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Hola Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi Lambay Wynwood Sally and Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa and only he was able to sell them. This live on cathedra Kathira from avato.

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My brothers sisters, let me ask you will do something, which is to think about

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all those of our friends and our relatives who were with us last Ramadan, but who are not with us this Ramadan.

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So think about them, just imagine

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and then ask a question. And the question is, did they know that that last Ramadan would be their last Ramadan? Meaning the last Ramadan of their lives? Did they know that? We know the answer? Obviously, they did not know that. Now if they knew if they had known that last Ramadan was going to be their last Ramadan? What do you think they would have done differently?

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Whatever they did, would they have done anything differently if they had this pre knowledge that that was going to be the last hour? Now the reason I'm asking this is obviously we can this question is not about them. It's about us. And the question about us is, do I know and I'm talking about myself? May Allah give you long and healthy lives inshallah. But the fact is that one rather than no matter how long we live, one Ramadan will be our last.

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And the question I asked myself is, do I know whether that last one of my life will be disordered? And if it is, then what do I want to do in this Ramadan, which will be different from any other Ramadan that I had in my life? And I think I want to begin with that. Second question I want to ask is,

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will we enter Ramadan?

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Will that be a date change thing? Or will Ramadan enter us?

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Will I enter Ramadan? Or or will Ramadan enter me.

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If I enter our than then on the first of Chawan, I will exit

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on the day of Eid, I'm outward. But if Ramadan enters me, then the spirit of what Ramadan is what Ramadan is supposed to be what it's supposed to do for us will inshallah we hope and we ask Allah for his ill will remain with me. Lifelong. I want to leave these two questions with you. Now there is one question I believe that we need to settle within ourselves.

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It's a question that the machinery in America, the volunteers of NACA had the most trouble with. And today, we Muslims worldwide, seem to have the same problem.

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The question is, it's about it's a single question, but in three parts.

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First part of the question, Will I die?

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That sounds like a stupid question. Because of course, we will die. I'm not saying I'm not asking for a or I'm not thinking of a intellectual response or a theoretical response, I'm seeing deep down within me. Do I truly believe that one day I will die?

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Number two, do I truly believe that I will be resurrected, that I will be brought back to life before Allah? And number three, do I truly believe that I will be called to account for my deeds, I will have to answer to almost Valterra for my deeds. These are these are three part question which I

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tell myself and I request all of you sit down quietly by yourself

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without any disturbance, and settle this once and for all. Because if you do that, then believe me Your life will be the most simple, the most beautiful, going forward.

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Without that, life will always be full of questions and doubts and stress and all kinds of things.

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Now, Allah subhanaw taala sent us rather than to enable us to draw close to Him. The one important thing to understand about Ramadan as well as any of the Ibaadat any of the acts of worship is the bada is not for itself. Salah is not for itself Ramadan, fasting is not for itself. Hajj is not for itself that is not for itself and so on. Every EBA is for a purpose. The Bible itself is a tool

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it's like a hammer, it's like you know, it's like a computer or whatnot. The computer is not for the sake of the computer if you just keep it and punish it and look after it and you know, keep it in case and put it on the double the shelf makes no sense.

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It is a tool it's supposed to do something. It is supposed to get us something. Every ABA is a tool and it is supposed to get us something. Now what is Ramadan supposed to what is fasting supposed to get us? Allah subhanaw taala did not leave this to the Minister he told us he said yeah you are Latina Amma no booty bionic. We'll see I will come I will do right Allah did I mean commonly Coleman Lila Comdata Paul, Allah Serato that has it all you will believe fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you so that you may become ill Buddhahood.

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Now, all promises of Allah subhanho wa Taala are for the people of Taqwa not merely for Muslims, not merely for the Muslims there are people for promises are for the people of Taqwa.

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For example, unless around that as well to know how Allah Subhana Allah said in Allah Allah Xena toggle, one Latina who Masha. Allah is around that is it. Truly Allah is with those who have Taqwa and who are Masino who have people of Taqwa and people who have a son which is a step higher than Taqwa. Similarly, Allah subhanaw taala tonight I'm not over yet Elijah, Allah Who Maharajah we are to zoom in how to lay out the zip on my ear Tawakkol Allah Allah He for her husband, Allah said and whoever has Taqwa of Allah Jalla Delano, Allah subhanho wa Taala will make a way out for him to get out of every difficulty, and he will provide him from sources he could never imagine. And whoever

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puts his trust in Allah subhanho data, then he will become sufficient for him.

