What To Avoid In Ramadan

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The conversation discusses the diseases of the heart and how they affect people's health. The speakers emphasize the importance of eds and treatments for these diseases, as they are the most important treatments. They also discuss the importance of avoiding bad opinions and remembering all the blessings of the heart.

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The diseases of the heart,

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we looked at, first of all, we looked at the who talked about,

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and the importance of eds. And then we talked about the outcome of knowledge.

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And the treatments for

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the disease.

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These are really the most important ones,

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down to about four or five ones, if you can control those, all the other ones actually are removed easily.

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And Ramadan is a month to

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to be happy with the behavior or the livelihood

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when you basis fast.

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And so it's kind of the opposite of that idea. And then

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actually, he said,

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the best

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the best is rectifying between people. So the best way to find the two people

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that would be the best. So this is a time to remove from your heart about people. And

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this is a time when you can't do any

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If somebody tries to,

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don't fight with them,

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tell them you don't want to do it. And then

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is about gaining a position with a law because the reason the secret of the only actor

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is an actor.

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Fasting is

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is is that

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the lazy

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neglected, it grows up loving to stop.

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When it becomes so long a bond is the time of learning

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from them.

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And then

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the things that you don't do

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the shortcomings of your actions

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to recognize that you've wasted the whole year and now it's time to catch up.

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It's time to catch up in this month.

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conquer the envy comes from desire. You can conquer desire, then you can remove envy

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and desire is based

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on catalyst.

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Those two desires conquer and

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master them then all the other desires become easy.

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This is a time to have

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without seeing a lot is is

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one of the secrets of abundance

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of the heart,

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the highest

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of the heart.

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This is also a time to learn to recognize

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your position and to give up your anxieties and recognize that food is not something that we should be under the control of that, in fact, you should recognize it.

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Because I lost the handle with the island, and recognize that that's coming from him

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when you're fasting, but you can't live without him, it is a type of line.

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One of the best things of Ramadan is even the worst mistakes suddenly become like

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it's, it's, it's more difficult to have.

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Because everybody's at the message

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feel as significant as he would at other times of the year.

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Because everybody was.

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And so that's another important thing is to remove that desire to be seen by others, and desire to be honest.

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Again, relates to the same idea

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increases, you become more content with.

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And one of the things that increases in

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the month.

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This month is what the month intend to do. And if we practice what is the wants of the people that desire

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the same

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desires, reputation amongst people things like this is this desire is one of again.

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One of the things about Ramadan is to remind you,

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you don't have much time. This is why

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because he's only had a few months and three days

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is his

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fancy talk and

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excessive talk with no benefit in it. And then a

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bad omen, everybody will have bad omens

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you ever come to a ladder? I grew up thinking it's bad luck to walk under a ladder.

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And I would have walked around. Now you come to a ladder here walk around, it could fall from the top but don't do it because it's a superstition.

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That costs whatever the Burma the Arabs have

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found out it was a really bad sign. So if you see an

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the curb.

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And then

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a line which is suspicion. You shouldn't have bad opinions of other people.

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ls which is cheating

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to learn how to control,

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heedlessness Ramadan is that month to remember that you should remember them all the time but more or less time.

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rancor is

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one of the worst diseases suffer

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this lack of the sensor

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and then

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this is a month also to remember

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and this is a time where you should be reflecting on all the blessings

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diseases of the heart