Yahya Ibrahim – Who is preparing for Jannah – The Best Ramadan Ever!

Yahya Ibrahim
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He was selling Mazda LSA Ed Now, whenever you know Mohammed he will actually Allah. But live in a shallow Ramadan and Kadeem We ask Allah subhana wa tada beginning and end do send and convey his greatest blessings upon I whenever you Mohammed Salah body was Selim to make us from those who are followers of his path and to bless us in sha Allah Nila,

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with an entrance into the month of Ramadan, and Allah allows us in the energy, the good health, the ability to worship well, to our Eva, in a way that is productive throughout the month of Ramadan. And that our beginning of the month of Ramadan earns us the means and the ability, blah,

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Laila, I mean, I pray that Allah subhana wa Allah blesses you and I, with an entrance into the genital favoritos through the gateways, Allah Yun, the discussion that I wanted to speak with just for 15 minutes is who is

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caring for Jenna, and how are you getting ready for the month of June in the month of Ramadan is the month of July it's the month where you plant the seed seeds that allow you to develop the key is in the harvest that you are able in sha Allah

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in the coming days and in the years to come to reap the reward of the blessed month of Ramadan, and Ramadan after Ramadan, that it makes you worthy other gateway that enters you I intergender

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the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that there's a doorway

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gate that nobody entered on the Day of Judgment except those who fasted is meant to inspire you and I to search for Jenny to the profile tell him where he would say lm in the middle Jenna, who is it that is seeing who is it that is struggling, working hard to arrive at a place leave them to gentlemen, pray that Allah Subhana Allah makes you and I have them along with me.

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It becomes important therefore to kind of think and to have a strategic plan of whatever objectives that we want to do in the month of Ramadan month of surrender the month of the month of patients the month of peace and

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serenity where we seek to connect with Allah, meaningful ways.

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I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala makes you and I have those who are successful in that pursuit Allah, Allah, I mean, in sha Allah, the Ramadan is the month that comes and go quickly. We pray that Allah Subhana Allah rewards us all that Allah alone, I mean, so the three words of advice that I wanted to kind of share with myself and my family as well as with you, and shuttler the month of Ramadan, the first would be about thinking about your own personal place, and you're putting you in a lot of peace, where you've set the bands for the other 11 months of the year, and there were 11 months.

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law they were a tumultuous everchanging very dear friend kind of 11 months, then then maybe previous years, we've had had the COVID virus and all the things that

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have been

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out and parcel with some of the issues is that we have been struggling, where massaged have been closed and haven't been attended and so many other things that have been happening. But now come to

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a point where we're in a place where the month of Ramadan is meant to kind of bring us together,

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internally introspectively and kind of set the balance between ourselves and Allah with the hope that Allah subhana wa to Allah increase us in the good that we seek of him. Allah I mean, so I wanted to be an inward Look, look into your heart, look at the places where you feel that you can improve. Look at the relationships that you can make more positive, look at the relationships that you need to bring to an end. Look at your tire, look at your food, your job, look at your workplace, look family structure, look at some of the issues that are still lingering from previous days and previous years that you kind of need to consider. The second is to look beyond yourself. And the

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best place to look is those who are beyond up are you. Ville kortum always makes preference for those who are near before those who are farther, who are closer to Moreover, write to us, your father, your mother, your brother, your sister, your wife, even your husband. They are all people that become very important. Your neighbor, your neighbor, the neighbor next to them. Also people that you are

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To be thinking about the profits by selling would say that if you're making soup, add more water, so that your neighbor can have air of what it is that you are cooking and produce it so that other people can benefit from it in sha Allah. The third and final

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issue is to look beyond you to those who are in need. And the month of Ramadan is the month of giving, just give, give and anything you give anything either has not left you anything you benefit others with has not depart from you it is with you and return to you or you'll die for law who need my cat and Allah increase. He says it in multiples, for whom he seeks and whom He wills May Allah subhana wa Minkus of those who have generous hearts generous and those who are progressing live in our assistance and in our help towards others. llama I mean, my Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to bless your home woman to bless your family and to assist us is preparing for gender and how are you

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preparing yourself internally something those who are near and love to you that a time and something for the far end? Just those three things, the wisdom behind fasting, that hunger cooled yourself and you have to know what are the things that what are the things that are right for me to do and what is wrong to give you that introspective perspective to your future and I pray that Allah

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Allah blesses your hosts or Milan ever less Ed no Have you been to being a med Salalah on them?

Ramadan 2021

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