Yasir Qadhi – Prophetic Medicine Q&A #16

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the origins and characteristics of the Prophet's teachings and practice, including the use of urine and defecation in animals, the depiction of Hope's name, and the source of knowledge on the Atlantic Coast. They also touch on the history of the Sharia's (the holy eye) and (the holy spirit) and the source of the Sharia's (the holy eye). The speakers emphasize the need to be cautious and avoid making mockery of certain practices, as well as the potential forlynchic medicine to cure cancer and other potential uses.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala early he was IBH marine and my

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brother was seen from New York emails and says that, how do we understand the Hadith?

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In which some people are commanded to drink the urine of a camel for medicine? So how do we understand this hadith, that drinking something that many of us would find not just or not something palatable, to use it as a medicine? And in fact, the question is broader than this, he says that his non Muslim colleague brought this up and he denied it. He said, There's no such Hadith. So the non Muslim colleague told them it's in Sahadi.

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And he looked it up himself to make sure that it is there. And now he is confused what to do. So before I get to this issue of the prescription and the medicine and what not Subhanallah this story that happened with my brother, it illustrates that number one, we need to be very careful about speaking about the Shetty I without knowledge. If somebody comes in you haven't heard of it. Don't just say this is not Islam.

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Find out he negated something so no, this is not true. And the non Muslim colleague knows more than him and this issue said it's in your books I Buhari and he did not know it is there. So these days like Subhan Allah Allah tells us whether in the Quran Walla tuck formulae silica in in the sun, our bustle of other kulula African animus Gula. Allah tells us be careful, don't speak that you do not have knowledge. What to call the metastatic syndrome will carry by Ha ha, ha ha ha Rahman. Don't say with your tongue. This is halal This is haram. Lying against Allah, don't just invent it off the top of your head, speak with knowledge, or else if you don't know say, you know, I haven't heard of this

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hadith. Let me find out for you simple End of story. If somebody comes with something new or exotic, that you don't know,

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say, I'll find out and then come back to him. Right. So this person, unfortunately, any hour brother, he dug a hole for himself, then the other colleague of his said, look at this in your own book. Secondly, another thing we need to realize the world is now a very, very different place than what it used to be. And many non Muslims who don't like our faith, are more aware of these, quote unquote, problematic issues than many of us are.

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And this is why my philosophy is if you haven't listened to my lectures, you know this, but I will tell you explicitly, my philosophy is what is my philosophy,

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tell it like it is. Don't sugarcoat, do not pretend something else. Actually, this should be our philosophy anyway. But unfortunately, sometimes people want to just hide or cover up, we don't have that luxury anymore. If you listen to my car, if you listen to other lectures, I am very blunt. And you will hear things from my talks that you will typically not hear from others. Because of this reason. I would rather you hear these things from me, and I explained them to you, then a non Muslim colleague comes in, then you have no idea what to respond and you get confused. And maybe you will get confused what I'm seeing the next generation, they start doubting their Eman. This is what we

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are seeing. Maybe at this generation, we don't understand and then we get it. But the next generation, if you don't explain to them beforehand, if you don't prepare them, all of these things add up together, and they end up getting doubts or even worse than this. So this is leading us to the broader topic. And by the way, I also have to point out here, you understand I get over 100 questions a week, I choose the questions that are the most beneficial to everybody. So those that are emailing me, I apologize, I don't have a personal secretary, I cannot answer all of them. Out of all the questions that come I choose these ones that are more useful for the Muslims of our time. So

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this is a question I thought was very useful because it involves many issues, that some people might have questions about prophetic medicine, and the prescriptions given some of which, in our times, let's just say raise an eyebrow. This is one of them. Right? So the answer I'm going to give isn't just about camel urine. It is the broader issue of

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that which is found in our traditions, in the classical traditions in the Hadith, that is of a medicinal nature. And what is our attitude towards that genre of literature? So with regards to this issue of began with the Campbell urine because that's what the question came about. It is true, it is authentic. It is mentioned in many books of Hadith, including Bukhari and Muslim that a group of

