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Juz’ 9: Al-A’raf 88-206 – Al-Anfal 1-40

Al-A’raf 144-174

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Allah yamasa in this cafe to Kerala Nessie, b risala. t will be Konami. Allah said almost. I have chosen you over the people with my messages and my words. So take what I have given you, for whom man t Touka will come in a share Corinne. Take what I have given you and be among the grateful. Take the scripture the book that Allah has given you, and be grateful for that scripture for that book for that guidance. And now take these words for yourself. Allah has also given us the book. So for hood matthay Touka welcome Mina shackling be grateful for the blessing of Quran. Don't be upset, Don't be impatient. Don't be resentful. And we wrote for him on the tablets, something of all

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things, instruction and explanation for all things, saying, Take them with determination. musar Listen, I was told for hold the hair before what and take them with determination and order your people to take the best of it, meaning follow it as it is. I will show you the home of the defiantly disobedient, meaning those who don't adhere to the book those who leave it who don't follow it, who are they defiantly disobedient, and you will be soon shown the result of such people, I will turn away from my signs those who are arrogant upon the earth without right. The arrogant are not gifted with guidance, unless as such people are turned away from my signs turned away from Allah if and if

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they should see every sign, they will not believe in it. And if they see the way of consciousness, they will not adopt it as a way. But if they see the way of error, they will adopt it as a way that is because they have denied our signs and they were heedless of them. arrogance prevents a person from accepting guidance. The truth is there it is evident, yet some people don't see it. Why? Because of the error that is in the heart. What is that error? It is pride. And when a person sees evil, he adopted right away. Why? Because of the error because of the fault that is in the heart. Those people who denied our signs and the meeting of the hereafter have been taught to whom their

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deeds have become worthless, or their recompense except for what they used to do. So what do we see? A person is only recompense for what he has done in his life. I shall deliver on her reported, she said, I said O Messenger of Allah, the son of a person from among the righteous of the people before weaning of their ancestors, right, the son of deuteron. He used to establish ties of relationship he used to feed the poor. He used to do a lot of good deeds, but he used to come and check, would that be of any avail to him? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, No, it will not avail him. Why? Because he never said, Oh, my Lord, pardon my sins on the Day of Resurrection. So a person will only be

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recompense for what he used to do. If he's punished, it's because he committed those sins, if he's rewarded, it's because he did those deeds. And if he did not perform those deeds, if he did not worship Allah, then will he be rewarded? No, will he go to jail? No. And the people of Moosa made after his departure from their ornaments, a calf and image having a lowing sound this all those idols and that love because it was not thrown away. What happened when they got a chance they made an idol. Did they not see that it could neither speak to them nor guide them to obey? They took it for worship, and they were wrongdoers, and when regret overcame them, and they saw that they had

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gone astray. They said, if our Lord does not have mercy upon us, and forgive us, we will surely be among the losers. And when Messiah returned to his people, angry and grieved, why was he angry? Because they had worshipped the calf. He was grieved. He was said that How could my people do this? He said, How wretched is that by which you have replaced me after my departure? Were you impatient over the matter of your Lord? And he threw down the tablets? What was he told? musasa was told, hold and hold. Have you ever been in anger, what happened? He threw it down. And this anger, it was good anger, because this was anger for the sake of Allah. This was not because of his own self. This was

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because of Allah subhanaw taala. So in anger, what happened? He forgot, he forgot what a little human being and he put the tablets down, and he seized his brother by the hair of his head, bullying him toward him, her own said, Oh, son of my mother. Indeed. The people oppressed me and we're about to kill me. So let's not the enemies rejoice over me and do not place me among the wrongdoing people. Meaning I tried my best to do Islam. I stopped them, but they did not. Listen.

