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An-Naml 60-93 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 81-87

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In Nicola to smil Mota, indeed you will not make the debt here. And Mota. florala. May yet one who has debt, that it's not your fault if the people are not listening that despite the fact that you lay the truth out before them,

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you put it clearly before them you make it so crystal clear. Still people do not accept still they do not get it. It's not your fault. Because the fact is that in Nicoletta smearing Mota, you cannot make the dead people listen.

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If a person is dead,

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can you make him listen to you? Can you make him understand what you're saying?

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No, you can lecture him for hours? Will he get anything? No, will he respond positively? Not at all.

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So the state of these people is very similar, that their hearts are dead. Because of their persistent disbelief. No matter what you say to them, they do not respond. So it's not your fault.

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Whether to smear somebody, and nor can you make the deaf ones. Listen to the call.

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You cannot even make those people who are deaf. Listen, that if you call them and the person is deaf, can they listen? No. So is it your fault? No. And especially either one loan would have been when they have turned away showing their backs? If you think about it, if a person is deaf, and they can see, can you still communicate with them? Yes, you can.

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On the other hand, if a person is blind, but they can hear, can you communicate with them? Yes. It's amazing how sometimes you meet a person who is blind, but the listen so attentively, and you can have such a good conversation with them. Why? Because they're listening. Even if they cannot see they're listening. You can communicate with them, you can speak to them, you can make them understand. But if a person is both blind and deaf, can you communicate with them?

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through sign language? No, because they cannot see.

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through words, no, they cannot hear? Is there any way of getting through to them? It's impossible for you.

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And imagine if a person is deaf, they can see but they turn their back on you. They cannot see you anymore. Can you say anything to them? Can you make them understand something? No.

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This is a state of those people who turn away from the Prophet of Allah.

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That it says though they have become blind and deaf and especially when they have turned away, then what can you do? You cannot make them listen at all, so it's not your fault.

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In throttle bahala i 171 we learn why methanol Latina cafaro Kamata, Lila de Generico Beeman, Elias Maru, Illa, Dora, and when someone Bookman omean for whom layer pedone

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the example of those people who disbelieve is like that a one who shouts at what hears nothing but calls and cries, and what are they

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animals, that when you call them all that the years just shout and cry, that's it. deaf, dumb and blind. So they do not understand they do not get it.

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So it's not the fault of the dairy. If despite his efforts, other people do not respond

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well, under beheaded oromiya umbrella that to him, and you cannot guide the blind away from their air,

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woman enter beheaded or me notice had had he is a safari, and there's more by the line this.

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It's more, but instead of saying that woman and instead of using the verbal form that didn't romea you cannot guide the blind. Where there is some firewall is used, it's more effective that you cannot be the guide of

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you cannot be the guide of those who are blind. Those who are unwilling to see the truth. You cannot guide them away from there. Then who can you guide

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who can you teach? Who Can you show into smear you can only make here in them a human will be a a Tina, except only those people who believe in our if I'm Muslim until they submit it is only such people who can benefit from the Quran.

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And this is something that we must reflect on that into smell a lamb a human will be a attina for whom Muslim moon only a person who believes in the Ayat of Allah, and he submits. How does he submit? He just says that I have submitted No, in his action he submits that when he hears of what Allah wants him to do.

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It's not as though he never

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Heard No. For whom was removed they submit in action. It is such people who benefit from the

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guidance is something that only Allah can give. It's not in the hand of the dairy in the Hazara, who down for in the lower layer the manual

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in the La yusmeiro Manisha woma NW Mr. Merriman flickable

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guidance is only in the hands of Allah. However, Allah grants guidance to Who

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is the one who wants guidance, the one who wants to listen, the one who wants to see the one who has some interest, and the one who has that interest, who believes in the IMF, who, whenever he learns of something he submits, then Allah gives him more and more Delphic.

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He gives him more and more understanding more and more knowledge, more and more ability to act upon that knowledge.

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She's mentioning about this man who is unable to hear unable to see. And still he prays five times a day in the masjid. So it's not the physical blindness. It's not the physical deafness.

