Ramadan 2019 Reminders 07 – What is a Complete Fast

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The speaker discusses the importance of performing a complete fast to achieve the goal of fasting. They use examples from the Bible and explain that fasting involves listening to various portions of the past and avoiding corrupt things.

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In practical terms,

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to achieve the goal of fasting, we have to perform we have to do a complete fast.

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When we listen to the various advices that the prophets wa sallam gave us, words of advice that he gave us was regarding different aspects of the past. We can sum it up by saying that he instructed us to make a complete fast,

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a fast of every aspect of ourselves.

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A fast of the mouth, the tongue

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what comes out of it

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as we fast from what goes in it

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a fast from the eyes,

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what we see

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what goes into our brains.

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So we don't

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things, read things which are corrupt.

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We deliberately avoid

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looking at

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reading, observing what is corrupt