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People came from a faraway tribe, and they pretended to convert. They thought they will come people thought they were Muslims, they pretended to convert. And they demanded hospitality. And when your new convert new Muslim, you're going to be given hospitality. And they said that they had fallen sick. And they mentioned the disease. We do not know the exact disease is probably some type of liver infection. Some type of issue that we are trying to obviously, the words used are not correlated to modern science, but some type of issue of maybe liver infection spots come on the skin, the stomach becomes bloated other symptoms of this nature. So, the prophet Celeste seldom said

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to them to go to a particular garden of the unsolved and to drink the urine of camels, and also to feed off the camels and take the milk of the camels. That was something that was known to cure this issue. Okay, so he sent them to this place and he said, Drink the camel of urines. Now you're doing camels. No, these people, they flipped this left Islam, they murdered the shepherd, brutally, they stole the camels and they fled. So they became more Tet, they stole the camels they fled, and the Sahaba the unsolved and captured them, this was an early Medina. And the Prophet system severely severely punished them so much. So later scholars differ. Is it allowed to do that type of stuff or

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not? That's a whole separate issue altogether, has that been abrogated by the hoodooist? Because the dude came after this incident, the punishment was very severe, you can read about in the books, and then because they also tortured the guy. So it's a tit for tat. So is it allowed to do that's another controversy, which we're not going to talk about today? Now, the issue comes how, why and how is the command be given to drink the urine of camels? First issue to understand the issue of Naja and taharah, of urine of an animal is classical issue of controversy, and the humbleness and Maliki's consider the urine, and even the defecation of animals that you eat to be poor here, not

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not just in the first place. So two mud hubs even say, look, the Hadith doesn't raise any filthy problems anyway. It is thought here, it is not nudges, and they have their classical evidences, obviously, the shaft freeze and the Hanafi say no urine and defecation is always not just in every single animal. And that's their filthy position. And the shafr isn't 100 fees, they had to interpret this hadith in other ways. They said this is an exception. They said this is a one off, they said this is a medicine that borrower allows to take so they had their ways out of it. They would not allow anyone to take it anywhere from a 50 perspective. But the other two bathrooms would allow it.

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And that is why to this day, people who live in that region who are following the humbly method, which is well known, they still do this practice, and they consider it to be useful. Now. That's the fifth key issue about the taharah Naja, I want to talk about the broader issue. I want to segue into the issue of what is called Flip Boone nebo. We are the prophetic medicine. What do we do about this genre of a hadith regarding cures and medicinal practices, some of which are very obvious, some of which, as we said, might raise eyebrows. Now. If we look at the last 14 centuries of our tradition, it is clear that the vast majority of aroma and especially more Hadith in scholars of Hadith, they

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considered these traditions to be legislative Sheree, from Allah azza wa jal intended to cure and guide us. And that is why almost every book of Hadith has a section called Kitab booktube. Imam Al Bukhari has a book called Kitab YouTube in his sahih Kitab will clip the book of medicine and Muslim has a section and a Buddha owed and Timothy, and many classical scholars even wrote special treatises a special book, so Imam was for honey died for 30 He wrote Kitab tube, they did a mock of this he died 646 Other hubby 748 The most famous book ever written is imminent Iam volume he has catapulted seven figures in history as a book Kitab assuta He has also a book on Kitab YouTube and

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many many books have been written, some have been translated into English as well. And obviously the understanding of this dilemma is very clear. And that is that our Prophet system is sent by Allah azza wa jal everything he is saying is legislative, he is telling us these medicinal cures therefore they should be followed and therefore if you have this disease, you should drink camel urine. Okay, if you have this issue of the liver, whatever it is, you should also drink camel urine. And if not, I am says in his book Kitab, a bonobo he he has a book called the bonobo with the prophetic medicine which has been translated into English even times. He has in this book, the medicine of the Prophet

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Either he was salam listen to this adjectives moto Yochanan pottery Yun Isla he, it is certain it is without any doubt and it is divine Mateja 10 your cane, pottery and Ilahi and it is coming from way from Allah and it is coming from Mischka. Tinubu from the world of prophethood. And this is the vast majority opinion. That's what it is Hamdulillah