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It's the blindness of the heart and mind, the deafness of the heart and mind

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that when a person he's interested, he has a man in his heart, even if he can physically not see, even if he can physically not hear. Still, he will be far better than a person who can see can hear but doesn't have any interest in

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a clear difference.

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You see, the thing is that if a person loves something, if a person loves someone,

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then what will happen, they will listen to their speech. And if they can see, they would love to see it again. And again.

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I can't understand how people watch certain movies over and over and over again. Or they watch the same news, same video clips again and again. How Why? You've seen it once. Isn't that enough? Isn't that sufficient? What makes you watch it again? And again?

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It's not that you're going to be tested on it.

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It's not that you're going to make some money by watching it.

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Then what is it that makes people watch?

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What is it? Love? When you love something? You watch it repeatedly. When you love someone, you listen to their words again and again.

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It's amazing how you know people they love their children, and even if they are babbling words that make no sense, or babbling words that are unclear still, they will want the children to say those words again and again so that they can listen.

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They will ask the same questions so that the child can repeat the answer and they can listen and get amused by.

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And people will record the conversations of their little children, as they're beginning to talk Why? They make no sense. incomplete.

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But still they love to hear. Why because they love their child.

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Then how is it possible that we claim to love Allah yet when it comes to listening to his color,

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that we don't have interest? How is it possible? It's not possible? If there is love in the heart, then definitely the ears will be attentive. The eyes will be attentive

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and a person will be so interested that he will know what to do when to do how to do this love will guide him Elana human will be Idina, for whom was the moon it will make a person Muslim it will make a person submit

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what either Walker al Koehler I lay him and when the word befalls them, Walker Walker literally means to fall down and from that to occur to happen. Walker, what does work I mean, incident occurrence either worker to worker, and worker, I'll help worker and help is when something is proven true.

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and work our poll is when a statement that was said previously, becomes incumbent and necessary, meaning it must come into effect.

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Like for example, I tell you that tomorrow, I'll tell you such and such. So tomorrow when the class time begins, then work our elbow.

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What I said must come into effect it's incumbent because I promised

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so what either Walker I will call or lay him when the word befalls them which statement which word is this?

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This word refers to the promise of the establishment of our

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Allah has said that the day of judgment will occur. He has promised that those were in the graves will be brought out. This is a promise this is a less cold. So when this old must

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To be fulfilled, when it will become incumbent and necessary.

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So in other words, when the day of judgment has drawn very close, then what's going to happen? 100 janella home, the better minute, we're going to extract for them, we're going to bring out for them adapa from the earth. What is it that the

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creature, right, the bay adobo literally means to crawl to move. So that bird is used for a creature that moves by itself, which is why the word dab applies to fish. It applies to ants, it applies to horses, it applies to camels, it applies to even even human beings

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that back.

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So when the Day of Judgment draws very near, when it has come very close, what's going to happen? Allah is going to bring out from the earth.

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And this Dabba is going to emerge from the earth. Just as the she camel, it came out of the mountain. Similarly, this device is going to come out of the earth, it's going to emerge out of the earth, and this Dabba to Kalima home, it's going to speak to the people, which people, all people, all those who were present at that time. Why? Because I'm a NASA, that indeed the people cannot be IR tienen la yochanan they do not believe in certainty in the Ayat of Allah. So at that time, the people will be such that none of them does our bone marrow nahan and Mancha, none of them calls people to good forbids them from wrong. So what's going to happen? Allah is going to send a data.

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Now this dapper, the name of this dapper is just Sasa.

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Some say that it's an animal, what kind of animal Allahu irlam and others say that perhaps it's a human being,

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because to call the moon

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but the reality is that we cannot say for sure whether it's a human being or something else, all we know is that it's going to be at that.

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And you see if it was a human being, then the word insane or something could have been used, isn't it? So? Like, for example, we know very clearly the jail is going to come, we know very clearly the money is going to come.

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It's mentioned very clearly. So even if this data was supposed to be a human being, human being would have been said, however, a low earner, what exactly the reality is, but we know for sure that this data is going to come and it's going to come out of the earth.

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We learn from a hadith which is reported in even magic. That barista said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam took me to a place in the desert near Makkah.

