecting and showing respect for individuals on the streets is emphasized, as well as a campaign for blankets for Muslims and non Muslims in the United States.
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6pm This is an opportunity for the community to get to know the businesses, the Muslim businesses in the area. So we have a packed list of vendors different categories. So there's a great opportunity for us to come there's going to be rights free food, raffles and whatnot inshallah is going to be a fun event. They're doing this for the first time, inshallah that your participation Shala will be fun and it will make this success every year in sha Allah Allah that's number one. Number two.

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We have the Indian American Muslim Council is having their annual fundraiser tomorrow. The keynote speaker is our beloved chef Dr. Yasser so it's going to be tomorrow in the evening at six as well so please if you have time you definitely try and attend that as well.

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think that's it some are going to love it.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah subhana wa Tada. We praise Him and we seek His help and aid and we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions. Indeed whomever Allah guides, none can misguide. And whoever Allah allow us to be misguided, none can guide him back to the straight path. I bear witness and I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship other than Allah subhana wa Tada and bear witness and I testify that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final prophet and his most perfect worshiper as to what follows ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada reminds us in the Quran, when he says you are Latina. I'm an otaku. Allah haka, Ducati. What are

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temotu Illa one two Muslim moon are you who believe be conscious of Allah, the way that it is befitting that you are conscious of him and do not die except in a state of submission to Him. Dear Muslims, one of the earliest revelations of the Quran and early makansutra is Surah to daddy yachts. And in Surah to that yachts, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala mentioned some of the stories of the prophets. And he warns about the final day and the accountability and towards the end of the surah there is a very powerful verse that will be the subject of our whatever it is the verse that our scholars of Tafseer have commented on. And it translates as the Arabic is fulfil rule in Allah. And it

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translates as Flee to Allah subhanho wa taala. Flee and run to Allah subhanho wa Taala fulfill Rue illa Allah. What does it mean when the Quran is telling us to flee and run towards Allah subhanho wa taala. The word Farah in Arabic means that someone was frightened, and he knew he was in danger. And so he escaped from that danger by rushing towards a place of safety. All of this is encompassed in the two letters follow up. He knew he was in danger. And so he wanted to remove himself from that danger, and he raced to a place of safety. That is what Farah means in the Arabic language to flee for safety to flee from a danger towards a place of safety. And that is the exact message and

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meaning of this word in the Quran. When Musa returns to fit down and found challenges him didn't you run away from me? Musa acknowledges for ferrata to mean Kamala Merkel to come. Yes, I ran away from you when I was scared of you, the word Farah is used. And Allah talks about the day of judgment. And he says on that day, there will not be a mafara There is no place Tertre one away from you're not going to find a place of safety on the Day of Judgment. So the concept of Ferrara means that you knew you were in threatened danger, and recognizing this danger, you turned your back and you rushed towards a place of safety. So Allah is saying, there is no safety other than with me. And without me

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you are in perpetual danger for Pharaoh Illa Allah without Allah subhanho wa Taala you are surrounded by danger and there is only one place to turn to. There is only one protection and that is turning towards Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is the message of every single prophets. The prophets were sent to remind us to turn to Allah to remind us to find our journey to Allah Ibrahim announces in the Quran in Nisa, Hebron Isla Robbie saya Dean, I shall journey towards my lord he shall guide me in Nisa, he Boone Isla Robbie. And more than 20 times a day we make dua to Allah guide us to the straightway. In fact, our religion revealed the Shetty and the meaning of the Sharia

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is the path towards Allah subhanho wa taala. In today's brief hutzpah, I will elaborate and also summarize what our scholars of Tafseer have said about this verse. Because there are many types of running away. There are many types of fleeing you flee from something to something. So in today's hookbait, I will summarize five such concepts that are mentioned in our classical books and our tradition. What exactly are you winning away from? And what exactly are we running to? Five things will be mentioned number one, and the most important, obviously, from Cofer to Iman from Kufa to imagine from believing in any false deity in any object of veneration from having our heart

