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Day 10 – Righteous Companionship

June 15, 2016

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam wa salatu salam aleikum, WA catalyses others as you were coming in to another episode of Ramadan 2016 they tend so steel in fact you know one third of Ramadan now is gone and we only have about 20 days left or so I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to make amongst those whereby their souls shall be saved from Hellfire East This month

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we still talking about things that will get us close to Allah socially dismissive month so how about talking about

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righteous companionship, mobile and video Mashallah Sophia can hold us back

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to Sam, Dean Holly, for young men and young men saw the man who was for the man who Hallelujah Amen.

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The prophets Larson says and men would follow the footsteps of his close ones that each one of you meticulously choose their friends. So you pick a friend in this best month that will help you come close to Allah that will help you increase in a better in this perfect muscle he can help one another you know

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you said a few Hello Sharma Baraka kilo to the kilo, Yanni Allah subhanho wa Taala and our friend that can help you come close to Allah subhana wa tada a friend is like your mirror

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slowly yeah and he did as well.

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Can you see one another to each other?

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Has a lovely one of the price with assessors he used to say

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he used to say a kilo mean sorry, he was sorry for the infographic Daniel philadephia he says in no increase from having a lot of good friends, righteous friends because they benefit you in the dunya and they benefit you also in the laughter How can they benefit you in the hereafter? Hey, if you're in Florida You're my

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homeboy Cody and he is a foreigner in honeymoon for your partner and the whole

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was really Arabic text me that that he had to tell

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a man when people would enter agenda that they that a man would look at would not find his righteous friend that he would say or be my my pleasure will not be fulfilled enter your break my friend with me. We didn't make it and his friend was he was you know a believer but yet he didn't make it to gender because maybe of some of the sins that he made he committed or whatnot. So you have a low model I lay here for your TV so they pay for their their memberships I hope we had a solid

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faith as a mount Manchester it has a Manchester it has a paddle for the OSHA OSHA OSHA for your code on Maryland me shafia what else for the pin honey? When the honey mad and I'm in so they are mad at me chip here, man and that they have no days that they you know, Allah subhana wa Taala will prohibit him fire from from from burning man and he will order him to go to the Shabnam and he will take his his friend out of the hand them and bring him to Hana. The people of random will say will interceded on the behalf of that. This person will interceded on his behalf. They will say his friend interceded on his behalf and they will say we don't have no sheffy and we don't have no idea

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you have no no intercessor we have no friend who can intercede on our behalf so in this present Mashallah. It'd be easier it could be good it'd be more fun you know together as friends we can go together help each other wake each other up for Tara we are me and Emily go together for Tara we tried to break our fast together in the US of Florida. We had a shot at the same time filter you know go through some filtering process and go to your friends and see which ones are really there just to abuse you not to use you but not me not to you know, benefit from your you benefit from that. But they're only there to abuse you and use you. Maybe you want to get rid of those friends

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and maybe this is the best time to do so. Brothers and sisters May Allah subhana wa Tada. Help us also practice intercompany hunter another episode of rockin Ramadan. 2016 I say I said that why they come up with like the hada over my cat