Muiz Bukhary – Do Breastfeeding Mothers and Pregnant Women Have to Fast Ramadan

Muiz Bukhary
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of breastfeeding and the importance of fasting during the month of Papua. They explain that breastfeeding is not a condition that is difficult for women to avoid, and that fasting is not a condition that is difficult for women to avoid. The speaker also discusses the concept of a "good" person and the importance of fasting during the month of Papua.
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In regards to breastfeeding mothers and also pregnant women during the month of Ramadan, two situations two scenarios may apply. Scenario number one, if the woman is not affected by fasting and fasting is not too difficult for her during her pregnancy or her breastfeeding period. She does not fear for her child she does not fear for her own self there is no there is no harm that is going to befall her or her child then in this situation, she is obliged to fast and it is not permissible for her to choose not to fast. Scenario number two. If the woman fears for herself or her child because of fasting, the doctors advise her against fasting. And if fasting is difficult for her let's say

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it's a woman in her pregnancy. She's concerned about her health she's concerned about the child she's feeling weak, she's feeling dizzy, or a breastfeeding mother who thinks who fears that you know her milk may dry up she is not able to feed her child then in such a situation, she is allowed she is permitted to choose not to fast but she has to make up the days that she does not fast after the month of Ramadan. and in this situation, it is actually better for her not to fast and it is disliked it is makrooh for her to fast. Some of the scholars even go on to state that if she fears for her child if she fears for herself. It is obligatory it is mandatory for her not too fast and it

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is forbidden it is haram for her too fast in this situation based on the understanding that we glean from the ayah in the Quran Villa de PUE enforcer calm Do not kill yourself Allah to be a de cumulate De Luca Do not throw yourselves into destruction into harm. Based on this the scholar state that it is mandatory for her not to fast. Now we have a discussion as to whether it is only kabar that is due upon her order, she has to give Cabo and fidelia. Now if you're wondering what is Kabbalah? What is Vidya? If you would like to explore further details in regards to what is Kabbalah. What is Vidya? And what is cafaro because these are three concepts that are connected to the month of

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Ramadan. If you want to know the differences and how they apply upon an individual trauma bond, all you have to do is click the links above, there may be links above or go to the description. There'll be a link in Sharla in regards to this matter in regards to the breastfeeding woman or the the breastfeeding mother or the pregnant woman. There's a difference of opinion and it's the scholars and some scholars opine that if a pregnant woman or a breastfeeding mother chooses not to fast worried about her own health, the health of either the child she's feeding or the baby in the womb, then she can choose to break her fast. But for every day that she does, so she must feed one poor

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person on top of having to make up for the day that she has missed. She has to make up for the fast that is known as Koba and she also has to give out a Vidya ransom where she has to feed a poor person for every single day that she has missed. Other scholars are of the opinion that pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers come under the same heading as those who are sick. Now when we say sick you have to understand under the discussion in regards to Ramadan, we have as in sicknesses are of various types. You have permanent illnesses, and someone who is terminally ill someone who is old aged. Now they cannot make up fasts so all they have to do is only give out a video but then you

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have those who come under a temporary sickness let's say it's a fever you're feeling weak so during the month of Ramadan you miss five days during the month of Ramadan it's a very reason because you're finding it difficult to too weak too fast. So you miss five days or 10 days during the month of Ramadan. So during such a situation what is required of you to do is all you have to do is make up the mists fasts right after the month of Ramadan as soon as possible as soon as possible before the other Ramadan comes about because the minute the other Ramadan comes about if it spills onto the next Ramadan, then a long as if you delay say hypothetically let's say let me give you an example as

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examples bring about clarity. Let's say an individual during the month of Ramadan he travels for 10 days. So Valerie's he's traveling so he can choose to break his or her fast or let's say an individual falls ill during the month of Ramadan for 10 days valid reason. So based on this they can break their fast now what is due upon them is right after the month of Ramadan they must make up the missed fast called

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before the next Ramadan comes about. So let's say it happens in Ramadan. 2020 before Ramadan 2021 comes about the missed fasts need to be made up and they don't have to be made up all in one go you can break it. Let's say if it's 10 days you can fast a day a month and cover it in 10 months, but without a valid reason you delayed until the next Ramadan comes about now during Ramadan. You can

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Make Up For missed fast you have to fast the new Ramadan now as in the month of Ramadan which is in 2021 because you delayed it until the next Ramadan along with having to make up the missed fast of Ramadan 2020 you have to give out a fibia as well a ransom of feeding a poor person for a single day for each day that the fast was missed. So the scholars who

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have the second category they say that the breastfeeding mother and the pregnant woman comes under this heading of the individuals who are sick with a temporary sickness. So based on this, all they have to do is make up for the mist fast no matter what the situation because there is no evidence in the Quran or the Sunnah. For them to have to feed the poor as well along with making up the missed fast unless it spills onto after him upon the next ramen. That's what I mean. Because when I say earlier, the first category says they have to make up and they're to give something called cofounder and expiation, or Vidya they have to pay out something along with having make made up the fastest.

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But the second category says no, they don't have to because there's no evidence in the corner the sooner for them having to make up the fast and give food as well, unless they delayed until the next time upon then because of the delay they have to

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pay out the food and they go on to say the basic principle here is that there is no obligation to pay food unless proof of that is established. And this is the view of Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah and Alhamdulillah it is a strong view and we humbly sympathize with Imam Abu hanifa him a whole lot in this regard. And we conclude by saying Allah knows best Zach

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