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I'm attached to anyone other than Allah. We run from this and we run towards Allah subhana wa Tada towards believing in Allah towards putting our trust in him. One of the scholars of the past SALADNA Abdullah said, we flee from all besides Allah towards Allah subhanho wa taala. Our hearts should not be attached to any entity, our to look as the Arabic word must be in Allah and through Allah and by Allah, if your heart is attached to other than Allah. Of course, the worst attachment is a false god. But there are attachments that are lesser than a false god. There is attachments of our soul attachments of greed, attachments of taking care of what we need to attachments of prioritization.

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If our priority is not Allah, we need to cut off that prioritization and we flee towards Allah subhanho wa taala. This is point number one fleeing from Cofer towards Iman. Point number two, fleeing from Jehovah to him. We run away from ignorance and towards knowledge. We run away from every type of ignorance, especially ignorance of a religious nature. We run away from that and we run towards a knowledge of this Deen know that Allah is Allah Halim. And he sent us the more I lived the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and our religion is about him. And the first revelation was about a Quran. Our entire religion is based upon knowledge of Allah and knowledge of how to worship

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Allah. And that is why Allah says Allah raises those who have knowledge Jada Allahu Allah Deena amen, amen come while Latina o to the Illuma. Dora Javed, we run away from ignorance and we run towards knowledge. Allah azza wa jal is the source of all knowledge. And he sends prophets to teach us and he sends books to guide us and the prophets and books are what we turn to for knowledge. Therefore, as a part of this verse for Pharaoh Illa Allah, we must always be attached to the knowledge of this Deen. We must make sure that there is a constant supply of in our daily lives, we must have a regular routine of attaching ourselves to Islamic scholarship. As we're driving in our

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cars as we're sitting waiting for something as they are Halaqaat in the masjid every day, every week increase your knowledge of this Deen knowledge of this religion is the umbilical cord that ties us to our religion. Nothing increases our iman more than knowledge and nothing prepares us for the journey towards Allah more than knowledge. So make sure as we turn to Allah that the turning is done based upon knowledge. And we thank Allah we live in a time and a place where there's so much knowledge the internet has made the entire world into a small village, everyone Omar from every language are preaching and teaching Alhamdulillah our community has people of knowledge, benefit

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from them, listen to them, attend their circles, and make sure there's a regular supply as you continue on your journey to Allah. So the second type fulfilled rule Allah you turn away from ignorance and you turn towards knowledge. Number three, fulfill rueil Allah run towards Allah subhanho wa taala. We turn away from disobeying and we turn towards obedience, as he'd been Abbas said, when he commented on this verse, run away from disobeying Allah and run towards obeying Allah run away from Marcia and towards da. And we can also say run away from punishment towards mercy from Isaiah to Rama. And of course, Allah tells us in the Quran, that the way to attain mercy is through

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obedience woman neuter Allah rasool Allah who were Yasha Allah Hawa, Taka he, like a homophone is zone those who obey Allah and who are conscious of Allah and obey the messenger. These are the people who will be successful. In a hadith in Sahih Bukhari our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I will give you an example of my message and what Allah has sent to me with, he gave this example I will give you an example of my message and what Allah has sent me with. He said, My example is like that of a Warner, who came across a group who are sleeping, and he said to them, that I am a warner Unto You, I have seen the army that is about to attack you, and I'm warning you

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to prepare. I have seen the army myself, so be prepared and flee. And so those who obey the Warner and run away will be safe and those who disobey the Warner meaning the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, and our heatless shall be destroyed. This hadith tells us that we turn away from disobedience and we turn towards the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala there is no success without obedience to Allah and disobedience to Allah brings about every type of calamity at the personal level and at the communal level and at the societal level. So we turn away from Marcia towards thaw of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is category number three, category no