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He took me to a place in the desert near Makkah.

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And it was a very dry piece of land surrounded by sand. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the beast will emerge from this place. He said that that book will emerge from this place, and it was a very small area.

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So what do we learn that this out? It refers to a land near Makkah. From there some debate is going to emerge just as the she camel of the mood emerged from the mountain. And what will it do it will speak to the people

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it will speak to the people took a limo home. We learned that even remotely learning we said that this data will emerge when none of the people will do a mobile maruf when the hearing in one car. That is when this data will emerge. And as a result, what is his double going to do?

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Is that by is going to tell people what right is what wrong is.

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Imagine none from among the people will be doing this work. So Allah will send adapa that's going to speak to the people.

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We also learned that Abu Dhabi, the leader I know he narrated that this Dabba will have the assault of Musashi center, and the ring of Solomon or the center, this Dabba will have there are sort of masala cinema the ring of Solomon or Islam, and with their assault, he will enlighten the faces of believers, those people who are believers or faces will be enlightened with their soul and will seal the disbelievers with the ring

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will seal the disbelievers or the ring of Solomon or Islam so to kalamoon Why? Because anassa cannot be it no lie You know,

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or don't live in Arma he said that I memorize the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam which I have not forgotten since I heard the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say the first of the signs of the hour to appear will be the rising of the sun from the west. The first of the signs will be what? The rising of the sun from the west and the appearance of the beast before the people in the foreign noon.

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Whichever of these two events happens first, the other will follow immediately.

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We also learned

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the hour will not come until you see 10 signs

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10 signs, the rising of the sun from the west, the smoke, the Han emergence of the beasts adapa the emergence of yet Judean might judge the appearance of recibe and millennium, the jail and three land Kevin's one in the West, one in the east and when the Arabian Peninsula

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and the fire which will emerge from the midst of Yemen, and it will drive or gather the people stopping with them whenever they stop for the night or to rest during the day. So hey Muslim.

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We also learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said

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on a narrative that a beast will emerge from the earth and with it will be the staff of Musa and the ring of Suleiman. It will strike the nose of the disbelievers with the staff and it will make the face of the believer bright with the ring. Until when people gather to eat, they will be able to recognize the believers from the disbelievers. People will be able to tell who is a believer and who is a disbeliever because it's there but it will mark the believer it will mark the disbeliever. To to reports are there. Although what is mentioned is different. But what do we learn essentially, that the dapper what will it do? It will clearly mark out and distinguish the believer from the

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At that time, the man and Cofer of a person will not be concealed.

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So what's the main lesson that we learned from here?

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The main lesson, what can we extract for ourselves from this?

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That we see that this data? What will it do? I'm up in my roof when the hidden one come? Because no person will be doing it at that time.

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But do we learn from this? That Allah can take the work of his Deen from anyone from anything? human being? Or even a creature? Even an animal?

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we underestimate animals Allah subhanaw taala as soon as the example of the Hood Hood, he as soon as the example of the ends. Don't underestimate animals when I hear them would you know that Rebecca in law who you do not know what they're capable of doing? And Allah can take the work of his Deen from anyone. We think that the work of Dean relies upon us only if we show up then something can be done. And if we don't commit then nothing will be done. No. Allah does not need us. His work does not need us. We need to do this work. What do we learn at the end of the 19th? Just

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what do we learn wassalam when Allah or evag he Medina stuff that may be civil labia Vaughn, those servants of his whom he has chosen are the chosen servants of Allah, those who strive to spread the message. Those who strive to work for the deen and such people are blessing such people on them is the peace of Allah. They are the ones who are lucky. They're the ones who will benefit. They're the ones who are successful.

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And if a person turns away from this cause, then remember that Allah does not need you. He does not need us at all.

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We omona showroom in Cali, omata and folgen. And on the day we will gather from every oma a group of fauj on the Day of Judgment, when all people will be gathered from every oma What does Omar refer to oma of profit, meaning from every oma of the Prophet, meaning the Prophet and his own mother oma to him that he was sent to

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some in Coolio matin, from every Oman national who were going to gather who folgen a group, a group of who may may you can, they will be a Latina, of those people who used to deny Our Ayat for home use their own, so they will be driven in rows.