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The question to ask is, do we really want Allah to be with us or not? Again? Dumb question, but very important to ask, Do we really want Allah with us or not? Do we? Do we need Allah or not? Is Allah sufficient for us or not?

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These are the questions for us to think about. And we have the time in Ramadan, for us to sort them out once and for all because remember one thing, it doesn't matter what answers we give today, when we stand before almost monitor, it is only and only our actions which will speak for us or against us. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from that. We will always remember that I said very clearly. And Yamanaka, Timo Allah of unforeseen, nothing one of why him what to call him when I add,

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what I shall do original home, be back and we actually want Allah to run intelligence to be as in their tongues and their mouth to be sealed, and their hands and feet will speak. So our actions, What decisions do we did we take when we say Allah is enough for me? Does my life reflect that? When I say I need Allah, does my life reflect that I cannot say I need Allah and then I and then I disobey Allah subhanaw taala in everything in life, if you need Allah you cannot disobey Allah as simple as that. So this is something which is very important, that is what fasting comes to reiterate and emphasize. Because only action counts only doing comes not merely knowing, knowing and

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not doing is proven evidence against the slave Dakwah is the goal and it is its own best reward. All the other rewards of Ramadan are a bonus and we ask Allah subhanaw taala for his bounty and Grace now how do we what how is this reiterated because in Ramadan, Allah subhanho wa Taala ordered us to stay away from things which are normally had things which are good things which are Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala in another place in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala said guru was your Awu and 1234. Allah says, Eat and drink and don't do in excess, but in Ramadan, that save eating and drinking has been stopped. And why do we Why do we stop? We don't do that to you know to understand

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how the poor people feel and all that kind of stuff. We do that because Allah subhanaw taala told us to do that there is no other reason. Now the whole idea here is if if we are going to and we are prepared to stop ourselves from doing something which is halal because Allah said So what must we do with something which is haram?

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It's as simple as that this is something that I have to answer this something that we have to answer for ourselves, because this is what we will be questioned before Allah subhanaw taala about and as I said, doesn't matter of what kind of creative answers we have today. When we go before Allah subhanaw taala the fact only will will count and that is what our bodies will speak, not us. Now, how do we

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what do we do monitoring our gains going forward?

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And what must we do as far as preparing for Ramadan is concerned?

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four things I think we need to monitor as far as Docker is concerned number one is doing more and not less than what is required in all good works. Right not not a not the minimalist kind of thinking not tick a box, doing more rather than less. To excel for example, many people have this habit just forgot of auto Raghava or Ferrara and they leave, they will not even press on. Right?

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This is not a sign of Taqwa. This is a sign of weak, weak Taqwa. Because if we are doing the minimalist as far as the Wrath of Allah subhanaw taala concerned and we know very well, we don't do this minimalist thinking as far as our lives are concerned, we don't need the minimum amount of food. If we did that we wouldn't have problems with which that is something which we should be doing. We don't we don't drive the cheapest possible car we don't live in the smallest possible house for ourselves. We want everything and we want it even in excess but for as far as the Wrath of Allah concerned, minimal is thinking so not having that is a sign of Taqwa. Number two, being

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careful with the boundaries of Allah subhanaw taala. Not only not breaking the boundaries, but not even going close to the boundaries don't even go near them. Number three always and always and always earn halal and eat halal.

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I'm not going into the details of this we all know all the details. Our problem today is not lack of knowledge. Our problem is really having the knowledge because after having the knowledge we don't apply it it becomes a hedge against us. So everyone knows what is halal. Everyone knows what is haram question is what are we doing? Earning halal and eating halal and these are things in which there is no scope for flexibility, right what is halal is halal what is haram is Allah wa sallam said and halal Baiyun were haram obeyed or by now Oba Gustave had the halal is clear, the Haram is clear, between the two are the doubtful matters and he said leave the doubtful matter leave that

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which is doubtful for that which is not doubtful. Number four is who we will look to for reward Allah subhanaw taala or people it is very important because they tend to get concerned. As a matter of fact, almost everything we do, which is wrong is because of what will people say in law gagging so we do all kinds of stuff. One of the one of the big things we do

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bad stuff is in marriages, right? All kinds of Islamic marriages. They look at what will people say

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hasn't busted out the law. They asked him, Why are you not concerned about what people say? You don't seem to you don't pay any attention to that. He said I was born alone, I will die alone, I will be in my grave alone. I will be resurrected alone. I will stand before Allah alone, and I will give account of my life to Allah alone. What do I have to do with people?

