Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2022 – The Religion of Your Father #21

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The title of "retired from Islam" is not meant to convey comfort or pleasure, but rather a message of achieving success. Money and children are not the same thing, and children are not the same thing as wealth. prioritizing personal lives and creating a sense of belonging is crucial, as children are viewed as a source of income. The importance of human efforts in achieving success and creating wealth is emphasized, along with the need to prepare for upcoming legal proceedings and avoid judgmentalism. The speakers emphasize the importance of not giving up on one's children and not giving up on parents. The negative impact of money and children on one's life and family members' mental health is also discussed.
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How will the bIllahi min ash shaytaan Awaji

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which I literally say and I say the thing, feeling mature I Leeming where authentication in nanny mouthfilling Abbey in a hookah and I mean, all the while to Zinnia Houma yo bathroom bassoon, a young fellow man whom while EB anoon

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men at a law heavy Colombian Sally

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from Russia, so the US really unrewarded Dr. tamilisai many of our colleagues will hamdulillah salat wa salam, O Allah rasool Allah, Allah Allah He was a huge Magnum about Solomonic light, Allah Allah Ricardo. So we're going to wrap up our discussion on Ibrahim Ali Salam czar, from Soto shahada today, and it concludes his words directly conclude by iron number 89. There is two there are two ways that should be noted there that these ayat can be looked at. So when Allah azza wa jal says, Last we read letters, Zinio Mobifone do not humiliate me the day on which they are raised again. From there on the following words yo Mala and Pharaoh Milan Bella balloon, lemon Atala have you

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convinced Salim you can translate these as the day on which no money and children will be of any benefit except the one who comes before Allah or brings to Allah, a safe heart or a sound heart? Those are the words right? So there's there are two ways of looking at these words. One that Ibraheem Alehissalaam is saying them to that Allah is saying them. In other words, Ibrahim Ali some speech ends with do not humiliate me on the day that they will be raised. And from there, there's an artifact, meaning a switch. And now Allah is commenting on that day himself and telling you and me, the day on which no children no money, or money and children will not be of any benefit except

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someone who comes to Allah. With a sound heart. There are two ways of reading it. We're going to first read this or primarily read this as words of Ibrahim alayhis salam. And sometimes this kind of LT fat is intended in the Quran, that there are dualities, you can look at things in two ways. And Allah azza wa jal does that on a few occasions. In any case, one way one reason to think that this is still a content, a continuation of the speech of Ibrahim alayhi salam is because Yo Ma overthrown yo Milan Pharaoh, it's the same structure, the day on which they will be raised the day on which there is no benefiting. In other words, he's still describing the Day of Resurrection further. So in

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describing the Day of Resurrection, one of the earliest descriptions of the Day of Resurrection is that money and children will be of no benefit. Now let's think about money and children and how Allah talks about them in the Quran. He couples them together in a in a few places. So one place you will find money and children bunched together is among the things that human beings desire the most. So a whole bunch of those two things together. He'll also like like in total Emraan money and children are bunched together in the aisle. Xuyen Naseeha Bucha Howard Nisa, Albany, welcome at Edelman Contura right, so children and then piles of wealth are bunched together. Then in sort of

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Taliban, for example, Allah says,

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In Nama and Wailuku were allowed to come fitna that your children and your or your your your wealth, your assets, and your children are nothing but a great test for you. Similarly, in sort of scaffold malleable, Bernina, Xena toolhead dunya. That money and children are the beauty of worldly life. So these two things have been bunched together a number of times. Money is something you work hard, for one funny way of looking at it is money is something you you kill yourself to save. And then children is what you spend it all on.

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That's one way of looking at it. But no, but on a more serious note. One sacrifices themselves gives up their comforts gives up a part of their life in order to earn money. Money doesn't come easily doesn't come you know, like this, the phrase goes doesn't grow on trees. You have to go get yourself an education or you have to learn a skill you have to go do trade, and you have to do things that aren't comforting to you. Everybody would like to sit back and be lazy, but we can't we have to go and earn a living. This is the way of the world this is how Allah created this right? On a note it's important that one of the names of Allah or rizact should be understood. Along with our panel Rahim

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you people almost confuse these things with each other. They will say, Why are you so worried about Allah will punish Allah will punish Allah Azza Rahim Allah Allah Allah will show Rama Why do you have to do you know you keep talking about do this

