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The transcript discusses various examples and references to Islam and death, including the use of hula and horse clothing, the death of the person most commonly referred to, and the importance of not wanting to be caught in the middle of a marriage. The segment also touches on the use of shirts and clothing, the importance of not wanting to be seen as a dress, and the difficulty of finding Jesus in the world. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book and song.

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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Sahaja Hari and others. He said, don't wish for death or don't

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lead lay a theremin in a Hadoop Mota lovin

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none of you should ask to die because of a calamity which inflected him.

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rather make this

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a lot majority will hire Zia that a learner equally high

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wage jobs, remote, raw talent and coalition

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Oh Allah make life and increase for us from the goodness

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and make death

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a relief for us from the evil

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word also it was authentically transmitted. What are the fitness and becoming fetta

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la aviram of tuning

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and Oh Allah if you have already or deemed for some people to go through a certain fitness then sees our souls before we fall into that fitness as well.

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You know, hadn't in itself is a big reminder of the hereafter

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of death of the day for selection

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for your information, the only pillar out of the five pillars of Islam, that Allah subhana wa Taala named at chapter after it.

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We have a chapter in the Quran called what an

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aldehyde we do not have a chapter called the Salah, called is

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called Rama. Rather, we do have a chapter called El hadj and that chapter by the way has something so special, that no other chapter has. What is so special about this chapter?

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What? Yes, to such this

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to Sage the tiller, the only chapter in the Quran

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that has to such detail our in it, one towards the beginning. And another one, the verse before the last actually.

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Now, the chapter is called the Hajj.

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But yet when you really read the chapter, let's explore the first couple of verses. Yeah, a yohannes with Dakota Baku in zela tsrtc NaVi

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all mankind, have Taqwa in Allah. Be gut conscious, because the quake in or the earthquake of the hour is a tremendous thing. And then comes in the verses yo Matera una khulumani biotin

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watauga aku de Hamlin humla. Again, the point I'm trying to make, if you explore the surah you will find maybe maximum 13 verses speak actually about Hajj, but the rest of the surah speak about the death resurrection. Why? Because of the similarity between the scenes of Hajj and the day for the reduction look.

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When we go into that place, which is called them your cart, we voluntarily

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take off our worldly clothes

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and we exchange them with garments very similar to the shrouds

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which will be shrouded with

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that is our and the,

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you know, the first couple of days it's the first time I feel this. It's the first time I really feel this because my family happened to be here in the US and hamdulillah they are very well taken care of. But the kids used to call me We miss you

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Subhan Allah The first time I feel that reward that I have left, my beloved ones, my kids for Allah.

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Likewise, when we die, we are taking away from those who we love.

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We're thinking

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when an LGBT lottery ceremony came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called Allah, He said to him, yeah, Mohammed O Muhammad, one of the things that he said will be mentioned in Mecca mu valuable

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Hadith, y'all Mohammed Mohammed h murshida in NACA made will be mentioned in NACA movie, live as long as you want, you will die, love whomever you want, one day you will depart and leave them so you're taking out of your

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area where you have the people you long for your love, and you're taken out but you're doing doing it voluntarily and you're going to Allah Subhana Allah in his house, add to this you know, when you will, certain clues

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we know from the sooner that it has an influence on you.

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Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that loose Sakina

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one more call

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What do you keep? Well, hula

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eBill will horses.

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For us,

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the people who have a lot of humility and humbleness are those who Shepherd sheep. But the people who do have a lot of arrogance

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are those who ride horses and camels. So what you will what you ride affect you gets to you. And the way that you dress sometimes

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makes you behave in a certain way or act in a certain way. So when you leave that worldly clothes and you bought that clothes, which very similar to the Hereafter, you really behave differently. You find yourself really more earthly than worldly. And I'll give you an example Russell sossalamander, who's sitting down next to him a companion

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and has recently been assigned and

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one good looking Muslim riding a horse passed by for Rasul Allah who is lm as the companion next to him metacoda what do you think about this man? Kala Rasul Allah, he said, O Messenger of Allah. However, this one is from the noble of the Muslims, the way that he looks. The way that he's dressed, he's riding a horse, he looks very normal, Harry Yoon in the hat data and use now. If he speaks, people will listen to him. And if He intercedes on behalf of somebody, his intercession will be accepted. And he proposes and if he proposes to a women, certainly he will be given the woman and marriage here

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are also colossal and did not say anything.

