Yasir Qadhi – Ramadan 2015 – Day 20

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the idea of racism and its negative consequences, including racism and racism in the political identity. They acknowledge that racism is a reality and that everyone is a human beings. They also discuss the importance of acknowledging one's own culture and the need to be brutally honest. They stress the need for acknowledgement and accepting one's own culture to prevent racism.
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relo salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah, he was so happy for me.

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So one of the students that we recited is sudo su gerat and Surah gerat is actually a relatively late surah it was revealed in the eighth year of the hedgerow. Now most of the suitors we've discussed, it just so happens this year have been mucky. surahs, certainly odorata is one of the last of the Medina surahs is one of the last suitors to be revealed. And subrata hoogenraad from beginning to end is about social etiquette, and customs and manners adab manners, the whole surah is about living a life with good luck and manners. And the suta begins by talking about not believing every rumor that you hear verifying information. I talks about causing reconciliation between

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Muslims and tells us that all Muslims are one nation in the moment and all the believers are one brotherhood and also Allah subhana wa tada tells us Don't make fun of people. Let not one group make fun of another group. Perhaps the group that is being made fun of is better than you let not a group of women make fun of other women and Allah and Allah says in the Quran, Allah tells me is you and full circle and don't pass innuendos against yourselves. You know, lemmas 10 Mizzou is to make a smart aleck comment that is meant to derogatorily make fun of somebody in a manner that you will understand. I mean, if an outsider were to hear maybe he wouldn't know lemmas is a hidden

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denigration. It's an innuendo in English, right? This is lemmas and Allah says what that tells me is you don't crack those sarcastic smart alec jokes that you intend to hurt somebody in obviously, friendly banter. Everybody knows the difference. You know, when you're very close to somebody, you have a rapport with them. That's understandable. And you're allowed to cut some jokes and whatnot that you you make the mood better. But everybody knows the difference between a joke that you mean to hurt somebody versus a joke. You mean to establish brotherhood. So this is lemmas what I tell me is that Allah says yourselves, because when you make fun of him, what's he gonna do? He's gonna make

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fun of you. So when you ridicule another person, in reality, you ending up ridiculing yourself What? Tell me, tell me for a second, what are 10 others who will cop and don't call each other by vulgar nicknames? Don't put nicknames that are bad, and everybody suffered a lot. This is a reality that especially in in societies, and corporate worlds and whatnot, there are bad nicknames that you give people behind their backs. And this is not appropriate in Islam. And Allah clearly says, be silly, smallfoot Sukhothai that a man? how evil is it? That after you are known as a believer, somebody will consider you to be a facet. They say this small foo by the man, how evil is it that you are a

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Muslim? You're supposed to have good manners, because you started talking about other people, your own nickname will become fasciae meaning in the eyes of Allah and the angels. How bad is that? And then Allah says, avoid suspicion. Don't have bad thoughts about people. And Allah tells us don't back bite, don't make fun of. And then we get to the verse I wanted to really discuss why? Because this verse I believe, is especially crucial in the world that we're living in a lot as though it just says one of the highlights of Surah hoogenraad Yeah, yohannes Oh, mankind. In holla kanakam. Mean, Zachary. We created you from one male and female, all of us here. We are related to one

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another. There is not a single human being you will ever meet in your life, except that somewhere back in history, you two were actually one family. Think about that. This is the biological reality that even modern science approves as well. The reality is every human being is related to another human being biologically and Allah azza wa jal is emphasizing that all mankind I am the one who created you from one couple, one male and female. And yes, Allah says I have made you different watch I'll not come sure Ruben wakaba in and I create the Jew shoe shoe is races. So you have the Arab race, you have the Indian race, you have the Chinese race, this a sharp sharp is an entire

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race. And then within the shop you have about in even within India, even within China, even within Arabs, there are many different sub cultures. And this is Kaaba. This is the tribe. And Allah azza wa jal in other verses mentions that I am the one who has made you different colors. That woman a yachtie of his miracles, if dinar for sanity Kumar and one income that you have different languages and you have different skin colors, and I quoted as well as suit up facilite before last week, where Allah subhana wa tada says that I created man, all of these colors, white and red and black. All of these is in the Quran. explicitly. Allah mentions this is of my design. This is of my intention. I