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do that the other even if I did some messed up stuff even did haram Allah Azza Rahim. Okay, what do you say to that? Well, you say, Well, you know Allah is also a result. So why don't you start working also, don't get a job. Don't go to over the fridge and open up the fridge and put food in your mouth. Allah is the provider, Allah will provide your stomach. You don't have to make any effort. So if Allah is or Rosa, but you have to go and earn, then Allah is Rahim. And you have to go, go and do the right thing also, right? None of the names of Allah automatic benefits towards you. But regardless, we do sacrifice human beings. You know, like in a hadith of the prophets, I

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said, I'm not enough. So who, like a person sells themselves, we sell a part of ourselves the most valuable asset you and I have, that is priceless is our time. Because life on this earth is limited, right? Our days on this in this earth are limited. And we give up time on this earth and spend it inside cubicles in an office or in zoom meetings that bore us to death or you know, in university in classrooms that are the guy or the professor releases sleeping gas from his mouth, and you're sitting there because you know, you need to finish this school and we do this grueling thing. And at the end of it, what's the what's the reward at the end of it that we're working towards? It's

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actually man that I'm getting at the degree which is going to lead to a job, why am I getting the job because at the end of the day, it's about a paycheck. Right. And then that paycheck is leading to other money, meaning home, car, clothes, truck, all of that is mine, at the end of the day, all of that is just man. So human efforts, so much of our life actually revolves around man. And then something else comes along in our life, which is one of the most incredible things Allah has created the relationship between parents and children. Right. And even if you look at it from a non Muslim point of view, not even look at it from the Islamic point of view, and the rights of parents and all

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of that. Children come into this world, parents generically, parents, you know, by and large, they'll provide for the child, they will sacrifice their free time for the child before the child, they had free time. You know, they could get asleep when they want, they could, you know, take take a break when they want they could they could think about what am I going to do this weekend, when I'm off from work, you know, because at work, they're imprisoned almost, and all weekend, they're free, right? But then a child comes along. And they're there's the thought, what am I going to do this weekend is gone. Right? That's, that's gone now. Because this this little creature, they own

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you. And they they decide when you're going to sleep, they decide when you're going to rest. They decide what you know, they they your life gets dictated around their priorities, until they get to a certain point where they're, you know, they're teenagers, and then they hate you. So that this is the pay they give you back.

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So this idea, though, is that we have this attachment to our children, we invest our lives into them. We prioritize ourselves, our our finances, but how many people move to a neighborhood because it's a good school, for example, right? Or they leave towns because I want my children to have a better future. Right? So the these are things that people have put all of their effort in whether they're people of Eman or Cofer doesn't even matter so much. It's either money or children, that takes so much of our time and energy and effort right. So now these things that we've exhausted our entire lives and then comes judgment day, and Ibrahim Ali Salam, just in one statement, washes these

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things away, and says the Almighty and Pharaoh mountain water balloon money and children will be of absolutely no benefit will be of absolutely no benefit. And it just washes all of it away then this is not unrealistic. Like a you know, fatalistic worldview where money doesn't matter. Kids don't matter, because there's an ayah that says you're alone for a while and when I renewed, that's why I don't care about my kids. That's why I don't care. No, that's not what this means. But what it does mean is we're supposed to exhaust ourselves in this world. That's the way Allah made it. But it cannot take over our hearts. Like we know these things, they matter in this world, but they have a

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limit. And beyond that, they can become a fitna, if they take over and they become your only priority. The only reason you're working is so you can make money so you can make more money. So you can have a house so you can have a car so you can have this you can that's the your, your one one materialistic goal to the next materialistic goals are the next materialistic goal. And then your mind is the other thing that's spinning in your mind is I need to make sure my kid you know, we moved to the suburbs. So they go to this good school and they go to this high school and they go to get this go to this college, and they get this kind of a job and then then we got to worry about

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getting married and we got to do this, then we got to do that. And you're always thinking about the plans for your kids. There's no room left for you to plan for what's coming really ahead. Right and all of those plans are legitimate in their place, but sometimes those plans replace our actual Salvation Army.

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actual, the you know, priorities in life. All of those things are taken care of Allah azza wa jal actually made it so that we are responsible for our families that that aerosoles iclm would even say spending on your family is a form of sadaqa. Right? That's on the one hand, but when they become your entire gold and they are in a mountain while you can walk without doing fitna in nine minutes vertical Hola. Hola como Allah says there can be enemies for you too. If you lose sight, you know. So Ibrahim Allison recognizes this and says on that day, doesn't matter who my kids were, it doesn't matter how many how much money I had. Now let's look at the scene on Judgement Day the Quran

