Why Can’t We Use Calculations For Moonsighting Like For Prayer Times

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If we use calculations to work out our prior times, then why can't we do that for a minute, citing

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points, a controversial question this and also a lot of assumptions. Let me just first say that I don't use prototypes, or any calculations for my programs, I just want to put that out there. The vast majority of my prayers are based upon just observation or just a general feeling that I get during the day, folks, there's a fundamental difference between prayer times, and the moon. And there's a fundamental difference between respecting the knowledge, the text, which comes from our last content is personalized to them. And that which has been left open, the prime times are based upon the sun, the sun is always visible is something that we always are able to see, regardless of

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always, always there in terms of visibility, in terms of its light, so you might not be able to even see the sun on the most cloudy days, but it's light is clear, you still know the difference between morning and nighttime, you still recognize the difference between Mugler becoming close and when is far away, etc, etc. We also know that if there is some kind of cloud or whatever, then we can make the calculations to work out if we need it to back us up because maybe you're traveling or you're in a different area, you don't understand where you are, you're disorientated, you need some calculated times, those times they apply. Even if you can't see the sun or the moon, you have to continue to

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pray. Whereas for the sun, I mean, whereas for the moon is entirely different. The moon's function is only for taught for the beginning of the month, and the starting of certain specific acts of worship. If you do not see the moon, for example, then certain acts of worship don't apply. Unlike the sun, if you don't see the sun, this the prayer still goes ahead. So we don't want to override calculations calculations by telling us that this The sun is there, the moon is there, but for the sun, you still continue with the president for the moon, you don't for example, in the famous Hadith, of what we're what this whole debate is about, are you fasting and eat the purpose of life,

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Adam said Sumo, literally, it was literally it for an American to accumulate the silicene fast when you see it, break your fast when you see it. When you see it does not mean when is born, the moon is born, but you might not see it. Remember, astronomical New Moon, when is born for a number of hours because of conjunction and the reflection from the sun and the lack of ability for that to happen. And the different visibility curves, we can't see it for a good few hours. The next time that we see it is what we see is that is what is known as the Hillel or the new waxing crescent. That is what initiates our new month. That's what the prompts are seldom said fast when you see it and break your

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fast when you see it. And sometimes you won't be able to see it because it's too thin or because atmospheric conditions or because it's cloudy. So the professor Selim said for inner harmony, calm. So if it becomes too crowded, that you can't see it, then complete 30 complete the 30 days. So you still continue, even though so you don't eat even though you can even though the moon is that? You see so you don't establish the act of worship that you want to even though you know by calculation, by fact that the moon is that. That's the big difference between that and the the starting of the moon, the starting of the month because of the moon and the prayer times. So there's a fundamental

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difference. All right, I want you to appreciate that. I want you to understand that when this discussion is we have extremes you have those people who say you know, it's only about seeing, I don't care about calculations. You scientists, all modern SDN is common. They don't know anything that they don't practice the dean, and No, none of them have beards. And they're all rubbish and academics only. And they got no knowledge of Islam. And you know, only we do. So it doesn't matter what they say if we see it, and it's going, we're going with it. So that's one extreme position, then you go the other extreme position, which is all those fat most of you sitting there in the

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buffet and very new day in our day and night. They've got absolutely no idea about science, and they're all living in January, they're sheeps, and cows, and they got no idea what's going on. And we can see that the moon has definitely been born, and they're trying to make a claim that it's been seen before the moon has been born. So that's another extreme. And I personally believe that you know, because of modality needs to be embraced and science is part of our Deen. But it's not the be all and end all and calculations are not the be all and end all and is d needs to be applicable to everybody. We can't be saying that our young lady needs to be a globe global calendar based upon

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pure science and all of the world expecting to follow that you need to know who are the ones that are making decisions, a few handful of million Muslims that are living in the cities or have been vignetted had their heads turned by capitalism and by their workplaces because they've been so stressed out because they took their one single day off from work just yet he has saved for that aid. And because the most domestic didn't go with their opinion. Now there have to be any get in trouble with their work if they had a more devotional approach to eat and more respect for the last few days of Ramadan and didn't worry about having to take a few extra days off and whether it was

