We Must Sacrifice in Ramadan

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want to be done even Surely, and fusina Jose RTR Marina,

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about to halen honey Phoebe double lighting Tada. Well, hey, and I've had to do Mohammed and so a lot of it he was ended up

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on the third

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All praise and thanks belong to Allah, the Most High the Most Merciful.

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We seek His help and aid and forgiveness and protection from the evil ourselves in the sense that we do, indeed who serve Allah

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guides, no one can lead astray. And also about like leeches three, no one can guide I bear witness that there's no one worthy of worship except a lot alone.

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A lot while he was in his slave and messenger.

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The best of speeches and a lot of guidance is that a lot of it was a number. And the words that religious matters are those that are innovative. And every religious innovation is a bit odd, because we've been dice misguidance that every misguidance will be in Hellfire about

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all of us know.

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And it's just a reminder before I start the hook, but that was the hook starts in sha Allah, you need to put everything aside,

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write everything aside, and just concentrate on the

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we all know and it's well established in our minds, that this life is built on sacrifice.

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That is the freshest things that we want in this life.

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But in order to attain them in order to achieve in order to succeed, whatever that goal may be, we have to give up something that we have. It's always a trade off. You give up something, you pay for it, and you get something back.

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So you graduate, and you finish your studies, you get a job, you start your career, you get money, all of that you do it. You get married, you have children, your easy children, all of this you do, because you gave something up, because you've sacrificed something else to adorn it to attain all of that all of life is built on that notion.

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And the month of Ramadan comes to teach us that religiously, is exactly the same.

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There is if you want something noble and great in the hereafter

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You are the favor, align his leisure you want to love a lot to love you back is also built on the notion of sacrifice,

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as it is that you cannot get something beautiful in this life something magnificent in this life, without paying for it.

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We've not been able to get the pleasure of the hereafter without also paying for it. Law has created this similarity so that if we do not understand one, at least by understanding the forest, we're able to cross into understanding do

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we stay up at night

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when we study or when you are working on a project, and we lose sleep hours of precious sleep, but we do this. And we may not mind this, because what we're doing is far more precious to us. Whether it's a short or long term, we believe that we're going to gain something out of it. So we don't mind losing sleep over it. And sometimes you are busy pursuing this life pursuing our goals in it we don't eat

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or we hardly eat, we grab whatever is around but we don't mind this or we don't mind it so much because what we hope we get again, out of this sacrifice is greater than the actual sacrifice.

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Sometimes when there is a sale,

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or we want our we want to finish some business or government

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transactions. We stand up in line for hours or we wait for hours and go this is uncomfortable but we bear all of this because we know that we have to finish that task. And ultimately otherwise we would not be doing it ultimately what we gained

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is more precious than what we give. That's life. And you don't succeed without sacrificing.

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And so Ramadan comes to teach us that yes, in the same way.

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You also need to sacrifice for the sake of our lives.

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In order to learn a lot and to learn how to love Allah, you need to give up the things that you live the things that make you comfortable, ease of life, comfort, pleasure,

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for the sake of something that is greater and better, which is a loss of Hannah woods, making an investment in the short and the long term knowing that

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yes, I'm giving up this my comfort. I'm giving up as Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there are a lot of set into honey

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Kolaveri Rosalind here, the weather, all the actions of the dear son of Adam, the child of Adam, already his the acts of worship are his except fasting. It is me and I will reward it.

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Every action is multiply 10 times into 700 for except fasting, it is mine and now the reward them for it. And another variation, it says that except fasting, no one knows its reward, except Allah xuejun.

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You can't count it.

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You can't quantify it. It is all with a lot as a surgeon. And as one justification for it, Allah says in that particular Honey, you know

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what the woman actually he leaves his food, his drink, and his desire for my sake, means what he sacrifices, he leaves the things that he likes for my sake. And because of that trade off, because of this transaction, I'll reward him and her immensely because they have learned the meaning of sacrifice that they cannot gain my favor. He cannot set foot in general without sacrificing for a lot as the origin.

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So as we stay up at night for the sake of engineer,

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and it's allowed that we do this

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is a lot as ogen precious enough that we stay up and prayer for his sake.

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When we subtab abstain from food because we are too busy, or we will die because we want to achieve something in this life is Allah subhana wa tada is the heaven that he had promises precious enough that we stay away from food for his sake.

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When we sit and study because we want to earn a degree we want to graduate wanna prove our skills we sit and study for hours and hours and we stay up at night studying and preparing for our exams.

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Is it too much to ask ourselves to sit and read and study the book of Allah azza wa jal to succeed in that test on the Day of Judgment, to be blessed in this dunya

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if Allah azza wa jal, if heaven is precious, we will do this.

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But if it is not,

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then we need to somehow be dragged into doing it. We need to be taught how to do it. And the month of Ramadan comes whether you're ready for it or not to teach you this lesson. If you are aware of the pleasure of worshipping Allah Subhana, WA, tada led through the month of Ramadan with enthusiasm, with appetite to worship Him, because this is the season,

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the season to be forgiven, the season to reach heights that were not possible outside of Ramadan, the reason to the season to connect and reconnect in ways that may have been difficult before challenging before but now in this month, you are able to achieve. So the person who realizes

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the beauty of Ramadan, and the sacrifice will do it willingly. But if like a lot of us, we don't. And we enter the month begrudgingly. And we don't want to really fast and we don't want to really pray and we don't want to really read the Koran. Yet the month of Ramadan is teaching us that lesson. Which is Yes, I understand that you don't want to do it. You don't feel like doing it but yet you are doing it. And yet you try to push yourself to do it. Now ask yourself why are you doing all of this? Why are you fasting? Why are you staying away from things that you like?

