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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi provides an explanation of the first few verses of Surah Yusuf which deal with the Noble Qur’an being a source of greatness, majesty, clarity and guidance for mankind.

The first verse begins with Huroof Al-Muqatta’at which are to show the miraculous nature of the Qur’an. The Qur’an is composed of words that we speak, language that we know, and letters that we write, yet mankind is not able to produce something similar to this . 

Why is a word meaning ‘ Tilka -far ‘mentioned in the verse? There are two opinions for this. The Speech of Allah is far superior than the speech of man. Allah has preserved in the Grand Book or preserved Tablet which is with Him.

Al Mubeen – The first connotation of the verse is that this Noble Book is itself clear to understand. The second connotation is describing the function of the book which is to make things clear or clarifies truth from falsehood, evil from truth.

The usage of Allah referring to Himself in the plural is to show His Majesty and not an entity. Whenever He commands angels to do anything, He refers to Himself in the plural.

The origination of the Qur’an comes from Allah and has not been created and hence, the word Anzalna is used.


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hamdulillah Isla is niram

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Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Camden County, Ebony Allah Bullock

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Welcome to another episode of towards understanding so to use. I'm your host Joseph Crowley. In our previous episodes, we had laid the contextual framework for understanding the time period of the revelation of pseudo use of and we explained the purpose of the revelation of pseudo use of to console the Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them after a series of incidents and tragedies had occurred. In today's episode, we will continue talking about the explanation of the first few verses of the surah stay with us lapada cannot possibly mean not only only

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naka de

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de Pon de

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la calm warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. In our last episode, we had recited the first six verses of the surah and we had began a brief explanation and a summary of their meanings, and today inshallah hotel that we will continue summarizing and explaining these verses. The first verse, as we said, begins with some of the letters called the Moto X that many of the suitors of the Quran begin with, and the verses of surah Yusuf began with Elif lamb Murat tilaka, Yato keytab will move in LA Flamborough, which we explained last time as being a part of the miraculous nature of the Quran. These are the verses of the clear book tilka yet these are the verses. Now the preposition these

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tilka is actually a preposition that is used to indicate something that is far away and not something that is close and in English, we don't really have this differentiation. But in Arabic we have two basically pronouns one of which is used to indicate something close, such as have that unhappy and one which is used to indicate something far such as radica and Tikka. And Allah azza wa jal uses the pronoun that is something to reference far away that he can tilka to describe the Quran for example, in the beginning of Surah Baqarah Allah subhana wa tada says Alif Lam me daddy Calcutta and Africa is a as we said, a pronoun that is used for something that is far away. Similarly in

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pseudo use of Allah says tilka yet these are the verses and the term these is used for something far away. Now why is Allah subhana wa tada referring to the Quran and the verses of the Quran as being far away when the Quran is here with us? Well, could be for a number of reasons of them. Allah subhanho wa Taala is indicating the noble status of the Quran exalted status so Allah uses the term that is used for something far away because the Quran is exalted above us. Obviously the Quran is the speech of Allah and not the speech of men. Hence the Quran has a degree of superiority over the speech of men just like Allah azza wa jal obviously is for exalted than man. Similarly, the speech

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of Allah is for exalted than the speech of men. Another reason that perhaps the Quran is using a far away term is to show that the Quran has been preserved in the highest book we call it an Arabic The preserved tablet, the low hanging fruit. So Allah azza wa jal has preserved the Quran in a exalted book in a grant book, and this book is with him, it is in the highest heavens and that is why Allah subhana wa tada refers to the Quran as being in a faraway place, delicate and vatika because it is written in a preserved tablet with him. Allah says these are the verses of the Gita bill moving or the book that is clear. Now a number of points here. Firstly, Allah subhana wa tada says that this

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is a key tab. And the key tab is a written book. A keytab is a book that is written down and the movie means it is clarifying, clarifying to the Quran, and clarifying to mankind. So Allah says that the Quran is something that we have written down, it is preserved Get up, and Allah says this book is more been meaning it is clear to understand mubin has two connotations in this verse. The first connotation is that the book itself is clear.