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What do I have to do with people? What do people do with me? Let people think anything they want it makes no difference.

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Because this is one of the biggest problems what will people think about me is the biggest of all problems and the major reason for all the wrongs that we end up doing in our life. So I think this is very important for people focus on ourselves first, because nobody else can help us all. That we do. We only we because of what we do.

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Now we begin with

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recording stuff we begin with

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progress is the FAR and Toba

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repentance and returning to Allah subhanaw taala is the virus to seek forgiveness and Dawa is to turn around. So this is the beginning place. And I remind myself and all of us to make a lot of mistakes. And a lot of Dawa and ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us Ramadan, in good health, with enough time and with the ability to prioritize the evidence of Allah subhanaw taala and to use it for the maximum benefit, because we don't know whether this Ramadan will be our last. Just like all our friends who passed away, they did not know that last hour was going to be the last one of their lives. Now there are four things to do before we enter our number one, clean our hearts. Number one

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important thing is to clean our hearts

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and look around does it eliminate Allah because being Salim on the Day of Judgment, he said, nothing will help you not your family, not your well, not your children, not anything except the one who brings to Allah subhanho wa Taala a clean heart, a pure heart, a heart which is free from all forms of shake, and all forms of NIFA all forms of polytheism and all forms of hypocrisy. Now we might say well, you know I'm not worshipping idols under allah, that's good. The issue is to understand that doing something which you want to do which against what Allah wants you to do is a form of check. So it

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We don't have to worship idols, deliberately disobeying Allah subhanaw taala, especially in matters which he made for his Coover. We don't have to worship idols. We covet Sheikh and Coover in our own way. So we have to be very clear get out of all that, in the fact hypocrisy showing off. So clean the heart of all hatred and all enmity and all jealousy and all greed and all envy and all fear of anyone other than Allah subhanaw taala let me invite everyone to add to this list from their own lives, which they know best. Now think of it as you would think about cleaning your room or cleaning your house, you don't leave any garbage or dirt in the house, when you clean it you make you go to

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into every corner, you jagah I have a friend who the shower area, the accurate is a toothbrush and goes into all the corners and rubs them and cleans them. Right? The in America, the joy, the joy of it is you get to do it yourself. In Bangladesh, you have someone else to do it. But

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you make sure that it is done. Because you say no. If there is any dirt left there, then it's going to create some stink and some bad smell, and so on. So on. So the reality is that our real hot home is our heart. Our real house is our heart. So let's see what we have in this heart. All the stuff I listed and all the stuff that we list. All of this is garbage and dirt so before our that ensured that the heart is clean and pure for all of this number two, fasting

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in fasting in what comes out of our mouths. So we know about fasting in what comes into our mouths. Let us think about fasting and what comes out of our mouths. Because that is also there's also fasting and what is that what comes out of our mouth is rebirth. is backbiting is Bata it's slander, it's nama it's all kinds of innuendos, all kinds of you know, as kind of casting aspersions on people and then somebody says why you bad talk is not I never said anything.

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You said everything without saying anything.

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Where if somebody simple matter for example, somebody mentioned someone's or AI tell me about Yeah, I know all that.

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So without saying anything, you said everything. So all of this is haram Allah subhanaw taala one is against this because they are like cancer, which our own cells which is our own cells, right? And cancer is our body killing it killing itself. The body doesn't fight it fight it because it is part of the body. And not Samaritan is it? Think about this. This is so important that Allah subhanaw taala reveal called antibodies, Allah that I said, Yeah, you Alladhina amanu Stanny mukha Thea cathedra minutes done in about a dozen isn't Walla

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Walla yellowtop bag to combat that. You have boo I had to come i Yeah.

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He may turn forgot it tomorrow. What have Allah in Allah Azza wa Rahim, Allah said, Oh, you will believe a wide suspicion, a wide suspicion indeed some some suspicious some kinds of suspicion is sin and do not spy and don't back bite one another one day I was talking to to somebody and I mentioned his eye. And that person is oh there goes my social life. And that is the reality. Right? There goes my social life because my social life is only spying and backbiting and and gossiping. So Allah is saying here and do not spy and do not backbite one another. And then Allah subhanaw taala gives an example. Allah says, Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Really? We

