I have no one but Allah! I Lesson from Women of Gaza

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But I want to ask you which women from the companions of the Prophet slice whose whose memory was invoked you got a powerful series and Ramadan mashallah with Jana Institute where he talks about women throughout history who came to comes to your mind as you're seeing this all play out in front of you, she Homer Subhanallah I look at them as flowers. And all of them are beautiful, but there's some flowers you love them or not for any reason just that's they resonate, the look resonate or feel, basically my role model, which I wasn't when I was looking at the ladies or the woman of us, talking to my mind, the one which is so dear to me, which is say Dasha,

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and almost Salama to completely two different woman, one opposite to the other from many things. But when you look at them, and I wondered, it was like, if you see the high towers in Gaza, or said almost Allama, right, I mean, I can see what I will do, but I can see when they were tested, because the test is not always fear. The test can be fear, the test can be sadness, the test can be when you are hurt, deeply, deeply hurt. And when you read the Seder, Ayesha always comes to my mind, of course, Hadith I totally fake, because that's very painful to a woman. I mean, the man feels it, but it is a woman pain. When you are innocent. You haven't done anything in the most honorable thing for

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you. Who are you? Who's your father, who's your husband? And then you know, what's the painful side is when your husband in a minute? Maybe he was, he has doubt about you're innocent. So here, imagine this moment, I looked at the woman who has and I said, they have doubts. Are they going to live in the next minute or two? You've seen so many of these videos, right? This could be the last one, the physician who died who will be recorded, right? She and her family all says this is probably the the way she was speaking. What is this calmness? She's not saying I'm going to go next. I'm going to go to vacation. Oh, I'm going to the operating room. So I looked at the Seder, Ayesha and I said when

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the moment of pain, severe pain when he asked her and told her say it, if you have done it, say it and ask Allah for forgiveness. And Allah Subhana Allah will forgive you. What did she feel? And then when she looked at her father, and he didn't say a thing, looked at her mother, what will they say? Nothing. You know, this moment, I feel it's the moment of the woman and the people of Huzur when you really say inside you, Miley Illa Allah, I have no one. But Allah spawn Tada. And when she reached that moment, nostril Allah immediately came in when she said, I'm not gonna say anything. I'm turning my back. I'm gonna say my color. Who about use of sub Ron Jimmy? Allahu Mustang. Allah

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mythos a form, beautiful patient, and Allah is my helper against what you are saying. This is the woman of Rosa these days.