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made you different amongst yourselves, but why later on

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Roku, Lita out of out of means to get to know one another? And isn't it amazing The first time you meet somebody who's totally new to you? What are the questions you ask them? Where are you from? Where did you grow up? What's your culture? Like? These are the things this is toutle This is the icebreaker. This is why Allah made us all different. Imagine if everybody had the same culture, the same language, the same cuisine, the same dress code? How boring would mankind be? How boring? So Allah says, This is of my miracles, it's of my signs of the signs that Allah exists is the diversity of mankind. No two humans are exactly the same. Even identical twins, as we know are not exactly the

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same. No two people are exactly the same. yet we're all human. So Allah says, This is of my miracle. And so this verse clearly says, in a karma in the law, he we all know, a talk on the one who has the most noble lineage amongst you is the one who has the most taqwa, the one who has the best spirituality. So the verses very explicit, your race, your ethnicity, your skin color, your language, your heritage, your parents mean nothing in the eyes of Allah. It's all irrelevant. In a Chroma come in the law. He is the one who has the most dignity. The one who has the most honor amongst you is the one who has the most taqwa and taqwa is the consciousness and, and the knowledge

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and the fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Brothers and sisters, this simple reality now in 2015, most of mankind accepts it as something that is an ideal that should be strived for most of mankind, even the non Muslim and Muslims, they all agree, you know what all humans should be treated equally. But guess what, when the Quran was revealed, there was really no civilization, no philosopher, no culture that was preaching this radical message of equality. Every single race thought that they were better than every other race. In this country, even till the last generation, one race thought they were the best of all. In fact, many people still think this as we know, this is the reality.

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And in Arabia, this was at an especially high level, the Arabs not only thought themselves, the best of all humanity, they had a strict hierarchy within their own ranks, about tribes, which tribe occupied the highest level and which is soaked, okay, and which is the lowest and the highest of the high was the kurush because they were the custodians of the GABA, because they were the direct descendants of a smile, because they were blessed with a letter she thought it was safe, because they had the journeys east and west, because they took care of them. So the Quraysh were considered to be the best of the best. And out of that came up the Taliban, the Banu Hashim, and they were

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considered to be the most elite, the creme de la creme, and from that lineage came the most noble person ever in the history of humanity. That is our profitsystem having the best lineage. He has it everything he could have wanted, he was born into the family. He is the grandson of Abdulmutallab from his favorite son, Abdullah, he has the lineage that everybody would be envious of. And that is why when a Bedouin or when a stranger would come to Makkah or to Medina, even they would say, Where is the grandson of Abdulmutallab? That's how they know the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with that lineage. Despite being born with such privilege. The message that our Prophet system taught was

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a radical message for the time. It was a message that didn't make any sense to the people. He was the one who said in the heck, Jetson Wada in the farewell pilgrimage in front of the largest audience he ever had. The chutzpah that he gave in front of the largest audience is only six paragraphs. That's it, and an entire paragraph is dedicated to what racial equality, this is something that will likely we take for granted. This is visionary. This is something that is earth shattering, no philosopher at the time, no civilization is preaching. You know what all humans should be equal. It's what's inside that makes you better in the eyes of Allah. But our Prophet

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system was preaching this 14 centuries ago in economics in the law. He was the one telling us in that famous narration law for our billion Allah amin, there is no superiority of an Arab over atom and look at you even notice the racism when Arabs considered everybody who's not an Arab as an atom. It's not even the Chinese Japanese. No, they're just Agim one word, your non Arab. Even in this you notice this out of an atom laughably out of being either a Jimmy there is

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No superiority of an arrow over an item, or a belt over a sweat white over black. Because again that racism was prevalent even back then, that some people thought a lighter skin color means you're better. And he is the one preaching there is no superiority of a white over a black except with taqwa. And it is well known dear brothers and sisters, that this was of the most radical messages of early Islam. The orange could not handle it. What do you mean, I am equivalent to the slaves? What do you mean that we have the same dignity as the people that we that we own? And there are numerous instances from the Sierra that demonstrates is one of the early instances instances we're all aware