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one day or the other are not the only treated because they're so worried about the end of the day they're saving up for Marbella or turkey. Yeah. So I'm also getting Bobby and Jackie and I'm you know hating on eBay and Turkey but people need to know that their holidays are primarily as a priority for their religious festivals. So you should take off, five days and cover all

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possibilities and our eat is more like Christmas like a set day set time every single year. there's a there's a realness about it. It's live it's raw it has that positive energy potential for being there tomorrow might be not you might have had a really horrible what you thought was the last day of Ramadan and then you see that it wasn't seen and you think

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I got one extra day I can now turn it around I can go real beast mode hard and turn my Ramadan around. The other way of course applies to your neck and you've killed him and you're just desperate to eat you see the moon you and you heard everybody saying there's going to be another day there's going to be another day but then the moon is seeing is believing I'm so happy. that emotion that kind of you that's part and parcel of the the the beauty and the hikma of AIDS and the starting and the starting of the month of Ramadan as well. These are it's important for us, you know, to respect calculations, but not make them bigger than they are the calculations. What do they tell us about

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how to pray in Norway in Sweden, for example, with three months in some parts of the country, three months of the year, pure darkness, no sunlight at all. And then three months of the year, pure sunlight, no darkness, the calculations are telling us that the sun's head is that whatever like Yani, these absurd opinions that say you need to follow 18 degrees, regardless of what's happening outside the calculation is more important than was observable. So these are the people who say that 18 degrees, even if it tells you that budget is to be prayed to half past one, where you know, and everybody knows that it's the same as being the nighttime that it was half an hour ago or one hour

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ago. And the sunrise is happening at four o'clock or five o'clock. And you can feel that there's no connection to figure out how plus one and you're forced to pray because of calculated number and a figure, when you know that if you prayed out four o'clock, it feels like a budget, the budget has appeared.

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At the end of the year, the purpose of life seldom said when you see the red This is not just like it's other things that you're meant to get involved with. It's a real thing. So I want you to understand that there is more to life than just a calculated figure, a calculated number. These are living things that that people are meant to get involved with. Not everybody has a microscope or a telescope, not everybody has access to the internet, not everybody is in touch with modernity, this has got to be a system that's applicable to everyone, if you actually deeply, deeply think and reflect upon the wisdom of Allah subhanaw taala in the prayer times not being linked to the moon so

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that everybody can apply them in the world by observation. And then the moon not being linked to or despite the sighting of the moon not being linked to the telescopic reality or the astronomical reality, but also again, visibility shows that this Deen is meant to be for everyone for all people in all places. And that's from the beauty of Allah. And that's why I believe that out of those two extreme opinions, the middle opinion is the correct one. What is that, and that is that we've combined calculations and citing. And we say that people should try to cite the moon. And if they cite the moon, then the month starts. And if they don't cite the moon, then the month doesn't. And

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calculations should be used to make sure that there's a possibility of the Sun of the of the moon being seen. So if the calculations say right, the moon was born a couple of hours ago, folks go out there and start citing it. And then it's cited, then we go with it. If the moon is not cited, then we don't go with it. And then we complete the month 30 days. And if a person wants to make a sighting and say I saw the moon but the calculation say that's not possible because the sun's The moon is being born tomorrow, then we reject this sighting. This is my opinion, this is how to marry the two opinions, the two extremes and come to a position where you're faithful to modernity. But

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you're also essentially faithful to the Hadeeth and the text itself. Sumo Nero yet he is unequivocal that you only fast and break your fast when you see it no one is born or not when is calculated and Allah knows best. Hey, thank you for watching and subscribe so you can continue to get the rest of the videos I don't know what somewhere over here, there, whatever whatnot is beautiful. This, this series of videos face IQ and we need your support. And that's by watching it by sharing it and then by donating towards us we can continue to make more videos that deal with more of your issues does that Kamala Harris Philharmonic Rahmatullah