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So on the Day of Judgment, all people will be gathered, every oma every nation will be present, and from every nation who will be extracted out those people who deny the ayatollah

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so from the oma of musasa, and those who deny the ayatollah Feder own and his people

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from the oma of Salahuddin center, those people who denied the ayatollah, they will be extracted they will be separate from the oma of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam those who deny the ayatollah, they'll be separated and once they're separated, for whom use their own, then they'll be restrained in groups or they will be driven in roles we have done this word use their own earlier as well Was that your aim? Was it is to restrain an army

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a band to keep them fixed in role is to arrange them in roles to keep them in discipline.

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So for whom use their own First of all, this word, it reflects their large numbers folgen large numbers of those people

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denied, those people who rejected and all of them will be brought out and they will be used their own kept in their proper places so no one will be able to hide, no one will be able to escape.

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Had to either Joe until when they came, came were at the site of reckoning at the sight of

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Allah, Allah will say to them, look at the bottom bat, did you deny my Ayah?

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What did you do? You denied my if my prophets, my signs, my verses, the miracles that I sent, you denied them?

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What I'm do here to be harima while you did not encompass them in knowledge, did you do this, that you deny the Ayat of Allah without fully knowing them? When I'm to heal the harried man without fully comprehending them?

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Without thinking you rejected them?

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And we see that even today, there are many people who are very hasty in rejecting the Quran entirely, or parts of it, simply because I don't understand I don't get it. So this does not make sense, I will believe in it.

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The problem is that you do not understand

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lamb to heal to be her alma, is your knowledge complete and absolute? It's not, then how can you deny something based on your little knowledge and little understanding? You cannot do that? And if a person does that, and he's a criminal.

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So a legal question people, a cadaver, don't be it Welcome to hate, we'll be hiring more. The people will say no, no, we did not reject them. So Allah will say, a mother quantum family, then what is it that you were doing? If you were not denying the ayat? And what is it that you were doing? Were you believing in them? Were you following them? Were you supporting the messenger? You are not a matter of quantum Dharma Loon.

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Well, we're Carl coder arlin him. And then at that moment, at that point, the decree will befall them, it will come into effect, which decree which call the coal of punishment.

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And as a result, they'll be sent to hellfire. Why be Masada will because of their injustice because they did wrong, what wrong do they commit?

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Cofer of the Ayat of Allah without knowledge, for whom lay on deikun and then they will not speak, they will not be able to utter even one word, they will not be able to give even one excuse. They will not be able to give any argument they will be unable to speak, they will be unable to say anything in front of Allah.

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But in this linear what happens people have the confidence to talk a lot against the ayatollah, in their mockery in their denial in their rejection in belittling the ayat. Based on their level knowledge level experience level comprehension and understanding.

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But on that day, they'll be unable to speak

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into the more solid i a 3536 we learn how the young will am Tikun when are you done with a home fire 31 This is a day that they will not speak nor will it be permitted for them to make an excuse. But more than that 35 to 36 they will not be able to speak and they will not be allowed to even offer an excuse. In sort of the scene is 65 we learn Illuminati more or less of where he him what you can eliminate at him with a shadow of judo won't be mechanically accessible on that day we will see it over their mouths. Their mouths will be sealed, and their hands will speak to us and their feet will testify about what they used to do.

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lm euro Have they not seen unnatural and Layla that indeed we have made the night Leah's Goofy, so that they can find rest in it.

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Yes, kuno seen caffeinated sukoon that Allah has made the night such so that people can find rest in it.

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When the hell I'm upset Allah and Allah has made the day as absurd as one that gives vision. How? because of the presence of the sun.

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In the Daily Caller at likoma you may know and indeed in that are surely signs for people who believe. What does this ayah reflect

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the great knowledge of Allah, complete knowledge of Allah

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and the wisdom behind everything that Allah has fixed. Everything that Allah has said that even in the coming of the night and the day, in the nature of the night, the way the night is the way the day is there is great wisdom.