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of that when our processor was speaking with a very dependable hero, who was the father of Harley Davidson, and he was the chieftain of the Boma zoom. So he's one of the most prestigious of the kurush. And actually, it was sympathetic. He's interested in Islam, and even on mimic to who was from the low Yemeni tribes. He's not of the elite of the Arab. He's here's the process of his voice and he comes tapping with his stick and alwaleed and he says Yara Suleiman asks you a question when asked you a question, he's blind, he doesn't know who's in the company of the process. And alvalade snorts in contempt. And he says, You want me to follow you? When you have these people as your

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followers? Look at the arrogance, he recognizes Islam is true. But he says How could I follow you when these are your followers and we know that our processor ABS or whatever.

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And the last panel which Allah said to him, what matters the decoder I know who he is, and in another verse, Allah subhana wa tada says, What readiness

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he will achieve it is mentioned that obey and will lead and others they said, Oh Mohammed, they're not Muslims. They said, Oh Mohammed system, we might be interested in your religion, but you have to get rid of your other followers beta and so haber Rumi and all of the get rid of these people. We don't want them will come to you set a time and make sure none of these low class are there. So Allah revealed in the Quran, they said, Oh, Trudeau minimalistic get rid of them from your gathering, and we'll come and give you our full attention. And Allah says in the Quran, will talk to the lady near the owner of Bahama, that he will he never expel those group of people that are

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worshipping Allah knighten evening. And one thing Allah reward, Fatah through the home for takuna may not mean if you get rid of them, you are the one who's committing a sin.

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Notice there is no compromise on this issue. Racial Equality, ethnic equality is a fundamental principle of our religion. It is authentically narrated that once the Prophet system was passing in Makkah, and one of the Sahaba was not mentioned his name, one of the Sahaba Billa owed him some money. And Bill are even available, as you know as an Abyssinian and Bilaal we did not have the money on him, and he said next day, and the next day kept on going, finally, this companion gets so irritated. He says, oh, son of a black woman. How dare you not give me my money?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam happened to be passing by at that point in time. And he said to the Sahaba, who says this? I used to be angry on me he did you criticize him because of the mother's skin the skin color of his mother? Did you make fun of him because of his mother in a camera on FECA helia you are a man who still has jelly inside of him. You are a man that still has Jaya helia inside of him. And when the Sahaba heard this, he immediately fell down in front of Bilal, he put his face on the sand and he said, Bill, I'll put your head on my face until you forgive me. I'm not going to move from here. He realized you know he made a big mistake. He wanted

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to put and be like yep this I forgive you. I forgive you. But he insisted put your head on my face so that I learned my humility. The Prophet put your leg on my face so that I learned my humility. The prophets are sort of criticized him. I used to be angry on me. You made fun of him because of the skin color of his mother and our processes and predicted an unfortunate reality. He said for things from Jackie Leah will always be a part of my oma never leave it until the day of judgment. For things from Jackie Leah from free Islam will be a part of my own. It's never going to leave it. It's generally it's pagan, it's backward. It's ignorant. Unfortunately, people are going to have it.

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Number one on this list of four is what? alpha horrible and sub being proud of your ethnicity and your lineage. Number one on this list, brothers and sisters in our times, let me be brutally honest here. Alhamdulillah look around. You will lie here we have at least

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40 nationalities represented in this community here at hamdulillah. All massages are like this. And I have to say, the positive side that by and large, our own insha Allah hotel is far better than other groups out there. If you go to our massages, you see Alhamdulillah diversity. That's not the case in many other groups and religious traditions and hamdulillah. That's good. But still, we know there's an underlying current of racism. This is a reality that we're dismally painfully aware of. And we have to be brutally honest about this. Brothers and sisters, racism is a type of Jamelia to think your tribe or your ethnicity, or your color is better than another just because you happen to