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furthers from this, this these are the brief words of Abraham right? So what does the Quran say about judgment day? He says, you know, there could be somebody who has mill will have the the Harbin you know, they can have the fill of the earth and gold. And they want to if they wanted to give it away, as Vidya as ransom to escape, well, oh, if the web, you know, if they had if they had the worth of the entire planet Earth and gold, they will try to give it away in ransom, it wouldn't work. That's not That's of no value. He says what either a shower or toilet on Judgment Day, right? Or shower, or camels that are pregnant, 10 months pregnant. And for the Arabs, female camels are

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extremely beneficial. They're strong, they're larger, relatively. They also they produce milk, which makes the money and they double your investment. Because when they give birth, now you got two camels. So it's basically like, if you have a taxi, right taxi that gives birth to another taxi. You don't get that right. So once you own a truck, you own a truck. But it's the kind of truck it's a kind of delivery machine you own. That only builds more and more and more, you understand. So it's actually a prime investment. And judgment day comes. And Alicia are these, you know, prime investments are just left to go run around like they were the ones cared for. They were really

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careful with the pregnant camel because it can't get hurt. It needs to be well fed because the baby needs to be strong. Because that's money in the end. Also, right? Why isn't a shower or toilet it's just left to run around. Nobody cares for it. And then on show, as far as children, they are the most delicate when they're babies were so careful with babies all the time. In fact, mothers even before the baby is out of her belly watches herself when she walks if there's a corner of a table, she's extra careful. You know, or she'll she will walk front into the door, she'll turn to the side and then walk into the door because she doesn't want any impact on the baby. Right? And then Quran

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describes lo Yamato Hello Kulu. Motivating Amma.

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Right, the day on which every breastfeeding mother is going to drop whatever she was feeding is just going to drop like it doesn't even what does this even matter? So nothing to her on that day. You know, your your federal Maru mean Abby, what will me mean? We're only here, you know what middlemen are he he will me he will be he or Sahiba he will be any, you know, the day on which a person will run away from his brother, his mother, his father, his spouse, some of your like spouse, I understand that.

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You know, what facility healthy to we and the village that that gave him, you know, his extended family that protected him, the nation that protected him, all of them, they're running away from him. And he's, you know, they're gonna wish that woman fill out the Jimmy and former Yoongi one place. Yola take everyone on the earth, the entire population of the planet, throw them in *, just let me be saved.

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Now my lion Fang, Milan, whatever, no, this is the reality of Judgment Day. Now why is that so important to understand? Why is it so important to reminder? None of these things I probably said you didn't already know. Why is it that they have to have knowing this stuff is something else, it having an impact is something else. You know what this does? This means that my commitment to Allah, my preparation for Judgment Day, people cannot have any impact on my preparation for Judgment Day.

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It doesn't matter what people say, it doesn't matter who likes it, it doesn't matter who doesn't like it. None of that matters. People and money are irrelevant in my journey towards Allah. So yes, people will come in my life and they can be very influential. financial situations can be very powerful, but they cannot get in the way of my journey. He's going to lose everything, family and no mention of money. Now there's no possibility of money for every family. So he's become homeless. And he understands I can lose everything, but I'm heading towards Allah. And the one thing I need to make sure is when I'm raised with Allah, that I will not be humiliated. Let me give you a practical

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scenario of someone who understands this. You see

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We are living in crazy times where some of the worst examples of you know o'clock like this Dean or sozialen was sent Leo Tim liotta Mima macadam Allah Clark right so I can perfect the most noble manners, the way he dealt with people the way he forgave people the way he met with them the way he did business with people, right? The way he responded to people the way he responded to anger the way he responded the way he dealt with children the way he dealt with enemies the way there was this this mannerism to him SallAllahu Khalifa and that's what he was sent. Now even the Quran says in Nicola Holyoke and Arlene, right that you have this incredible character. Now, the prob The reality

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is that, you know, a lot of times some of the worst behavior is exhibited by Muslims. Right, some of the most backbiting, slander, cruelty, sarcasm, condescending tones, talking down to somebody looking down at somebody, right? Somebody's not as you know, they don't appear to meet your religious standards. So you look down on them. Or you, you know, we have this judgmental kind of the thing that Islam came to get rid of judgmental thinking, right, putting all human beings on the same platform, because we're all gonna stand before Allah equally on Judgement Day. We're all children of Adam Alayhis Salam, so remarkable concept. Nobody's better than anybody else, except for what is

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inside the heart. That's, that's, that's a fundamental teaching of our deen. And yet you find sometimes Muslims are very judgmental of each other, right? And then somebody says, You know what, I don't even practice Islam anymore. I don't even want anything to do with Islam anymore. I met somebody recently who told me like, you know, I just basically I basically left Islam because the Muslims were so mean to me, or the people in the masjid were so mean to me, I stopped praying, I stopped, you know, all because I was so hurt by them. And I understand you're hurt. But I need you to understand something even more important. None of the people that hurt you, or none of the people

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that judged you or none of the people that made comments about you or made you feel bad, none of them matter. Like none of them matter. Your prayer to Allah is not a result of a support system around you, or a lack of support system around you. That is just you. And Allah, Allah alone. That's it.

