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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of establishing a law in Norway to prevent violent protests and the impact of the Dawa on the generation. They emphasize the need for education to prevent hatred and workplace violence, educating people about Islam, and creating their own media platforms. The speakers emphasize the importance of organized efforts to respond to massages and activism, and encourage viewers to visit the deen center and support the Dawa program until they can. They also encourage people to use their emotions and bring their emotions to action.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah as I'm Ali Khan greetings of Peace, welcome to the deen show and they're added again. And what's the ironic thing is that you don't have the police stopping them. So they're burning the Koran, and it's something that saddens our heart. So let's go ahead and discuss this and what we can do, what we can do about it and why it's so important to establish what we're trying to establish. We're going to be talking about that. But let's get to the Koran Bernie.

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You read a new policy on law he being a FWA he Well, yeah, about long.

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Your team.

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Teddy, how do you feel?

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And see what is the solution to this what my next guest, Dr. Sabina Ahmed Salam alikoum walakum wa Salam wa Rahmatullah. How are you doing? hamdulillah brother Eddie, how are you? Good to be here. I'm good. I've hunted last so they're added again. This is the weird is going on all the way since you got a chance to see what's going on across Swedish cities. Yeah, somewhat.

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flashpoints have stemmed from a series of organized rallies since Thursday, led by the leader of a Danish far right political party, currently on tour in Sweden, inflammatory events that include the actual burning or threat of burning of the Koran. Leading the rallies is Rasmus Paladin. So I believe this is Sweden but you also have something going on you have another lunatic out there in Norway doing the same thing we got our brothers out there trying to establish the machine in Norway to doing a fabulous job and humbly law may Allah give them success. And God Almighty Allah give them success. And the story goes that I guess this guy is coming along and he's putting up banners and

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he's pretty much instigating and trying to provoke and coming out there and lighting the Koran on fire and then the police instead of just snapping the guy, I don't think you can even go outside you know, just in a public square, private property you just gonna go burn garbage, you're gonna get a ticket. That's not allowed, right? But you can go ahead and just burn the most dear sacred book that set for all mankind, the Koran and just have the police actually protect you while you do it and help you along the way. Yeah, that's so unfortunate. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah He was my big No My bad. When I see protests like that, when I see the

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burning of the Quran, when we see the hate coming from certain people, it reminds me of an area of the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala says that he's the one in control, you know, he's going to perfect his deen and he's going to, you know, he's going to be the one who is going to take the deen to the next level. So this is so important for us. Yes, Allah is in control at the end of the day, they cannot distinguish the light of Allah. That's number one right? Number two is as we have seen in the past, this is going to generate more kind of interest by the non Muslims in the Quran, in Islam, and generally, you know, what is the deen of Islam all about? So Pete more people may become

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inshallah curious. And more people may learn about Islam from this unfortunate incident. And last, but not the least more Muslims inshallah we can unite

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and share the message. So more passion can be created in our youth in the Muslims. And many, many massages. So unfortunate incident may create something positive, but we hope and pray that may Allah give hedaya to that person and to those individuals. So they can actually see that Islam is not a threat. The Masjid is not a threat. Our data centers are not a threat. Actually, they are a blessings to that country and to all of humanity. And that's where the deen center comes into play. And hamdulillah what is the deen center? So people buy now they know they've been seen much of the ads and whatnot. And it's a direct

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result of things like this that are out there, that now people are curious. They want to know who are the Muslims, What is Islam and then you have people like this who are manufacturing this hate? Because most people you know that. I mean, I think you told me the story that one time you were given a presentation and a non Muslim. He actually gave you a check. He gave you his check is that

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correct to support you getting out there and giving the real message of what Islam is because he was getting programmed with the wrong information just like this guy who's burning the Koran he's obviously got the wrong information. So the deen center will be out there to disseminate the proper information, the right message so insha Allah can bring more love instead of this manufacture hate and fear in education is the key and I hope and pray when the deen center inshallah when we are going to start many open houses inviting our neighbors inviting people like that who may not understand Islam once they come and see the deen center once they come and see the wonderful massage

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ease and the peace and the way that you know Islam propagates the faith. Inshallah I hope and pray that they will see Islam in a positive light and with Allah's guidance, inshallah they can also embrace the fate of Islam. So it's important not only we need one Deen center, we need Dean center in every state, every city in the USA, Europe around the world. And that's why these brothers doing a great job brothers in Norway hummed Allah, may Allah bless them and their project, they're trying to do some good over there and they're coming against, you know, lunatics like this. But you see the and now we're trying to also do the same thing here. Let's talk about the impact of the Dawa on this

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generation and the next generation.

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Yes, yes.