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Number Four for Pharaoh il Allah, we turned towards Allah in our DUA and our help we turned towards Allah for our needs iya cannot go do what yeah can Esther in whenever we are in trouble whenever we need something, our hands should be raised first and foremost to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran, that of the etiquettes of the believer is that they turn to Allah Yeah, they're una hora Allah Benoit Raha, they make dua to him constantly in a state of hope in a state of fear. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, advising the closest of his Sahaba way the Celta de la jolla the standard for Stein Billa when you ask make sure you ask Allah and when

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you seek help seek the help of ALLAH SubhanA which Allah Allah reminds us in the Quran in yam Cisco Allah who be adorable in Fela Akashi for Allahu Allah who, if a calamity afflicts you, no one can live that calamity other than you, when you let go, be hired in and if Allah wants some good to come to you, then none shall come between you and that good. So why do we turn to other than Allah? Why is our hearts attached to other than Allah subhanho wa Taala fulfilled rueil Allah at times of unease, a times of discomfort, what's the first entity your heart turns to? Where do you find comfort? Where do you find solace? That is a sign of your iman, if you turn to Allah immediately, if

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your first refuge is to Allah subhanho wa Taala then this is a sign of iman. But if you find yourself turning to other entities to other things besides Allah, then indeed this is a sign of weakness of iman, we seek Allah's protection in that the 50 of these things that we can turn to there are scholars mentioned for Pharaoh Illa Allah and this is especially relevant in the current world on climate we find ourselves in is to turn away from hafla towards the clean to turn away from a life of heedlessness from a life of no purpose to a life of purpose and nobility. Because this generation of ours in particular, is perhaps one of the most if not the most oblivious generations

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towards religion and spirituality. Overall religion is declining in the world that we live in religiosity is becoming scarce and rare is it to find somebody who is a religious person of any stripe or shape, shape or form, and so fulfill rueil Allah means we find purpose in our lives. Why are we here? What is the purpose of our living? There is no purpose without Allah. There is no purpose of living, there is no higher goal. Why are we here? If we don't have Allah then life becomes meaningless life becomes without any purpose. The only meaning that we will find that is truly noble that is truly worthwhile is by discovering Allah knowing Allah worshiping Allah having a

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connection with Allah, when we have ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala our lives become worthy of living for Pharaoh Illa Allah turn away from the heedlessness Subhanallah look at especially our next generation. All they do May Allah for guide us and them is tick tock after Facebook after YouTube after video. That's it numbing their senses. This is not the way we will raise the next generation. We have to teach them fulfill rueil Allah cut off from this ruffler cut off from this heedlessness and discover Allah know Allah subhanho wa Taala because when you don't know Allah, and when you forget Allah, you forget about yourselves. Allah says in the Quran, what not to Kuno collodion Anna

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sola, for answer whom and for whom do not be like those who forgot about Allah because those who forget about Allah, they actually end up forgetting about themselves. This is a very powerful psychological verse. If you don't know Allah, you don't know yourself, ie the only purpose of yourself is really in the worship of Allah you will discover yourself and your life will attain meaning and you will attain happiness when you are connected with Allah. And when you cut off from Allah, then you have nothing left to live for. And perhaps that is one of the reasons why we find so many mental illnesses because religion overall is on the decline. Allah reminds us in the Quran,

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Allah be decree law, he taught me in non Kulu Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do the hearts find tranquility, this is what it means to turn to Allah for Pharaoh Illa Allah we find meaning in life through the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala so these are five simple realities and of seers of what it means to turn to Allah number one, turning away from Kufa towards Iman, number two, turning away from Jehovah towards him away from ignorance towards knowledge number three, turning away from Marcia from sin towards thoughts towards worse

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Tip number four turning away from seeking help from other than Allah towards yuck and not with what you're gonna aim. And number five, turning away from tough love from heedlessness towards Yaqeen towards certainty and this concept of turning to Allah and prioritizing Allah and setting your direction in the way of Allah, it is something that our Prophet sallallahu either he was sending would do constantly. One example just one example of this, we learned from our mother early Allahu anha, that every single night before going to sleep, the last dua of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he would lie down on his right hand side and he would make this dua, this hadith in