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So if there is wisdom behind how the night is and how the day is that the night is such that people can find rest, it's dark. The day is bright that people can do their work, then every idea every command

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There is wisdom behind that.

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So how can we be hasty in rejecting them? If you connect this with the previous if what is the crime of the people, that they reject the I out of a love based on their level knowledge level experience. So over here, we're being made to realize that everything that Allah has said, everything that Allah has fixed, every statement that Allah has told us about every command that He has given, there's wisdom behind that. It's possible, we don't know it. It's possible, we don't see it, but it's there.

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So we should not be hasty in rejecting we should not be hasty in doubting.

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And many times it happens that we come across certain commands that we do not fully comprehend. And we say, I'm not going to act upon this, I'm not going to do it until I fully understand it. We give ourselves this excuse, when I fully get it, then I will do it.

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But you're not as limited. Your brain is so tiny, it's limited. You don't have the knowledge of every single thing. So how can you say, when I understand, then I will do it.

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Trust Allah, trust him. If he has made something a certain way, if he has given a command, and there is wisdom behind it, there's benefit behind it, you don't know. But it's their

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way of his soul, and warn of the day, when the horn will be blown. when the Trumpet will be blown, universal hope is sold

00:26:33--> 00:26:39

and which blowing of the trumpet is this the first blast by who by the angel is fluffy.

00:26:41--> 00:26:46

And remember that the first blast of the trumpet is for what

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is for everyone to die. And the second one for everyone to be brought alive.

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So where Yama Yun fell off is slowly the first blowing of the trumpet, what's going to happen for fuzzier Memphis, Mr. watty woman fell out of the, that whoever that is in the heavens and the earth, what's going to happen to them fuzzy, fuzzy areas from the Tetris Feds a rain and fuzzy IRA is to be terrifying, to be alarmed to be panic stricken.

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So whoever that is the heavens and the earth, what's going to happen to them, they're going to be panic stricken, to the point that they will die, they'll be so terrified that they're going to die.

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Except for who elimin sha Allah, except for those who have wills. They will not be terrified at the blowing of the trumpet.

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Walk Alone, Otto, who they're hitting and all of them will come to him as ones who were humble. And the question is, what is it referred to ilam and sha Allah, who will be spared from this fright from the spanic that will result in death because of the blowing of the trumpet.

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Some have said that it refers to the angels gibreel Mika, he is horfield and the angel of death that everyone will die except for these angels. And then they too will die eventually. And according to Eben are Brasil, the learn who it refers to the Shahada, which you had the Shahada that we learned about in sort of earlier in Bonn, I went 69 that are in peril being in your zip code that they are with their Lord, your zip code,

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that do not consider them to be dead. So lm and sha Allah, they will hear the sound, but they will not fear they will not be terrified. But what Colin Otto who does all of them all of the creation will come to Allah as humble submissive, in humility. Intro to Zoomer is 68 we learn when you feel sorry for sorry a common facility woman fill up a lamb and sha Allah, some menoufia coffee for either hungry gammon young loon, and the horn will be blown and whoever is in the heavens and whoever is on the earth will fall dead, except whom Allah wills, then it will blow again. And at once they will be standing looking on.

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The screen is from the roof address, then Hot Rod from the word the hole, and the horse has to be small, to be lowly, to be very humble, to be nothing before someone, Golan, Otto Buddha, serene all of them, all of the creation will come before Allah as what they're very small, utterly humiliated, humbled.

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What do we learn in the Hadees that all people will come how barefoot with nothing on their bodies, humble with nothing.

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We're called loom t Yokoyama T for the as an individual

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insolate Maria Maya 93. We learn in koloman for summer where it will log in to Romania or Buddha. There is no one in the heavens and the earth but that he will come to the Most Merciful as a servant and

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Everyone will come to him in submission.

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In total Islam is 52 we learn yo marucho festa de buena be handy he, on the day that he will call you and you will respond with praise of him. Cologne, Adele, Buddha hurryin, all will come to Allah as humble as one, two or nothing.

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No one will be able to say, I'm not going to come. No one will be able to come in arrogance in pride with their wealth with their worldly statuses. Nothing. Colin Otto who

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will listen to the recitation

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Do you wanna

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