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You know, two days ago, I was listening to an imam right after the prayer, he sat down and he was he was mentioning and he was creating passion to help out the Muslims, in Kashmir, in China, in Philistine in India, right, the atrocities going on there. May Allah protect all the Muslims, and may Allah protect all the people who are oppressed, because we are all humanity, right? And we are all for all humanity. Oh, then he mentioned that, you know, we take our deen for granted in the USA, we can go freely to a masjid pray up there freely, come back home freely. But people in India different places, they don't have that guarantee, they are prevented from going to the massages,

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some of the massages are being you know, pulled down by this extreme ideological people. So we take it for granted. So he was saying that, you know, we should thank Allah for what Allah has given to us. But then I was thinking by the ad, that the hate which is out there in those countries, and the violence and the and all the discrimination that Muslims are going up there. Exactly the same thing may happen over here. May Allah protect us? Exactly the same thing may happen over here, if we don't stop the poison being exported from those countries to this country. So if we so Dawa is not just a just a obligation, it's a necessity for us, not only a necessity to preserve our massages and our

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person, our physical safety, it's a necessity for the ideological safety of our of our children, our youth, our families.

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According to the Pew Research survey, this came out in 2018 23% of our of our Muslims born and raised in Islam, they no longer identify themselves as Muslims. May Allah protect all of us, right? This is the reality. If we don't take care of Islamophobia, if we don't educate the people, it may come in harm our children, our progeny of our families, may Allah protect all of us. So just sitting on the sidelines, and wishing and praying is not enough. We need to do something, the best solution against hatred, Islamophobia, and violence like that, is to peacefully educate the people. And this is where Dean center comes into play. Because like you said, this can spill over. And now for the

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next generation, your children and your grandchildren. Maybe we don't feel the effect, but that spills over and now it's like a snowball effect that grows and grows and grows. And now you didn't have the PR or the public relations, you didn't have the education going you didn't have any of these things set in place to educate the people. And you're gonna have more people like this who are popping up burning the Koran next time now not just burning the Koran, they're gonna be burning even more because we've had the masjid many have tempted to burn mustards down. Because of the lack of education. These people don't have the proper education about Islam and Muslims, they need to be

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invited into the Masjid. They need to experience what is some some of the biryani and some of the piece of Islam right. I mean, obviously biryani samosa,

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you have a good story you talk about the Imam called you you are going there to to give a presentation and he said what are we going to do? He was all scared. He had all these people outside in front with go back home. This that and the other these really

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provoked provoking signs. And you said, invite a man get some pizza, you know, get some food, invite Him in. And the whole the whole climate change, right? Yeah. And they came in the masjid. So okay, so this is what happened. I was going from one budget to the next budget for some meetings, right. So meetings and as I was going past so

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One other Masjid that I saw all of these, you know, our fellow Americans, they had these signs against the masjid and they were having this rally surrounding the masjid. And then I called the Imam you know what's going on there? Why are these people you know, all around the masjid? And he said that there is a rumor going on in the neighborhood, that there are weapons of mass destructions in the basement of the masjid, weapons of mass, and the mosque in the masjid. And people are afraid. I mean, the neighbors were afraid, you know, this is the mosque and you know, we'll be compromised our children, our families. So these neighbors non Muslim neighbors were concerned that if these

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weapons are there, it is going to jeopardize our neighborhood. So then they were having this protest of concern, right. So then I advise to the Imam Okay, why don't you you know, go out, engage with them. Go and send somebody for some pizza for some donors and some was asking about not invite them in the masjid. Let them see the basement let them see the masjid let them see how Muslims pray, let them meet the Muslims people.

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Break some bread and break some bread. Right? So Alhamdulillah Allah guided this people to come in the masjid. And they came and saw in the in the basement also. And they were Muslim kids, they were reciting the Quran, they were memorizing the Quran. That looking at that it changed the heart and the minds of these people. All the flags that they had waving in outside the masjid of concerned, they left the flags in the masjid. They shook hands with the Imam. They had smiles and that hate and the misinformation, it went away. Now they're seeing that masjid and the Imam and the Muslims in a positive light, education, education, education being Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, that's what it's

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going to be about insha Allah next next point, if we can go over the importance of having the Muslim media for our identity. How important is this so important by the ad, in a prophet muhammad sallallahu Sallam during his time, he used all the available in a quote unquote, media to share the message, as we just you know, went over in our day and age. You know, I say media is the king, right? Media is the king. That means for us to amplify our message for need to make sure that we reach out to the 1000s and the millions and the billions of people, we just cannot rely on the Fox and CNN and you know, all the radio channels. Yes, they may have their own agenda, they may have

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their own biases, but we have to create our own media. So we don't, we are not at the mercy of you know, other media outlets. So I hope and pray that our deen center is going to have a really state of the art media where we invite the guest Muslim guests, Muslim scholars, non Muslim guests, right. And through that we become a voice of Islam, right? The voice of Islam, the voice of the Muslims, the voice of peace, Inshallah, because the Islamophobia industry has become with all the networks and media, they have this billion dollar industry. So now they have all this funding, and they're getting the wrong information out that's going to affect you and your family. So that's the