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Bukhari and Muslim the last two hours that he would make, it's a beautiful DUA and really it is a summary of furfural il Allah the whole dua is a summary of I'm going towards Allah subhana wa Tada it's a long dua I will say it in Arabic and you can look this up online Allahumma slim to enough see like, what we're judging what G Lake will for work to Amber the lake while Jatoba D Lake Robertson, Robertson, Lake La Jolla, mangia Minca II like men to be kita bigger lady answered, when a vehicle that they are such Oh Allah, I have submitted my soul unto you and I have put my face in your direction. And I have relegated my affairs to you and I have taken support from you. There is no

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wrong button what I have put my hope in you and my fear in you. There is no safety from you. Nor is there any place of refuge except in you. I believe in you, oh Allah and I believe in the book that you have revealed and the Prophet you have sent this entire Hadith I turned my face towards you, I put my back in arrest towards you, I submit my affairs towards you. All of this is about turning towards Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. There is no refuge from Allah except in Allah, we turn from the punishment of Allah to the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's what our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reminded us in the famous Hadith pudsey that Allah azza wa jal says that

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oh my servant, Whoever comes to me in one step, I come to him in 10 steps and whoever comes to me walking, I come to him running. This is the reality of turning towards Allah and fleeing towards Allah. Let us prioritize ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala let us put our iman and Allah let us take our knowledge from ALLAH and the revelation of Allah subhanho wa Taala let us make the vicar of Allah and they're about to have Allah priority. Let us find meaning in our lives by remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala let us find pleasure in the obedience of Allah. And when we do so we will turn away from the punishment of Allah towards the worship of Allah subhanahu wa to Allah. Allah how many

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there are in for aminu, Lama Burdick and if you have the Quran and Aleem or llama, llama olam and fattener be mountains Ltd enemy Kitab ik I ask ALLAH SubhanA which Allah for Baraka in his book and ask Allah for refuge and all that He has revealed that is not good for us and ask Allah for is still far from me. And you see, because it's still far For indeed, here's the whole food and the Rahim

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stuff for Allah Allah de la

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Alhamdulillah hilweh hidden ahead are some of the lead in a myriad, William Mueller, Allah, Allah Who co found what I do. Do Muslims in the last week or two, our community has had a series of deaths amongst our own family and friends, and even amongst those who used to pray amongst us. Even today, there are people that were here last week that are not here today. Constantly, we are surrounded by death, one after the other, either a distant friend or a near relative meets their end, and every single July and every month comes and we have one or two or three less people and our own gathering. Every time somebody passes away every single time we hear of somebody who has moved on. It is as if

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Allah is giving us one more opportunity to assess our own lives to assess our own good and bad before the news of our death reaches others. Dear Muslims realize that nobody lives forever. It is only Allah who is Albuquerque could lumen Allah have fun while yeah but our wedge Hora Baker will gelardi will kromm all who is on this earth shall perish none shall be left except Allah subhanho wa Taala Kulu Neff sin the airport will Mote every single soul shall taste death. Wah ma Jana, the Bashara Milcah political hold we have not given eternity to any human being for emitter for human hardly doing if you are a soul Allah will die do they think they should live forever? Dear Muslims

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every single time somebody passes on

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It is an opportunity for us to remember of our own mortality, our finite time on this earth. What have we accomplished? And what will we accomplish? Dear Muslims of the ways that we will make our lives better is by remembering death. We remember death not to be morbid not to be terrified not to be petrified. We remember death in order to live a better life. Our Prophet sallallahu, either he was selling reminded us frequently think of death, he told us frequently think of death. Think about that. And I asked you and myself an honest question, when was the last time you actually thought of death? When was the last time you visualized death? And that's one of the reasons why eemaan is so