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So the Quran is a clear book move in, it is easy to understand, like Allah says in the Quran, what are the so called analytic reefa Hellman with decades, we have made the Quran easy to understand, but who is there who will understand it? The Quran is not an ambiguous book. It is not a book of riddles, it is not a book of code. It is a simple book that is in simple Arabic language that everybody can understand. The Quran is not meant only for the elite, it is meant for all of mankind, it is meant for the Muslim and even the non Muslim it is meant for the Arabs and the non Arabs even though of course it is an Arabic Hence, we must obviously understand the Quran and read it in Arabic

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for those who are able to understand Arabic. Allah subhana wa tada says, These are the verses of the kettlebell moving, as we said, the first connotation the book itself is clear. The second connotation, Allah is describing the function of the book as being moving, not just the book itself as being moving, but the function of the book is to clarify, hence, the Quran itself is clear number one, and number two, the Quran makes things clear. The Quran clarifies things, what does the Quran clarified? The Quran clarifies truth from falsehood. The Quran separates evil from bad, evil from truth. The Quran is the Kitab and Moby because it distinguishes the Hulk from the battle is

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distinguishes the truth from the false hood. So the Quran itself is clear. And the function of the Quran is to clarify, so this is the first verse DeLuca Chiquita movie, these are the verses of the clear book and the clarifying book. Allah says in the second verse in the novel for an Albion la la kentuckyone. We have revealed it, meaning the Quran, we have revealed it as an Arabic Quran, so that you can understand it. So here once again, we have a number of tangents to talk about. Let us begin one by one, Allah firstly says we encounter. So this is a plural, it's not the single Allah doesn't say no, in this verse, Allah says in there and in that means the plural wheat. Now this is a common

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question that many, many Muslims asked, Why does Allah subhana wa Taala sometimes refer to himself in the plural and sometimes in the singular. And in fact, we have even some non Muslims such as Christians, they try to read in and they say, look, even the Quran believe believes in a plurality of gods, even the Quran believes, for example, in a trinity, and of course, this is completely false. There is no element of truth in this false claim. Of course, we believe in one God and only one God, but the question still remains. Why does the Quran use the plural so many times in the Quran itself, such as in this verse, And the response? Well, there could be a number of reasons. The

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first reason is that, in Arabic, it is allowed to speak of a single entity in the plural. When that single entity is an entity of respect. We call it the Royal poodle, the plural of majesty, the plural of respect. Hence, for example, a noble person a king, for example, a ruler, if this ruler would issue a decree, in His Kingdom, the ruler would not say I have decreed, the ruler will say, we have decreed. And in fact to this day, even in non Arab lands, even in English speaking lands of the king or queen speaks or gives a ruling, the king or queen does not refer to himself in the singular, rather, the king says we to show a plural of majesty, not a plural of entity, and the Arabic

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language has this in a more perfect and a more powerful level. So one connotation when Allah azza wa jal refers to himself in the plural is that this is the plural of majesty, the plural of respect, and not the plural of different entities. The second connotation, and this is the position of one of the famous scholars of Islam by the name of shamelessness, even Tamia, Shea who does not even taymiyah he opined that when Allah subhanho wa Taala uses the plural, it is always with regards to an act that he commands the angels to do as well. So it is not an act that only he does by his own will it is an act that he commands the angels to do. And as evidence for this he says, Allah never

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says in the Quran, worship us, he always says worship me in the singular. However, when Allah says we send the rains, we send the winds we revealed the Quran. So we noticed that Allah is referring to himself as the we because even though he issues the commands, it is the angels who actually implemented at the command of Allah. So Allah tells the angels to, to, for example, send the rain to for example, send down the the to to push the clouds to reveal the books. So Allah azza wa jal commands and the angels execute. So Allah says we meaning Allah along with the angels, so Allah in this verse says in we have

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revealed this port on Enza. Now who we have revealed it, and Zelda means to send down and then a means to lower. And this is of the many, many evidences 1000s of evidences that Allah subhanho wa Taala is above us. We believe as Muslims that Allah is above us. Unfortunately, some people misunderstand some verses in the Koran and they say a lot of xojo is everywhere. And this only requires a little bit of thought and thinking, to understand this is false. Allah azzawajal himself is not everywhere. His knowledge is everywhere. Elijah Wood does not occupy the villa the evil places are the dirty places or the filthy places, a lot of xojo is not inside and outside of us. In