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importance the deen center in sha Allah will have the deen show and it will have the media in it, that's going to be perpetuating the truth, the right information out there. So people can go ahead and really get to know what Islam is about what Muslims are about what we're trying to accomplish here. And its opposite to the message that they're getting out there from much from the mainstream media and a lot of these pundits out there that are, you know, using this as a catalyst, because of people's ignorance, people are ignorant, so you can take advantage. So we gotta remove that ignorance. The dissenter, the last point we can go over is the importance of organized efforts to

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respond to being in a position where we can respond to the Islamophobia that's out there, and the misinformation and an organized effort

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in a mashallah, the good thing is that, compared to 20 years ago, there are more massages and more youth and more individuals who are involved in activism, social activism, social justice, and especially Dawa. However, there is still a big need to join our resources, join about the blessings and the skill set Allah has given to us to have that, you know, profound impact in the society. So I would say that outreach, education and Dawa is a glue to bring Muslims together and the massages together right and the Muslim activists together so that the center inshallah is going to bring the massages together and be a platform to provide services to the massage ease where people can get

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educated about

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Got Islam as our own Muslims we need to train our own Muslims, how to break the ice how to respond to questions, you know how to explain Islam especially we need to provide that confidence in the youth. So, that is a that there is a way that we can bring the Muslim youth together to give them the confidence it is going to bring the Muslim diocese together Inshallah, right? It is going to structure give structure to the Dawa programs, not only in Florida not only in USA, but we can set up a model in the USA that can be copied and pasted in Europe and Australia and all and all over the world. So inshallah that is going to be a force to unite our Muslims together inshallah with the

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deen center, and from that Allah so that's kind of just a brief overview along with the masjid there, the athletic facility, and the media, recording studio. These are some of the things that we like to be working on and inshallah with God Almighty Allah's help, and with your support, inshallah we can make this a reality. And we'll be working together as we've been working together for so many years. I mean,

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I'm in let me mention a profound story, brother Eddie, and especially to our audience also here. I went to Louisville three years ago. Hamdulillah we had a masjid open house there invited the many non Muslims they came, they enjoy it. They listen to Islam. One Muslim brother, he mentioned this story there still touches my heart and he said, but there's a bill. I want you to listen to this story, this encounter between a Muslim family and a non Muslim individuals. So one Saturday, this Muslim family, they got a knock at the door. It's Saturday morning, 10am in the morning. And when they opened the door, they were two well dressed people in front of them. So who do you think this

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may be Saturday morning?

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The Jehovah's Witness Jehovah's Witnesses. Yeah, we're friends, Jehovah's Witnesses, right? So this Muslim brother he got really excited. Now is my opportunity to share Islam with them. So they had engagement nice and friendly, passionate engagement, right half an hour, one hour pass by. They were asking questions. They were sharing their faith, the Muslim brother was sharing his faith and q&a session about what Islam and what is Jehovah's Witness what Christianity at the end of one hour, the Jehovah's Witness individuals, they asked one question to this Muslim brother, who is knowledgeable who had passion, he had education he was able to explain, but there was one question they asked him

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and he became speechless.

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Totally speechless. And you may be thinking by the ad, what question that can be that this Muslim brother any Muslim not able to answer? Is it about jihad, the Sharia or women? Or you know, Jizya about apostasy? Okay, take a guess what question it could be.

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If I were him, I would be speechless.

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If that brother was you, you may be also speechless. Now, Brother, it is thinking really, but there's a bill come on, man. Don't leave her the suspense. What is that question? That question is, was this Jehovah's Witnesses looking at all the passion of this Muslim brother? They asked him this question.

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They asked if you are so passionate about Islam, and you have spent one hour with us explaining Islam from your home with all you know, evidence says with passion and with educating us.

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How come you are home and we are the ones out there sharing our message.

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Why are you home sitting at your home? We are the ones out there doing the work?

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What can he say?

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So message to you and me and to all the Muslims, right? We have to remind ourselves if we care about Islam, our children, right about education, about you know sharing our faith with people. We just cannot only stay in the massages are in our homes. Yes, we have to stay in Masjid to do zikr in the prayer, but Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam he was a person of action used to use the technology of the time to propagate the message. So we need to really important we need to not just be concerned about Islamophobia and to pray and to wish and hope we need to put our emotions and channel our emotions into action. And one of the best investments that we can do for ourselves for

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our aka for our children is to support the incentive because inshallah Dean center is the one along with many massages, to take the to take Dawa to the next level and to share the message and to teach people and to invite them to Islam and connect the creation with the Creator. La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, and hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen So you can be a part of history

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and be a part of this journey that we're taking. Thank you very much for helping people understand more of the importance of this project. And if you have any more questions contact us otherwise go ahead and contribute donate right now. So we can help make the Dean's center a reality and we can have less of this Koran burning and more the Quran reading and if you'd like your free copy of the Quran, go ahead and visit the deen Get your free copy of the Koran. And if you are about to burn the Quran once you read it first. Go ahead, the deen Get your free copy of the Quran posters included. We'll take care of everything and if you still have any questions, call us

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1-800-662-4752 And we'll see you next time go ahead and support the Dean center until then, Peace be with you A salaam aleikum