Roc Your Ramadan 2017 – Day 21

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The Month Of Repentance

Daily Reminder Day 21 – The Month of Repentance.
This month is a great opportunity for returning to Allah swt The Almighty with repentance. It is the month of mercy, erasing mistakes, expiating evil deeds, salvation from Hellfire and attaining Paradise. The fortunate person is the one who knows this and hastens to the actions that draw him near to His Lord by turning to Him in repentance, and seeking forgiveness.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam aleikum, wa barakato this is reactors as you were coming into another episode of rock Ramadan 2017 Day 21

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halacha nila again I keep saying Ramadan is almost done. And since we are in the final 10 days of Ramadan,

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we're going to

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try to live with this beautiful name of Allah subhanho wa Taala or Names of Allah subhana wa Tada. I'm picking four names, that sometimes people may think they all mean the same, whereas in fact, these names each name has a, you know, a pretty special attribute or quality about it. The names of Allah at the web are for alpha and alpha. At the web, the one who accepts repentance, says this is the month of Toba. And this is this is the month in fact, these days where Allah subhanho wa Taala saves lots of people from hellfire. So if we don't make Toba in this month, when are we going to make it? My brothers and sisters? Allah called himself at Webb, because he loves. In fact, he gives

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you that opportunity to make Toba. You know, imagine if this thing did not exist, there was no tail back, then people will be doing whatever they want. But because hamdulillah we have this beautiful name of allah Webb, who wants and calls you subhana wa tada to make Toba. In fact, Allah subhana wa tada says, by the

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Ministry paniagua Jean, will who will lead the battle tell that a baddie one one lady up a burrito better on the bed, he was way out who is

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he is the one who jacobellis Toba. He accepts the Toba and anybody Well, yeah. foo. And then I will talk about this beautiful name. Yeah. Yeah. For any CRT forgives that it faces the sins. Well, yeah.

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Why Allah would say, and he knows what you do, because some people will say, or they may say, I have committed so many things, so many, so many major even things. Well, yeah, no matter and he knows what you do. I may have, you know, someone may say, I, I, I disarmed my parents. Someone may say I committed Zina, someone may say I did not pray for so many years. Someone may say I don't even pray. Someone may say I don't want a job. Someone may say I'm praying that I will and Allah knows whether I'm going to be able to pray you know after after Ramadan, why Allah will matter. And he knows which what do you do subhana wa Tada. And the beauty you know, that Allah subhana wa Taala calls us so

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that he can forgive us? You know, subhana wa tada Allah subhana wa Dionysus

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or closer to home? I feel he should

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I feel he should come for the summer. Where do you want

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to come? Leon?

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I feel that he should practice them I want to learn is there any doubt in Allah, the Creator of the heavens and earth yet the Oh camillia fella come he calls you so he can forgive you. Now the name of Allah Allah for

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least as leave with this Beautiful Names of Allah subhana wa Tada. This is the month of October. That is mixed obatala Xhosa. In fact, there's a lot more to say about this beautiful name or names until another episode of rock your honor in 2017 I say so that Morocco must not like the Hydra.