Yasir Qadhi – The Story of George The Monk – Knowledge Over Worship

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a story about a woman named George who lost her job and went to a monastery. She prays to her mother and becomes angry, leading her to pray to her father and convince her to pray to her mother. She also talks about her father's actions, including being a teacher and drinking alcohol.
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Al hamdu Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, Camden Kathie Lee Banila Bullock

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very beautiful narration very beautiful incidents that happened many 1000s of years ago involving a Christian monk by the name of George, George as we send our times, but George is the classical name. This Christian monk, as was the custom of the monks of old, had cut himself off from society, and would worship Allah subhanho wa Taala constantly. And they would cut themselves off from this world where the worst of garments cut themselves off from any enjoyments and pleasures. It's so happened that his mother, who was an old lady needed him for some chores for some help in her house. So she came to this monastery, she could not enter the monastery because the fifth of the previous nations

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before Islam did not allow women to enter the holy place. So they're not allowed women to enter the cold out and she said, Oh, George, I need your help come to me. George was right at that timeframe. He thought to himself, Oh Allah. Should I prefer my salah and continue? Or should I respond to the call of my mother, George continued in his salah and ignored his mother. The second day, his mother came again. Once again, he was standing in prayer. Once again, he said, Oh Allah, should I choose my mother over my prayer. I'll choose my prayer, thinking that this is piety and righteousness for the third time. The same incident happened July 8, once again, continued in the Salah, and neglected his

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mother. And his mother then became enraged three days in a row, she wants help from her only son, she's not coming out to help. And so in that anger, she makes a draw against her son. And as you know, the draw of the parents for and against their children is accepted. So she said, Oh Allah, make sure George never dies until he sees the faces of prostitutes meaning, make his reputation go to nothing. allow him to be seen with prostitutes and her anger. This is what she said. Allah azza wa jal responded to her.

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And it's one of the beauties of the incidents and also saved Teresa's reputation at the same time. So a prostitute offered herself to George and George ignored and neglected her. So in her anger, ignored and neglected her people and said, Do you want me to seduce George and get him into trouble? And they said, Yes. So she applied it in plan, but George remain immune to her temptations. Once she could not find a way to judge. She got pregnant with another man, a shepherd, a farmer. And she then claimed to the townspeople, this is the child of God. Ah. So the townspeople got so angry, even though they were the ones this is the way how people are the biller. They want to see some action.

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They were the ones who enticed the prostitute as well, when the prostitute was successful, they now take their anger out into rage. And so they went to his monastery, and they broke it down, and they destroyed it. And they started beating him with shoes and sticks, and stoning him saying, How could you do this? George? George said, What What did I do? They said, This prostitute has accused you of fathering her child. And so George immediately remembered that of his mother. And he said, this is the daughter of my mother happening in front of my eyes. I had been accused of doing this immoral deed. He said, allow me to pray to the cat. So he prayed to the cat. And then he poked the baby and

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said, speak, who is your father? And so the child one of the few babies ever to speak in the history of mankind, the child said, My father is the shepherd. And so when the people saw this, they apologize to George and they saw that a miracle that occurred and they said, We will rebuild your monastery with golden silver. No, build it with mud and sand as it was and let me continue in my worship. Even though Allah azzawajal accepted the dough out of his mother. He also saved rageous reputation in the end both came out victories if you like, but the point that I wanted to really emphasize here, in one narration of this Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Rahim

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Allah who Georgian lo Cana for keihan ajab on Mon. May Allah have mercy on George. If only he had been a theory on George, only he had knowledge. He would have responded to his mother instead of continuing into prayer. He would have saved himself all of the hassle. If only

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He had knowledge. And this is one of those ahaadeeth there are many others, one of those ahaadeeth that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the knowledgeable scholar far exceeds the status of a continual worshipper. Here is your age, fasting, praying, reading Vicar cut off from the world. But in his worship, he didn't have knowledge. And that was to his detriment at the end of the day, even though because of his knowledge, Eliza just saved him from those evils. Yet another indication of the superiority of knowledge over acts of worship, even though acts of worship are of course busted and holy, but of the holiest acts of worship after the follow. It is knowledge

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi narrates a very beautiful incident involving a Christian monk called Juraij who had cut himself from society and worshiped Allah constantly.

He neglected his mother multiple times when she sought his help. This angered his mother so much that she made a dua against him to Allah.

What happened as a result of this dua? Listen intently and be mesmerised at how a connection between knowledge and worship is made.


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