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So now you don't be angry with me because if you're angry with me, the people will laugh at me. Color a bill fairly well, he musalla Sam said, Oh my Lord, forgive me and my brother and admit us into your mercy, for you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. Getting angry over what is forbidden is a sign of a man. But most artists Anna eventually got over that anger. When his brother gave him an explanation. He accepted it. What happens is when we don't get over anger, it's because we were angry for ourselves. Our ego was hurt. Because we were truly angry for a loss of data. Then as soon as the solution comes about, then what will happen that anger will also go away. Now we see

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over here, how don't RSM says don't make the enemy laugh over me? Does it ever happen that you feel like people are laughing over you? are maybe they're smirking because of your accent or because of the way you're dressed? Or because of what you ordered the food that you order or the sample that you're not taking whatever it may be, because of your choices which are dictated by your religion. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that our weather will be let him in general Bella, he was a rocky Shaka, he was so ill Kaba he was Shanna turtle are the take refuge with Allah from the difficulties of severe calamities from having an evil end and a bad fate and from the malicious joy of your

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enemies. Because you see, when people laugh at you, this can be very discouraging. It can shatter your confidence. Kennecott very easily. You can change your mind you give up so easily. Even a child does not like being laughed at. it shatters their confidence. So seek refuge with Allah that Allah protect me from the situations when somebody will laugh at me because of my religion. And if they do laugh at me, give me the confidence to be strong at that time. Indeed, those people who took the cat for worship will obtain anger from their Lord and humiliation in the light of this world, and thus do We recompense the inventors of falsehood, but those who committed misdeeds and then repented

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after them and believed, indeed your Lord thereafter is Forgiving and Merciful. What do we see even the biggest of sins is forgiven? Why, due to repentance, due to repentance. And when the anger subsided and Moosa, he took up the tablets, there is no pride over here, he put them down, and now he's picking them up. After anger, generally what happens arrogance comes in. So we should try to get over that anger and not feel proud, so that we can go back to normal. He picked up the tablets, and in their inscription was guidance and mercy for those who are fearful of their Lord. And Moosa chose from his people, 70 men for our appointment, these 70 people were taken to seek forgiveness

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from Allah for having worship the calf. And these 70 people were basically representing their entire nation. So Musan Islam took them with him to the Mount, but what happened? The earthquake sees them Why? Because they demanded that they should see Allah. These were the people who are going to apologize to Allah subhanaw taala. And what happened over there at the mountain they said, we'll never believe until we see Allah. So what happened and earthquake sees them, and they were falling, they died. Massara Sam said, Oh, my Lord, if you had willed, you could have destroyed them before and me as well. Would you destroy us for what the foolish among us have done? This is not but your

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trial in here 11th network by which you send a stray whom you will and guide whom you will and totally Yuna. You are our protector fulfilled, learn our Hamner, so forgive us and have mercy upon us. We're under hiral offering and you are the best of forgivers. When a person is in some difficulty, he's in a very sensitive situation. Remember the difficulties they can either make us or break us. They can either make us stronger or they can ruin us, they can destroy us. And remember that life is not smooth for anybody. It's not a smooth ride at all. There are definitely going to be hardships. So when we are being tested, when we are in a state of hardship, we need to be extra

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extra careful, because one trial, it can bring a person the reward of worshiping many years, or it can waste the reward of worshiping Allah for many years. It can either elevate us or it can make us fall down. Why? What is it that makes a person so high after a test when he has succeeded when he relied upon Allah soprano tada and what is it that

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makes a person fault sore down because of that test when, when he has failed that test. When he was angry with Allah, we see that musar listeners are angry with Allah. He's still asking Allah for guidance for forgiveness for mercy. Generally what happens when we are going through some tests, we allow ourselves to fall back. We say, you know what, I'm in a lot of fame. I have the right to be angry. I'm very fed up. I can't be bothered. I can't pray anymore. I don't find peace and comfort in prayer. I'm done. I've had it. I can't keep going on like this. We say what is inappropriate. This is something that destroys a person. That test became a fitna for him, that hardship became a source