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you should be aware that there has always been a dissenting voice as well. You should be aware that there have been Roma from the past that have made an exception in this case. And there is a slightly different paradigm as well. And there are some great ruder ma who understood the genre in a different light. Amongst them is one of the greatest scholars of Andalus I'll call the round who died 554 Hijra and he was from Andalus from actually kotoba and he wrote, perhaps the most powerful book in love of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which is entitled A Shiva for your hope and Mustafa, right? It is a Mobarak book, everybody loves this book. And nobody can accuse him or the

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biller of not loving the Prophet system his book proves beginning to end and over the people as well who disagreed with this interpretation is the famous called the Abdul Jabbar whom if you know who he is, then you know who he is. And also even hull Dune, the author of one of the greatest history books and also they say the father of modern sociology which is actually quite true To be honest, and the author of mocha Dima mocha Debian has done and also perhaps the greatest scholar that India has ever produced, who is he? Oh people of India. Very good Mashallah. See, as I say it, all of you say his name and this is so much Baraka Chava Leola, a de la vie, died 1762 He wrote over 40

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treatises in Arabic and in Farsi, did he write an order or people of India? Did he write an order or people of India?

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No, he didn't show will you Allah did not write an order because why?

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It wasn't a lingua franca at the time anyway, you guys should know your own history guys. Anyway, so shall will. You wrote the book, Jonah Hill Bolivar, one of the most powerful books written? And and by the way, Subhan Allah shall we'll do Allah, what an amazing character Subhanallah all of the strands of Indian Islam look up to him. All of them, they consider him to be rejected. Different contradictory, mutually exclusive groups. They hate each other. They love Chavo. Lulu, isn't that amazing? Right there. But anyway, they open the ladies very quickly, I'll say it. All of these groups, they don't get along with each other. They can't pray behind one another. But all of them

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consider sha Allah to be their source and origin. Isn't that amazing? One of the reasons by the way, sha Allah Allah thought outside the box. He wasn't your standard cut and paste, which is very common, but he was the person who was critically thinking and I keep on saying this because not every critical thinker is negative. There's people that are changing for the better people that are shaking you to your core so that you think this was what some of these people like shot will do. Like I was even told me and others they are doing now under the shower. Leola was a strong advocate of this as well, this other position, which I'm going to talk about, and that is that clip banana

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Bowie is not something that is legislative in weight. It's not something that we are commanded to follow Islamically that says a different paradigm. And in our times, one of the most exhaustive people to write about this is someone who might consider to be a teacher even though I never met him. But I studied from his books and he had a profound impact on me wasn't when I was a teenager, and his name is known to many of the atoms in this audience. Dr. Matsuda Mandela Shakur, Dr. Emerson, Amanda Ashkar is a person who graduated from the very first batch of University of Medina 1962 when it was founded, he studied with Shaban Basha called Barney Shashank TT, he went on to do

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his PhD on solar.

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In the topic of the actions of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe salam ala Nabi it is one of the most thorough dissertations on this topic. And in this dissertation, he discusses the bonobo we

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are these actions of the Prophet system. Are these commands, legislative or not? And he has passed away a lot Hummel I did not have the honor of meeting him. But he had a profound impact on me as a teenager, I read all of his books that I get a hand of especially his sencilla that you are those who No, no, he has a book of series on an update and whatnot. And he wrote an article before he passed away very recently, I think 10 years ago, he wrote an article. Very good article

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Within Arabic, I strongly encourage you to read it. It's not an English, it is called clip beneva wait between reality and what not. So this article about the banana boy. And remember, this is a person who is teachers are been baptized and shown clearly in Albania, all of these people, he is a figure, an icon of the modern movement that you're well aware of, and a great argument Allama and a specialist in a solar specialist in solar. And he has an entire article about WWE. And much of what I'm going to say is from that article and from other sources as well. But anyway, so let us quote some of these people, I'll call the EOD in his book, a Shiva, he says, these issues of the dunya