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his essence, Allah is with us in his knowledge. As for himself, Allah azza wa jal is above us, as Allah says in the Quran, you're half owner of the home in FOCA him, they fear their Lord who is above them. And Allah says what will our hero folker Abadi. He is the irresistible who is above his servants. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked a woman whom he wanted to test whether she was a Muslim or not. He asked her in a law where is Allah? And she said, Allah azza wa jal is above us. And so the Prophet system testified that she was a believer, hence, a lot of witch hunt is above us and the Quran has hundreds if not 1000s, of evidences, and of these evidences. The fact that Allah

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has to send down a book, Allah reveals a book and the very fact that the book come that comes down is an indication that Allah subhana wa tada is above us. So Allah says, We have sent down this poor on notice, Allah says sends down. Allah has never used the verb creation, along with the Quran. Allah says we have created man, Allah says we have created this we have created that Allah never ever uses verbs that have any indication of creation when it comes to the Quran. Because the Quran is not created. The Quran is the speech of Allah. Hence the Quran is the attribute of Allah and the attributes of Allah are not created. So Allah says we have sent it down because the Quran originated

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from Allah, it comes from Allah, the Quran is not created. Hence Allah says, Allah Rahim Allah, Allah for Anahata Collinson, Allah taught to the Quran and created man, Allah didn't say Allah created the Quran and men are the villa. Allah says he taught the Quran he could not he did not create the Quran. The Quran is not created a lot taught the Quran and He created man. So here in this verb, we get the sense that the origination of the Quran origination meaning it goes, it comes from Allah, Allah so we just spoke of the Quran. The Quran is his actual speech. The Quran is the actual speech of Allah that jabril alehissalaam heard and then recited to the prophets of the Lahore

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I send them and the prophet SAW them recited it to us. So Allah says, We have made this an Arabic or an or an Arabic, so that you can ponder over it. Now notice in the first verse, Allah says tilaka to keytab, these are the verses of the keytab. In the second verse, Allah says we have revealed in an Arabic Quran, so the two terms Kitab and Quran are complimentary to one another, because the Kitab means that which is written and the Quran means that which is recited so that keytab is written and the Quran is recited, and the two put together tells us how the Quran has been preserved. The Quran has been preserved in both writing and by memorization. So in the first verse, Allah says, this is a

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written book. And in the second verse, Allah says, this is a recited book, and the both of them together is what makes the Quran the Quran. We need to take a short break when we come back, we'll continue talking about these beautiful verses Stay with us. Look on the Ghana v Casa de murrayville.

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law katakana fee

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Santa Monica, welcome back. So we said we said that in the second verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala describes the Quran as being in Arabic in the answer no Quran and our be en la la Taku. So in the first verse, Allah says this is a key tab. In the second verse, Allah says this is a Koran Kitab means that which is written for an means that which is recited the literal meaning of Quran is the recitation, just like the literal meaning of GitHub is the writing or the book that is written and we said keytab and Koran are complimentary. The Quran is written and preserved in writing, and the Quran is memorized and recited and preserved via memorization and recitation now Allah

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says that we have made this book into an Arabic Quran. We have revealed this as an Arabic Quran. And this indicates that the Quran is only in Arabic. The Quran was revealed in Arabic, it was recited in Arabic. If a translation occurs, that translation loses the quality of being called the Quran. The actual Quran is only in Arabic, a translation is only a translation, it will never take the place of the original. Hence, the Arabic Quran cannot be recited except when you are in a state of non Jenna but you cannot be in a state where you are ritually impure, or in the state that women are in in their monthly cycles. You cannot recite the Arabic Koran in that state. But the English translation,