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of destruction for him, whereas it could have been the source of his success. So in the time of hardship, what is necessary, we seek refuge with ALLAH, against even our sole work to blend if he had he dunya has Sunnah and decree for us in this world, that which is good, and also in the hereafter. Indeed, we have turned back to you in holding a la Oh Allah, we turn to you. Allah said my punishment, I afflict with it, whomsoever I will, but my mercy encompasses all things. So I will decree it, especially for those who fear me and gives a cat and those who believe in our verses. So in order to receive Allah's mercy, what is necessary What do we have to do Eman is a cat sadaqa

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fearing Allah, those who follow the messenger, the unlettered Prophet, who are those people who receive Allah's mercy, those people who follow the messenger, the unlettered Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam, whom they find written in what they have of the Torah and the Gospel,

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who enjoins upon them what is right and forbids them what is wrong, and makes lawful for them the good things and prohibits for them the evil and relieves them of their burden and the shackles which were upon them. The Prophet came, this law was sent why, in order to make our lives easier, but what do we do? We leave the deen and we make our lives difficult. How through extravagance, like for example, in our Deen, we are taught that simplicity is from email, that we should keep things simple. It doesn't mean we don't have fun. But even in fun, we keep things simple. But when we leave that simplicity, and we go towards extravagance, then what happens marriage which is meant to bring

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joy, it becomes a time of great stress for people. Stress for the mother stress for the father stress for the bride and the groom. They're supposed to be happy and they are exhausted. mentally, emotionally, they are exhausted. Tell me which marriages at which wedding party is it that you've gone to? And you haven't seen the family stressed out? Hmm. They're stressed out from days before and days after. Why? Because we have left that simplicity and we have gone into extravagance, we have shackled ourselves. We are imprisoning ourselves. We are taught that the right way of worshipping Allah soprano Tada. And when we leave that, and we follow innovations, then what do we

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do? Again? We're making our lives difficult. No, we're in the Quran and Sunnah are we told that you have to say some Vicar 100,000 times that you have to pray 111 in one go. The prophets of Allah when he prayed to Yama lane, how many cars would he bring it? This was his usual habit eight and then two, and then one with this was his usual habit, but we impose hardship on ourselves 100 rock art, like knuffel marathon, or that we have to we have to have to have to finish 30 runs. And then what happens we're not talking to anybody. In fact, we're not even reciting. And people are just passing their finger over the lines and thinking that they are reading this is burdening ourselves. Remember

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that the dean that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam brought it is the most perfect, it is complete all of it. So nothing needs to be taken out and nothing needs to be added to it. When we will take something out. When we will add to it. We are only going to make our life difficult. We are going to put ourselves in hardship. So those who have believed in him, honored him, supported him and follow the light which was sent down with him. It is those who will be the successful. So those who follow the messenger sallallahu Sallam success is for them, say oh Prophet, or mankind indeed I am the messenger of Allah, to all of you, from him to Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the

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earth. There is no deity except Him. He gives life and causes death. So be

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Allah and His Messenger the unlettered prophet who believes in Allah and His words and follow Him that you may be guided. If he does so, if he believes in Allah, then why should we not. And among the people of masa is a community which guides by truth and by it establishes justice. So those amongst them who were good, they are also praised, even if they are the exception, and this is the justice of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And we divided them into 12 descendant tribes as distinct nations, and we inspire to Moosa when his people implored him for a water strike with your staff, the stone and their gushed forth from it. 12 Springs, every people knew its watering place, and we shaded them with clouds, and sent down upon the manor and quails saying, eat from the good things with which we have provided you and they wronged us not, but they were only wronging themselves and mentioned when it was said to them, dwell in this city, and eat from it wherever you will, and say, relieve us of our burdens, will pulu hectorton and enter the gate bowing humbly, we will then forgive you your sins, we will increase the