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important because our Eman teaches us what is going to happen at the time of death and in the journey of death and in Buddhism. Dear Muslims, I remind myself and all of you, that of the ways we will better ourselves is when we visualized that journey, step by step and stage by stage, imagine the angels coming to take your soul and ask yourselves which of the two types of angels do you want the angels of mercy or the angels or punishment? Imagine being lowered into the grave for the very first time and the first night that shall be in the grave? Imagine mancha Nikhil coming and asking you the three questions. We know the questions, the questions have been told to us. But the answer

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to those questions will not be based upon our memory. It will not be based upon what do we have memorized? It will be based upon our lives and our actions. Be prepared for that answer. Know that in the Barossa. Either your cupboard is one of the gardens of Jannah or it is one of one of the pits of that fire of hell we seek Allah's refuge. Which of the two do you want it to be visualized? Your Muslim standing on the Day of Judgment in front of Allah visualized? Allah azza wa jal asking us the questions we know the exam has been set and the questions are public. Every single question has been told to us visualize Allah azza wa jal asking us My dear servant yah, Abdi, what did you do with

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your life, with your health, with your wealth with your time? What did you do with all that I have given you have an answer from now prepare that answer. Try your best and do not trivialize any small deed, no matter how small it is, do not trivialize it, because you and I do not know which small deed might be the most expensive in the eyes of Allah do not trivialize the opportunity to do any good. And that's what our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that put a barrier between yourself and the punishment of Allah, even if it's by giving half a day, even if by smiling in the face of your brother, helping your brother in a small short, being optimistic and positive. Do not

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ever give up an opportunity to do good. Keep on planting the seeds of good every single day live a consistently ethical life. So that insha Allah hooter, Allah, when we meet Allah, we can say, Yeah, Allah, I'm not the most perfect, but I tried, and this is what I have to show, but be prepared for that day. And the way you are prepared is by visualizing and thinking about it. Also, dear Muslims, as we have so many people passing away amongst us, I remind myself and all of you to take advantage of our elders take advantage of our elders for as long as we have them. I speak now to the youth especially, and to the youngsters amongst us and to those whose parents are still with them, that

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thank Allah that your parents are with you and be good to them and try your best to be a righteous son or daughter to them. Because the time might come when that is not going to be there for you. And those that are elderly of your relatives have a good relationship with them, called constantly be in touch with them, because you do not know when that opportunity will be lifted, and for those whose parents or whose relatives have moved on, know that your life itself is also a baraka for them and could be a baraka for them by your good deeds. Try your best to maintain their memory constantly gift them good deeds, this is of the least obligations that a righteous son or daughter should do.

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Those whose parents have moved on your lives can still be sources of blessings for them. It is mentioned in the Hadith that the prophets of salaam said that a person who has passed on his rank will be raised high in Jannah and he's passed away so he will say to Allah, Ya Allah, how is my rank being raised? So Allah will say, this is from the good deeds of your son or your daughter, the son or daughter that is on this earth and still gifting those deeds So continue to do them dear Muslims whose parents or relatives moved on doesn't mean that once they moved on their memory is gone, keep their memories alive and do what you can to give sadaqa or to do any good deed dua or Hajj or Umrah

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or building a well or giving any good deed in their name so that you can continue to benefit them. And also dear Muslim, realize it is the Sunnah of Allah that as you do unto others, so it shall be done unto you. So as you show reverence, and as you show respect to your elders,

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So to when you are elderly Insha Allah, people will show respect to you. And as you remember those that have passed on and as you send your good deeds to them, then realize that when you have passed on insha Allah Who to either there will be progeny of yours that will do good deeds for you come out to the you know to Dan, as you do unto others, it shall be done unto you. So take advantage of those who are living and do not forget those who have passed on and every one of us, let us prepare for the inevitable end because that is the end of every single one of us Allahumma and NIDA and for aminu, Allahu Allah Tala if you don't meet them and he loves offerta wala hum and Illa for Raja