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these issues of the world that the Prophet system is speaking about, it is possible that what the prophets Allah, Selim says is not coming from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. It's coming from human experience. And therefore, it is possible that based on this human experience, something could be correct. And something could be other than that, and this does not contradict the more common Naboo because he was not sent to teach those human sciences. This is all there Yat Ibn Khaldoun says, a clip the medicine that is found in the prophetic literature, it is not from the wahi at all. Rather, it is something that the Arabs would do. And this was the status quo when the Prophet salallahu

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Alaihe Salam came, and this is not something that the Sharia is coming with. And our Prophet sallallahu sallam was came to teach us the Sharia, he did not come to teach us flip, nor to teach us any of the worldly sciences. And immuno Hudson says the example of this is the issue of the pollination of the of the knuckle of the date palms, we'll talk about this example. And he goes and therefore all of these traditions of HPLIP of medicine should be understood. In light of the tradition of pollination of the dates we'll talk about the politics of the days in a while, sha Allah Allah and Allah al Bolivar, he says, alumina base or some other craftsmen, the knowledge of

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the process is two categories, two types. The first of them is that which is coming from tabula rasa Allah Allah azza wa jal is telling him to tell us and the second of them is not coming from Allah azza wa jal is coming from his own time and place. And in this second category, this was our doula speaking. In the second category, is what our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in nama Anna Bashar I am a human being and you know your dunya better than I do. So when I command you something of this Deen take it and when I come on do something of the dunya for Unto Allah will be oh my god, don't ya? You know your dunya better than I do this a shower Leola from his

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which book Hojo Tala believer, and he says, and from this is all of the medicine men who have played this category is

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in his PhD Dr. Almost Amanda Shukla. He goes into a lot of detail with regards to

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the evidences the evidences of why this genre is not something that is legislative, from ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. And that this is something that is coming from the culture and the people of the time and it is not binding on later generations to follow. And, of course, the most explicit and this is where we begin with of these evidences and why there's only one question to do so very long question. The most explicit evidence is the incident and body and Muslim of the cross pollination of the date palm trees, okay? It's a very, very powerful, interesting Hadith. What is the story? The story goes as follows. So we should all know our basic biology and anatomy I'm not a very good

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biologist, but

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there is a male part of the date palm and there's a female part don't ask me to identify but I know there is. Okay. And like with all Polynesians, if you cross pollinate and help, it will help produce the fruits and the floor under and the crops for the next year. Okay. So the unsought of Medina would physically themselves cross pollinate. Okay. And by the way, farmers to this day, they have mechanisms to pollinate their own crops that helps, right, so the unsought would do the pollination, from the male to the female directly on their own, they would physically do that. And the Prophet says and passed by one day, and he said, Why don't you leave this? Why are you doing it? Let it be

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natural. Why are you doing this? They he advised them he suggested to them

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To not pollinate, so that year, none of them physically and manually did the pollination was going to happen. The crops didn't come. So they came back to the Profit System. There were no crops. And they said, Yeah rasool Allah, like you said, we didn't do it. And we don't have any crops. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in NEMA Anna Bashar, I'm a human being. So when I command you something of your deen follow it, and what I command do something of your dunya then unto them will be dunya.

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Okay, this hadith is where Bodhi and Muslim it is very explicit, very authentic. Of the evidences as well, is the incident of the Battle of butter,

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where the Prophet SAW Selim, camped at the Battle of butter, and a bit as half mentions that I'll have up there moonda came to the Prophet system and said Ya rasool Allah, or Atia Handelman zeal, this place that you kept a man Xenon unzila Kahala, did Allah tell you to camp here? Or is it how to warmer Kedah? Is it tactics of war? Now, by the way, and this was a very profound point, hubbub of Sahabi.