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And when you want when you and I believe in Judgment Day, we realize I should be preparing for that day as if I'm already alone. When it comes to my relationship with Allah, I'm already alone. I'm just there's nobody else. I love my family. I love my friends, I love my my spouse, my parents, my children, but if there's something getting in the way of pleasing Allah, or there's something that I know, if I don't do it, that I'm going to end up disobeying Allah, that I don't care. Because I gotta, I gotta, I gotta be right with Allah. I'm not going to get around, I'm not going to play around with that. I'm not going to mess with the result of Allah. And you know, the result of people

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meaning the people being content with you is impossible anyway. Someone will always have I will always have a problem with someone, someone will always have a problem with me. The people you love the most have plenty of criticism of you.

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Right? Or the Nasir Ayatollah towtruck pleasing people as a Kenyan, it has no bottom you can never eventually please feel, you know, are you happy when everyone

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you know, there's always something but with Allah, Allah, it's remarkable. Allah is the easiest one to please.

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People are really hard to please. And Allah is really easy to please and you know what people do unfortunately, they spent their entire life pleasing who people and they think to themselves, Oh, Allah must be really hard to please. The opposite of what Allah has given. Allah did not want my Allah who we either become,

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well, what's Allah gonna get out of punishing you and sugar? We just become grateful. That's it.

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He says AMITA salejaw. You know, I talked about this many years ago, when he says Latina Amanullah I'm calling the common phrase in the Quran asylee had the is geometric geometric neath right, it's at elephant ah, this is used for regular Ocula for non like non living objects or ideas. And it's actually considered general Killa sofa to legionary Aquila. So our Milan saleha our Merlin saleha. But if you say that merDan slightly hurt it slightly higher tone, you use the top the elephant the top that actually means a few good deeds. So actually Allah is not even giving you a list of eight here's the 800 things I expect you to do. If you can't do these you're not going to gender know a

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handful of things just stay away from this bad stuff. Do this good stuff. You're good. You said it's all ask everything else. Allah kala Kumar fell out of the gym eon. He put everything in this world for you compare this to people. Hey, I didn't like the way you were sitting. I didn't like the way you said that.

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If I didn't like what you're wearing, I don't like this. I don't like that. Don't do this. Don't do that. Oh my God.

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Allah is not as controlling. Actually, he's the master has given more freedom than human beings. You know the well Allah azza wa jal says Illuminati, Rahim Ali Sam says, You're my lion for Oman wherever noon think about that. How much of your life do you allow to be controlled by human beings and by monetary dictates and you do this all for what some something you're supposed to get in the end. And in the end those same things don't come and benefit you.

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They don't come and benefit you but pleasing Allah, you never feel abandoned at the end. You don't please Allah and say I did so much for my Deen I did so much in my loyalty to my Arab and I never got any returns for it. You can get that with human beings though. To do a lot for people, you're gonna get anything back. You do something for a while you always get it back. You know, what am I doing? If you come in Highland, you will finally come want to not have them or whatever you spend out of any good it will be given back to you. You will not be wronged.

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You know what might not be the law mill will admit I'm not someone who does wrong over and over. I'm not someone who does wrong to the slaves. You know, Allah does not wrongest save human beings longer saves. The reason Ibrahim Ali Sam's words are so important is because the things that we invest ourselves into, we become attached with them. We think they're gonna give us back No, the only one the only true loyalty we need to have the true loyalty we need to have is to Allah. absolute loyalty is to Allah azza wa jal and it's because of him we have loyalty to Allah's Messenger, salallahu alayhi salam, the phrase we say to believers like or Handbook of Allah,

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when we say that, it's actually my loyalty to Allah that makes me love you.

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Like it's my my connection to Allah. That makes me feel a sense of love for everyone else who wants to have a connection to Allah. That's how powerful the love of Allah is. The love of my messenger so I Salam is because of my love of Allah, in control to him Boon Allah for Toby Rooney, and then the followers of my messenger, I just have a natural love towards them. Why? Because of my love of Allah. Because all of it connects to that final end, yo, Milan from Milan, Milan, Illuminata, Allah have you been selling? So yeah, the he recognizes that he doesn't even have kids yet. He's a young man himself. When he said this, he doesn't even have kids. But he's seen what people do for their,

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you know, with their kids.