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should. We should, you know, try to visualize this because then you wouldn't see it would be so hateful and so disgusting. And Allah says that what can you do? Allah said, This is disgusting for you. So hate it. And so hate backbiting and have Taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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verily, Allah is the One Who accepts repentance and his most merciful and this is the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. In a hadith in Bukhari, Abu Huraira Delano narrated that also known as LM said, Whoever does not give up false statements, which is telling lies and so on and even privated us from telling lies, jokingly, there is no need humor is very, very beautiful, and we must laugh and we must joke, but there is no need to tell lies to do. So now we should avoid

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that also lost ourselves and whoever does not give up false statements which is telling lies

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and evil deeds and speaking bad word, which is profanity, cursing and so on. Allah subhanaw taala is not in need of his fasting of his leaving food and drink. So he's talking about what comes out of the mouth. And the reason is, I will say that if you cannot give up these things backbiting and he will do evil deeds and bad words and profanity and so on.

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Then the fasiq he will not help you in order to have us in

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which is from, say Muslim and what are on their land who reported that Rasul Allah is Allah Salam said, Do you know who is bankrupt among you? Who is bankrupt among you? They said, Oh destitute, they said jasola the bankrupt the destitute among us. The people who do not have money, no DiNardo no they have, nor do they have any property. So that's an asylum said the real bankrupt, the real destitute, of my ummah, would be the one who would come on the Day of Resurrection, with Salah and soul and sadaqa. He was coming with his prayers going with fasting, and he's going with this charity will need with his charity, but he will find himself bankrupt on that day, as he would have

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exhausted all his good deeds, because he reviled others, he abused others, he brought calumny against others, he accused people falsely, he unlawfully devoured the wealth of others, he shed the blood of others, and he beat others and so on and so forth. And remember, character assassination is worse and fitna to Russia with Alcatel character assassination is worse than murder. So his good deeds would be credited to the account of those who suffered at his hand, if his good deeds fall short to clear the account of their sins, to clear his account, their sins will be entered into his account, and he will withdraw into the Hellfire into Johanna. Now, think about this, remember, that

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we say on social. Remember what we say, on social media has global reach, and it has eternal life, long as if that is evil, then it will keep on earning the fire of Janome for us long after we have died. Now how futile and terrible is that, that I will go and the person who's saying this stuff will go into Jannah not because of what they did, but in a way because of what they did, but take caring the evil deeds of somebody else. So the thing to do is number two thing number one is clear, clean your heart number two is in terms of cleaning that is to settle accounts before we meet Allah subhanaw taala if we did anything like this with anyone settled that account, if you took away

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somebody's property, give it back. If you if you bet on someone, go apologize to them, whatever happened, settle the account before we meet Allah. Number three, forgive everybody,

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no matter who and no matter what they did, and anyone has any difficulty with that. Think about the people who wronged us Allah is Allah salah, believe me, it's not as a matter of devotion and so on. I'm saying this, this is actual fact. How many of us are here today, listening to this to this talk, who somebody murdered their daughter.

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How many of us are here today who suffered the kind of

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pain and psychological pain and physical pain that Rasulillah Salam suffered? There's not one of us. 100 Allah subhanaw taala has kept us very safe and very, you know, very protected.

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Our big problem with somebody is what Oh, he didn't show me enough respect. He said this, he said that lalala hotel level and that's even worth thinking about. Forgive, forgive everybody. Because Allah subhanaw taala taught us that Allah said Robina in Nana semana Munna da da da li li Imani and ameobi rugby confer Amanda Robina Freeland Ramona woke up fear on NASA. Yeah, Tina, whatever phone our algebra and loss about NSA or Rob, he said, asked like this aura, Verily, We have heard the call of the one that is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam calling to the faith, believe in Europe, and we believed and our Rob, forgive our sins and erase our evil deeds and make us die in a state of

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righteousness, along with algebra along with the people who are obedient.

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Forgiving the sins and erasing the deeds is in the deeds means that even the Malaika will write down our deeds, the caravan category, they will be made to forget what the wrote and the record itself will not be there. Forgiving is the record is still there, but you will forgive it. It is it means even the record will not be there at the mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala. Then

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again from another landmark, mod Hassan Hassan

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Salam said beware of suspicion. Beware of suspicion. This is such a terrible thing because when you suspect the person you are suspecting has no way of getting themselves because suspicion is is pure conjecture. So beware of suspicion.