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you may say it out loud in that state. The Arabic Quran cannot be touched, you cannot touch a must have, except in the state of Voodoo, but the English translation, you may touch it in any state because it is not the actual Koran in prayer, you must recite the Arabic Quran. if somebody were to recite an English translation. if somebody were to recite an old a Persian translation, this would not constitute a valid prayer, the prayer itself would be invalid. Why? Because the Quran is only in Arabic. Now, Allah says, We have reveal this in an Arabic Quran, so that you can understand. In other words, the purpose for revealing it in Arabic is so that the people upon whom it was revealed,

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can understand the Quran. Allah basically is saying if I were to have revealed it in a foreign language, how would you have understood it? The primary recipients the initial recipients of the Quran, were the Arabs. This does not negate the fact that the message of Islam is a universal message. This is something that the Quran also says, But obviously, even a universal message must be revealed initially in one tongue. And so Allah azza wa jal chose the Arabic language to reveal the Quran and therefore anybody who wants to seriously understand the Quran must learn Arabic. However, for a basic level of understanding, if a person wants to know what is Islam, what is the teachings

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of Islam, he or she may read a translation to get a basic level of meaning. Similarly, a new Muslim or a Muslim who is not becoming a scholar may understand the basic teachings of the Quran via translation of the Quran. But actual scholarship can only occur when one understands the Arabic Quran. Another implication of saying that the Quran is in Arabic And as an anchor and an Albion lander. compactly known is that Allah subhana wa Taala intended for the Quran to be understood by all of those who understand Arabic. And this is in contrast to books by other nations, other religious groups, who believe that only the elite of their religious group can understand their holy

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texts, you must understand my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, that this is a blessing from Allah, that Allah revealed the Koran for all of us, there have been religions, and there continue to be religions that claim that their books are secret, or that the books can only be understood by the clerics by the scholars. And in fact, for example, in Christianity, for many centuries, the Catholic Church even prohibited average Christians who were actually reading the reading the Bible, and they kept it in a different language so that the people would not understand it. And one of the major revolutions of Christianity occurred when Martin Luther translated the Bible into German that people

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could read, and he published it. publishing the Bible was a revolution that Christianity bulked out, it couldn't bear, whereas the Koran from day one has been for the elite and for the masses, there is no differentiation in this regard. The Quran is for all of mankind. And this is a blessing that we take for granted. Now, I'm not saying here, that a scholar and a layman will understand the same amount of information of course not a scholar who approaches the Quran, knowing the intricacies of the Arabic language, understanding all of the other sciences of Islam will obviously extract a lot more than a layman will. However, the understanding that a layman develops the understanding that a

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layman gets will not contradict the understanding of the scholars. And this is in contrast to some of the mystical groups of Islam. There are some groups out there they believe that the Quran has a void and about in meeting an outer and an inner meaning. And this inner meaning is a secret hidden meaning that has nothing to do with the ultra meaning. In other words, they consider the Quran to be a book of code and symbols and they read in hidden messages in the Quran. But this is not how the Quran describes itself. The Quran describes itself as being unclear Arabic as being seen as being without any crookedness and doubt. So the Quran is revealed for all of mankind, the average

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worshipper and the scholar all of them will read the Quran and no doubt the scholar will get more than the average person who doesn't know the intricacies but even the

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Average Muslim who understands Arabic, Allah says we have revealed in an Arabic so that you understand it.

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The third verse, Allah says,

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Allah is an alpha sauce, we recite to you the best of all stories, I send out cos we recite to you the best of all stories, be my ohana. ilica has a core and because we have revealed to you this quarter, and we're in quantum and probably he let me know how often, even though before this came down, you will have the AHA feeling you will have those who work. Now often in here we will talk a little bit about it. But at a basic level of translation it means those who were not aware, those who are not fully cognizant and knowledgeable. So Allah says we recite to you the best of all stories. This tells us any story mentioned in the Quran must be the best of all stories, all of the

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stories of mankind that we invent the fables that we tell our children, the real stories that we know, the best stories are those found in the Koran. If the story is Quranic, it is the best of all stories, just like the Quran has the best of law, all laws, and the Quran has the best of all theologies, and the Quran has the best of all, moral codes. Similarly, the Quran has the best of all stories. And the scholars of Tafseer say, the fact that this verse occurs at the beginning of the story of use of is an indication that the story of use of itself is the best of all stories of the Quran. Why? Because Allah begins this surah by saying we revealed the best of all stories. And then

