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You don't want to take a pill to delay her menses to perform had your own luck.

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I'm de la sala, Salama rasulillah. So the short answer of that, technically is it head out is it allowed for her to do so? Yes, as long as it's not going to cause her any physical harm, so she should consult with her doctor and make sure that she's going to be okay doing that. That being said, I would also advise her to not just consult a doctor, but to consult other women who have gone through that experience before if they've taken pills before have had your own blog, because from what I've seen, and what I've heard, is that the ramifications actually may go beyond just a what a doctor might share with you, there may be some experiences that she has, whether it be fatigue, or

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hunger or, or even a delay of a period afterwards after Hajj for a number of months. And so these things are things that she should consider and make her choice more deliberate. If it's just about the hygiene, then there's really only just one, one event that the period would impede, and that is a soft, specifically thoughtfully, father with her rights to hatch. And there's a number of days, she should calculate her period. And make sure that if if she knows that that period is going to be impeded, or it's going to impede her throw off early fall, that which is the pillar of the hatch,

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then that is something to be looked into otherwise, everything else, whether it's the day of arafah, or whether it's Saturday, or whether it's the casting of the Jamaat or the day after we're spending the night in was Delhi for the 10s of minutes, all of that she would not need to be pure to be able to do the rites of hygiene. So I would just encourage her to be more deliberate in her in her study of her hedge when the rights are due and what rights require purity and which ones don't and if she can avoid taking the pills and that's what I would be inclined to offer but short and again, is that she can she can do it, as long as her health isn't jeopardized and doing so. Thank you for watching.

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