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For it is the worst of foxtails and don't look for the faults of others. Don't look for the faults of others don't spy and don't hate each other. And don't desert them. Don't cut off your relations with one another, or Allah slaves be brothers and sisters one another. This is in Buhari

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email, Monica Abdullah, he said that I know people who were very learned and very pious, but they spend a lot of time pointing out the faults or this, they spent a lot of time looking for the faults of others. And Allah subhanaw taala humiliated them and got them down, even by revealing what things that they thought were hidden. And the opposite is that I knew people who were not particularly, you know, they were good people not talking about people who are doing even when he says, no, no, no, no big scholars, and this is that, but they were people who covered up the force of others. They didn't seek out the vase that covered on the forum terminus, and ALLAH SubhanA della leaves them in honor

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and status. This is a very important thing, that small things, but a big important very big important things. People come to us you know, what's also said strapped them right there is no I don't know what so and so said, I don't want to know what sources if you find it so problematic. Go talk to that person. Don't come and tell me the story. Right? Don't do not point fingers at people do not find faults with people. If you are really so concerned about what somebody did make dua for them. Unless someone is doing something which is openly haram. Even in that case, talk to the person, don't talk to don't talk to somebody else about that person. Another hand is all over the

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land who also in Bukhari, were also last Salam said, Allah subhanho wa Taala said, I am to my slave as he thinks of me, this is how these are called See, Allah says, and in the Zuni appdb meaning I can do for him whatever he thinks I can do for him.

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And in that, with this Hadees I ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us because we know and we think that he can forgive us. Now Allah subhanaw taala urges us in his Kitab in his book to forgive people and to be patient with them, and loss around Dallas rally ran and lost around 10 I said I live in a unicorn of his Salah II wandora a while causing me in LA LA when I feel you know and Enos Walla who your head bull Marcin, Allah said, He's talking about good people and he said these are the people who spend in the Cause of Allah during ease and hardship or survival, whether they will spend even if they if they don't have money, so during ease or hardship they spend in the path of Allah

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subhanaw taala and who restrain ghadimi they'll raise the restrain their anger when they are at their own restraint. They don't express the anger, the restraint, the anger, and who pardon people who forgive people. And Allah Samantha loves the doers of good. I'm Dora Zavala router Lally reported that there was a slave girl which will belong to Ali Bin Hussein bin Ali Bin every time this was the

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grandson of Oliver with Ali, who's also known as I entered, I believe, he was

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he was a very pious person and he was he was a great avid used to worship Allah subhanaw taala a great deal. So Zainul Aberdeen, the, the crown of the the Aberdeen that was his, his school near his title. So I live in Jose. Now. This he was making wudu and this slave girl was pouring water for him and she dropped the report that she was holding, and it hit him on the face and injured his face. So he turned and looked at her angrily and she said Allah subhanaw taala said, Olivia, you're gonna be Salah it was the right call call the middle race.

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You people restrain their anger. So anyone who's ever said I have forgiven he said I have rested my anger. Then she said where I've been and in us. And those Allah loves those who forgive people. He said, I have forgiven you. She said, Allah who you have almost in in Allah Subhana Allah loves those who do good. She said I he said I have freed you go you are now free. So my this is the also the benefit of knowledge. The slave girl has that knowledge and to use it even though she did something wrong. But she used the knowledge to free yourself. And hamdulillah it's also a sign of the true Abbot of Allah who has the taqwa that when the Golan when he is reminded about the kalam of Allah

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immediately he acts. Today we think about this for ourselves when we do things and somebody courts I write of the Quran. Many people go to Google and they hunt for antidotes to that right like as if it's a poison or something. Instead of immediately accepting it. This is what Allah said, Hamdulillah I was doing wrong. I accept.

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a hadith in it.

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Muslim Sharif. So you had this. He said that also relies on a Salam

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said that charity does not decrease wealth, no one forgives, but Allah subhanaw taala increases him in honor and no one humbles himself before Allah. But Allah subhanho wa Taala raises him in status in In conclusion, I want to just read for you a couple of more I have this

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disconnection one is a Hadith by Oba bin, Salman of the Allah and who and he said I heard rasool Allah SallAllahu Sallam say, there is no man and he in all of these things when you say man, it means man and woman, no person who suffers an injury to his body, then he forgives the one who caused it as an act of charity, but Allah subhanaw taala will forgive his sins commensurate with the extent of his charity, and this is in Muslim demand Muhammad Abdul Jabbar in over the Olaru. He said that also Allah sallam said, there are three things that are three things concerning which by the one in whose hand is the soul of Muhammad salallahu Alaihe Salam, I would certainly swear an oath.