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doors of good in goodness and reward centers evil merci Nein, we will increase those who do arson. But those who wronged among them change the words to a statement other than that which had been sent to them. So we sent upon them a punishment from the sky for the wrongs that they were doing, and ask them about the tone that was by the sea, when they transgressed in the matter of the Sabbath, when their fish came to them openly under Sabbath day. And the day they had no Sabbath. They did not come to them. Thus did we give them trial because they were defiantly disobedient. This is also a test that went home is so easy. It's so easy to do, just right there for us. All we have to do is just go

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and throw the net, just go and sign a contract, just go and say yes, it's so easy. It's made available, but it's a test. And when a community among them said, Why do you advise or warn people whom Allah is about to destroy, or to punish with a severe punishment? meaning those who stopped them other set? Why do you bother? Don't stop them leave them. The adviser said, Why do we do that in order to be absolved before your Lord and perhaps they may fear him. We are telling them we are reminding them we're telling them to stop doing this. Why? So that we have an excuse before Allah, we are not guilty. And secondly, perhaps they will feel alone. And when they forgot that by which

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they had been reminded, we save those who had forbidden evil, and sees those who wronged with a wretched punishment, because they were defiantly disobedient. So when they were insolent about that which they had been forbidden, we said to them, be apes despised when the limits of Allah are crossed, then the punishment is also extreme. When a person goes to an extreme, then the punishment is also extreme. They change the law, they played with the law, they altered its appearance. So Allah also altered their appearance, Allah also changed their form. Ultimately, those who succeeded were only those who stopped this evil. Because you see this community who transgressed concerning

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the matter of the Sabbath, they were divided into three groups. One group was of those who transgress the matter of the Sabbath. They were told not to fish on Saturday, but they still put their nets in on Friday, and they took them out on Sunday. They were cheating over here. Another group was of those people who stopped them who said, this is wrong, you should not do this. And the third group was those people who said, Why bother, just live your own life.

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So what happened, who was saved, ultimately, those who stopped from evil, because remember, if we don't stop the wrong that is going on around us before our eyes, then we are equally responsible. We have to show our disapproval. We have to stop it. If we cannot stop it, at least show disapproval. If we cannot even show this approval, then at least feel that it is wrong in the heart. We should not be okay with it ever. Because when somebody is doing something wrong, then remember if we don't stop it, then we are part of it. And when we are part of it, then we will also suffer the consequences and mentioned when your Lord declared that he would surely continue to send upon them

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until the Day of Resurrection. Those who would afflict them with the worst storm meant. Why because of their wrongdoing, because indeed your Lord is swift and penalty, but indeed, he is Forgiving and Merciful also, and we divided them throughout the earth intonations, all of them somewhere righteous, and all of them somewhere otherwise, and we tested them with good times and bad that perhaps they would return to obedience.

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So what do we see? Each group is tested each person, each nation through good and bad, and those who believed in the profits, and also those who rejected they were tested, because this life is not for rest. What is it for it is for test. We were created for Allah's worship, and in order to worship Allah, in order to show that we are truly ullas worshipers, then we have to continue to worship Allah even in good times. And in bad times. Well Bellona home bill Hassan it was c'est la la homeo Joon. But what happens we keep waiting for good times. We keep waiting for ease. When things are good, then I will pray. When things are good, then I will read Quran. But what do we see that we are

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worshipers of Allah? How when in all circumstances, in all situations of life? Sometimes we are told you're too young. Sometimes we're told you're a young mother. And sometimes we're told you have young children.

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And sometimes we're told or now you're too old. Take it easy. Well, the thing is that it's never going to be perfect. What Bellona home bill has and it was say, it's always either good or bad. And in both of these times, we have to remain obedient to Allah. And there followed them successors who inherited the Scripture, while taking the commodities of this lower life, meaning the salt dunya the salt worldly benefits through what? Through religion. Now, what do we see that when a person has been given the knowledge of the deen, when a person has been granted awareness of their religion, then whatever he does, he must do it with sincerity. Because people are being criticized over here

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for seeking the commodity is of this lower life in exchange for what in exchange for adhering to the Scripture. So our intention, first of all, must be sincere whenever we're doing anything for the sake of Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, learn the Quran, learn the Quran, and buy it. ask Allah for Jinnah, meaning when you're learning the Quran, what should be your goal to seek Jenna, before some others will come? Who will learn the Quran, but they will demand worldly benefits through which

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they will learn later on. But what will they do? They will seek the dunya through it. For indeed, there are three types of people who learn the Quran, a man who shows off by it, meaning he learns the Quran, so that he can have a performance. Then secondly, a man who eats through it, meaning he uses it as a means of making money. And thirdly, a man who reads it for Allah.

