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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative impact of actions on people's lives, including their ability to achieve their dreams and their ability to achieve their dreams. They argue that actions like violence and drugs do not the negative impact on people's lives and that they should consider the model of "forgiveness" that Islam has laid out for them.
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and sort of useless as one of the most amazing sources for animal story of US politics, the most amazing stories, we could sit here. And so the fact you're talking about all the lessons to take out of soil, but I'm restricted to just select to, to talk about the story of luciferase. So there is a story of reliance. And it's also a story of forgiveness.

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Because you're supposed to do anything to anybody who have wronged anybody who had committed sin. And so when the circumstances that he found himself in, took them into hardship,

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there's no there wasn't any possibility that someone could say, oh, this is a punishment for what you've done.

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So that's the story, it needs an answer to the question that so many of us ask about their lives. Why do bad things happen?

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There are so many, especially looking at the last couple months across the world, terrible things happening. oppression, poverty, hunger, monsoons,

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and hardship. And then at the same time, we see the oppressors getting over a seeming to get away with things time and time again, laughing all the way to the bank. What's the justice? A lot of people want to know. And a lot of people have a trial date they see these things happening. Where's where's the mercy of the story? This matches this?

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Because Newsom, when he was taken down,

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he had absolutely nothing was his fault. But he had circumstances happened to him. And we looked at him and we look at his reaction, what was his reaction to the circumstances, he was left for dead in the web.

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And then after he was saved for Well, eventually, he ended up in jail, he was the lowest of low points, if anyone had the right to say why

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it was

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what we find throughout the soil use of constantly mentioning this Florida constant, constantly mentioned the pharaohs Lord upon them, and remember in the trust again. So now I did that, he say, Why me? And where does the law where's the Mercy of Allah, and neither did he fraud. So another thing that a lot of us these days in this part of the world do, where we say, I'm gonna rock myself,

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I need to figure it out on my own, I need to dig down deep. Our society is filled with these kinds of lies about me, a mortal, powerful, so all I have to do is try hard enough, I'm an underdog and I dig down deep enough that I'm gonna overcome everything, and then the circumstances of my life, to my will to what I want. Well, guess what, sorry, this is not about that. So this is not about bending the circumstances of life to what you want. But it's about submitting to the life the law has planned for you.

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Because of abusive, he keeps on mentioning and sustained. I mentioned about the sustainer. And realizing that he might only be able to see two steps ahead of him for the last season the whole way.

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And then he also starts out here, and all of us were at a certain station of life, and we're here and Allah wants us to be up here.

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But guess what, between here and here, there's a price.

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And you're not going to hit here from here to here for free. You've got a price tag on that change. And Allah is taking you through circumstances and he wants to the only thing he wants to he was to resign station and to restart, right.

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But then in the middle of that we lose hope and we expect and we say why me?

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That's why faith is something that cannot wait until calamity happens. And Allah has told us that as a believer, calamity is a certainty. It's not amazing. It's not a possibility that calamity is a certainty and tests are a certainty.

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You're not going to spend your whole life going out to eat and go into your job every day and laughing and joking with friends and all these sorts of things and watching Netflix, one day calamity or divide you, Allah's Will is going to find you us needs and his solo plan to get you to a higher station is going to find you.

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So faith is about stocking up and putting things away today during Ramadan, and outside of Ramadan, prayers and fasting for men to double and think about

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your Lord and your relationship with him so that when you reach that moment you reap the harvest. You reach the moment where you're really tested when Allah wants something better for you, but you're paying the price

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and you're able to pass through a cookies like yours.

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And the second thing so that's the resilience part of the second aspect is forgiveness after everything that happened with abuse.

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He's wrong by his brothers, his own family. Think about how heartbroken you must have been to be betrayed by his own blood.

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At the end of it all,

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when they ask for forgiveness, He doesn't rub it in your face. He doesn't take this moment to close. What depresses advantage or to shame them.

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He accepts their forgiveness. And he says something amazing. I don't know if you've heard it, or if you caught it, he says that the devil

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is what is trying to sow discord between us. And so he welcomes back his repentant brothers to him, like people who are long lost people who have just been lost in the middle of the wilderness, but that just as Allah comes back the sinner when he turns back from sin, he doesn't shame us. Yes, my mind does. Oh, you did this again. Oh, you're always doing this vote. Why? Well, I don't know. It's gonna take some time for me to get over this. No. Open Arms complete. Every single one of us has wrong people in our lives, every single person here as people who have wronged us

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we should think about the model of forgiveness that Islam has laid out for us and his father. He said that it will love

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the fact that they love us.