Reda Bedeir – Ramadan 2019 – Reminders 13

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam in a real-life situation is discussed, emphasizing the need for behavior and actions to be considered. The use of words in English to convey emotions and the importance of cultural acceptance are also highlighted. The speaker shares his personal experience of becoming a Muslim and talks about his marriage.
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Murthy merci

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah work at

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similar from de la salatu salam ala rasulillah Salalah audio Salaam

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wa I early here masahito Manuela, we stopped yesterday

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at the story when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He asked one of his companions to take one of the guests. And when he went to home when he asked his wife, how much food do we have? She had, she said, we have only food enough for the children. And he told her get the children to sleep without food and spa when she came and he asked her to dim the light, and they sat down with the guest and they pretended to be eating until he ate the food. I don't tell her Ansari or their loved one. So the prophet SAW him the following day. The professor Lam said like a dodgy Villa home and sunny recommend.

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Allah subhana wa tada was so amazed. But what you had done last night, to the degree that Allah revealed a Koran because of the situation that will be decided in the Day of Judgment if you go to number 33

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and number nine, the last Patras talking about this incident, where you the theater owner and

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footsy him, okay, and I became also a lot smarter said they preferred their own guest, not only to themselves, but to their own children.

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Even though Hassan amines fucker, they were very poor. They don't even have food for themselves. And that's the meaning of Islam called Islam. And I'm not sharing students, brothers and sisters, to entertain you sometimes, you know, I try to be funny, I do my best. But not just to make you laugh, but we want to take this home and act upon this. This is our dean. You know, we said we need to change in Ramadan. Am I right? All right. Hello. Jackie will agree with me or agree.

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I love Canadian democracy, man.

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Okay, so what I'm trying to say is, do we do this at home?

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Do we do this at the masjid? Do we do this at the parking lot? I'm trying to bring this to real life. Because we're law here. When I share something from the Quran, the Quran is not for the Sahaba. The Quran is for us today to

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write. So when you're driving, and you find like an older brother driving, would you stop and let him go first? Would you give him the parking lot? That's close. When you see a brother or a sister trying to cross the street, would you try to cross first run them over? Or do you act humble and say, please go first. When you line up for food? Okay, would you take a plate and give it to the person behind you and say, Well, lucky you go first.

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That's what we need to see. Islam is all about behavior. Can you imagine? Abdullah Ahmad was the Allahu anhu man. One day, he went to the market to buy something. And Subhanallah

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when he chose what he wanted to buy, and he put his hand into his pocket, he found out that his money was stolen. So he told him and he said like I have no money so just cancel the deal. He said Why? He said like I have no money my money has been stolen. So the man you know made a public announcement in the mind

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of normal people you know, Abdullah has been stolen

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again, he's the one who stole his money and you know, Mashallah are very good at that. VCR five, camera camera. This let's go. Let's help. Right. But Abdullah Ahmad did something completely the opposite of the exploitation of everyone and that's Islam again, Islam and action. That's what attracts people to Islam. Little acts of kindness, when everybody else was making against the one who stole him up to live nama raised his hand to Allah and His

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Yeah Allah, Allah main kana had a linear sobre Kamali fi hashtag la abetik Luffy

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of La Can you do this? Yes we can. If we understand Islam, and if we really want to live Islam, do you need the translation?

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Five bucks per letter in the donation box before you leave. They're complaining now like the boxes go empty now okay. Western Ramadan, okay. He says, Oh Allah if the man who has stolen my money is in need of it. Will Allah bless that money for him?

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This is a very deep meaning that he ended there. No. He said yeah, Allah, Allah made Canada listen pachala Corrado obey

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Allah if this man is a professional thief, make it his last sin.

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This is called the Islam compassion. We need to learn this and apply it. This is very important. We need to be considerate.

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Think about you know, the the feelings of others.

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You know, as husbands, what do we do?

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Can I tell you something?

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But I have to seek protection, you know, with the sisters tonight because I'm gonna pass you

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know what she was gonna under his protection of the law.

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There are also some kind of law, they say in Arabic journalists and ushered them in john Huston. What does that mean? a scar on the heart because of a word that hurts the feeling

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causes more than one and more pain than a cut by a knife. You know why? The cut by a knife? After some time it heals. But the scar on the heart keeps coming back.

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Right. So sometimes when you get mad at home, what do you say? You don't even remember what you said. And then after five minutes, they say, Honey, I love you.

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Really? What did you say a few minutes ago? I was angry. I was crazy. So sisters, don't worry crazy, man. I'm sorry. Okay. So what I'm trying to say, watch out every word that comes out of your mouth. And the problem is teaching us again have to be considered, you know, agreement

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in Abidjan. Did you hear what I said? He is an agreement. Who's his father? A Buddha. But when we say a crema we say about the Allahu Allah. But if I say I will, I will say something completely different. Right? So a crema. After the conquest of Mecca. His wife accepted Islam.

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So she told him listen, I can go to the Prophet

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said working with allergic rain. She said, I can go to the prophet SAW Selim and intercede for you.

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He said, Okay. So she went and said, I came I wants to accept Islam. He said, Come. So she went to him. Let's go. He said, No. Do you know who's my father?

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Do you know if I go there? What's gonna happen to me? Omar will be there.

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And you know, when Omar says?

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She said please, he said no. So she will back to the prophets of Prophet of Allah.

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I went to him and he was one of them took off his turban and he gave it to her. And this is what the Arabs like done. Now, this is Amnesty International, not amnesty Canada, not just Amnesty International come You know, you are under my protection now. So his crema coming and who's sitting there?

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Right, and the rest of the Sahaba so the professor knows the

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ropes Allah knows the reaction of all right. So when I came I was coming from far away. He said he had a crema Yeti cooler and a Muslim

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for that

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for in

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LA you didn't make it when I can now.

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That's how to be considered. Some people are waiting for translation, right? Oh, man, we'll have lots of money today inshallah. Okay, so he said, this is a crema coming to embrace Islam. Do not curse or insult his father, because that cursing and insulting will not hurt his father, but it will hurt him. And once he becomes a Muslim, he's your brother.

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This is being considered. Brothers and sisters the way we treat

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Our children, the way we treat our wives the way we treat, you know, our husbands.

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We have to be considered, we have to think because they say, a word that comes out of your mouth owns you. You don't own it anymore. It just came out, you can take it back. So please think before you say any word, because that's communication. In a marriage, it makes it or it breaks it.

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So hold your tongue if it's something bad. And I'm going to conclude with a cliffhanger.

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Since we talked about academic, look how he became Muslim, I'm going to share the last minute of his life.

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So Paula, he was in the battle. And it was so tough. And it was like scorching heat.

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Subhan Allah, they ended up being like, very thirsty, very thirsty, and very exhausted. And then they found a container of water. But guess what, it has only one last drop of water.

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So they gave it to a creamer. And he said, You know what? I think it can be more patient for a few minutes. I'll give it to the one next to me. What does that mean? He thought, selflessness, the second one said, You know what, I think I can also be more patient for a few minutes. He gave it to the third one. And the third one, said the same thing. But by the time they came back to a crema, something very serious happened. And I think it's 1120 and I can go anymore because she was gonna fire me. So I'll see you tomorrow.

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