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Look at the question he's asking. In his mind, there's two categories of actions coming from the Prophet SAW Selim. He doesn't have any problem with that. In his mind, he can categorize the actions very clearly but he doesn't know which one it is ya rasool Allah, is this place that you're camping, Allah's command? Or is it a tactic of war that you think is best? And the prosom said, it's a tactic of war, who Bob said, even in that case, I suggest you proceed onwards until the well is behind us. And we are between them and the water. They will not so he went on and he told them and that's exactly what the Profit System did.

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That's exactly what the Profit System did. Now, what is the show the Profit System in NEMA inhibition and he's camping that he thought is a good location but who Bob is the one who has the arts of war mastered more that's what he has done his life so he does no go over there and have the evidences as well that Dr. chuckle brings is the Hadith also. So everybody, listen to this hadith is a very simple and interesting yet it's obvious, almost selama says that the prophets of salaam said

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in NEMA and Basha have noticed the same phrase he keeps on reminding people I'm a human being, I'm a human being, I'm a human being in Nima Anna Bashar, I am a human being. And you take me as a judge when you come to me. And sometimes one of you might be better at arguing the case than the other. So I'm convinced by the argument, and I side with the better our viewer. So let that person know that if the Hulk is not on his side, and I side with him, then my verdict is essentially giving him cutting him a piece of John, meaning what

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an invalid argument is not going to make the Haram halal or the heck about it. You get the point here. You have a good lawyer. Right? gets you off on a technicality. You are not often the court of Allah subhanho wa taala. Now, what is the evidence over here? Where's the evidence, the prophets ism is saying, maybe one of you will convince me because of what

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good arguments. And he begins by saying in the mind of Bashar, I don't know animals ape. I don't know who is the one you are coming to me, both of you. Perhaps one of you has a better tongue than the other. And so I'm persuaded by him. And so I say, Oh, this belongs to him, but it doesn't. And you know, it doesn't belong to you. So he is saying, even if I say it, Allah will not forgive you.

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This is what he's saying. That's that but the point is, he begins with your arguments or you understand the humanity of the mention over here, as well. And of course, this is applied very clearly also in Sahih Bukhari when the husband and wife accused Jani the Willa Anna took place that the husband accused his wife of Zina, the famous case that took place or whether because of which Allah revealed in the Quran, the verses of Leon and the woman who became pregnant and the man said, This is not my child, right, the famous incident that happened in this era. And

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the two of them did the for the for Lana to Loyola volume in La Jolla, they've been and then the fifth one they did they sorry, the four of them was I am telling you the truth and then the fifth one is, whoever is lying, Allah's land is going to be on them. And they both did it. The Prophet system said, Allah knows one of you two is lying. You

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Both category correct. And it was the context is very clear that she's like, What did our professor said? I'm saying,

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if I could have executed the head on anyone without evidence, it would be this lady.

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But did he know?

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Like, it's almost certain but hey, I have to judge by outer so that is also applied over there. And the source of knowledge of medicine is actually very explicit. It's in the Hadith and Musa Dima Muhammad, that rule was Zubayr used to say to our Isha or once he said to us, you remember openness debate is our issue is what? Nephew Right? Or wellness debate is our issues nephew. Because

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as my son, right, so how does son? So he would say to our Isha, yeah, well, my dear mother, I am not surprised that you're so intelligent because you are the wife of the process and the daughter of Abu Bakar. And I'm not surprised that you're knowledgeable of poetry and of history because of your father. But I am surprised. Where did you get your knowledge of medicine from? This is Ottawa asking his aunt? Look, if you're smart, you know many things history. Where did you learn medicine? I'm surprised. This hadith isn't Muslim and Muhammad Isha said, Ottawa.

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People would come

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from the Arabs delegations, from all over Arabia, to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they would come from every area. And

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I would ask them about the herbs about the herbal medicine. And I would then prescribe to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what I learned.

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So Isha is a smart lady, obviously to the Allahu anha. She's precocious, she's learning. But what's the source of her knowledge?

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The tragedy of the Arabs. She's asking all the ladies coming from all over Arabia. And this is of course, herbal medicine, which is of course fine, but in the end of the day, where is it coming from? The people's experience, it is coming from people's experience. And

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another evidence which is very explicit as well, and this is actually one of the most expert says pay attention to this one is very clear.

