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This question actually is very sensitive. And I was wondering even to this or not, but obviously, these are the questions that are necessary for people to know and to understand. And so Bismillah, let's do this now, brother wishes to remain anonymous, you'll see why he writes from a European country, which I will not mention by name. And he says that he's being offered a job, governmental job that is suited for his talents, he likes it, it's skill set is perfect for him. He likes it. However, it is in the branch of law enforcement that is equivalent to the elite of the security apparatus, the highest level of security. So this isn't just a normal policeman. This is the elite

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of the police right there. Maybe in America, we have the FBI, for example, right. And he said that his job will involve lots of things that are of a societal nature, tackling all types of crimes, drugs, the mafia. And also he says, This is why he's asking me also issues related to terrorism and monitoring radical groups. And he says that he has been told by some of the people in his community that he should not take this job because he will be spying on Muslims, because he will be doing something that is, he has been told an ethical

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I mean, Kobe league in Asia learn no hate, hey, lay him first.

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Now, this is a very, very sensitive question, to be honest, and I'm not going to answer you haraam or Helen, I'm simply make a discussion that I want you to think about these factors. And I asked you to go to a scholar of your own land, who number one is well grounded in our Islamic tradition. And number two is well grounded in reality as well, right? Because, again, we have all different types of aroma. And for these questions, we do need to go to those scholars who are

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cognizant of living in the lives that we live in, and are connected to the communities and are not, you know, living somewhat isolated from the struggles of the average people and somewhat cut off from the realities. Because in the end of the day, you know, it's very easy to be a bubble, and a marginalized, you know, a religious community on the fringes of society. And, you know, I see, you know, why people would do that, but those types of people are not the best suited to answer these sensitive questions, go to those that are a little bit more connected to the intricacies of how your country is working, and the protocols of how change is going to take place. And you will find the

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shallow odema like this now. Go to them for your specific answer I'm going to speak to generically, and so I'm not going to give you a hot almond head, I'm just going to give you some things to think about. So firstly, obviously, as a Muslim, to, to to tackle the the larger crime issues, you know, to tackle the mafia, drug gangs, violence, you know, or with, with, with a black child, you know, evil then you get to talk about and, you know, trafficking, to tackle these things. Alhamdulillah No problem, you'll get a double reward, you know, I mean, get your salary and, and, and for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala makes society better. We don't want violent criminals, we don't want to drug

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gangs, we don't want people that are harming other people, and you know,

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extortion and bribery and whatnot. So all of this that is general crimes against society. And these are crimes in the Sharia and crimes in society, in sha Allah, make your intention pure and and take and take these these projects and expect Allah to reward you for doing some good service to the community. No problem over there. However, as you pointed out, sometimes and perhaps because of your skill set, and because perhaps because of your background, you will be asked to get involved in the more sensitive issues of these radical, you know, elements and the jihadist groups and, and whatnot. And this is where it gets extremely awkward. So I say and I have been saying this since post 911. I

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have not changed my tune at all. This has been my consistent mess message. And I have lived through post 911 America I have lived through from the 2000s five since I came back from Medina, when all of these terrorist groups were around when America invaded Iraq and in Afghanistan and Guantanamo. And all of this happened in the rise of all of these movements came and they were

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And my message has been consistent. And I asked all of you to listen to my lectures, the same message comes. And of course, the, it's a longer message. But in that message, I will always say that what our own country is doing of its foreign policy and its invasions. And its Guantanamo. And its, you know, other practices. You know, even people like Chomsky was not even a Muslim, they say this is, you know, far worse than any terrorism that these other groups are doing. And the number of deaths that these invasions, cause. And the flagrant abuse and and mis abuse of human rights, and the the wanton destruction of peoples and civilizations, this is a crime that is far bigger than

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anything that these sub, you know, national groups are doing as a response. And the fact of the matter is that pretty much all of these types of groups that are coming about they are the backlash of the policies of the super powers. So I always begin and premise with that this is not an exoneration at all of the foreign policy of the very lines that we live in, they have

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themselves caused so much harm and damage, and the backlash of these invasions, these are part of what we are seeing here. Nonetheless, with all of that having been said, with all of them having been said, I have always been consistent in this regard, even though it has caused a lot of irritation and anger from the, from some of the segments of the Muslim community, that no matter what is happening over there, it is not allowed for us Muslims over here to harm anybody in our lands, it is not allowed. two wrongs do not make a right. And the classical things that are quoted in the books of fic do not apply in the modern construct of the nation states. And that's why

