Mohamad Baajour – How to Be from IbadurRahman #3

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The Jahannam police officer used a search warrant and caused confusion and fear among some Muslims, who feel they should not be in the area. The importance of not feeling fearful of Islam and not feeling satisfied with the way Islam is taught is discussed. The group discusses the use of "d electronics" in various context, including a person named Jesusholder who believes the d union is worthless and is fearful of acceptance.
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We continue our series of a battle run, begging Allah azza wa jal to make us all among Eva ramen. And in Yoruba, I mean, we mentioned already

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three of their characteristics. Number one is that they walk on Earth

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with the humility. Second, they leave an argument or the javelin, they leave the Javelin

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indignity. And third is they spend the night suggestion. Wakayama, why don't run around 11am Shuna Island all the

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way to the heart of Joe Kahn who said

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well, lazy you know heavy tune early Rob, be him sujeto

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Well, lazy.

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Serif and Rob burner. seresin. Jehan in the can.

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In her sir. At Mr. Cole, row calm.

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The fourth characteristic we'll be discussing today in sha Allah Allah. After Allah azza wa jal told us that these people they spent the night in pm performing TM And subhanAllah one time in Hassanal bursary he said, How come the people who perform TM their faces are full of Nora?

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He said because Hello Billa because they were alone with Allah azza wa jal. So he gave them from his nor Subhan Allah, may Allah make us among these people. So TM they performed TM and right after they performed TM Allah azza wa jal told us that they make this to act by the way

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in all their characteristics they make to do RS robbing us with HANA Bucha Hana and the second or better habla I mean as far as you know whether

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you're gonna come to it so imagine any these are called a by the right man and these are the only two as they make so number one yeah Allah avert Yeah, Allah keep away from us the punishment of Jahannam in other Bahasa can Araunah it's punishment is haram. What does haram mean? Ramen here

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it means from the word redeem. Redeem is the person that owes you owe money to

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the person that you owe money to what happens he's always on top of you. asking you for his money back. So Allah Subhana Allah Tada these people are making it Yeah, Allah keep away Jahannam keep us away from Jahannam because it's our job is haram is on top of you constantly. All the time. In her sir at Mr. Womack Karna

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this Jahannam it is so evil for a short time or for a long time. Yeah Allah we do want to we do not want to go to jahannam neither for a short time, which is the Muqaam Muqaam is a short time Mr. Carr is forever was shinzou Treasury Lima, Stocker. Rila Yanni Mr. Carr is a place that you're going to stay there forever. So yeah, Allah, we don't want to go to jahannam for a short period of time, like the Jews said, lentinus and Illa. Yemen might do that.

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When we go if we go to the hellfire, we're gonna go for a few days. It's not a big deal. I spent the weekend and we come back. And unfortunately, some Muslims are thinking like that these days. They say, You know what?

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Let me enjoy my life. I will go to jahannam day or two

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or a short period of time, and then I will be out because at the end of the day, every Morehead has to go to Jana Noriaki Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us the least punished person in jahannam. The least punished person in Jahannam is a person that will wear sandals of fire that will make his brain boil.

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That's the least punished person. We cannot afford to be in Jahannam not even for a fraction of a second.

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So these people who are performing TM this is their main concern. They are fearful of Allah. They're always thinking of the athlete and their main to Allah keep us away from jahannam.

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But we as Muslims, we know that we supposed to live with hope and fear how for a job, not always feeling and asking Allah to keep us from

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Random and not always the plain colors. I'm 100% going to Jana, we live between both. Like I said, the moment is like a bird, one Jenner, one wing is fear and one wing is hope. And the head is the love of Allah azza wa jal. The bird cannot fly with two wings, we have to both always hope that Allah will accept our unknown and fear that he might not accept. So these people have recognized that this dunya one is worthless.

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Yeah rasool Allah. But as the example of this dunya he said that he has salatu salam, it's just like a person traveling, and he found the tree. And he sat down to rest a little bit. And then he continued his journey, that whole dunya is that rest under the tree?

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Ya know?

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What do you think of the dunya?

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He said, The dunya

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is just like a dowel, just like a house. You walk in from one door

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and you leave from the other, no matter how big is that house, walking from door and leaving from the other is a very short period of time. And this is who this is the Prophet alayhi salam, that his dalla only his data was 950 years. A side note. How come Allah azza wa jal said that new Alayhis Salam that he spent Alfa Sana Illa come Sina Ana. Allah says in surah Blanca booth that know Allah Islam spend in his Dawa. 1000 years minus 50 Why Allah did not say he spent 950 years

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Allah said no Alayhis Salam spend elf minus 50

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He could have said 950 years right? There's no way have you ever seen somebody I will give my son his 100 his 100 minus 50

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Any right? How come? Anybody

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better colorific elf. This is by the way to show

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how long the Parveen to show how great how long was his period? He said elf minus 50

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Elf was the biggest number that the Arab new elf 1000 was the biggest number that the Arab No, there was no million there was no zillion there was no trillion elf

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even when they want to say a million What do they say? alpha alpha an alpha elf 1000 times 1000. So alpha was the biggest number. So that's why for example, Allah subhanaw taala told us in Anza now if you need a

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little cuddle, he did not say when we say when we explained it we say more than 83 years. Allah did not say 83 When you say 8383 is small number

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teittleman l Fisher. Big right? So to make us you know get excited about that day. So that's the use of the word elf. So let's go back. So no hana is Salam told us that this dunya is nothing and these people have recognized that yeah, when when they would add Islam he said Yeah, Allah

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I cannot even bear the heat of your son. How can I bear the heat of your fire?

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So one of the main guys that we should make in this in this desert nights have been asleep and then in the hurricane I got on, alarm, my journeyman and not anything to keep you away from the Hellfire Yeah, one and the most. The Trussell loss, I suddenly made the most Rob banner ads in dunya Hassan were Phil clarity Hassan walked in, other than not. So the first the fourth characteristic that the bad run and do is that they begged Allah to keep them away from the Hellfire in sha Allah Tala will continue on Sunday. Zachman la cara Baraka Luffy calm May Allah make us all from a better one Subhanallah maybe I shouldn't lie la isla and that's the federal cabinet to Willeke

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in LA Mussolini now almost Lima Do you want meanie now well Mina de carne de now look on it. The more slowly in pain I was flaunting Ponte wasabi Rena was Slavia rod Do you want to follow Sherry You know

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what unfortunately no one was watching I think one downside Dino one downside being thought he was on me now was all in

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one heavy Lena

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All gentlemen one Hatfield law it was good enough a long look at

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what's going on I don't know who

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was a gentleman nauseam

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