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He's seen what people do. One last comment about this, that I'll tell you is that in cultures historically, and in some cultures, even today, money and children go together, because there are some cultures in which money and children are both considered investments.

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Okay, so your money is your investment.

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And your children are also your investment. So your children are, you know, basically, in some cultures, they are really happy. Like in European cultures, when you and your kids 18 They kick you out of the house, go get your own place, go get a job, do you know, live your own life, I want to live my life now. Right? But in many other cultures, you want to keep your 40 year old, your 30 year old as a baby still, and even control everything in their life. Why? Because and there are parents literally who take the paycheck from the 35 year old son and deposited into their account, and then say, here's $5 Go get yourself something nice.

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You know, they consider their children an investment. And they control it, like they control their money. Right. And they so the this stuff, this control will disappear. We control our money, we can put it wherever we want. And we feel like we can control our children however we want. And we can use that money to protect ourselves. If you're in court. Marlon by noon, if you're in court, you should be able to pay a fine paying for the penalty and get away or pay the ransom and get away or pay the fifth year and get away or back in the day. If somebody comes to attack you and you have strong family, your kids that your sons will protect you. Your family will protect you. So money and

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children also a source of protection. And so he says on Judgment Day, money and children can't protect anybody.

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They had a nice little meme let me just curl up there is no he didn't say like Yo my lion Ferroni Allah Yamada and Pharaoh calm. So now my lion Pharaoh, Milan, well, Lebanon and for Oman. And Jimmy YEAH, Jennifer hadn't, it won't benefit me it won't benefit you it won't benefit anybody. And then he says finally the only ones who can benefit in lemon at Allah because being Salim, the one who can come before Allah with a sound heart. And so one minute comment about the sound heart and I'm done. And that is this. The word Salim Salama in Arabic means safety. It means calmness. It has a few dimensions, something at peace, something safe, something calm and also something healthy. something

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healthy. Now the thing is

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As we've whatever we've learned about the story of Abraham, at least so far, there are people that are hurting him. And when people emotionally or physically hurt you, it hurts your heart. It causes pain inside you. How is a believer who's going through pain all the time, like Meriam salam ala. Until the day she dies. She's not going to forget the day she faced the humiliation of de nuestra eel before she faced that humiliation what happened? She said yell at me to Coppola. I wish I was dead. Right before this could happen if only I could die before this happened. That's not kind of this is not the kind of thing a person forgets right there scarred for life with it. So how are you

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coming before Allah with ULb Salim a heart that can turn to Allah and say, y'all Allah, no matter who else caused me pain, I didn't act out against you. I was so good with you. I didn't give up on my prayer. I didn't give up on my submission. I didn't let everybody else's trials. Allow me to put my my my connection to you. My surrender to you, my bother to you. My loyalty to you my obedience to you. I didn't let that be put in fitna. That's how I protected my heart.

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There's a there's a dimension of our heart. And by the way, when we have that, then everybody else who causes us pain becomes easier to deal with can you think Jakob is around how much pain is in his heart? He's crying so much he goes blind.

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That's not a post doesn't sound like a club Salim from one do you have from one point of view, it's not upsetting why not? Because his heart is crying all the time. But on the other hand, when it comes to before Allah, he held on to summer. He listened he trusted his rub. He didn't let the sourness and the ugliness from people. And the treachery and the treason from people make his connection to Allah sour, he didn't have ugly feelings towards Allah. He didn't he didn't have bad assumptions about Allah with a well known Abdullah Guna. He didn't do that with Allah. Right? And so when you can do that, and you come to Allah with a sound heart, he says on that day, money won't

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matter. Children won't matter. Assets won't matter protection will be there. The only thing that will matter is what kind of heart did you bring to Allah? Now we know the value of the heart. Our deeds will not get us into Jannah it is our heart that will get us into Gemini and it's when the hearts in the right place. That's when those deeds have value. Because when the heart is not in the right place, and you're just doing deeds anyway, then it could be shallow deeds, it could be deeds for the wrong reasons for the wrong intentions. What happens to those deeds are Kadena Ilana, I'm Illumina Amylin Jana who hubba mantra, we Allah says he will approach those deeds that were done for

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the wrong reasons even though we're good deeds, he will turn them into scattered dust worthless will become worthless. So Microsoft Allah so Allah, Allah have you had been Salim except for someone who comes before Allah with a sound heart may Allah azza wa jal preserve our hearts and our iman and Allah and our loyalty to him and our telecoil in him and our good thoughts of him and never let our praise of him and our Declaration of his perfection be reduced in any way because of the fitna that people might put us through BarakAllahu li Walakum Quran Al Hakim when a foreigner annual year computer

A Sound Heart

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