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mainstream fuqaha across all them, and across all the globe, and across all of the mainstream movements have not justified these terrorist movements, the actual terrorists that are, you know, bombing, you know, people in western cities and, and doing these things, no mainstream scholar, no reputable scholar has justified this, what is happening over there in Iraq, and Afghanistan and Guantanamo are massive crimes against humanity. And they are acts of terrorism in and of themselves. But that does not in any shape, or fashion justify what some people have attempted to do or want to do, in our lands against innocent people, innocent civilians, and therefore, I said this very clear

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actually said this. Long stories I have with the hot tub, I have had lots of experience with these types of movements. And it has caused some issues for me as well. But I have maintained this, and I'm gonna say this, again, I said this literally 17 years ago, when I first came here, this this statement, I said it and it caused a huge controversy back then. And it might even cause it now. But it doesn't matter. This is what I believe that if I knew of such an attack, and if I had knowledge of people wanting to do this in our soils, to people in our land over here, I personally would do everything in my power to prevent that. Including without a moment's hesitation, getting the law

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enforcement involved, calling them myself, making sure that nothing like this happened because I genuinely believe that it is a crime in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala to take these innocent lives and to do something that's going to harm people. And I believe that the harm that comes to those innocent people add to the religion of Islam and to the reputation of our Muslim community, and to the laws themselves of this of the backlash is gonna happen. It's simply without any without even hesitation, we say that this is simply how long and sinful and unethical and immoral and a huge problem the damages that it does, is far, far infinitely, you know, greater than any good that these

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people because I don't think results in any good, but in their minds, it does. So why do I say all of this because if your job if your job involved, actually targeting those people, ie the real terrorists, I will say no problem. Mr. Miller, go for it. Of course, why should we not we should be at the forefront of making sure that none of these types of actual terrorists that want to kill innocent people blow up buildings, take a machine gun and mow people down in the name of our religion. No, never. We will be the first to stop that. And we will work with anybody to make sure that that does not happen. But dear brother, this is theory. As for reality, reality is radically

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different than theory. And this is where the problem comes. You see, realistically in practice, the problem comes that pretty much all Western nations

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America, Canada, your European countries, pretty much all of them, their policing force their you know, FBI equivalents basically have gone overboard. They've lost the plot. They've acted with a rashness of foolishness, foolishness that is actually counterproductive and unethical, and actually ends up harming innocent people, and in trapping innocent people and jailing innocent people and terrorizing communities for the wrong reason. So we have a difference between theory and between practice, in theory, we are at the forefront against the actual crazy people, the actual radical, the actual lunatics, the actual French, you know, pseudo jihad, as we call them, no problem, we

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should be at the forefront. But the problem comes to your brother that, in practice, these governments cannot tell the difference, or they don't wish to tell the difference between, let's say, a conservative Muslim, who's a pacifist, and somebody who is an actual threat to society. And so a lot of problems come because of these agencies. First and foremost, again, where does one begin the secret of surveillance and the monitoring of innocent Muslims? Not there's no problem. If you genuinely are going to monitor a terrorist, there's no problem. But to throw the the net as it were so wide, and to encompass the entire Muslim community, or the entire mustard going community, or

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anybody who's praying five times a day, or anybody who has a beard or has a hijab, we're reading the Quran. And all the while ignoring the far right terrorists and the white supremist terrorists and the local domestic terrorists, because they're one of us, basically. And we have seen in America time and time again, the FBI itself for the last six years has said the number one threat to American on American soil is far right, right wing national white terrorists. That's the number one threat. And yet still, it is the Muslim community that is being monitored more than those four right groups. Why? Because again, the problem is in the practice, also, the problem of criminalizing

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legitimate dissent. In other words, we clearly see that people of a certain race and background will get away with certain things with criticizing with vocally, you know, protesting, whereas people with, you know, different background, Muslims and skin color names and beards, the same things being done will be considered criminal. And a simple example of this is France, where it is now a criminal offence, a criminal offence to verbally disagree verbally disagree with the publication of those blasphemers cartoons. Yes, what happened afterwards was a crime, and nobody should have been killed. And I've said they have all heard about this. But can't I say that I was insulted by the cartoons

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and I'm also insulted by this Muslim who killed Yes, both of these I can condemn canta condemned both. But according to French law, if I were in France, I'm not even allowed to say that I disagree with the publication. I'm not allowed to say that was not something that it's just something that ethics the norm says you should not do socially, not legally. And still I'm not allowed to say that. So we and the same here in America is that what happened was that legitimate dissent, legitimate criticism that the First Amendment allows allows, was perceived to be terroristic in nature, and people were thrown into jail people I know were thrown into jail simply because they said something

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first amendment issues, they said something or translated something and this was deemed to be in and of itself, you know, terroristic. And all the while, of course, the far right does what it is doing, it actually engages in military training. And, you know, and and, you know, doing things of nature that are far more dangerous, but they're given a complete leeway to do so. Also, we see over here, another major problem of these agencies is that they do not will invite, look, it's been 20 years since 911 21 years, if you're still going to remain ignorant, you have chosen to remain ignorant. And most of these agencies have chosen to remain ignorant. The the average Muslim can tell you that,