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Number one, wealth does not decrease because of charity. So give charity. Number two, no person no man or woman widens our forgives another for mistreatment, seeking thereby the pleasure of Allah. But Allah will raise him in status because of that. And number three, no one asks from people, but Allah will increase him in poverty.

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No one asks from people meaning instead of asking Allah begging from people, but Allah will increase him in poverty. And this is also in Muslim Imam Ahmed. And the third Hadees in Muslim I heard this from Abdullah Ahmed, our Imlil in the AMA Ebner is Allah Anwar, who narrated from us was a seller that he said, when he was on the member, show mercy and you will be shown mercy, show mercy and you will be shown mercy, forgive and ALLAH will forgive you. Now, the last thing out of the four is to do something only for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa taala. And keep it a secret. This is very, very important. By all means, do good things and you know, some good things. Maybe Maybe it's good

00:32:37--> 00:33:12

for people to know to encourage them, but do something only for the sake of others rather than this is the re also one of the great benefits of the handbook because when you pray, only Allah knows nobody is watching you. You don't know. And don't spoil that by saying somebody says, Please make dua for me Yes, I will make dua for you in tahajjud. So now they didn't know you're praying that you that you, you know, tell you are telling them I will make dua that why do you say somebody says like, do I change Shall I make you make it entirely, don't tell them about it, keep that to yourself. This is a secret era for yourself and Hamdulillah we know of course, the Hadith, of the

00:33:12--> 00:33:15

philosopher Nia, the Hadith of the three people who are

00:33:16--> 00:33:23

who are trapped in the cave. I'm sure all of you know that at least I will not mention it here for the sake of time. But

00:33:25--> 00:33:57

so think about that, here are three people who are trapped in the cave, each one of them had a secret deed which they did only for the pleasure of Allah Mandela and and making dua invoking that making dua with that deed as the as the as the vasila. Allah subhanaw taala saved their lives. So finally to end I want to say let us make a vow to continue all of these things after Ramadan to clean our hearts to forgive people, to

00:33:59--> 00:34:00


00:34:01--> 00:34:06

guard what comes out of our mouths, and finally to

00:34:08--> 00:34:54

to do something secret and keep it secret only for the sake of Allah let us make a wall to ourselves to say that we will continue this throughout our lives because as I said, Ramadan is not for Ramadan. Ramadan is for the it's a life changing opportunity. It's to change the rest of our lives. Dakwah is the key to Jana. Ramadan is the gate is the game changer. It is the bootcamp that Allah subhanaw taala sent for us to reboot our lives and put them on the path of salvation. And so let us not waste that time. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to give all of us Ramadan, in good health and EMA and with the with the time to do the best and remember the time doesn't come from from anywhere time

00:34:54--> 00:34:59

comes because we create that time. So let us free ourselves. Let us free ourselves to do our

00:35:00--> 00:35:23

Buy that beautifully without hurrying without rushing here and there. Let us free ourselves to make ethnography in the last 10 days are all that mashallah you have beautiful massages that make epigraph in the masjid, don't worry, the word will still be there, the word will still be there, whatever is happening will still happen. And the most the biggest, most powerful reminder that happens to me is every time I go to the to the cemetery,

00:35:24--> 00:35:58

if I do Salah janela for somebody, I bury somebody, I remind myself that this person who is going into that grave and may Allah, protect us from this, this person who's going into that grave, used to believe that without him the word will not run, His Word will not what will happen to me what will happen to my family, what will happen to my business, what will happen to this and that and the other when I'm dead? Well now guess what? You are dead. And you know what's happening to your family, they are fine. You know what's happening to your business that is still running, you know what's happening to the world that is still running, and you are dead, and now you are in the grip

00:35:58--> 00:36:41

and you are answering to Allah subhanaw taala for all the stuff you did or did not do, thinking that that was an excuse for somebody else, it is not let us wake up. It is about us. Allah sent us into this world alone, we will leave this world alone, let us straighten that out the rest of it, let us do our duty, let us do our best. Let us do the best that we can do. Because this is why Allah Subhana Allah created us to do the best that we can do. Let us do that. Keeping in mind, the Hadoop, the the the limits, the boundaries of Allah subhanaw taala those are non negotiable. Those are non negotiable. No argument about that. What Allah made halal is Allah what Allah made Haram is Allah I

00:36:41--> 00:36:47

don't care who likes it, who doesn't like follow that, because on the Day of Judgment, that is what we will be questioned about.

00:36:48--> 00:36:58

Last point, remember, will we enter Ramada or will Ramadan enter us just like Mala Hara was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.