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rajim Bismillah Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali, he was mine. My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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are y'all doing this evening

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and hamdulillah this evening inshallah we won't have a lecture tonight we'll continue with the Tafseer sort of use of tomorrow inshallah, this evening, we'd like to, more than just say appreciation More importantly, to give to our to give thanks to ask a las pantallas Baraka and Rama for those who we need to thank for many, many long years of service those who are living and those who have passed away. Allah subhanaw taala says, If you have not thanked people, then you have not thanked Allah if you're not grateful to people, you're not grateful to Allah. So tonight inshallah I would like to take an opportunity to mention some by name, and there are many that unfortunately, we

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will not be able to mention my name, and to show our appreciation and to remember them in our doors because panela many of our leaders and moods of the past, they passed away in the month of Ramadan, and we like to take a night in the month of Ramadan, to remember them and to make dua for them and to show their appreciation in establishing this organization. As I've said many times, many of them would need to know better than me and some people are new to Ronald Islam. And then we've got our online leads as well, that would only Islam movement is much bigger than just the masjid. It is a nursery school is a feeding program. The is the book outreach, there's a publishing committee, there

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are so many publications that came out of Islam, and all of this over a 50 year legacy did not happen overnight. It didn't happen by chance. It happened with a lot of a lot of hard work of many, many people generation after generation. Many of the names behind the laws were mentioned. We see the kids, the grandkids here in the Missouri the great grandkids in the masjid, taking over and you know, handing the baton one after the other. So we take this opportunity inshallah to make dua for them. That for all those who have worked hard in this organization and in any community organization, anything for the purpose and to serve the benefits of the oma mela granddam Baraka in

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this life and melody wooden with the highest reward in the era. Allah bless all those who are currently doing the work and those who have passed on May Allah subhanho wa Taala put Baraka, those who are alive and those who have passed away May Allah grant them nude in the cupboards, May Allah increase them in the good deeds and in the whatever good deeds continues after they've passed on. We know this article Giardia Subhan. Allah those who have established the school, those who established the masjid how many people have made sada in this Masjid? How many kids have learned the alphabet to learn the sort of Fatiha this only benefits them in the cupboard long after they are gone, the deeds

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continue to multiply. So we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to continue to reward them in the cover. mlra is the project May Allah grant the families a great reward because any community work I know just a little bit from my own personal experience. While one person does the work, the whole family has to support that person. So all the hours of committee meetings that I was arguing sometimes the late nights, the few smiles you have with us know in the sisters, aunties, no late nights in the kitchen, all of that goes and it takes time from the family. And we do this behind Allah with the intention of pleasing Allah and our and to do good for our communities, mala grant, all of those of

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us in general fear those, and those who are still with us relative deserve you and your families. Alhamdulillah. We also as we said, there are so many people and from the person who just donated one random brand in the towel to even the masala leaves that come to the ministry to the people that listen to our lectures who buy our books and hunger, all of you contribute, because every Rand that comes to this organization, we hope to reinvest it and do well. But of course, they are the Saudi equivalent, oh one only are those that hamdulillah we shine bright and they lead the way for us. And they've been doing so for for many, many generations. So we make special mention of them. And of

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course we say that they are our leaders in the London abyssal Sallam reminded us to always look up to our leaders and honor them. Those who have passed on and those that are with us, again knew those who are here and those are passed on. So of the people that we mentioned specifically, Savonarola huge, humbling thing for me to mention these names, huge shoes to fall. I personally hope that one day inshallah when my name is on this list, we do justice to it. Vanilla Greek names on here. mm Abdullah proceed over 40 years was the Imam of the masjid I believe, passed away in 1962 Mela grand Imam I placed in gentlemen, we have the last close to our last vital data serving in this community

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serving for the sake of the oma that of course. Imam son Mr. moneybags here, as we all know and so many stories that I've heard of the late Imam never had opportunity to meet him. But he also served in over 30 years, Imams, kids and grandkids are you

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over 50 years Imam money but see Domini is 42 years, nearly 50 years span they say you when you take this position, you live in your generosity. That's the

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The way you you live in this message of Hello, hunger that's a good it's a good thing. So in my mind Brazil has done so much for the community as an icon, biographies as a whole book on your mom's life. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless him and his family, to Allah to grant him grief to be illuminated. May Allah panda raising up May Allah granted the family meet in the afternoon in happiness and in goodness for all the work and all the lives that they have touched. And then of course, Imam, Dr. salia Adams, who I you know, meet in his last days of Hamdulillah, one of the first times I attended this, remember a lecture that Dr. Sally Adams mentioned, he passed away also