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Later on a very poor, humble Muslim walk in the ground, with very humble clothes passing by the metacoda. What do you think about this man? panna rasulillah? is a messenger of Allah. Hi, Devin Pokhara? Obviously, this one is cool, huh? is poor and needy. If he speaks, I don't think that people will listen to him. If He intercedes I don't think his intercession will be accepted. And if he proposes to a woman, I doubt it. If his marriage proposal will be accepted, you know what the prophet SAW Selim says,

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in the law, how you mean million of them in half, this the second one on the side of Allah is much better than Earth filled with the first one.

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Why look this, this one is cool, humble humility, but the other one has

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an attitude. So when we take that worldly clothes, you know and, and and we wear that

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you really feel it. And Mashallah the rest of the scenes of the day of Hajj, is is is is resemblance to the hereafter.

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I want to go back to what I started with, you know, I'm not actually mentioned all of this intentionally.

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So hide, reminds us with death

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reminds us with the hereafter.

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And really, one of the things that bothered a lot of Hajaj is after coming back from high school and you have to now

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start again, work again. You know, you wish like you know, it's it's over. Now you have to start over and you're concerned and Lindell had the only pillar in Islam. If you fulfill the conditions and and any strife will lie no luck and I want to tell you something. If Allah subhanaw taala the hope in Allah subhanaw taala that no one will come back, but earning that birth certificate. What men Hi Jeff lm Mira fourthwall me So, Raja amin uno de comunidad, Whosoever performs Hajj fulfills the condition sincerity, adherence to the

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secret. He doesn't argue and he doesn't do a lot of that stuff. He comes back like a newborn.

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Meaning a new book. Now you're very much concerned

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that what are you going to do with that new book? Again, here's why I started with the hudy do not wish for them. We should not wish for them. But we should say Oh Allah. If life is good, let me live so I can get more passionate.

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And if I am to come back to a fitna and now I'm going to mess up again. And then Oh Allah, I do not need this life. That's the attitude. Who did this?

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If not how best will offer happy Chi checked its authenticity. Al Hakim is compiled it abraca Sinani there are many in his masana have compiled it as well. Overall, it's good chain of narration

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of the line our best is the narrator. He says I was performing hajj with the top of the law one.

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And after Omar thrown the jamara

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and he did his fear will hide his fear will

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pop off.

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And we're about to leave Makkah.

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He said Bring me water.

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So he made Zulu.

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And he went to a top of a hill

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and he prayed to rock us and he raised his hand and he said

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Allah who macabre Sidney

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Oh Allah.

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I became old. I'm old.

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Well, now over to watty.

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And my strength is no longer there. I'm not as

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strong as it used to be. Look at the same time. What does ultra Yeti

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and my idea my responsibilities are what? We know that Islam went to Burj Iran, that's why the Shia they hate something called Omar they hate him because they believe that he's the one who brought down their superpower. He's the top of the list. When they go after the Sahaba for that reason, Islam went all the way Egypt.

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overdone we know Omar

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how He looked at his MRI he did not see himself to be honored. We know that at night. He would not sleep he would just walk around the narrow roads or corridors of Medina and check it on his right here and we know different stories, the story of the women with with the mother with their with their with the daughter that the male can and and the

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orphans and the the babies who were not who are crying because they were not suckled properly and we know stories and he made that beautiful statement that if an animal in ABA,

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which is part of his province or province under the Islamic rule would not have a walkway. Omar will be asked about it in a different way. No.

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And then he says what fatawa phirni la caja de la

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So he made this after hatch.

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Oh Allah. I'm getting old.

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I have no strength anymore. And my responsibilities are bigger now. Now Oh Allah, I wanna die before I waste my Amanda

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and then applied Napa said, what our feni Shahid and Fie Bella Dena be

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and I wanna die as a Shaheed in the town film messenger.

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Shaheed in Medina. How this will happen

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if you want to die as a Shaheed you need to be out there what would the army and the outskirts of

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fighting but in Medina subpanel.

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Tomorrow months later,

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almost two months later, he was tapped by Abu Medusa

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in the mail while he was leaving the salon.

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again, how did Omar make the work? He did not say I want to die.

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But he said what? Oh Allah sees my soul, if I am going to waste What? neglect what my responsibilities in India in the Hereafter

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is far important. More important than dystonia?

