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The fasting in general as an act of worship, what is the difference between it and anything else? What is the difference between fasting and fasting and zecca? So fasting and prayer, fasting and giving the

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obligatory payment of offers? What is the difference between fasting and going for home? What is the difference? It's unique, and all the scholars tells you that muscles are special.

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It's for Allah. Well, I can argue and say, Well,

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of course, I'm standing in a lawful

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law. So what do you want to see me? Yes, but what does that mean?

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That See, nobody can see what you are. That's who number one. Number one is fasting is hidden, hidden.

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I can tell everybody out fast, right? But I am not fasting. Right? I couldn't go to the bathroom, lock the door and do whatever I wanted. So that's one. But what else?

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When I learned about this actually was amazing. Yes.

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I can't hear you.

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I can't hear you.

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Like you're giving up some. You're giving up something for less pantalla, which is absolutely true. You're giving things you love, but also waiting for you. And you're giving up your beauty for a while. So now you're giving up your time for a while. It's true. But there's something only in song.

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I'm sorry.

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Well, I really

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I mean, hedges is is the tough one, right?

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It's definitely part of it is self control. But standing for two hours and solo needs a whole lot of self control. It's all right. I'm not saying this is all true. There's something special about fasting.

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Absolutely, she got it. It's the only act of worship, that no human being do it for another human being.

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As the special about it, meaning people prostrate to other people.

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So true or false. People prostrate to choose to idols and to human beings, they prostrate for them, right people give money for people, but no one fast for another person for the nuts, instead of other person. But for someone, and in even better No one asked someone too fast for them, because they don't do it first. So that's why it's so unique. It's only done for Allah, they see the point. That's the meaning I when I learned this, it was fascinating. They said this is one of the meaning when unless is a solo movie, only one that you do this act of anybody's for a while you don't do to any human being and no human being asked you to do it as a need only one was really can sort of

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monitor. Like, that's exactly the only one.

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True, there is God. And it's the only one that almost knows. Now this is a principle he like this for us to learn.

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The first part,

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every act of worship Tomas pantalla, entitled one or two or both? Either I am doing something what I'm staying away from something through or falls. Right? So how are we doing or saying going? Doing right? I'm standing in front of a law cupboard looking for the public in a certain time, right? In How you

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doing? I am going and spending money booking tickets and everything. What am I

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doing? Right? I am getting money. So is the one that has to I am doing and I'm staying away from something I'm leaving going and mainly leaving things this is the beauty of home. You're staying away from things that salad

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was Hello, it's it's allowed. It's it's not prohibited. Food is not prohibited, but I'm not doing it sustained going. And what I am doing is I am going to stay away from something, you get the point so I am doing an act of staying away from something that's only in Seoul. That's another uniqueness about fasting. And basically and this is you will find most of almost all the scholars tells you know last month Allah actually says in the Quran in another way. Fasting is half the subway, half patient, half of the patient is fasting and that's what the last part

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Tyler said Orson saltimbocca was trying to be somebody was

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waiting on a computer to

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seek help. Seek help to get close to Allah with the patient. And Sala scholar says your patient is sown

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is fasting to get close to Allah do more faster and do more Salah.

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So Sabo absolutely to fast you That's why I told you to killer of the nerves because it teaches you to be patient I wanted on so thirsty. Nope, I'm not doing it at seven. That means a lot of self control and self control is actually someone is being patient.