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have been born into it. Well, law II, this is the essence of backwardness. We are all human beings. We are all people with the same spirit and Roy, because I was born with Pakistani parents from Indian heritage doesn't mean that my culture is better than Arab culture, or that Indian culture is superior to Chinese culture. No. Well, lucky, it is so strange that we find some Muslims become so passionate about their mini nation states. I mean, I remember when I was in college many, many years ago, there were people there that they used to say to me, and I, because I'm from that place. I don't mind saying this. I am Pakistani first and Muslim second. And well, I heard this as a

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teenager. And even as a teenager, I wasn't going studying in Medina, I was at my engineering, you know, college and whatnot. And I just thought to myself, are you that stupid, you don't even know Buxton was created in 1947.

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And you think that that is your permanent identity, that this nation state that was created by the British, right, because when the British left they did this, and it wasn't just boxing, by the way. Oh, Arabs, you know, your countries where they came from the Sykes Pico agreement of World War One, there was no Iraq, there was no Jordan, there was no federal state, there was no Lebanon, there was no Syria, you all should know this. This is less than 100 years old, or 100, and something years old. That's it. All of these nation states, were left to us by people that invaded and then they left and they carved the arm up into all of these nation states. Now we have people they want to

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give allegiance to these nation states above the oma and you wonder what How could you do this? Are you that shallow You don't even know that countries come and go, nations rise and fall no nation this lives forever. No, a nation is just a concept of people coming together. So brothers and sisters, it is permissible to feel a sense of attachment to a nation. Allah says which are knuckle shirogane wakaba.

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These are sharp. These are Kabila. This is nation. It's okay. I'm an American. I'm Pakistani heritage of Indian heritage, it's okay. But make sure it doesn't become your primary identity. Because the primary identity is taqwa. That's the primary identity in a chemical in the law. I might have a preference. I was born in a Pakistani culture, I have to say Arab food with all respect. I mean, once in a while good, but I need the spices, you know, but that's my preference. That's my preference. You know, I'm sure the Arabs

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I'm sure the Arabs as well. If I were born into your culture, maybe the Philippine would have been, you know, too much for me. But the point is, it's, it's okay to have certain likings of your culture, that's fine. Look at the dress I wear the dress of my people. I like the food of my people. I speak the language of my people, but I am understanding that these are simply identities that are out of to take this identity and Trump the identity of Islam will lie This is foolishness. It is Jerry Lee. It is backwardness it is stupidity in a Croma commando law he has come in has he oma to come home much and why? This is your oma. It is one oma and that is when the oma will become strong.

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Well, Lucha brothers and sister have to say this look at the oma and the state of the oma now look at how many political entities we have been divided into look at the fact that countries and nations that are all saying La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah are bombing each other going to war with each other. Sometimes the governments and nations are killing their own citizens in multiple cases in multiple countries. Who needs enemies when we have friends like these think about it? Well law one of our biggest problems today is we have forgotten the concept of in a Croma commando law. And I had to say this explicitly brothers and sisters, we are one oma there is no superiority of an Arab

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over a gem of a white over a black of anyone over anyone except with duck wa. Let every person look at his or her own prejudices and get rid of them because our Prophet Mohammed Salim said, this is from Jay helia. Let's cleanse our heart of jelly in these last nights of Ramadan and make sure that inshallah tada we emerge from it with the pure hearts of believers, which is our Camilla who later on

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Shaykh Dr Yasir Qadhi discusses the idea of one Ummah devoid of racism and bigotry referencing to Surat Al-Hujurat.

In the past, the colour of the skin and tribal lineage were mandatory markers to decide one’s status in the society.

The Prophet ﷺ eradicated racism and bigotry and said in his final Khutbah -“There is no superiority of an Arab over a non-Arab, nor of a non-Arab over an Arab, nor of a white over a black, nor a black over a white, except by taqwa (piety and god consciousness).”

Hence, it is binding upon us to inculcate and imbibe these imminent set of values within ourselves and tackle the predicaments of the society full throttle so that we live in a better place and the future of the Muslim Ummah is also shining bright.


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