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hadith is in Behati, as well. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I was about to forbid you to do a railer or Lila

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what is later or Lila? It is to engage with * in your with your wife while your wife is breastfeeding. So during that one year, right to impregnate, or even to engage in *, this is a term in Arabic called Zilla. And there was a legend or rumor that if you do this, the milk will spoil.

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The milk that is being fed to the child will spoil. And so it should not be done. So the prophets have said I was about to forbid you from intimacy with your wives for this entire period when they're breastfeeding. But then I observed the Romans and Persians and that they don't have this they practice * during this timeframe and it does not harm the child. So therefore go ahead.

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Now this is as explicit as you can get.

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This is in Bosnian Muslim, right? Where is the source of the Juba coming from

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the people, the people around right and Allah azza wa jal delegated to our processes that are authority that he has the right to make sure they are. And if he had said it, it would have become surely

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Hamdulillah he didn't. But if he had said it haram and halal, it becomes shady, because that would have been religion then. But what is the source of this medicine or knowledge he is observing in this regard. And the point is that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did many things because of the time and place that he lived in based on the knowledge available to him, for example, his military tactics, the equipment that he used, for example, the script of the Arabic even though he didn't write it, but he dictated the Quran, the Quran is being written, somebody could argue that script should be binding because that's how the Prophet has made a Quran of the script. Nobody does that

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anymore. If you try to read that script, you will not be able to read it. How did he run the government? He did not have departments you do not have Darwin. It is well known who was the first person to make the while we normally talk about the Allah one, the first person to make Ministry of War Ministry of Zika. He didn't have ministry as a prophecy Center. He didn't run the government

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That way, I'm gonna be the hot tub came and changed it all. Then the OMA yurts came, by the way, and you may have took the Roman system completely hook line and sinker, and they adopted it. And then Abdullah Medicube. Number one came and he aerobicized it for around 80 years, the people who ran the government, the bureaucrats were Roman Christians. They were Latin, the Muslim ummah was run in Latin for 180 years, by the way, because the Muslims were more open minded than many are but that's a different world together. Anyway. So point is that

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of the Medicube and Marwan came the first time and he aerobicized, the Darwin. That's not my talk today. Why am I going there?

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The prophets ism did not have departments. He did not have Darwin. Latest Sahaba understood. So what he did it, we did it a different way. The point is, those are Aloma, I'll call them al Ibn Khaldoun. Doctrine is what they're saying. Play bonobo v is the same genre as how to run a government, the script of the Arabic language, the things that the architecture of the time, it's not something that is legislative and binding upon later generations. Now, Dr. Ashkelon makes an exception which I agree with, he said only if the prophet system explicitly links it to Allah subhanho wa taala, then yes, it becomes Sharia. For example, honey, isn't the Quran it is Allah azza wa jal making it chief

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up. If it's mentioned that there she fought from divine, then that's a separate issue altogether. Otherwise, these other prescriptions that are found, and it's not just the hadith of urine, but that's the probably the most shocking to our sensibilities, but there's a lot of these maybe like two dozen of them, these things are not things that need to be necessarily followed. That's the argument of the other group. Now, by the way, we're not talking about spiritual remedies. Spiritual remedies are obviously from the Quran and Sunnah. For example, Rukia that's something spiritual, that's not physical. What's another example of a spiritual remedy? You can give me spiritual remedy?

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That would be physical, according to the other group, spiritual remedy.

