Hajj is the Best Example of International Brotherhood

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The best example

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of International Brotherhood is

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in the pilgrimage of Islam, that is during Hajj.

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About two and a half million people from various parts of the world.

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They come to Makkah to perform hygiene. People from various parts of the world from America, from Canada, from UK, from Singapore, from Malaysia, from India, from Pakistan, from Indonesia, from various parts of the world they come and the men, they're dressed up into pieces of unsewn cloth that preferably white, you cannot identify that the person standing next to you, whether you're the king or a popper.

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It is the best example of International Brotherhood. It is the biggest annual gathering of the world. Two and a half million people gather every year.

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And the person standing next to you, you cannot make out

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whether you're a king or a papa.

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Irrespective whether you're rich or poor, black or white, for whichever part of the world you are coming, you're dressed in the same attire.

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And our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said,

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in the speech of his favorite pilgrimage, he said that there is only one God and no Arab, is superior to a non Arab. Nor is a non Arab, superior to an Arab.

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A white is not superior to a black, nor a black or the white.

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The only criteria for superior it is taqwa, its righteousness, its piety, its God consciousness.

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Irrespective whichever race you belong to, whichever color you have, that doesn't make you superior, in the sight of Allah or equal only if you're more pious, more God conscious, more righteous, can you be superior to the other human being?

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when the hedge is performed, every person who decides

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love bake allama bake, love bake luxury Caligula bake in Alhambra, one yamata lacava la sharika luck. They keep on repeating love by columella bag Lebesgue la sharika la Cala Bay, even when he comes back from HUD that always remains in his mind la byculla mala Bay which means your I am oh my lord your I am la bague la sharika la Cala by your I am you have no partners here I am

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in Alhambra while Nia Mata all pieces are due to you all bounties are yours.

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Like our milk, la sharika do you belong the whole Dominion

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the whole universe and you have new partners, it is ingrained in his mind. That love bike allama bake your am oh my lord here I am.