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in the month of Ramadan, his family is also very attached to the masjid mela grant. I place in general fear those are the people that have learned from these imams or those who learn the little, you know, short sutras up until the minute they are, we only know the true quality of a leader by the fruits. You know, as it says, as the people that learn from these great Imams, they continue to serve the community tirelessly. So at hamdulillah the deeds of course, as of last season, not a single thing that you do have good is lost and he's with Allah, and he multiplies. It's a mulligan on all of them I place in general, and may we continue to honor the legacy and follow in the

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footsteps. I mean, that of course, a very special mention to a man that did so much for this community. The David's family is very close, you know, married to this Masjid and of course with David's the great historian, and just recently also recognized by the president of South Africa who his work in his efforts, really in a time when academics was really exclusive to a certain group of people, a select group of people, for someone to come forward. And to bring about that level of of academia, that level of learning, that level of foresight, a lot of the plans a lot of the hard work behind the scenes was through the late Dr. Matt David's. So May Allah subhanaw taala grant him a

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high place in general, Allah bless his family for the patience and the perseverance and I'll continue to allow that the family continues to benefit the community and lead and follow in his footsteps. Many great committee members that we mentioned and as its final, I know just a few of these people by name, some of them never had the opportunity to meet and we say again, just psychologically to the families and Allah bless them with the Hamza Khan. efma Jaffa aji Kasim Hendricks Hadji smell Jacobs ajira shared whites the white families here, smell Hassan. Mohammed has simca food was always in the machine I remember with him. He had NASA dramat NASA's daughter is

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still the principal of our school why so the principal at our school continued to work generation after generation as a family family initiative to keep this organization going Alhamdulillah as you saw the bustling. Ebrahim has been a blast Hamid tufa and Allah subhana wa tada keep Allah bless them in the cuckoo, Allah subhanho wa Taala elevate the position with Him. May Allah remove from them any mistakes and shortcomings. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant in the place in the cupboard, below determine the energy and a place of happiness a place of comfort. mela grounded they feel right now, the presence of outdoors, well grounded, they feel every act of ibadah we do in this

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organization that they feed in the cupboard being elevated and increasingly daraja. May Allah grant that when we see them on the day of karma may be a union of happiness may be resurrected amongst the close ones. Those who serve the lowest path may be intergenerational fear those mean May Allah grant the families and all of us that are left behind, to continue to build on that legacy to take this forward with a beautiful of the seven under the shade of Allah thrown. One category. One category of persons are those who love they meet each other, they love each other only for the sake of Allah and they only meet for that sake. These people would not have maybe made in the social capacities we

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would not meet in our social communities, capacities when only brings us together is to move forward the deen of Allah. We serve on these committees we serve on these messy panels only to serve for the sake of Allah. So we hope that this will count that we will into the shade under the actual law on the day of kiama amin and then of course there are many, many people who serve the community for many years. They are old now they are sickly. So we ask Allah to preserve them also Allah to grant them Shiva, we ask Allah to keep them with us for many, many more years in particular, as uma shabu Deen Buddha, Mohammed Jane Jacobs and I know personally a number of people that are very senior to

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us that are pillars of strength, that privately they are sick and all the loved ones have secret we don't know the names are not here some Allah Graceffa to all those who are ill Allah grantee I love it make it easy for them May Allah grant that they continue to serve. I don't want any sympathy. They just want to do us and Allah bless them. I mean, whatever should be good inshallah. And we ask a lot of money to except I mean, a lot. machinima.

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the shading

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Rahmani Raheem

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Rahmani Raheem

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Good to learn

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at no hammy Majeed

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a career

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further how similar or manual Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or Salatu was Salam on

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You want to move Celine? Say Idina wanna Vienna?

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Lee wasabi divine. Aloma alohomora hammam Avi mov one omokri musala. Home mama Sarah mahana home. What was in the home bill?

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bottom one up the

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domina Donna's Aloma hyena 118 Misha was in Missouri Nina waka Vina Wanda Kareena own

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Aloma orfila home or Hamas Kenan fugen aloha mobile Filmora hammer home was

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a lot

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more Hmong was you know

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what was on the him watch your home on being one Cindy cleaner with shuhada he was on in Europe America amaura me along in Ghana Xena Xena v

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Jan was on

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your automatic

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hammer raw me aiming for

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in your own journey you know thinking long term all the further holy v levy the Legion

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machinima, machinima meenie miney

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welcome Phil on a woman saying to

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one who nezumi nanocore NEMA Shiva

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mini Warner using the mean in

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warm in graph 1212 banana Masha Nein

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Nein from Ghana Romana Tina dunya. has no

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