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he talks about the story of use of Allah His solemn. So this is an indication that the story of use of alayhis salam is the best story in the entire Quran. And the reason of course, this is the case is because the core is because the story of use of combines in it all that a person needs to know, the story of use of combines morality, and legality and theology. The story of use of tells us about the basic pillars of our religion, belief in Allah, belief in the angels belief in the prophets and books, belief in the last day, and belief in others. These are the six pillars of our theology, and all six of them are manifested in the story of Yusuf Ali, who set up the story of use of tells us

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about all of the different facets of society, from kings and ministers, to merchants and travelers and traders. It tells us about men and women interactions, it tells us about family and its role, the father and the mother and the children. It tells us about society, it tells us about human nature and morals. In other words, the story of use of is really and truly a story that embodies every single element and aspect of life. And that is why Allah says, This is the best of all stories, Allah says, We have given you the best of all stories, because we have inspired you this Quran. So since the Quran is the best book, it contains, in it the best of all stories, Allah says

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what in content and probably he let me know how you're feeling. This could have one of two interpretations. The first of them, even though before the Koran came, you will have those who are not aware, and the second one, despite the fact so even though and despite our two different connotations, which have similar meanings, but they are slightly different, that even though you didn't know Allah gave you all that and the other interpretation despite the fact that you didn't know Allah subhana wa tada gave you this revelation. Now here is a key point and that is that Allah subhana wa Taala describes the Prophet system as being of the heart feeling, and we have to

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understand this very crucially, because some people misunderstood misunderstand or they miss translate, and they say how fit in here means heedless or completely ignorant. And similarly, in another surah, Allah says, What were they called bought land for header, we found you born and some people translate as misguided. For Heather, we guided you. And this is not precise because our Prophet sallallahu Sallam was never completely misguided. He never worshipped idols he never committed chittick our profit system was never heedless of Allah. Even before the revelation came, he was always aware of Allah, he always worshipped Allah, he never prayed to idols. So what then is

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the meaning of lawful and ball when it comes to describing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? Very simple. The meaning is that our Prophet sallallahu Sallam was not aware of the intricacies of theology. He was not aware of the detailed knowledge of how to worship of how to worship a lot of what to believe in until the Quran came down. So the meaning of lawful is that you were unaware, not that you were completely ignorant. The meaning of ball is that you weren't fully aware of guidance, not that you are misguided and that is something that applies to our profit system in particular

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The rest of mankind were indeed misguided before revelation comes to them, but for the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was not fully guided, meaning he didn't know the details. But even before the revelation came, he was aware of a lot. he worshipped only Allah, he did not worship any of the idols. And he even did not do any of the sins that others of mankind did. And this is because the prophets of Allah are mapped soon, which means they are protected from major sins. The prophets cannot commit any major sins. And of the worst of these major sins, of course, is idolatry. And of course, any of the other major sins that we know the prophets can never commit them. Now, Allah

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subhanho wa Taala tells us that what in contento publicado, Minerva feeling, that you were unaware of these, of these details, this indicates to us that the only source of ultimate knowledge is the Quran, our Prophet sallallahu Sallam without the Quran, Allah called him of the halfling. You will not aware until the Quran came down. Many amongst mankind, especially the philosophers, for example, they think, through intellect alone, we can arrive at all realities. All we need is to think and reason. But this is not the Islamic concept. reasoning and thinking has its place. We're not denying it. Of course, it is important we think and rationalize, but thinking alone will never tell us the

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full details of the hereafter of Allah agenda enough, it will only get us so far. So if the Prophet of Allah sallallahu wasallam was not able to gain the full knowledge without the Koran. How then Will anybody else of mankind with our intellect, we need the Quran put together no contradiction, rather complementation we put them together and that is where ultimate guidance comes from. This leads us to the conclusion of today's episode, inshallah. Tada. In our next episode, we will continue discussing the Tafseer of the first verses of surah Yusuf, I hope to see you then. What's that I'm why they come to LA he was about a capital lafonda ganas de cosas de Maria