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you know, the conservative, you know, religious crowd, the majority, the vast majority of them are pacifist, they're only interested in their own lives and their families. They're not going to be a threat. But most most agencies in the Western world are going to view conservative religious sentiment with suspicion of terrorism. So somebody who starts to pray regularly, somebody who, you know, wants to wear their hijab, a sister wants to wear the hijab or niqab. The brother wants to, you know, do something extra religious, all of a sudden, they think, oh, because he's praying or because he's going to the masjid. This is a sign he's on his way to become radical on his way to

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become terrorists. And that's obviously completely unethical and immoral and of course,

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The issue of guilt by association, which has never done on other people, how many are the criminals, and how many are the terrorists in other groups, and just because they're walking around and meeting people, they will all don't get become associated. But in the Muslim community, you know, any one person who's accused, anybody around him automatically becomes a person of suspicion. And of course, perhaps the worst of all of these are the blatant policies of entrapment, that pretty much all Western Secret Service institutions have done, including the FBI. And I've criticized this multiple times directly, by the way to the FBI agents that I've had to sometimes they come and interview me

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and speak, I've always said to this, them, this is your most nefarious tactic that is turning people away from even wanting to help you in any fashion or form, you should help the Muslim community and they will help you back and don't criminalize religiosity, and do not entrap innocent people, which is one of their worst tactics, which is basically take somebody who's typically mentally not normal, and then, you know, bring about a whole plot to push and coax him to do something illegal, he would never even thought of the plot, much less cotton, the equipment, much less do something where it not for millions of dollars spent by dozens of FBI agents, in order to trap this young boy, he typically

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1920 years old, and then gets a life sentence or 25 years in jail simply because, you know, an FBI agent walked into the mosque and decided that's the kid, I want to try to interrupt. And if you're involved in something like this, then I wouldn't be shame on anybody shame on anybody who thinks that that is going to be of benefit. So the problem I do brother is not in the theoretical, in the theoretical notion of tackling actual terrorism. If that were the case, I would be the first to say, Yes, we should be at the forefront. And you know what, despite all that they're doing and despite all of their ludicrous tactics, still, for the sake of my religion, if I were to know of something,

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I would try to prevent it for the sake of my Lord, not for the sake of tit for tat, I don't care about you know, their tactics in the eyes of Allah, they have to answer but I have to answer to my Lord as well. And if I know of someone or something that is going to genuinely be, you know, harmful, then I will be the first to to try to stop that. But again, as I said, there is a difference between theory and practice. Now, I'm sure, my dear brother, that you're going to say, oh, but I'm going to join them in order to change their policy in order to bring about a sensible policy in order to help them target the right, you know, people and not the wrong people. And to

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this, I say, I appreciate that sentiment. I'm just skeptical. That's all. That's all I will say, I appreciate that sentiment. But I feel that it is somewhat naive to think that You alone are going to enter an established organization and from the bottom, you know, change it immediately. And somebody can argue, counter argue to this and say, Well, how else is change is going to happen? And to that I say, you know, I I sympathize with that sentiment as well. So I that's why I'm not going to give you a blanket answer of yes or no. I will say though, that if you are able to get involved in all of these other vices, the mafia and the drug gangs and the work and all of this, you know, the not the

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worst of the Sorry, I meant the the the murder rackets and all of this, if you're able to get involved in all of those evils, then definitely no problem with such a job. May Allah reward you, if you're able to get involved with actual monitoring of the groups that are genuinely problematic. And we know who you know, the types of thoughts that those people have, then I don't have any problem with that as well. But if you find yourself getting involved with in trapping innocent people out with a Billa, right, or doing something that is causing more harm than good, then really you have to ask yourself, What am I doing? What am I doing over here acting in an unethical manner? And you

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don't it's not just against the Muslim community. If you know the reality of some of these agencies, look at what they did to you know, there is a movie that came out I obviously haven't watched it, but a movie came out about how they targeted Martin Luther King, and how our own agency in America, you know, they did so many unethical things against him. And the same goes for any leader that they don't like, even if the mainstream leader Nelson Mandela, whoever it might be, you know, so these types of state apparatuses, generally speaking, generally speaking, they don't work in an ethical manner, especially when it comes to anything that they deem is against their current government's

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policies. Right. And because of this, it's a little bit awkward. I don't want to say no, at the same time, I will say that if you find that you are involved in doing hair and good for your community, Alhamdulillah and if you find that you're getting involved in unethical and dubious things, then you have to answer to your Lord and it's best for you to you know, resign or leave that that opportunity and

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Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best in this regard.