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Tao will double

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murder, morality was caught, right? Treat your sick by giving sadaqa

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giving sadaqa is this a physical cure? No, this is spiritual. We're not talking about that. Of course, that's something from the Sharia. Right. So we're not talking about the spiritual cures. We're talking about the physical cures, if they are not linked with Allah azza wa jal directly, if Allah is not telling us that this is from the Sharia or something, then it is not something that is necessarily binding. And this is the other opinion. Now, I want to also point out here, that this obviously, obviously,

00:32:54 --> 00:32:55

is a problematic

00:32:57 --> 00:33:35

emotional area, because some people might feel that the status of a new Bulwark is being impinged. And that's why I'll call the EOD himself said, This doesn't harm a common taboo. And even Hello says the same because even when they're writing it, they're worried what will the people think about this issue? Are they going to them? And here we get to this interesting point. Again, if you listened to my car, I mentioned this many times. The farther you go from the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the easier it is to

00:33:36 --> 00:33:53

make it slightly more bigger or exaggerated. And it actually was the closer you get to his timeframe. The Sahaba, for example, didn't have any problem asked him point blank. He also loves this from your from Allah. I mean, look at that frankness.

00:33:54 --> 00:34:10

Will anybody say the Sahaba didn't respect the process and their respect was based upon knowledge. Frankly, much of our respect is based upon emotion, not knowledge. Right? And so let me give you a simple example we all understand. Do you think any Sahabi ever claimed that the process of nose ml hype?

00:34:12 --> 00:34:31

No. Do you think any tablet or a tablet Tabori ever claimed that the processor was made out of nudie Ilahi? Do you think any scholar in the first 300 years ever said that the processor was hazard? The out of zone that I'm talking about but this is a group these others know about? Okay. Now, when did these notions come in the OMA

00:34:32 --> 00:34:36

much later? Do you understand what I'm trying to say here?

00:34:37 --> 00:34:42

Nobody who interacted with the Prophet system could ever say he knows in my life.

00:34:43 --> 00:34:59

This can only come 500 1000 years later, when the generations have gone so far, that the image you have of the person is no longer the person himself. Then you can have groups entire fleet of cars whose entire output

00:35:00 --> 00:35:02

either is based upon a persona who never actually existed.

00:35:04 --> 00:35:41

He's not even human. He never has a shadow. He didn't eat and drink, he floated on the air. He never used the restroom. If you eat Buhari, every one of these is gone out the window, every one of these things, right? But when did these notions arise? 1000 years, actually 1020 years later. My point is, it's easy for us to look at them, frankly, even in our own trend. Even amongst us, we have to be very clear. Allah sent the prophets of sin for Shetty for teaching us Islam, not for teaching us biology, physics, chemistry, architecture, engineering.

00:35:42 --> 00:35:49

And the Profit System is very clear. You will know your dunya better than I do. Right. And therefore,

00:35:50 --> 00:35:58

we conclude by saying, if you wish to follow the majority position, Hamdulillah. No problem. Good for you. Excellent. And I have no problem with that.

00:36:00 --> 00:36:02

But don't pick and choose because that's not fair.

00:36:03 --> 00:36:16

Because that's what you end up doing. To be honest, anybody who does that will not be drinking Carmel urine. Normally, you take in a few things and let leave the rest of them. But if you want to do that, I have no problem. But you see where my sympathies lie. And

00:36:17 --> 00:36:24

as I endorsed the other position, Dr. Emerson, Mirage cars and others, we have to be cautious here. First and foremost.

00:36:25 --> 00:37:03

We should never ever make fun of anybody who does those things. Why? Because our profit system commanded and we have to be very careful, don't make a mockery of it. Mocking anything like this, potentially is mocking the messenger. So they sell them. And that is something no Muslim can ever do. Number two, we have to be very, very explicit that there is nothing wrong with these practices, even if it's not necessarily the best practices, for example, of how the yard would say I'm putting words into his mouth. Okay, let me say this.

00:37:05 --> 00:37:46

For that time in place, camel urine was the best medicine, no problem to say that. But is camel urine the best medicine for liver of the disease now? No, there's nothing wrong 1400 years ago in Arabia in that society for that disease, that was the best they knew. And maybe it was more effective than nothing. Okay. But is it something that is legislative upon us that we must do in our times? No. So there's nothing wrong, we don't criticize. And we also say there's no bottle. It was what it was for that time and place. Point number three.

00:37:47 --> 00:37:59

We have to be very explicit here as well. There are many groups out there who use portions of what I've said to try to negate the Sunnah overall.

