Still Have Days To Fast From Last Ramadan

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A question that many sisters have is what happens if I still haven't fasted the days from last from a bond that I missed? So sisters, if you had an excuse like you were sick, or you were pregnant or breastfeeding, then all you need to do is to make up for those days as soon as you can after Ramadan insha Allah, but if you had no excuse and you basically just neglected to fast and back before this year's Ramadan began, then you need to make Toba for that and ask Allah to Allah to forgive you inshallah, and to fast back those days as soon as you can, once Ramadan is over. Also, some scholars are of the view that you should pay to feed a poor person for each day that you are late in making

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up for your fasting. Because delaying to make up for your fasts before the next Ramadan without any excuse is basically like delaying to pray your prayer until the next prayer time. So that's why it is highly recommended if you're able to, to offer an explanation for those days that you neglected in fasting before the next time upon