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What are you trying to achieve? And slowly you start learning again the meaning of sacrifice that he has gender is precious. And love is precious. And getting rewards is precious. And I cannot simply

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And it's going to happen. I cannot wish to be rich and Sydney gonna happen, I cannot wish that I'm gonna graduate or get a good job and it's simply going to happen is not not going to put the effort is not going to happen. And the loss the grief loss is for us to meet a lot of zoeken only and simply wishes, I wish to have an agenda I wish to have gained the highest degrees in it, but I did nothing. And Allah will tell you and have seen it on Hulu. Jenna, do you think that users can simply enter agenda without a price, I did not read this work like that for you. In order for you to understand that Gen two is far more precious than student yet also requires effort and also requires

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sacrifice. So in the month of Ramadan, remember this that a lot reading this fasting for you to stay away from it you like put this so that's all we had night when you pray and sometimes it's late that sometimes you're tired.

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And a lot has to do that as you read the Quran even at times when you don't really feel like it and you want to be doing something else. Because Allah wants to tell you unless you put that effort unless you force yourself

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it will be very hard to enter agenda will be very hard for you to find your own evil on the inside. That's a lot

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of sacrifice.

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Have you ever been I mean, have the cathedral even got a country you also do Sydney and honestly

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it's one of the habits of this one of the prophets of Allah wa he was in the month of Ramadan comes he would exert himself more more than the rest of the year. And that is his nemesis habit.

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So it behooves us as followers of Mohamed Salah la vida, he was set up and again, I know that some of us feel it and some of us don't. But whether we feel it or not, whether it's easy or not, it behooves us to try to exert ourselves more, in the month of Ramadan, even. And maybe especially if you don't feel like it, you can do a lot more. Or you can do a little bit more. But you should do a try to do more than the rest of the year. Try to push yourself to be interested a little bit more, try to push yourself to read the whole art even just a little bit more. Try to push yourself to attend some voluntary select in addition to the obligation voluntary so that it's Halloween a little

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bit more, try to push yourself more because if you do not push yourself now

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you're not going to push yourself.

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And if you're not going to excel Now, if you're not going to challenge yourself now it'll be very difficult for you to do it later. I'm not gonna worry about now now about what will happen to us after Ramadan. I'm worrying and out now about what's happening to us in Ramadan. Am I Are you Are we gonna push ourselves just a little bit more, challenge ourselves a little bit more and ask a lot for extra help. So that we are better a little bit than before Ramadan.

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There is the student of Rasulullah sallallahu barrios to push himself more and you will see the food and robot if you push. So I would urge you

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today to try to push yourself more. And what will help you in sha Allah is to set a goal for yourself. What do you want to achieve by the end of this month, set a goal for yourself. Let it be practical, let it be reasonable. But something that you can work on every single day. It can be modest and it does not matter what it is. But it could be modest. But set something that you can say by the end of the month I tried.

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And I strived and I want Allah azza wa jal because I know at times I disappoint myself I know. But I want the last soldier to see in this month that I tried to push and I tried to be better. And I tried to fast a little bit better. And yes, I was frustrated and infested faced challenges. And I felt like quitting at times but I started keep kept pushing myself and I was able to achieve this. And it has a lot as for all the oversights I've asked a lot as for all the mistakes and since but at least I was able to achieve this. So it could be coming to the masjid more. That could be a goal. And it could be something simple. But coming to the masjid more frequently. It could be reading more

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from the Koran daily, daily. Whether you feel like it or not keep pushing yourself because all of that in the beginning is uncomfortable.

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reviva has a discount

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Feeling at the beginning. But later when you get used to it, it'll be comfortable. And then later on will be pleasurable.

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But if you want to break that barrier of discomfort not being used to it. So push yourself a little bit and read the war on push yourself a little bit and stay away from the forum that we are used to push yourself a little bit and be more charitable and kind restrain your anger. Realize one or several goals in Ramadan and push yourself is this is the way for a loss to bless you in it and to forgive you.

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And as the civil rights of Omaha to send them said the gates of general

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so they're just simply waiting for you. So if you strive and you rush and you run will enter by the word of Allah azza wa jal would ask Allah to make us of the people of gender, those who are forgiven in the month of Ramadan those who strive in the month of Ramadan we in our responses and our children and our families in our community and Omar Mohammed Sol La vida us in them we as we are oh by the need to make use of those who are forgiven in this month to make us of those who are less than this month to make us of those who worship you are whose worship is accepted in this month the honor but I mean, you know Allah improve our character in the month of Ramadan, improve our worship

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in the month of Ramadan help us to stay away from sin in this month and after the month of Ramadan help us to gain in taqwa in the month of Ramadan y'all but I mean cleanse our hearts, cleanse our hearts purify our hearts yahama rock Amina and put the man back into them. Where's your butt at me to bestow mobile hammers A lot of you will send them to unite them upon your book and the student of your profits will love it. He was in love. Aloha. Nia has no he has no female.

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Low male clearly buffalo una de la Ooh, La La it ultimately hasn't shown enough the data item but in the what? In the forward step whatever you want to say. Dana de la parte de What are harder than here like I get on one energy nasaga illa pertaining to how we are somehow alanine along magenta we

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are having an area by the need of the Helena Ruben our lucky Habib Imani of irony, and I remind you charlo before you leave to donate for the Ministry of Finance a lot of people welcome