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Wallah Dana Illa Kadota when I'm ready, you want Elijah feta when I see it on Illa your sorta Allama fildena What is one in the readiness of Hakuna Eman? Wala treasure a few cubanelle Hila Liliana Ave Robina in Nicaragua Rahim. Allah Houma is Islam only Muslim in Allahumma. is Islam when Muslim in Allah who marries Islam or when Muslim in Allah Humann Aradhana or Aden Islam on Muslim in Ebisu in physically do have enough say which outed Mira who feet at bat Jaco Yu ER Z is very bad Allah in Allah to Allah Amara Combi Amerind Bajaj be he been FC within Nabi Malaika, Yoko se withheld SAP become a you know name and gender he was insane for color as me and called in and Alima in Allah

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WeMo Soluna Allah Nebby Yeah, you had Edina Emanuel Sol Lu Allah He was selling him with a steamer Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Burdick what are the abductors who they come Mohamed while early he was such a big marine about Allah in Allah to Allah your Moodle Bill Adley what exactly what a title quarterback wion handle fascia it will Moon carry well belly, your alumina Isla come to the karoun Oh the Quran Allah has la Mera Kaam wish Kuru Yes. What are the Corolla heater Allah Akbar Wa La masala

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Hola Hola. Hola, como shadow?

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A shadow Nemo him mega Rasul Allah Hi Jana Sun aunty Hayyan Furla Polycom that is sauna to huddle calm that is sauna Allah Who Aikido

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hola hola la Stowe

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along like bones

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Alhamdulillah here robbing me in a rush nah no rushing money Kia wanted Dean II cannot avoid doing any kind of styling. Is there no slip it off one will still cling. Slip at all it's one Latina I'm gonna eat him my boy is in the metal dude behind him model warning.

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well don't have what Laney is a surgeon? What duck out on bulc on 1.10 to coin you don't like I mean una. What are some of your Tweet got off book if that's all gone? Me Judaica team

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well, we're Jeddah called on love.

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Wha wha jejaka?

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melnea Team Alpha Junko. Hello. One. Messiah enough. Jun how? What? I'm being jailed on Bianca Farhan, dis. Allahu Akbar.

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Semi Allahu naman Hamidah.

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Ah Welcome

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Allahu Akbar

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along like them

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and hamdulillah here I've been I mean ur Rahman Al Rahim Imani Kenya woman Dini yuck and I'm gonna do one ear kind of styling. Then I'll seal it off one of them was stealth him I'll sing alongside Hina on

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him waiting a metal door behind him Why don't bomb on me when

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I mean

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and how cool Metallica jakka thorough Hector's all to Moonmilk all you can sell furniture

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Moon cannula

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Munna Madani Oakley clean lots out

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Jehane thumb out on guna high enough clean so I'm

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Matt is in our nation going along welcome

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semi Allahu naman Hamidah

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along like a bum

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along like them

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I'm on Cubone

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set are more more more

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more on an equal model match on ah stuff

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somebody comes there has been a request for do we have a person passed away to safe on Saudi and our own neighboring community and also those that have passed away this week and all of the previous weeks when they do offer them a lot more a lot more hammer home alarm if and why one home alarm okay Newsela home llama Western ricotta home alarm will soon be met with Bill 30 Well borrowed alarm I knock the humidity no bill Talia Camerino Clutha will be alumina Dennis. Allahu majaz human has not yet Asana overseer Alfonso Ferghana along with a bit tremendous to Allama was sadly him Kobudo whom Allah know what are they from Cobra home? Allahumma Jellico Bora Hello, Dr. Maria elder Jana Allahu

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Allah Alka water Hamid OData Miguel de Jana wallet Israel Herman Hofer the neuron Bahama ticker, hamara Haman or SallAllahu Sorbetto.

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So I could have lowered a cat just a quick reminder we started the campaign for blankets for Muslims and non Muslims in Dallas. Please on your way out, you can see boxes, blanket

00:40:00--> 00:40:11

To drive, donate as much as you can and also we have a tab on the kiosk, one blanket for 25 Five blankets for $100 and that inshallah Tada will keep others warm Jacqueline locker salary