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is the most important thing, that should be your focus and the dunion that the reality of this world It should be a farm we we plan things that we want to harvest but if the dunya becomes

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the world would consume your life your actions, and at the same time you lose the Acura no

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yeah you hola de la comida te la la Khun few fi sabinillas if lol Oh, look, are we to build higher dunia Amina?

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Are you contented with this world in place of the hereafter? Don't do it. fella Mata whole hierarchy dounia Phil filati illa Allah.

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This is what I thought about sharing with you tonight.

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You know how Jesus is a very, I asked Allah subhana wa Taala by his beautiful names and lofty attributes not to deprive any of you from going to the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala here if we're one of a kind

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experience, you can describe it. And I'm telling you, regardless of how many times you've been there,

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you don't until regardless of how many Rabbul aalameen, Allah subhanho wa jal beta method, the word method in Arabic means what you have to buena Li like if you were it, you take it off and what you wash it and what method comes from actually. So the word itself derives from the that you always go back and read it again. So the method battle in nursing

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and there is nothing better. Nothing better than going to Allah subhanho wa Taala in his house

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because he called This is my house at

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you go Do you feel the spiritual experience and you feel the presence of Allah subhanho wa Taala Of course we believe Allah exists.

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Of course we can say everywhere here otherwise you're going to assume he's on the throne. He's with us regardless of where we are. But there is a special problem. That is special near miss when you are in the house of Allah subhanaw taala because of your spiritual status because of your Eman, your Eman is lifted. Your faith is lifted. Oh add to this sapan Allah so beautiful and I want to prolong this. We've already gone over 15 minutes right?

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Two more minutes inshallah.

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The the oma you're also panela when you were here, we read all these news and all these attacks against Muslims. You're there as if it doesn't exist. And this is really what

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is getting them going in circles, regardless of how much negativity, they are trying to promote and circulate around Islam and Muslims, but Islam still the fastest growing religion in the face of this earth, you go there, the expansion, that the construction that they are doing in Mecca out of this world, that the house of Allah is expanding, and is not enough, not enough place, you know how many people will turn, I so many people I notice here, they turned down their visas, because they said whether they have place for you, and it's true, you go there, there is no place. And one of the testing the most testy things about height is how close you become to people. Wherever you work,

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you're hitting somebody or somebody is hitting you, when you slip, somebody need you, because it's so crowded. And, you know, I think they did a very good job utilizing the Chinese and doing that train. But I think they need to use the Chinese more in planning the housing and the lodging, because Chinese do very good job because you know, the Chinese they have a problem also with population, I think they would do a good job, bring in the Chinese in and try to organize the lodging and so forth. But what I want to say is the unity of the Muslims. And I grew up with this and and this is really the essence the beauty of having a body

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that believes you know, I ended up I go there. I don't even know who is going with me until I arrived here. And I ended up

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you know, I had a group but I ended up with 200 300 Muslims,

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all walks of life.

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different nationalities, of course, all of them are from the United States. So like any other machine in the United States, you know, some of the brothers are from Pakistan. Some of the brothers are from Afghanistan, some of them are Arabs, some of them are actually born here. Like our brother Adam Schiff, Adam here and and you know a variety of have lots of Hannah law after maybe a week or two. If the message is broadcast is correct, though he the Unity one oma, we know one another. We know one another and, and we care about one another. And I'm telling you, the best friendships that you can make. And that is why normally when when a brother calls me complaining about how the

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relationship with his spouse is not doing very well and please pick up Dharma Gautama Buddha.

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Well, it can you know, when when you have some issue with your spouse, the best way to heal that is go to Hydra Rama to get the best way. Because it's knowing when you will for especially for the obedience philosopher that Allah Allah blesses the hearts. So we come back like Subhana Allah so that, you know this is a message that we have to establish this will we live with?

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That, you know, to Allah to place affection amongst our heart? We ask Allah Subhana Allah to make life and increase of goodness and to make death a relief from evil. Your blood I mean, for all of us, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to use us to the service of his Deen Allah who must have dinner but I mean, Allah who must determine whether to step in Allahu Allahu

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Allahu Medina, what demeanor was set up eliminated a jack O'Hara, nobody would you for taking the time. Apolo holy Hara was the Fulani. Welcome what hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen