Yasir Qadhi – On Death – Reflections At The Loss of My Aunt

Yasir Qadhi
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hamdulillah Isla De Niro

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Al hamdu Al Hamdulillah, Al Hamdulillah, Camden, Kathie Lee Banila, Bullock,

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delta and Cooney, Noir,

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Masada to

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Kareem, we all have to come to this conclusion about your brothers and sisters

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an motel He is the one who has destined and decreed that we shall have death and life. And he mentioned death before life. Because we all take life for granted. We're living diverse comes down, we're hearing that when we're alive. So Allah says he created death and life because no one denies life. We all appreciate life, but it is the death that we want to not quite deny, but we want to simply ignore and not really think about. And we know of course, that our that our Creator has said, and these are verses you all know that I will mode every soul shall taste death. And a lot of zildjian mentions a number to formulate COVID mode, whatever you are, death will come to you. Even

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if you are in protected fortresses, you are going to die, the concept of Death is inevitable. You cannot run away from death, death is going to come to you. In fact, one of the most powerful verses about depth, which is really something we should think about a lot addresses our Profit System directly in the singular he addresses him directly. And he says one

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company can hold, we did not give any human being before you immortality, no one lives forever. We did not get anyone before you immortality. Then in the singular he speaks directly.

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And he says

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if you are going to die, this isn't a singular, Allah is speaking directly to our nebby solahart. He was sent him and he's asking a rhetorical question. If you are going to die, do they think they're going to live by a meter for who will hardly do you are not going to live forever. If anyone were to be given immortality, if anyone deserves to live forever, if anyone is as honored and as magnified by Allah azza wa jal that our promises, he deserved to live forever. But what if it was a

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company called for no one gives you immortality, you are going to die and they are going to die in

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what is

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known as what you shall die, and they shall die in

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you are going to die and they are going to die. Death is an inevitable reality. And it is also true that even if it is an inevitable reality, few of us think about it, most of us sideline it, we don't really concentrate about it. And that is why the concept of death is mentioned in the forum and sooner over and over again. In fact, in our tradition, we are told the prophets Allah walmartone said

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that think frequently about that which will destroy all pleasures, we are commanded to think frequently about death, and he didn't even call it death. He called it the destroyer of pleasures, because we enjoy pleasures, we enjoy life. We enjoy anything that makes us happy. But there will come something that will destroy all that makes us happy. So we are commanded to think of death. Why not so that we are more vivid not so that we are fascinated with the grotesque not so that we live sad lives? No. The reality is, why are we commanded to think of just to bring a better quality of life, we think about death so that we live a better life, a more productive life, a more fruitful

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life, we are commanded to contemplate the meaning of life so that the life that we live is even better. And so far from running away from death, far from ignoring death, we are commanded to constantly remind ourselves of death and in fact, not only of death, but what will happen after death of us as a foreigner in Europe in round one up to now

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we are going to resurrect the debt. And we will write down everything that they sent forward to them, and we shall write down what

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the legacy they left behind. I want us to understand what is this first thing, every time somebody dies, Allah is saying, You shall be resurrected, you shall be resurrected. And there will be two things that will come with you on that Resurrection Day. One up tomorrow.

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We'll write down and therefore the meaning all the writing down, although we'll bring it up again on Judgement Day, what they send forward, what did they send forward, they send forward their good deeds, they sent forward their charity, they sent forward their Salah Lusaka, they sent this forward when you give your charity is not from your banking, however, is it allows origin has it in the real deposits of the author. This is not what is what we leave behind their traces their legacy, what is their, their legacy is what impact they have caused, that is still alive when they die. This is when a person dies, the more beneficial they were to society, the more legacy they have left. This is

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when a person dies. Imagine a person builds an orphanage, imagine a person who rescued imaginary person impacted lives. This is a thought. So there are things that a person has left behind, they're still alive, they're still around, the person has gone on. These are the app. So whenever three one of us goes, we need to prepare for those two things, what we send forward, and what legacy we will leave behind. This is a question that should be on all of our minds when I go, who will miss me? What impact that I have had will continue to benefit what I have done of evil men.

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What evil I have done, who will continue to be harmed by that evil, these are the

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our profit in

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a better direction.

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What's your idea at least

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not at all a lot, make me the sound whatever the interpretation is a lot. Make the people mentioned me was good after I am gone. Make the people remember me with good after I am gone. This is one of the interpretations of this verse, which oddly

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enough, let the tones of the people always speak good things about my legacy as tapana law there is no human being in all of human history that is more admired by the quantity of people than the Prophet Ibrahim, it is true our profit system by the quality of people, no one could beat him. But in terms of quantity, the Jews, the Christians, the Muslims, that that is more than half of mankind they admired and they respect the Prophet Ibrahim, this is the daughter teammate which I lead the son assistant without any so it is not an Islamic at all to think about your legacy. On the contrary, it is Islamic, it is the essence of preparing to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala What have I

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left behind? What have I done that will continue to impact the people even after I have gone that is something that every one of us should be thinking about. As we live our lives, we all know that we do not know when death is going to come this is something that is well known to all of us death doesn't give you an appointment. It doesn't put you in a schedule, there's no such thing as convenient death happens. And every single person does not know that time of death. However, there are a lot even the Angel of Death is told at that point in time. As Allah says in the Quran, there are five things that only he knows, and one of them in which land they are living, in which land the

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person who died, forget the time you cannot even dictate the land, the country of your death. Only Allah subhanho wa Taala knows. So we are as we all gathered here today to just reflect and think about one of the decisions that has recently left and that is my often the relative of many of you and the friends of all of you have not only as a parent, but if you look at the legacy that this lady has left the power law, really there are signs for every one of us there are signs for us to contemplate about a lot of xojo does not need fame, he does not need a massive amounts of people knowing you this was a simple innocent lady. She came from a land just not having an Islamic

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education. She didn't have a Master's a PhD in Islamic Studies. But as we all know, every one of us here knows she had a pure heart. She had a good heart. She had a loving heart wherever she went whatever she did, she did it with Islam and with genuine love. Look at the amount of why she impacted it is well known. That's why all of us are here. 100 Aboriginals yesterday, one of the largest houses I have attended in this community and we want everybody to have a large Bonanza. But this was a simple lady who came here and who dedicated her life not to massive causes not just something of international thing. She didn't go raise funds for others diner, all the good meaty

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issue. You don't need to do that many people misunderstanding What can I do for the homeless, so how to love you do what you can with whatever you have, wherever you are, just be nice and good. And the impact that you will leave the legacy that you will leave is something that all that is required for all of us and Allah does not care about vain. He doesn't care about how many people know you he doesn't care about how large of an audience you have. My aunt was not globally known but the impacts you cause the lives she touched the people that you

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Whoo. So, it is something that this whole community is a witness to. And remember our profitsystem said that perhaps the most pious person is that man or that woman, nobody pays attention. Nobody even knows he exists. He's a silent, quiet person, just coming, praying and

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doing good in secret. Nobody knows about the good our processes and sometimes that is the most pious person and I believe this is something that we can actually inshallah witness from this as well, as well, my dear brothers and sisters from Kerala really moved and touched as well when I saw the outpouring of love for this lady and our brother Civil War. And he said unto Sure, show who

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you are, the witnesses have a lot on this earth, once our offices in the city and the messages and my generals I went by, and the people when they found out who it was, they said, Good riddance, but thing is gone. We don't want him Okay, he did this and that they said bad things about Tim. And the process. So much of what you said is going to happen is watching. Then another gentleman came after an hour or two, and they said, Oh, how about this man died, May Allah forgive him, he was this, he was that he was so righteous, he will be missed, and they made

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mercy. And they mentioned with good, then the prophets have said, whatever. But what you said is going to happen, then he explained, and he said, I'm going to show a lot different. You are a lot of witnesses on this earth, you bear witness to the status of a person in the eyes of the law. This is of course, the general rule. And a sharp edge is really a rule that we see sometimes people are persecuted by the rulers and

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governments and they're put in prison, and yet still they are beloved by the people. Sometimes the smear campaigns take place, until the person is Beloved, because that is something only unless you

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can control and predict. And we see this as walking shadow law in my hands, and in many, many others that when they go away to how long Nothing is left other than good words and good speech and genuine sorrow, and that insha Allah Tada, it is a really, really positive sign of the loss that is there are your brothers and sisters again, words tell me there's no, there's no point to your long lectures. At this point in time. We are all in pain. We're all lost. We accept the loss decree in 99. What about your own individualized monopoly?

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Everything belongs to a law and everything has an edge and a timeframe. I shall go You shall go. Every one of us is going to leave when we leave my dear brothers and sisters, what legacy will we leave behind? That is something you need to think about one final point before I finish up for today. What can we do for our loved ones, but they've gone away? What can we do our Prophet symbol, modify your sentiments as somebody came to the city to a law, my mother died? Suddenly, my mother died suddenly, and I want to do something for what can I do? Can I give something up on her behalf? So the prophets have said yes, give something on her behalf. Yes, give further and the reward will

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be true. So we learned from this that one of the most important things that we can do or loved ones is to give charity. Charity can be given to anyone any poor person, whatnot, but the best charity to give is the perpetual charity, the charity that continues to give back and we call it a walk on endowment, the charity where once you have invested in something that benefits people for a long period of time, such as an orphanage such as a well in one hand you can have somebody asked the process of what is the best you know charity for the deceased he said water for the people that are passing by they can build their wealth, let people you know drink from that. This is one of the

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things we can do any type of charity but most importantly the charity that continues to give to others. Another thing that amounted to the problems that my father died, what can I do? Can I do anything to help my father so he's asking an open ended question. I want to do something for my father. So the promises immediately said yes, you may make dua for your father, you may do this. For your father, you may do hijama for your father you may do for bonding for your father all these are mentioned in the heavy and if you look at that they are all different types of good deeds that are done that you can give to your relative your deceased person. person and so what is mentioned is

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heavy drop and I thought this is the easiest and I request all of you to make the out for an artist for all those that have disease and has continued to make drop the powder while profitsystem said nasty Medina drop dead Oh stingy of people are those who are too stingy to even make do out. What do you lose by raising your hands up when you hear somebody has passed away anyone and you say oh love forgive him or her or grant him or her a place in Genoa? What do you lose? And if you don't even do this, our promises and called us TMG person the most stingy person is the one who can't even make drop make drop continue to make drop and remember when you made go out for others what will happen

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the angels will they go out for you in return. Remember if you make draw for diseases

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In Sharla when it is your turn people make do out for you gotta do to done as you do unto others. So it shall be done unto you cannot to do to them so they don't offer the willingness to drop is of course generic all types of drop and drop means Ola increase their level and gender hold on make the reserve ask please hold on while I do this, hold on do that. It's the thought, of course is a more specific door. And that is all about forgive their sins, I will not exonerate them from any mistake that had an old law in the classroom. But this is his default. So there are and is still far, what else did he say hedge and Omo, one of the best that we can do for our disease is to go for a general

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model. And this is typically done obviously, by the close family members because obviously going over it requires a lot of money, and a lot of time who deserves that much from you, other than a close family member, right. So that's understandable. So when one of your deceased dies, and they are on their behalf, especially of course, your parents are those that have followed or a lot of rights over you may try to do the magic camera, it also set up for binding means you feed the poor people you do it for money, and in the name of

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the memory of

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the charity May the other go to so and so. So you give providing and the whole body here means of course, you're going to feed the poor as well. Our scholars mentioned that essentially any good deed and that's where, for example, the issue of reciting the Quran and gifting to the dead, the vast majority of scholars they said this is permissible to do you may read the Quran and then gifted to the deaf as well. The only thing that really most scholars that cannot be done is natural sign up. So that is only done by the living the prayer that we do, you cannot get your son up. But generally speaking other good deeds, you may give them some disease, they do offer them, make them do whatever

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you can for them and realize that as the heavy mentioned, the one in the hour, he receives this blessing, he receives these drawers and looks forward to them, he wants this job and benefits them. And when the when the lady died, who is to clean the message when the lady you know the famous can be delayed used to clean the messages. She died in the middle of the night. And they said Who is this lady in the person doesn't know or they made a quick prayer before they buried her. So because she was sleeping the message right? So she didn't have a home. So we're not going to keep the body here. So in the middle of the night. So how they can pray janazah and then very, very involved here.

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The next day the process of notice where is she? Where is she? This is why she died in the middle of the night. We didn't want to wake you up. We just pray janazah and very good. And again, this shows you although it doesn't care about fame, this lady we don't even know her name. Anonymous. We don't even know her name. The President said Why didn't you wake me up? Take me to record so he wants to recover. And he prayed a special graph. This is the only instance that we know of that the Prophet system went to Battier just because you have not paid the janazah and he made a special Nora and for whom we don't even know her name. But why because she did with his loss. She did what she did with

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genuine love for Allah and His Messenger just to clean the mustard. That's what is a big deal like that. But she did it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and she made a special draw for and then he said in the heart he had a more mature money, these COBOL these these graves, they are dark and they are dangling upon the people in them and a lot of xojo will enlighten them because of my drop. So I have a special offer that a lot enlightened for others. Obviously none of us reaches the level of the process of but the point is what by making do out you benefit the disease the disease will alleviate their pain their suffering might actually be impacted in sha Allah to Allah you make

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sincere do I feel worthy of it and it will impact and benefit the people of the public. So make constant throughout for those that have passed on. And of course before I conclude obviously we're gathered here today for specifically my art but of course there are others in the community that have passed away recently including brothers Mr. z here brothers a month doctor passed away as well made a larger grander agenda and also a rather bizarre shift as well he passed away recently and these were all family friends of ours and others as well if I don't mention the name, I asked for forgiveness but we should they go after all the disease that a lot is that within grasp and for

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those that are either and forgives them at the final point I want to mention my dear brothers and sisters, this inshallah we conclude that one of our scholars who had read plenty of books and travel the land one of our scholars at his deathbed, his students gathered around him and and he was asked by his students that what is the most amazing thing that you have seen that you can benefit us they wanted him to talk about his travels or something with his books. So he said now that you're going away, tell us what is the most amazing thing that you've experienced in your long life. He said, the most amazing thing that I have witnessed is people grow up and live their lives surrounded by death.

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Their family dies, their parents died, their friends die.

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Everybody that they know every day or week or one, somebody dies. And the most amazing thing, it never occurs to them that one day they will die in this world.

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This is the reality of life, every one of us have to leave. Even if we don't like to think about it, it will not change the inevitable. Yesterday my aunt was buried, and those who loved her the most went on with their lives.

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She is now number one, this was her question. This was where she would give her a hug and lose every one of you knows her and her husband, but we can go on with our lives. And tomorrow a time will come when the phone caller mentioned my name or your name. And the person was saying Oh, so Pamela I was just with him with her two days ago. So Pamela How could this handle and what's going to happen after that life will go on. So before that time comes make sure you are not have prepared to meet our last panel. Make sure we have our good deeds make sure we have our life in order make sure we have a positive legacy to leave behind. I make glad to have us with Hannah without if it is a lot

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of a lot of malice and a lot of humor humor. Yeah, our camera. I mean, all I asked you to forgive all of the Muslim men and women who have died and will not forgive all of the Muslim and Muslim out or left forgive all of the movie and the movie, not the living of them and the death of them. Allah whoever lives amongst us allowed to live with Islam and whoever dies amongst us along to die upon Eman. Allah forgive the disease all of them, Oh ALLAH forgive him as vodi Allah forgive all of those who have died in our community. All of those who have died around the world from our faith will not exalt their rights or will not forgive their sins or will not cleanse them like a white garment is

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cleanse or like cleanse them with cold water or will not cleanse them with the with the water agenda, or will not cleanse them with the snow agenda, I will make them as pure as the white government is made when it is purified or a lot cleanse them of each and every sin that they have done over the last substitute their sins for good deeds of Allah and Allah magnify every good deed with 10 times or even more than that, although all of our make their graves a vast place for them a law hold on he likened their grades with the light of the forearm, or lengthened the radius or the light of the soil or their grades with the light of charity, although not all the impact that they

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have done caused them to benefit from that impact in the upper end of the Africa a lot of a lot cause their problem to be of the Guardians of general law or law your profits of the law. I said I've said that the righteous shall look upon the guardians agenda from their power they shall have a direct Portela direct window that looks onto agenda allow my honor all those who have diseased in this community recently allow them to see gentlemen from their graves allow them to taste journal from their grades allow them to smell gender from their grades have a lot of words from them the fire of help on a birth away from them the heat of health away from them the central how the law or

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law allow them to achieve peace in the oven. Oh Allah, Allah allow them to answer the questions and we'll get lucky with that and with firmness a lot of resurrect them in the company of the Prophet solo law either you or send them a law or law cause them and all of us to be shaded under the shade of a law when there is no shade other than a shade Allah Allah allow them and all of us to be recognized for our profits of a lot while he was selling them at the house at the fountain Allah allow the Profit System to call them and us by a and to invite us to drink at the fountain and is found to love the fountain agenda that is on piano Allah allow us to drink from it a drink that will

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forever and ever and ever make us fulfilled and never make us thirsty again. Oh Allah Allah allow yourself to be easier will love Allah allow yourself to be easier will love our love make our bridge make our responses in our book in the right tempo will love Give us our book in the right time they will not allow our scales to be heavy with good deeds or law allow our skills to be the heaviest of all a lot of other causes to pass over the settlement with firmness. Causes to pass over the syrup with speed overload do not cause us to slip on the syrup or law over causes to enter agenda from the first batches Believe it

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or not cause our faces to be bright on that day will law cause our faces to be bright when we enter agenda will not allow us to be in the company of the prophets of the law finally he will send them out of the out of man for wisdom known to you you have deprived us of seeing your profit system in this world. Well we thank you we plead jewel Allah do not deprive us of being in the company of the prophets of

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Allah our promises and commanded us to think high and to aim high. And he told us when you ask Allah then ask him for for those that Allah although we know that neither we nor those who who have passed away that they do not deserve for those because of their good deeds. We know this whole lot but we also know that you are going to come out you are declaring you

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Oh you're the shampoo you give the lady is our law. We cannot earn gender we cannot earn those but I will know your rough American causes to end to gender and to those so we bet you all by your rough math, we bet you by your rough by yada yada

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yada female law

00:25:24 --> 00:25:26

or law grant as you refer to enter gender

00:25:28 --> 00:25:31

grant as you refer to causes to rise up to me.

00:25:33 --> 00:26:11

Even our deeds do not deserve to go a law you are under conditional Cody and you can grant us that wish a lot and only you can write just that wish all luck we ask you the pleasure and this weakness of looking at your face I will not overload do not deprive us of the pleasure of looking at your face I will not allow us to hear you when you say sit down to the people of Jenna and allow us to see you when you reveal yourself to the people agenda or law causes us to live as Muslims to diagnose movements and to be resurrected with the profits of the companions and companionship. They are glad to do that one in a company like open alameen wa salam was telling them about a copy

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Mohammed in Guadalajara. He was a vegetarian.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi experiences a personal loss and is in a whirlwind of emotions even as he expresses his thoughts on the death of his aunt. He reasserts the fact that death is an inevitable reality that we almost always ignore. Every soul will face it – the wise one prepares for it. 

Also, we tend to take family and loved ones for granted and do not give them the attention and love that they truly deserve before anyone else. Blood is thicker than any other worldly relationship. Hence, he implores upon us not to hold grudges, forgive and move on. After the death of loved ones, grudges transform into regret at lost opportunities. 

He also gives us ways to remain connected with our kith and kin and make time for them no matter what to avoid regrets later in life.

The Shaykh finally implores us to leave a legacy behind with which people will remember us for the good we did and this could be something as simple as maintaining friendly and loving relations with everyone.

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