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So there are three types of people who learn the Quran, we need to think, who am I? am I learning this book, just so that I can impress other people that yes, I have studied the Quran cover to cover Yeah, I have read the Quran? Or is it so that we can put something on our resume? Maybe? Or maybe the sole intention is to make money through this? Or is it really for the sake of Allah? If it's for the sake of Allah, then yes, we are safe. If it's not for the sake of Allah for his pleasure, then we are in danger. So these people, what did they do? They inherited the Scripture, but they made commodities of this lower life through it. And they would say, it will be forgiven for us being

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doesn't matter, doesn't matter, we will be forgiven, because we are the best people. And if an offer like it comes to them, they will again take it, meaning if a better offer comes, they will take it. They say Oh Allah will forgive us, but then they go back to their sins. And this also shows that they will leave the book for greater benefit, because they're just using the book to make money, to gain praise to gain fame. So if there is a better option of gaining fame of making more money, than they will leave the book, and they will go to that was not the covenant of the Scripture taken from them, that they would not say about Allah except the truth, and they studied what was in it. And the

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home of the Hereafter is better for those who fear Allah, so will you not use reason. But those who hold fast to the book, one Latina, you must see Carnival kita those who hold fast to the book, whether things are easy or tough, whether they're busy, or they're free, they don't leave the book of Allah. Why? Because it's a commitment with Allah, and they establish the prayer. Indeed, we will not allow to be lost the reward of the reformers in nylon or the original Muslim hain because these people are truly reformers, these people are rightly guided their work is Islam who's those who adhere to the book of Allah. This is why the prophets that allows them said that I am leaving

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amongst you two things.

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If you hold on to them, you'll never go straight, you will be rightly guided and what are they the Quran and the Sunnah. So the Quran, a person must hold on to it, never leave it.

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And mentioned when we raised the mountain above them as if it was a dark cloud, and they were certain that it would fall upon them. And Allah said, take what we have given you with determination and remember what is in it that you might fear Allah, if a person wants the what, if a person wants to be saved from evil from the fire, then what is that he has to do? He should hold on to the Quran and Sunnah, and mentioned when your Lord took from the children of Adam, from their loins, their descendants, and made them testify of themselves, saying to them, unless to be or have become, Am I not your Lord? They said, Yes, Bella shahida. Now we have testified, this last you should say on the

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Day of Resurrection, indeed, we were of this unaware. Here, the last is mentioned that we have all made a covenant with Allah, that when Allah created Adam, then in Hades, we learn that all of the children of Adam were brought out. And Allah subhanaw taala asked them, allow us to be or become, Am I not your Lord? And all the children of Adam, they said, Bala, yes, You are our Lord. We believe in you, we recognize you, we know you, unless as this promise was made, why, so that later, you don't say that? We were unaware that you created us, we were unaware that you even existed? Or lest you say it was only that our forefathers associated in worship with Allah before, and we were but

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descendants after them, then would you destroy us for what the falsifies have done? So basically, what this shows is that on the Day of Judgment, no person can make an excuse that Oh Allah, I never knew you existed. I never knew I was supposed to worship, you know, Allah told us before he sent us to this world, about himself. Allah put in us the thirst to seek him. Then he sent prophets and guidance. So on the Day of Judgment, nobody can make an excuse that Oh Allah I did not know. And thus do We explain in detail the verses and perhaps they will return