00:38:01 --> 00:38:28

And we have to say no, the Sunnah is a part of Islam. There is no Islam without sunnah. Obedience to the messenger is obedience to Allah subhanho wa taala. That is why he was sent, we are not going to go down the route of those groups with Mauna Kea Hadith, and no, not at all. And that's one of the reasons why this is such an awkward topic, because when you open this door, then the other group becomes happy. We say no, this isn't for you.

00:38:29 --> 00:39:03

Allah sent His Rasul solicitor to be followed, but to be followed in what matters of Sharia, of Islam of Salah of zakah, of Al Maghrib, of al Qaeda of theology, not in these areas of human things. So we have to be very careful because the other group uses these Poland cross pollination and says, Oh, therefore, marriage and divorce Nikka inheritance, we can all No, no, no, these are Islam. And we're not going to go to that level. Now, before I conclude, somebody can say,

00:39:04 --> 00:39:57

what if somebody out of pure love, wants to follow what the prophet has told us to do? Forget reason. Forget logic. Just love. I want to follow the profit. CISM said it and did it I want to do it. We say to this, I'll call the yard even while doing they have all mentioned this explicitly. Ibn Khaldoun says, if somebody follows liberty, from the attitude of tuber rock, from pure Iman, then there is no question that that love will bring blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala that's a separate issue altogether. So the question is not love. The question is, is camel urine gonna cure your cancer or your or your infection? Somebody does it out of love. Allah will reward them I don't

00:39:57 --> 00:39:59

have any yet. But did

00:40:00 --> 00:40:41

This aspect wants to be or necessarily be applied does what we say? No, it doesn't happen. Even hagit himself said, all that has been narrated from the Sunnah with regards to these issues, if somebody does it with says that the Prophet system said to do it, then Allah azza wa jal says blessings will come. In other words, there's an element of the Baroque not necessarily an element of, of medicine over here. And therefore we conclude by saying, look, there have always been these two positions. I quoted your scholars from 1000 years ago, and modern scholars as well. And if you wish to follow the majority, Al Hamdulillah, Hamdulillah. No problem. Nonetheless, if some people

00:40:41 --> 00:40:43

are troubled by genre of Hadith that

00:40:45 --> 00:41:21

we just don't understand, they don't match up with anything that we know. In fact, sometimes they contradict. So I'll be honest with you, the UN World Health Organization, what not, they have actually warned against drinking camel urine, they have said it spreads disease, and they have, you know, with the MBRs, you know, the happen, the scare that happened, right, that MBRs, the, the virus that happened a few years ago, drinking camel urine actually spread this. And so that was one of the reasons it was found in some of these tribes as well. Right. Now, obviously, this was very sensitive, because some of the scholars thought this is an insult to our Prophet system, who is the

00:41:21 --> 00:42:00

UN to tell us not to do it when the process of did it when he told her so sorry, when the President told the people to do it, right. So they became a matter of religion? And so it does become very emotional here. How do you reconcile and the responses No, the process and did not legislatively tell us to do this, it is not a part of our Shetty. True, we don't make fun of it true. It's valid for its time in place, but it's not something this and all of these genres that basically mentioned medicine, in my humble opinion, it was the best knowledge that they had at the time, and it was fine for them. But it's not something that we need to copy and paste and replicate in our times. And if

00:42:00 --> 00:42:39

something is found, that really does not have any, you know, make any medical sense and study after study shows, you know, obviously studies have been done in this regard, and there is no tangible value in much of this. You understand what I'm talking about at this time. It's not you cannot prove it in a blind study. By and large, most of the stuff therefore, and Allah knows best we should not have any problems and saying this is from the saying of the Prophet system. He Himself told us about this. When I come to you with the deen follow it and when I come to you with the dunya What did he say? And tomorrow Allah will be Ohmori dunya come this is what He himself said. After that. 100

00:42:39 --> 00:42:46

another Alameen wa salam ala was said about a cargo while he was saying the remaining shoulder will continue next weeks and I'm waiting for him to learn what to catch

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